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Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Wednesday 12 October 2011

Wet, windy and wild

A rather soggy bunch of venturers and PMs arrived back at Fieldbase this morning. India had shown them the full force of what it was capable, with their night under the stars rudely interrupted by thunder, lightning and rain. And when I say rain...I mean a lot of rain.

The winds rattled through the camp and definitely gave all the shelters a run for their money! I’m happy to report that everyone’s shelters stood tall against the monsoon-like weather. Well...I say everyone’s...it would seem that our very own Deputy Programme Manager, Helen, had a little bit of a fight with the weather, with the weather winning and whisking away her basha! Luckily there was space for her in the girls’ tent so all’s well that ends well!

When everyone got back to camp, they cleaned their tools and kit and then hit the buckets for a much needed wash. 

A fresh and, most importantly, dry change of clothes and everyone was in high spirits.
After a delicious and very welcome lunch, it was finally time for everyone to find out where they would be going on projects...drum roll please!

India 1 is now...Charlie 1: Amelia, Lavinia, Lukas, Anna, Megan, Albertine, Jamie, Julie, Suthakar                                                                                                                                 
They’ll be joining Ed, Maggi and Jonny on a community project and building eco-sanitation units in a village called Malligalli. Our venturers will help 30 of the families to build their own eco-sanitation units (or toilets to you and me) which are vital to make sure that all of the families have basic hygienic sanitation units while promoting health and hygiene awareness. The project team will be living in a school, with the locals cooking their meals for them, so it will be a great opportunity to learn some Indian cooking techniques!

India 2 is now...Charlie 2: Roz, Zoe, Leticia, Esmee, Stewart, Sterre, Lizzie, Alex, Shruti
Sian and Kath will be supporting Charlie 2 as they build biogas units for a remote community in a village called Mangoda. Each family who gets a biogas unit will also be given two cows which will fuel the unit and provide them with free gas for cooking. The cattle will live in a shed, which the group will build, and the locals will be able to collect the cow dung to add into the digestion dome, which the groups will also build. The amount of methane produced in the dome in one day will be enough for five hours of gas. The families will also be able to get milk from the cow which they can use for themselves as well as sell – giving them a small income. The venturers will be setting up camp in one of the villagers’ gardens and, according to Sian and Kath, be given lots of chai and tea by the locals!

India 3 is now...Echo 3: Lizzie, Jenni, Kate, Jake, Gemma, Steph, Valerie, Dan, Shafeeque                                                                                                                                     
Charlie and Jon will be showing Echo 3 how to ‘be at one’ with the great outdoors and supporting them as they build biogas units for Gandathur village. The group will be building their own jungle basha beds, doing some al fresco cooking, and swimming in the nearby reservoir. They’re going to be camping on the outskirts of a national park so I’m sure there’ll be plenty of fantastic wildlife-spotting opportunities.

India 4 is now...Tango 5: Lucy, Hannah, Mat, Anne, Claire, Harriet, Will, Firose                                                                                                                                         
Andy and Hannah are super excited about leading their intrepid venturers through the Demon Mountain Trek.  It’s going to be absolutely amazing! Tango 4 have got a treat in store for them and will be trekking and mountain biking through rice paddy plantations in the beautiful jungle of the Western Ghats of Kerala.

India 5 is now...Tango 6: Lucy, Aaron, Robyn, Lisa, Veerie, Maya, Victoria, Victor                                                                                                                                          
And last but by no means least...Anthony, Rachel and Kim will be taking Tango 5 and getting them up (and down) Misappulimala peak in the Silent Valley Tea estate. The peak is 2,637m and is the second highest peak in South India, just under double the height of Scotland’s Ben Nevis. The group will also be building bamboo rafts to cross Anaerangal Lake.

So, with everyone knowing where they’re going, the groups were whisked off to find out more about their projects from their PMs. It is an exciting time around Fieldbase and, despite the rain, everything is definitely sunny side up! 
I've had lots of comments asking about the snake - so here you go! 


  1. Helenor and Dave13 October 2011 at 00:42

    To Dan, Echo 3 Wow, have read as much about your project as we can find - it sounds amazing and such a wonderful opportunity to see loads of wildlife. Shame about the weather so far, not supposed to be monsoon season but that's global warming for you (maybe). Hope it gets a bit less wet in the near future, especially when you get digging those big holes in the ground - otherwise you'll end up with swimming pools rather than biogas units! Were those your brand new boots all muddied up shown in the blog - in any case I hope you manage to get yours dry before you leave on Friday. Not sure whether we will get to hear anything from you before you leave for Gandathur but would be great if that's possible. Family and friends keep asking after you so let us have as much news as poss. Love you loads Mum and Dad

  2. Message for Lisa Marshall Tango 5

    Hi Lisa, hope you're ok? It already feels strange that you're not here and you've only been gone a few days. I've been trying to teach Harvey to say India because when i ask him where you are he says you have gone to the shop!! Hope you're happy with you're 1st project and can't wait to see all the pics and details of what you'll be getting up to. I'll write again soon, take care.

    PS stop hiding behing people on all of the pics, we want to see you properly.

    Mel, Darren & Boysxxx

  3. For Anna Roberts
    Hi Anna, Wow, just seen the photos of the rain storm you had last night, what can I say........
    Can't quite work out if you were sleeping in tents or under a basha, but either way, well done for coping! I see you're on toilet building for the next 19 days. At least you'll be sleeping in the school and having your meals cooked for you, which sounds positivly 5*. Saw you on the arrival and swimmiming pictures, but not seen you on any photos since! Have sent a letter for your next fieldbase visit. Take care. Love you Mum & Dad xxx

  4. FAO Lizzy Haywood
    Hello! Glad you got there ok - i checked the coach picture to make sure. Hope you didnt drown and everything is going ok. Which group are you in?? Get in more photos please! Megan

  5. Mark Potter van Loon13 October 2011 at 02:45

    Hi Albertine! Koken geregeld! Is toch heel wat! Geniet van de cultuur van de locale mensen. Bij jullie veel regen, hier in Zweden zon en nachtvorst! Veel groeten van Borje en Monica en Håkan en Ann Sofie en Hans Wincent! Pappie twee dagen meegelopen met de jacht, maar geen beest gezien (wat zijn ze toch intelligent die elanden). Liefs, dikke kus, pappie en mammie. Let op met de Katadyn fles, kan namelijk ook lekken door het ontluchtingsgaatje , even goed opletten dat de fles niet tussen je droge kleding wordt ingepakt (aan de buitenkant van je grote rugzak zit ook een netje voor de fles (in een vakje aan de zijkant).

  6. For Megan - Charlie 1

    Hi Meg
    I take everything back I said about the warm weather in India and the autumnal weather here! It has rained but not as much as you have had there! The project sounds interesting - look forward to reading more.
    Take care

  7. Roz Hodson Charlie
    Dad thought you were going to do a project associated with BLOGAS!.... Miss your texts and you, but good to see you smiling, have a great time with the community lots of love xx

  8. Gemma - Echo 3
    Hi Gem, hope you weathered the storm ok (had plenty of training for it in the uk, camping in storms). Just read about your first project, an enironmental one, how wonderful, hope you see plenty of wildlife. We are all avidly following your adventures via the blog site. Hope you have an amazing time, take care, lots of love. XX

  9. message for: stephanie beaumont - echo 3

    hey sissy steph, hows it going out there? ... nothing is really happening over here, i got a bed today (finally) and thats all thats new with my life. I hope this is turning out to be a wonderful experience for you, and when you come back you appreciate me.. LOL. your bed is very comfortable... 10 weeks of sleeping on the heavenly pillow. well ill post you something when something interesting happens. Enjoy ureself and stay safe and dry :D. Love you. be good. your loving sister missy.x

  10. HI Anna,
    Hope you didn't get too wet! I sent my first letter on Monday so you should get it soon hopefully. I hope your getting on all-right with everyone and that you are looking forward to your loo digging. Miss you like mad can't wait to read more about the projects and the people in the village bet your are going to love it. Talk to you soon love you miss you

  11. lisa marshall tango 5

    hiya love its bernie i wrote a comment lastnight but cnt c it on here , so here i go again, just quick message to say im missing u loads already everyone sends there love robyn is just aving a crumpet n im waiting for her to go sleep so can clean clean clean so exciting!!! wish i was with u it looks amazing im so proud to say my lisa in india , read ur mels comment ur harvey funny and so cute gone shop haha, rite robyns going all red trumping like a trooper so thats my que to go, love u aunty lisa love ur lil robyn and i love u too mwah big kisses n hugs xxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Robyn Brooks Tango 6
    Hi Robyn
    Not sure if my message went so will wne again! Can't beleive you are climbing a peak twice as high as Ben Nevis,by the time you ge this you will probably completed the climb. Hope you're boots are comfortable, and you are using the foot erams we bought, not too mant blisters. the cookery competition look fun and the dishes were interesting!! Congratulations to your're tema for coming second, you can recrete it again when you get home, not sure we'll eat it though!!! Mum sad she will be in touch again when they come back fromTurkey, they will be home next Thursday night. Plenty of rain the other night, I thought the monsson season was over, hope we don't get too much of that weather when we are there. We chec the site every night to see the latest news and see which photos you are in. Look after your self and take care, and don't forget to wear a hat, use the mossie spray and drink plenty of water!!!We love and miss you. Grand ma and Bobxxxxx

  13. Camilla and Richard15 October 2011 at 18:47

    For Will Fenning Tango 5

    Hi Will hope the trek is going well. We saw a close-up picture of what we think are your dirty boots on the website! We have written you a letter as has Mem but apparently it may take 7-10 days. All well here, off to watch Theo in a football match now. Everyone sends lots of love, have a great time, love M and D xx

  14. Lisa Marshall tango6

    Hi lisa hope you are okay and enjoying yourself.Its so wierd you not being here, i keep thinking oh i will tx lisa and tell her this and that then remember i cant ha. you look happy on your pics so im glad to see that. Will write to you soon.xxx

  15. Hi Lieve Vien, Lavinia, al een week weg. Ongelooflijk. gewoon een update: De marathon loopt voor de deur in heel mooi weer/knetterende muziek/ helikopter vanaf half 10 boven ons/ heel hardlopende donkere mannetjes/ bijna nachtvorst/ t tuintje vol met bladeren/ vrijdag gegeten met Vincent en Elodie/met E. gezocht naar party jurken: nog niets, wel erg leuke vintagewinkel ontdekt/ boris en boops liggen de hele dag te ronken en zijn tevreden/ helene werkt met wisselend plezier/morgen naar brussel voor de hele week/ volgens mij wordt t mooi/ nog best ingewikkeld/alexandra niet gesproken/de slangen lijken me doodeng/ heb je ze aangeraakt??/ mooie wetlook foto van je lieverd/ kijken elke dag naar de site/ nog olifanten gezien?!!/ dag poppetje, zoen

  16. Lavinia de Haseth Möller. Ik heb geen idee of mijn berichten op de blogg aankomen maar wie weet is dat wel het geval. Enfin, de nieuwe Quest is aangekomen met een coverstory over liefdesverdriet; altijd nuttig! Mis je zeer, liefs ,ook van de honden.Pappie

  17. Megan - Charlie 1

    Hey Meg how are you doing? I always seem to be discussing weather with you but since I last wrote the temperature has dropped here and I am contemplating thermals and fleeces to wear in the warehouse at work. Not a problem for you, I guess! Just watched the slideshow of your first few days and the "ready Steady Cook" challenge. Having spent a few days up in Sheffield with Rosalind and seen what some of the students there are doing, your meal actually looked rather good! Interesting to read about the leeches as well. Pleased to say not something we are blessed with in Surrey!

    Take care and have fun!

    Jenny, John, Grace and Rosalind XXX

  18. Message for Lisa Marshall - Tango 5

    Hiya Lisa!! I hope you're bearing up in the stormy weather, the rain looks pretty bad but I know you're made of tough stuff so have no doubt you'll be fine :) I hope you've worn in your new boots ok and are managing with the food. I wonder if you've come across any mushroom pakora yet! I'm missing you loads already xx your expedition sounds amazing and I know you'll come back stronger than ever. I love you to the stars and back and am so proud of you! I'll keep checking your blog, I can't wait to hear from you whenever you get chance. Take care of yourself and enjoy the experience.. just think, it was only a month or so ago you ran a 10k, with an injured ankle! Speak soon sweetheart :) xxxxxx

  19. Message for Kate / echo 3
    Hi love, can't wait to see more pictures of what life is like for you right now. Thinking of you all the time.
    Will send you a letter of all the news, not that there is much compared to you.
    Love you tonnes
    Mum x

  20. Lisa Marshall Tango6

    Hi lisa,been looking at the pics again and they look amazing. Im soooo proud of you.Hope you are feeling okay and have made friends.I didnt realise how much i relied on you as my agony aunt, i have only got princess to have a moan at now because your not here ha. I will keep looking at the pics so give me a big smile so i know your okay. Miss you loads. xxx

  21. Kate holmes Echo 3.Hi kate hope you managed to keep dry during that downpore,you seem to be having a down to earth experience,you will have to teach me how to make a decent cup of Chai when you come home,will try and keep in touch with your adventures.
    Take care,lots of love From Granddad Tom

  22. Stewart (Pearce)- Charlie 2
    Hay Pearce I am so proud of you, and I love checking the blog everyday to see what your up to! I still can't get my head around that you are in India I still keep checking the spare room every sat and sun morning to see if your there! You don't look burnt yet! from the pics I have seen of you! I am loving the head band! I miss you so much and I keep thinking about you the rain did not look very fun! Cannot wait to see more pics of what you are up 2! I miss you lots and lots, I love you Vicki xxxxxxx

  23. Philip aan Lavinia in Charlie 1.We hebben een zonovergoten weekend in Monestier gehad,heb je erg gemist. De komende weken ga ik er een paar keer naar toe om leeg te halen etc.Eind van een tijdperk!Verder mis je hier niet veel: herfstweer.
    Cordon Bleu is geregeld.Liefs van mij en van B & B.