Welcome to the official blog for Raleigh India 12I | July - August 2012

Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Saturday 8 October 2011

The final countdown

The last couple of days have been pretty busy around Fieldbase. We’ve been doing our final bits of training and making sure that everything is ready for our venturers.
Tim and Lee have been making sure that Logs is full to the brim with bamboo, food, Trangiers, jerry cans and pretty much anything that else you can think of.
The shop has been fully stocked, with shampoo, hand gel, zinc oxide tape and chocolate bars (well we all need a little treat!).

To celebrate the end of training we had a team day at a nearby river. We popped into our local village, Jayapura, to buy vegetables for our packed lunch and, of course, to have a quick chai.
The PMs did their swim test at the river and after lunch Mark taught us how to build rafts. After a nice relaxing cruise down the river, we also learnt how to make a shelter out of bamboo, so that we can make our project sites nice and cosy.

Safety must not be comprised! Helen and Lee prepare for going in the river
The PMs do their swim test
The locals were very interested in our raft building skills!
Ready to set sail
A relaxing cruise down the river
Putting a sturdy base in place for our shelter
Building the sides to our shelter
The house that the VMs built!

Oh yes, and we had a little party...fancy dress, of course! I have to say it’s pretty impressive what a root through the Logs store and a lot of creativity can come up with! There’ll be plenty of time for fun (and no doubt fancy dress) during the change-over phases between projects.

The host country venturers (HCVs) arrived yesterday afternoon and it feels like Expedition has finally started. Ed, Hannah, Clare and I are off to Bangalore a little later to pick up the venturers from the airport. We can’t wait to finally meet them all and bring them back to Fieldbase to meet the team and start their expedition. 


  1. Jonny, im concerned about how big your beard is getting!
    you look like you're having a fab time, we miss you! look forward to goodies in the post soon.
    Much love and a big hug xxx
    Jodie xxxx

  2. Hey Jonny! Looks like you are having fun - its so great to see the pics of you looking so well. I showed Tom the photos of you guys on the raft - he was wondering whether you saw any crocodiles...ha ha(of course!. Good luck on your first challenge with the ventures.
    Loads of love, Lou (on behlaf of Mum, Dad and the rest of the fam) xxx

  3. fao Lizzie Gattrell 11J India

    Hi Lizzie, it looks like very hard work, but looks like you are doing very well and having fun. We are very proud of you and will be following this blog avidly. It's very wet here too if that's any consolation! All of the family send their love, except Brian & Jane who send all are love.

    Mum and Dad