Welcome to the official blog for Raleigh India 12I | July - August 2012

Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Friday 19 December 2008

Planes, trains and auto-rickshaw’s

Over the past few days all of our participants set out on their various journeys by planes, trains and auto-rickshaws! Their departure was preceded by some of the most emotional farewells we’ve seen here at Raleigh India – testimony to the lifelong friendships that were formed in such a short time.

Remaining at Fieldbase now are all of the volunteer managers who have worked tirelessly over the past 13 weeks to deliver an extraordinary expedition. Last night, on our first night with no venturers, the conversations (some of them quite slurred) mainly revolved around how impressed we all were by the enormous achievements of each and every young person who we had the privilege to spend time with.

I know that many people have surprised themselves with what they are capable of during this expedition, and I never cease to be amazed by the commitment, determination and passion that the young people and our volunteer managers who come to us put into our expeditions.

On behalf of all of here at Raleigh India as well as our project partners, I’d like to wish every venturer and volunteer manager who participated in Expedition 08I the very best of luck in all future endeavours. You all know you are capable of achieving whatever you put your minds to!

Special thanks to Suzie Leamy, who arrived in January 2008 as a project manager and who we’ll be tearfully saying goodbye to in the next couple of days. She’s been behind keeping you all updated throughout this last expedition by managing the blogsite and making us all laugh a lot here at Fieldbase.

Warm wishes to all this holiday season and throughout 2009,

Gavin SheltonCountry Director

Thursday 18 December 2008

Wednesday 17 December 2008

In The Air

All the participants departed for Bangalore yesterday and are now safely in the air on BA119 to Heathrow.

Keep posted though as later today we will be posting images from the end party!!!

Tuesday 16 December 2008

It's Not Over Yet...

It's not over yet! All the groups have arrived safely back to Fieldbase and after an excited re-union telling eachother about their 3rd and final phase on 08i they've put pen to paper to tell all of you at home too!

Alpha Three

Phase 3 Alpha 3 was simply the best. Our trek was jam packed full of adventure from the beginning to the end. Trekking up to 30 km a day was hard enough with the added challenge of leech infested forests, fire torch processions to campsites through elephant territories and paths washed away by torrential rain all of which didn’t stop us.

We had a beautiful rest day on the banks of a river in the middle of a tea plantation, nothing for kilometers around – well except for a local chai shop! The morning after which we woke up to discover a note from our project managers saying they had gone on a head as we were such a great team we didn’t need them – little did we know they were right behind us watching us as we went, we got our own back as they had to sit and wait on us having a special lunch of beef and fish curry, watching us while hiding outside behind a wall.

Our final days on phase were a different challenge of building and navigating our bamboo rafts down a river to our final campsites. One of which we used tarpaulins to construct a shelter and slept out under the full moon.
All in all through all the blisters, aching backs and tired legs we sang, laughed and cried our way up and down the mountains.

Alpha Two
Alpha Two, full of expectations we headed off to N. Begur for our final phase. However on our arrival it was not as expected! Unlike the other two phases where the groups stayed in Inspection Bungalow’s we were accommodated in some old staff quarters within the compound of the range officers small community.

An inspirational visit from CPM Mark gave us the motivation we needed to make our old accommodation a new and improved dream home! With a few coats of paint, buckets of soap and water, and a lot of elbow grease we had a side project that had us busy and bonding together.

The Anti Poaching Camp that we built was in the dense forest and we made excellent progress allowing us the appreciate our surroundings and our regular visitors – elephants!!

There was much to celebrate throughout the phase with three birthdays and loop visits and a beautiful trip to a waterfall.

As the phase drew to a close the final touch’s applied to the accommodation and the APC, an inauguration was held. Mark Ashby from Raleigh and Dr Raju from the Forestry department attended and were very impressed with the work we had done. To celebrate a job well done the group were treated to a jeep safari in the dense jungle of Bandipur National Park where we saw amazing wildlife.

To sum up the phase in one word would be impossible!

Alpha One

Alpha One have had a fantastic time in Kebepura where we successfully finished the project constructing the final 15 eco-sanitation units.

Over the duration of the phase we built up a really good rapport with the masons and the villagers, earning their respect and trust, a development which in itself was extremely fulfilling.

Living in the local school with the children really topped our phase
on Community off, making it an experience that we will never forget.
One of the highlights of the phase though was a walking
safari in the National Park to Kalkere, an elephant sanctuary
where we were visited by a group of “naughty” elephants who drank out of our three bowl system!!!

Monday 8 December 2008

Thru The Lens....

Catch up on the latest images.....

Clock Wise:
Sam takes a gulp from his water bottle - Jay and Jenny take rest in Nbegur - Doc Zoe, Richie Rich, Arend, Veni and Murali at Alpha Twos A.C.P - Arend makes time for a quick shave.

An old man watches over Nbegur, the new Alpha two lodge

Eco Sanitation Units in Kebepura with art work by Amie.

Clock Wise:
Emma prepares for another brick in Kebupura - P.M. Jo hands out flowers to the children of Kebepura - Standing next to a nearly completed Eco Sanitation double unit is the daugher of the president of Kebepura - Karl cooking up a feed

Saturday 6 December 2008

New additions to Field Base!

New to Field Base recently are two goats - now named Stew & Curry. Medic Zoe and PRO Suze have been very taken with the goats and very excited about their arrival.

Although rumour has it that Administrator Pat has been feeding them nuts and buiscuits!!!

Tuesday 2 December 2008

All Alpha groups are Go Go Go......

News from Raleigh H.Q India, is that the final phase is all go, with all fine and well, if not a little wet for Alpha three in the murky highlands. Meanwhile, Alpha Two have been busy not only at the work site, but also hard working with a dedicated group of interior designers, putting a few finishing touches to their new camp.As for Alpha one, Eco sanitation units are flying up in haste. For now, enjoy are a few of the latest pictures from Alpha three, after 4 days of damp hiking in India’s delight, the awe inspiring Kurangani highlands.

Keep posted for more updates

Thursday 27 November 2008

All Groups Safe & Well, Deployed for Final Phase!

Just to re-assure everybody at home, despite events in other parts of India everybody here in Raleigh is safe and well. Please see below for latest update on the groups...
After a fantastic change over with softball, a fashion show and a masked ball the phase 3 Alpha Groups deployed to their new and final projects.

As the venturers all knew which project they were being allocated to - they had to hunt for their project manager team who were hiding around Field Base.

The 3 Alpha groups have now deployed and settled into their new project sites. As of the Comms Checks this morning, alpha groups are all safe and sound and getting to know their new surroundings. Alpha One have kicked into action in the community to begin building their eco-sanitation units, Alpha Two are moving into the staff quarters in National Park - this time building an Anti Poaching Camp in one Phase and Alpha Three are in Kerala getting ready for their first trekking day, accompanied by a little rain!!!

Alpha One - Community Project: PM Team - Ros Hook, Jo Harding and Nikki Curry. Venturer's - Andrew Taylor, Emma Jameson, Jagadessan, Jayesh, Joanna Hough, Karl Pinch, Manjula, Phillipa East, Thurairaj and William Coulson.

Alpha Two Environmental Project: PM Team - Dr Zoe Brummell, Ivan Phillips, Hamish Shepherd. Venturer's - Arend Van Haaften, Guus Kruseman, Jayshree Jadav, Jennifer Rosam, Krishnaveni, Murali, Richard Rankin, Rober Lee and Sivakumar.

Alpha Three - Kurangani Trek: PM Team - Julia Mitchell, Zoe Challenor, Robin Cashmore, Antje Haut. Venturer's - Alexander Gregory, Amanda Cormie, Amile Felton, Ayesha, Cara Meehan,
Caroline Hewitt, Gary Hutton, Jamie Fitzroy, Kahar, Sam Thorne and Sulfee.

Good Bye to our four explorers Lucy, Tom, Jade and Charlie.

Change Over Pictures: