Welcome to the official blog for Raleigh India 12I | July - August 2012

Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Thursday 27 November 2008

All Groups Safe & Well, Deployed for Final Phase!

Just to re-assure everybody at home, despite events in other parts of India everybody here in Raleigh is safe and well. Please see below for latest update on the groups...
After a fantastic change over with softball, a fashion show and a masked ball the phase 3 Alpha Groups deployed to their new and final projects.

As the venturers all knew which project they were being allocated to - they had to hunt for their project manager team who were hiding around Field Base.

The 3 Alpha groups have now deployed and settled into their new project sites. As of the Comms Checks this morning, alpha groups are all safe and sound and getting to know their new surroundings. Alpha One have kicked into action in the community to begin building their eco-sanitation units, Alpha Two are moving into the staff quarters in National Park - this time building an Anti Poaching Camp in one Phase and Alpha Three are in Kerala getting ready for their first trekking day, accompanied by a little rain!!!

Alpha One - Community Project: PM Team - Ros Hook, Jo Harding and Nikki Curry. Venturer's - Andrew Taylor, Emma Jameson, Jagadessan, Jayesh, Joanna Hough, Karl Pinch, Manjula, Phillipa East, Thurairaj and William Coulson.

Alpha Two Environmental Project: PM Team - Dr Zoe Brummell, Ivan Phillips, Hamish Shepherd. Venturer's - Arend Van Haaften, Guus Kruseman, Jayshree Jadav, Jennifer Rosam, Krishnaveni, Murali, Richard Rankin, Rober Lee and Sivakumar.

Alpha Three - Kurangani Trek: PM Team - Julia Mitchell, Zoe Challenor, Robin Cashmore, Antje Haut. Venturer's - Alexander Gregory, Amanda Cormie, Amile Felton, Ayesha, Cara Meehan,
Caroline Hewitt, Gary Hutton, Jamie Fitzroy, Kahar, Sam Thorne and Sulfee.

Good Bye to our four explorers Lucy, Tom, Jade and Charlie.

Change Over Pictures:

Wednesday 26 November 2008

Pat, Ivan and Sam go to Alpha 3...

First light on Sunday morning saw Pat, Sam and Ivan set off in a fully laden Bravo 2 to see Alpha 3 trekking in Kerela. After a long day and half of travelling the group arrived in Kumily to pick up the second food drop barrel before heading to the Vagomon campsite to wait for Alpha 3 to arrive. A weary Alpha 3 turned up at the beautiful hill side retreat campsite and settled into their by now well rehearsed campsite routine. Ivan played shop host to the group giving them access to much needed chocolate, crisps and toiletries while Sam and Pat cooked supper.

After a good night's rest, Alpha 3 plus Pat, Sam and Ivan set off for a days trekking to Illikama. Steep hillsides, hot weather and stunning views were the order of the day, with Alpha 3 making good time to their campsite. After setting up camp, the group took turns to take advantage of the local stream to wash clothes and themselves whilst a hearty feast was knocked up on trangias and an open cooking fire. Clean and fed the group chilled out for a while before turning in ready for their last day trekking.

The next day they were up bright and breezy at 4:30 am, with Pat, Sam and Ivan again walking with the group to the final campsite. Long slogs along roads and an 8km continuous climb in blistering heat made the sight of Bravo 2 parked at the campsite atop a hill a welcome site for all. The group finished as one, dumped heavy packs and spent half a hour of manic hugs and photos, before another feast was knocked up on trangias against a beautiful mountain vista of swirling clouds and dynamic colours as the sun set.

The next day the group headed off in a minibus with Bravo 2 in hot pursuit to the Periyur river ready for a days bamboo rafting. Low river levels meant that inflatables were used and after the obligatory safety brief the group set off in two inflatables with Sam and Ivan again joining the group for the trip. After an enjoyable couple of hours on the river with the odd portage thrown in for good measure the group along with all of their campkit made it safely to the campsite. Camp was set up and the bamboo rafts were built for the following day complete with plastic barrels to hold all their stuff. Torrential downpours meant the group were soaked to the skin as they built their rafts but this was soon forgotten as they tucked into a massala vegetable curry cooked by Manju the Bravo 2 driver.

The following morning the group headed off down river in the two bamboo rafts which had been built the night before, each having a storage barrel full of campkit and food, securely lashed to the raft under Ivan's watchful eye. Pat joined one of the rafts for the trip and Sam and Ivan followed in a tandem kayak with Ivan playing motor allowing photographer Sam to get some excellent photos of the group's progress. A long and hard day of rafting against the flow of water (due to some dodgy dam action) meant that the group were exhausted by the time they got to Hornbill camp. Entertainment had been provided by an impromptu roll of the canoe, which had spent a large proportion of the day going between the rafts. The group were then transferred by Bravo to their dormitory for their evening meal and kip.

The following morning Pat, Sam and Ivan set off back to fieldbase and after a long drive recovered to Mysore by sunset to a big welcome from the fieldbase team.

Slide Show by Sam Mellish

Anti Poaching Camp Opening

Saturday saw the opening of Alpha Two's Anti Poaching Camp in Bandipur National Park. After 2 phases of hard work, sweat and some fun and laughter the Anti Poaching Camp and Rain Water Harvesting Unit was completed and is now ready for the rangers to move in.

Proud Project Managers Jo, Hamish and Julia.
Jo: "Absaloutely brilliant day, so proud of the whole team. They've really pulled together. This is a huge achievement for us".

Keys now in the hands of the Forest Rangers - ready to patrol their area for poachers of tigers, elephants and sandalwood.

Alpha Two have left their mark forever in the form of a mural and of course the Anti Poaching Camp itself!

A proud and excited Alpha Two team along with their ranger team, masons and contractor and visitors for the Opening Ceremony.

Sunday 23 November 2008

Messages for Home...

As phase 2 is coming to a close the venturer's just wanted to send these messages home...

Alpha 1:
Rob: Hi everyone, hope all is well having a great time so far. Trekked in Kerala, now in small village building eco-sanitation toilets. Anyway will be back to check e-mail soon, keep the comments coming. It's really good to hear from you Dad - maybe Mum could show you how to write a message. Loads and loads of love, Rob xxxxx.
Gary: Friends and Family - thanks for comments and letters you have left. Great to know that your support is there. Having a great time, met some wonderful people. Can't wait to show you the photos and tell you the stories when I get home - You've made this happen. Gary (hotchy).
Ritchie: Hello Gemma, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you or a night when I don't dream about you. Each letter means so much to me. Thanks for taking the time to write them. Am looking forward to seeing your beautiful smile, wishing you were here - hugs and kisses Ritchie xxxxx.
Cara: Hello Everyone, hope everything is okay at home, having such a good time out here, keep posting messages x.
Lucy: Hi Mum and Dad, Amy and Robin. Would have done this earlier if I'd known I could but never mind. Still having a great time and don't want it to end! Can't wait to see you all. Big Hugs, Lucy xxxxxxxxxx.

Alpha 2:
Karl: Hi everyone, I'm loving India, hope you are all ok.
Sulfi & Kahar: Hi everybody, we are enjoying Raleigh and amazing activities.
Alex: Hi everybody. Hope you are all okay. Hope you are feeling better Mum - no there is not a pen shortage. I have written a letter and Field Base loved your last message! I thought it was funny. Love you all, love Alex xxx.
Sam: Hiya, I have recieved all your letters and sent some back. I love and miss you all. Sam xxx.
Amanda: Hi everyone, still having an amazing time. It's going so fast. I did cry at your last letters! Lot s of love to everyone back in Scotland. Love Amanda xxx.

Monday 17 November 2008

Podcast - Kebepura Village

Sunday 16 November 2008

Field Base Troop Loop...

Alpha 3 - Kurangani Trek

Vijay our Host Country Co-Ordinatior and PRO Suze drove to Kerala to give Alpha 3 their food drop to keep the energy levels high for another 5 days. The group are in great spirits despite the blisters and aching muscles.
As a treat for the group they were given some fresh veg and chickens and so Vijay and Suze were treated to a campfire feast.

ALPHA 2 - Bandipur National Park

Alpha 2 have developed a strong team bond and are excited to see the construction of the Anti-Poaching camp progress so well.
Their enthusiasm and dedication to the project has meant that
they have been able to begin construction of a rain water harvesting unit alongside the Camp for the Forest Rangers.

ALPHA 1 - Kebepura Viallage
The group at Alpha 1 Community site have been working hard and playing hard. They are right on target to complete their allocation of Eco-Sanitation units. They have really become part of the community and in the words of MYKAPS William De Sousa they have "become part of the family. Playing, working and eating alongside the local community members".

Thursday 13 November 2008

Check Out Raleigh India Podcasts and Videos

Check out Raleigh India's Podcasts and Videos which are now displayed on the side navigation bar - these are from out current expedition and from previous expeditions!

Thursday 6 November 2008

Phase 2 Allocations and Deployment

Alpha One have deployed to live and work alongside the community in Kebepura. They are Amie Felton, Ayesha, Cara Meehan, Gary Hutton, Guus Kruseman, Jamie Fitzroy, Jayshree Jadav, Lucy Cumming, Richard Rankin, Robert Lee, Sivakumar. Anna Grieve and Helen George who have been working as part of the Field Base team have taken up the responsibilty of Project Manager along with Antje Haut and Zoe Challenor.

Alpha Two packed up their bus with food and equipment for the next 3 weeks inside the national park. The group endeavouring to complete the Anti Poaching Camp this phase are: Alex Gregory, Kahar, Karl Pinch, Charles Bullock, Joanna Hough, Sulfee, Caroline Hewitt, Manjula, Sam Thorne, Amanda Cromrie, Thurairaj and joining them are Project Managers Julia Mitchell, Hamish Shephard and Jo Harding.

Alpha Three departed at the break of dawn, very excited about the adventure they are undertaking. The new group are: Andrew Taylor, Jagadessan, Emma Jameson, Jade Mullarkey, Jayesh, Arend Van Haaften, Jennifer Rosam, Krishnaveni, Mulari, Phillipa East, Thomas Knook, William Coulson; Project Managers joining them are Nikki Curry, Ros Hook and Emma Smith.

Staff and Venturers say their good byes for another 3 weeks of working, eating, laughing, sweating, crying, sleeping and having tremendous fun.

Recovering after Phase One ...

On the return journey to Field Base the groups made the most of their time and made a trip into Mysore City to experiencethe colorful markets that make the atmosphere so special.

After a late night of catching up with all the other Alpha groups, swapping tales of trek leeching and campsite flooding, hard work and blisters the groups made their way to the local university cricket grounds for a beautiful day of relaxation, cricket f course and a picnic lunch.

Halloween Party Pictures

Halloween fancy dress party went down a trick or treat with staff and venturers being imaginative and creative with their costumes!

Alpha 3 take the group prize of chocolate treats for being so scary!

A Big welcome to our 2 new participants Phillipa and Caroline who arrived for phase 2 and 3.