Welcome to the official blog for Raleigh India 12I | July - August 2012

Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Sunday 29 June 2008

Staff Trek Training

Two days, 2 hours sleep, 15 kilometres walked with full rucksacks on backs, 1100 steps climbed in the heat of the Indian sun and monsoon rains...just a average Raleigh trek training exercise!

DAY ONE: Friday

The staff team packed their rucksacks with all their kit and group equipment ready to set off for their trek training.

Once they reached their camp area there were a few minutes spare to relax their muscles and air out sweaty feet before getting on with setting up camp. There were tents to be put up, long drops to be dug and shaded seating areas to be constructed.

Once camp was ready with sleeping mats and bags laid out inside our tents, we sat down for some essential medical training with Fieldbase Medic, Yvette.

The afternoon was spent with some practical lessons on wilderness camping that may be of assistance to our team during the Adventure Challenge. Country Programme Manager, Mark was on hand to deliver sessions on camp craft: constructing stretchers, Basha beds and more.

DAY TWO: Saturday

It was a sleepless first night for the staff team, with an early start at dawn. We sat down to a hearty breakfast of porridge with jam, before a rapid camp clear up and re-packing. We had been divided into two groups for Saturday, each armed with maps, a route plan and communication and navigation equipment.

It was no easy walk, the routes both led around (and up) the famous Chamundi Hill here in Mysore. Poor Alpha One arrived at their first waypoint to find themselves facing the 1100 steps that lead up to a temple at the summit, whereas Alpha Two faced a more steady incline around the back of the hill. However, they did then have to descend all 1100 steps at the end of their trek, before both teams made they way back to Fieldbase. As a final surprise, Alpha One was caught in a sudden bout of heavy monsoon rain towards the end of their journey.

A few aching muscles and sore feet for our team, but a fantastic experience all round. It's been a great taster of expedition life to come and everyone is feeling more prepared and excited about what lays ahead when our Venturers arrive.

Our attentions can now turn to the projects themselves...

Soon we will know who will be working as Project Managers on each of the projects and the PM teams will then be heading out to their project sites for three days of research and planning. Watch out for an update here to find out who is going where!

Before the rain set in - Alpha One pose for a team photo outside Fieldbase

Thursday 26 June 2008

Staff Induction Day Three

It may all look like fun and games, but today has been another information and activity packed day for our staff, in order to learn all the skills they will be using while on expedition. Over the past couple of days, the group has learnt about GPS, expedition communications, Health and Safety (with an innovative activity planned by our Country Programme Manager, Mark Ashby - see photographs below for the results), trekking equipment, and plenty of games to test out on our Venturers when they arrive!

Shabeeb, Madoc and Vijay practice their SITREPS

Yesterday we were also able to welcome new Project Manager Rich, who has already shown a particular knowledge on helicopters, complete with a demonstration of helicopter landing procedure in the quad for our benefit...

Project Manager, Richard Davies

Team games...

Tuesday 24 June 2008

The Raleigh Fieldbase Team

Since the end of the Spring expedition in India, Gavin Shelton (Country Director), Mark Ashby (Country Programme Manager) and Deepak (Facilities Manager) have been keeping themselves busy researching and setting up the fantastic projects and Adventure Challenge for expedition 08F!

Country Director, Gavin Shelton

On Tuesday 17th June, they were joined by the first group of 08F staff to arrive at Fieldbase, who have now settled in well to their new roles and surroundings. Please read on to find out more about what has been taking place here at Fieldbase so far...

Country Programme Manager, Mark Ashby


Deepak and Ian

Pam and Amanda visit Mysore Palace

Yum! Logs store goodies

Hard at work in the office?

Lorraine and Rosie

But the Advance Staff team are alone no longer.....

Vijay, Sophie. Yvette and Madoc

Yesterday we were excited to welcome our members of the main staff to Fieldbase. We didn’t waste any time throwing them in the deep end, with some introductions to the history of Raleigh and its principles, an interesting exercise on Cultural Awareness and a fantastic game of Kabadi, a popular team sport here in India. Although we did allow them some tea and biscuits first…

So here is the line-up for Raleigh India 08F so far:

Deepak SP (Facilities Manager)
Tim Berriman (Deputy Programme Manager)
Amanda Ockwell (Logistics Manager)
Ian McKean (Assistant Logistics Manager)
Pam Robottom (Programme Administrator)
Lorraine Smart (Finance Manager)
Rosie Palliser (Press Relations Officer)

Yvette Salmon (Medic)
Sophie Broadhead (Project Manager)
Rich Davies (Project Manager)
Sharon Taylor (Project Manager)
Madoc Threipland (Project Manager)
Vijaya Raju (Project Manager)


Madoc and Lorraine


The Emperor and Empress of Albatross

We were lucky to have our Host Country Venturer Coordinator, Vijay, and Shabeeb from Kalypso Adventurers (one of our project partner organisations) on hand to tell us more about Indian culture, complete with instructions on how to tie a lungi, an item of traditional dress for men.

Vijay and Shabeeb

Vijay is a new addition to the permanent Raleigh staff in Mysore and is responsible for the recruitment of young people from India onto each expedition. As an introduction to the organisation he will be joining us as a Project Manager for this expedition. A warm welcome to him and all the staff on Raleigh India 08F!

It’s been a busy first day here, with plenty more planned for the next two weeks until the venturers arrive, but there’s a great buzz of activity and excitement at Fieldbase now. Keep checking here for all the news and don’t forget you can post messages on the blog for any of the Raleigh participants which will be passed on to them throughout the whole of the expedition.