Welcome to the official blog for Raleigh India 12I | July - August 2012

Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Thursday 29 July 2010

10H Allocation Antics

"Blogistics Coordinator" Pete reports on project allocations and the ensuing antics:

With excitement mounting, the venturers were lined up in front of field base for a 'bin liner' party. An array of dazzling costumes that would make Liz Hurley or Kate Moss envious were displayed ... and that was just the fellas!  

Blissfully unaware?

A quizzical Arnold

After a salsa dance, the venturers were caught unawares by the lights being switched off, whereupon a ninja duo played merry havoc, as silent as hippos in ballet shoes. They ran amok through the throngs, shaking coloured powder paints hither and thither, after which hairstyles of greens, purples and pinks were the norm, and anything else was just bland!

Kade ends up red faced!
Ready for the floor

An evening of dancing carried on until well after 22:00, which considering how tired everyone is, was a notable triumph of energy over lead heavy eyelids. 

Project Allocations

In the small village of Gandathur situated about 75kms from Mysore, Foxtrot One will work with the local community to install eco-sanitation units.

Abu Kuied
Amy Barrow
Amy Davis
Emily Stubbs
Joseph McGowan
Ka Wang Lau
Kate Adley
Kwai Yeun Hui
Samantha Marshall
Sébastien Coquard
Sophie Knight

Project managers

Alissa Ruane
Annette Hack

Sanitation remains the theme for Foxtrot Two who will be building toilets for a boarding school with 180 young students. Madapura boarding school was established some years ago to provides middle school education for local children from surrounding villages.

Arnold Cheung
Beth Aszley-Serougi
Charles Stewart
David Whalley
Isabel Cardoba Lacal
Jordanne Guest
Kade Stallard
Kay Currey
Molly Nyman
Sabrin Kassam
Sophie Dawes
Thomas Watkins

Project managers

Eva Jonsson
Ken Lo

In the environmental project at Thangamalai in the Nilgiri Mountain ranges of Tamil Nadu, Foxtrot Three will work with a tiny community to build an elephant proof fence to protect their crops and livlihood.

Amraj Chana
Grace Harman
James Platt
Justin Henkins
Ka Man To
Kwok Wai Cheng
Lara Buckley
Leanne Hyland
Lucy Waters
Phillipa Gumley
Sophie Blunt
Tom Eastham

Project managers

Tom Nightingale
Sats VanAntwerp

The next day, nobody was bleary eyed! So we had a village fete! After an opening team dance, there was a special set of games organised: the three-legged race, egg and spoon race, sack race, guava bobbing and tug of war. Enjoy the photos depicting the fun of the fete:

A special team warm-up

A modern take on Morris dancing

Co-operation is the name of the game

Happy hippy hobo watches the action ... along with Vijay!
An eggcellent effort from Annette

They're off to a flyer!
Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Alissa's airborne
Rock, paper and scissors settles the score
Get that guava!

Grace dives in

Gracefully done
Abdul in the zone

Justin or the Incredible Hulk?

Dig in chaps!
 There's strength in numbers

Sing when you're winning

Tuesday 27 July 2010

Training, raining, but no complaining!

Continuing with the tale of the 10H venturers' arrival, later that evening Sham the snake man turned up with his slithery mates to ensure that our new arrivals had sweet dreams.


On Sunday morning pushing on through a jet lag haze, our new arrivals shook off their sleeping bags and got moving on a 26km trek to Uday's famous chicken farm. Campsite fun began with some of the venturers having to contend with monster-sized tents that unfortunately weren't waterproof. Me (Marie), Jen, Anita and Hannah discovered this later that night. In the name of  personal development, monsoon do your worst!

The rain kept falling and the training kept on coming. Lessons in camp craft (slop pits, short drops, preparing a chicken for cooking), tool training, medical aid, field communications were soaked up. And the swim tests at the Hindu temple helped refresh tired souls. 

Today the venturers are taking it easy in Mysore as field base prepares for a riotous party and sensational revelations...it's project allocation time! 

Finally, a special birthday mention to Sabrin!  Attempts to keep it quiet on Sunday from project managers Alissa and Annette failed, and she was swiftly punished with some chocolate cake.

 Happy Birthday Sabrin!

Saturday 24 July 2010

10H: The Kids Are Alright

The airport's emotionally charged arrivals area beckoned once again, as me, Pete and Jo stumbled out of bed at 3:30am to welcome the venturers on the five week 10H expedition. Dutifully wearing their Raleigh T-shirts, available in a range of colours, they appeared bright-eyed and bushy tailed.

On board the coach our new heroes and heroines knocked back bottles of water and munched their way through nice nutritious biccies. Our four hour journey was off to a flying start but halfway to field base our coach was beset by mechanical difficulties. We were assured by the menfolk that all would be well and indeed it was...after two hours. Two hours that were put to good use with icebreakers, name games and tomfoolery.

Clambering back onto the coach, some of us caught up on sleep, whilst others gazed at the scenery zipping past. Finally our tired eyes caught sight of field base's cheery signpost. An amped up field base team formed a chain of honour to greet the new arrivals, before they were whisked away for the official welcoming ceremony and an afternoon of admin, punctuated by a fair amount of fun.

There'll be no lie-ins tomorrow as the venturers take a Sunday stroll in the form of trek training.  Field base will be keeping tabs on their progress and will keep you posted!