Welcome to the official blog for Raleigh India 12I | July - August 2012

Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Monday 20 December 2010

Raleigh India 10K over and out

It's been a strange old time at Field base these last few days since we bid a fond farewell to all the venturers. We've been busy shutting down the expedition, writing reports and tidying the place. It's been a time of reflection too as we finally start to realise what an amazing three months we've all had.

Tonight is our staff party where we will celebrate our time out here before we all go off on our separate ways. The experiences we've had out here been extradionary and ones we'll never forget.

We should be so proud of our achievements on Raleigh India 10K:

Built five tribal house and 24 eco-sanitation units for two villages in the states of Tamil Nadu & Karnataka, greatly improving the living conditions and lives of the tribal and scheduled caste communities.

Repaired and built elephant-proof trenches with solar powered fences for two communities in the state of Karnataka, helping protect precious habitat, boost the income of struggling farmers and decrease human-elephant conflict.

Completed exciting and challenging adventures that included trekking, rafting, cycling and survival skills in remote and wilderness environments in the state of Kerala.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved, Mark, Anna, Deepak, the drivers, the volunteer managers and most of all to the venturers, who were a truly amazing bunch. We hope you go on and do amazing things ...
The Class of  Raleigh India 10K

Saturday 18 December 2010

House Party at Uluvadu

Guest Blog by Eira Evans, Charlie One

After 9 weeks of hard work the big day had finally arrived at Charlie 1. The inauguration ceremony of all 5 houses took place.

Many hours had been spent in a Raleigh chain moving materials into the village. Over 3000 bricks had made their way up the chain, 3 elephants worth of sand, rocks and 3000 roof tiles. There were times when we lacked energy and were tired but we whiled away the hours singing, dancing and laughing.

The venturers had been busy on the previous day painting their mural – a map of the world.

On 14th December we were joined by our Project Partner – CTRD, the masons, friends and family of the villagers and were extremely happy to have Anna, Polly B, Polly C visiting for the occasion.

We all awoke to find the village beautifully decorated. The villagers had not slept as they had been busy preparing for the big day. A day they had awaited for over 2 years.

Banana trees had their leaves curled into ribbons, hundreds of hanging plant streamers lined the entrance into the village. Each house was decorated with intricate chalk drawings and brightly coloured ribbons. It felt like Christmas morning when we climbed bleary eyed out of our tents.

Anna opened the ceremony by unveiling the Plaque on the side of Onathi’s house. The day was filled with emotion as Leela, one of the recipients of a house, had us all in tears with her gratitude and appreciation.

A ribbon was cut at each house and we all got the chance to light an auspicious candle.

Vijay from CTRD translated all the speeches and as I read my speech on behalf of the Project Managers, I finally got the chance to express just how much humility they had taught us and generousity they showed us. All of the group received a shawl followed by a slap-up meal made by the villagers.

 We in turn provided each house with a group picture.

We were all looking forward to sharing the first night as guests in their new houses.

The houses will provide the villagers with a warm and dry place to live with their families. A basic human right has been delivered and we hope that this will be the beginning of a number of improvements to the lives of the villagers over the coming years.
All text by Eira Evans and photos by Polly Baldwin http://www.dynamicpictures.co.uk/ (unless stated otherwise).

Friday 17 December 2010

Farewell Fun and an Emotional Goodbye

With lots of chores to be done before the Venturers could depart, we organised a Tug of War Tournament for the winners to be able to choose which task they would complete.

Playing knock out rounds the final featured Echo Three and Tango Six. Each group was fit and strong from spending the last 19 days digging a trench for 7 hours a day and trekking and cycling 200k respectively.

Echo Three - "Heave!"

Tango Six - "Ho!"

Echo Three - "Heave!"

Tango Six - "Ho!"

Echo Three - "Heave!"

... and so it was with brute force and determination that Echo Three cinched it and dragged Tango Six across the line into the dust.

The moment Tango Six slipped over the line, crowning Echo Three the champions
The afternoon was then spent doing final reviews and then once the tasks had been completed it was time to celebrate as everyone donned their glad rags and made their way to Field base's transformed roof terrace for
The Golden Ganesh Awards.

The Awards recognised the varety of contributions Venturers and PMs have made to the Raleigh 10K exedition, from best sleeper, to biggest casanova, to Masterchef.

Additionally, there were two special awards voted for by the PMs for Most Outstanding Male and Female Venturers. With many amazing individuals amongst the Raleigh 10K group it was difficult to choose, but the well deserved winners were awarded the prestigous accolades for their consistent contribution, positivity and inspirational leadership.

Congratulations to:
Amy Gannon
Robbie Dwyer


After some emotional thank you speeches and Polly B's amazing expedition slideshow that reminded everyone on what an amazing journey Raleigh has been, the music was cranked up and we partied the night away.

Then far too soon, this morning it was time to say goodbye as we sent the Venturers on their way, back out into world. Some are heading up to Banglaore tonight to catch flights back to their homes while others are carrying on travelling.

We hope we've sent them on their way with amazing memories, of an incredible experience that will stay with them to motivate and inspire them to lead extradinory lives ...

All text by Polly Carpenter and photos by Polly Baldwin http://www.dynamicpictures.co.uk/ (unless stated otherwise).

Raleigh India Fun Run

Yesterday morning Venturers and PMs took the choice to rise early on their lie in to take part in the Raligh India 10K Fun Run.

PMs Eira & Caroline ready and raring to go
They had a choice of a 5K or a 10K route on a course taking them through local village Jayapura and across Paddy Fields, all past bemused locals!

The 10k event was won by Robbie for the boys and Isabelle for the girls. In the 5K Liz and Tessa came joint first.

10K male winner Robbie!
10K female winner Isabelle!


Trek Leader PM Lynne - crossing her six hundred and tenth kilometer - what a legend!
All participants got round in impresive times with everyone completing the 10K within 75mins - fitness levels have certainly improved over 10 weeks of trekking, cycling, digging and manual labour!

We're also delighted to have raised over £800 for Raleigh India projects, the online fundraising page is still open to sponsor if you'd like to show your support to any of our runners http://www.justgiving.com/Raleigh-India-Fun-Run

All text by Polly Carpenter and photos by Polly Baldwin http://www.dynamicpictures.co.uk/ (unless stated otherwise).