Welcome to the official blog for Raleigh India 12I | July - August 2012

Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Tuesday 30 September 2008

Staff Trek Training

Today is the first day of the Dasara Festival in Mysore and the city is buzzing with energy as are the staff team as they have departed for their first day of trek training. As the staff headed off from Field Base towards Chamundi Hills on the outskirts of the city the inauguration of Dasara Festival has been taking place at the top of the hill.

The origin of Dasara goes way back to the Vijayanagar dynasty in 15th Century. The Wodeyars of Mysore continued this colourful & religious celebration under the leadership of Raja Wodeyar in the year 1610. Dasara is also known as the 'Navarathri', where nine days of worship & celebration culminate on the 10th day, known as 'Vijaydashami'. This has been declared as ‘Naada Habba’ or the State festival.

The staff packed up their bellies and their rucksacks to test their strength on a climb around the base of Chamundi Hill, up to see the famous Nandi Bull, towards Lalitha Mahal Palace and carry on to pass temples and villages until they reach their evening campsite.

Alpha 2 ready to set off this morning.

Alpha 1 looking bright and chirpy first thing as they leave Field Base

A quick wave from Dr Zoe

Qathab and Jerry - 2 of our trek guides from Kalypso Adventures.

Adventure company Kalypso Adventures, our project partners support and guide our participants along with Raleigh staff through the adventure phase. We are delighted to have Qathab - who as a Host Country Venturer paricipated in our first expedition in India, and Jerry - who has supported Raleigh on the first 2 expeditions earlier this year can join our staff in the staff induction training.

Monday 29 September 2008

Main Staff Arrival

Field Base is now alive and buzzing since the arrival of our main staff team.

After an epic journey for most - an 8 hour flight delay! - the staff team were welcomed into Field Base with the traditional Hindu celebration of Aarthi. After a tour of Field Base and an inspiring speech from Country Director Gavin, adorned in their flower garlands all the team were treated to their first Indian curry. The staff induction course lead by Mark and Robin is progressing well and everyone is preparing for the next 2 days of trek training.

Our new family additions are: Dr Zoe, Dr Emma, and Dr Antje; Project Managers Hamish, Ivan, Julia, Rosalind, Joanna, Nicola, Zoe, Administrator Helen, Photographer Sam

Below Zoe, Julia and Helen sill manage to look fresh and bubbly getting off the plane...

Wednesday 24 September 2008

Advanced Staff 08I

The Advanced staff arrived at Field Base in Mysore to a very warm welcome. The staff were greeted by a traditional Hindu ritual called Aarthi in which the Aarthi plate is lighted with oil and circulated around each person. Then our Country Director Gavin Shelton adorned each new-comer with a flower garland which are hand made in the local flower market.

The team are now busy preparing for the forth coming arrival of the main staff team and venturers.

Robin Cashmore - Deputy Programme Manager (DPM) out and about planning the trek training route with the Country Programme Manager (CPM) Mark Ashby.

Pat Jenner - Administrator getting to grips with the office & computer systems.
"Yes I am working - and not on a holiday" (for all Pats friends & family!)

Anna Grieve - Logistics Assistant busy in the Logs store getting all the food ready for the expedition ahead.
"Field Base has exceeded all my expectations - Fantastic!!"

Me - Suze Leamy - Press Relations Officer (PRO) - escaping the office for a quick photo.

Robin getting some much needed cricket practice in!
"I got sunburnt in my swim test - bring suncream"

Pat with new member of the team - Aane
(Aane is the Kannada - local language - word for elephant - the team are brushing up on their language skills for the expedition ahead & trips to the markets...

Vijay teaching some of the team a new game - Jungle Speed - on our lunch break!

Anna, Robin and Pat at the Maharaja's Palace in Mysore.
Each Sunday evening the palace lights up the skyline with over 97,000 light bulbs.

Message to all of you due to arrive soon from Anna & Pat:
"Whatever you do don't forget your longs & long socks and mozzy repellent - they are big and hungary - although so far the mozzy's are only biting Anna & Pat!"
"We'll have Field Base ship shape and ready for you all arriving in the coming weeks - we are all very excited!"

Monday 22 September 2008

Welcome to Raleigh India 08I

A very warm welcome to Raleigh India’s blogsite! With expedition 08I about to get underway we are now eagerly awaiting the arrival of our main staff team and then venturers for what promises to be a great expedition.

This is still Raleigh’s first year in India and it’s already been an extraordinary journey for everyone involved – venturers, volunteer managers and permanent staff – not to mention our project partners and the communities in which we’ve been living and working.

This expedition builds on the excellent relationships we’ve established with all of our project partners and also takes us into new communities and areas we have not operated in before as the journey continues and we prepare for the joys and challenges ahead.

We hope that you’ll enjoy the blog and find it a useful way to get a flavour of what your friends and loved ones are experiencing.

Warm regards,
Gavin Shelton
Country Director