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Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Thursday 31 January 2008

Your Raleigh International India Staff Team

Well, here are the Raleigh International India staff for January 2008.

(L-R, back row: Mark Ashby, Sally Jupp, Paul Burgess, Matt Mudford, Dom Short, Tim Berrman, Deepak, Kate Morten, Gavin Shelton; front row: Sally Dalman, Suzanne Leamy, Claire Lehman, Claire Morris, Hana Manthorpe, Rosie Palliser, Miranda Corti, Amanda Ockwell, Jenny Newman)

Today is an extremely exciting day for our staff – it marks the beginning of our trek training, where we can begin to put our hard earned skills into practice. After three days covering important know-how on GPS navigation and communication procedures, as well as essential health and safety practices and hazard analysis, we can finally venture out into our amazing surroundings here at Mysore.

These hard-skills are not only vital for the Project Managers themselves but will also be passed on in turn to the participants during their first few days of training at Fieldbase, so that all are fully equipped for their time on expedition.

Not to mention, that once we return to Fieldbase on Saturday, it will be time for all the Project Managers to find out what project sites they will be working on. It will then be their task to visit their allocated site at either Nagerhole National Park, Hosakeresunda or on the backwaters of Kerala on the Arabian coast in order to learn more about their locations and carry out their Project Planning.

It’s been serious instruction for us all; however, there has still been plenty of opportunity for entertainment. Indeed, our Health and Safety session saw various innovative dramatic performances, demonstrating correct and incorrect procedure on an expedition. For this we had some great impressions of big cats, elephants and even crocodiles.

Monday 28 January 2008

Main Staff Arrival

Things at Field Base are starting to heat up!

We had our main staff arrival this morning and they were promptly introduced to their new home, with full guided tour and games.

It's been a great opportunity to all get to know each other and settle in as well as a fantastic chance to practice all the Raleigh name games and ice-breakers that will become essential to all our staff over the programme.

But it's not all play for our staff - this afternoon has already seen the beginning of the staff training programme that will fill our days for the next two weeks, along with some time for tea and chats.

As the sun sets, it's time for some much needed rest for our new staff ready for the new day ahead...

Wednesday 23 January 2008

The Advanced Staff Team has arrived!

So 3 become 10! The pre-expedition staff team Gav, Mark and Hayley have now been joined by the superstar that is Deepak who is the Fieldbase Facilities Manager. Deepak is the ultimate "Fixer" and has helped us from laying broadband cables to sourcing laundry facilities! Last week the Advanced Staff Team also arrived and have spent the last week working furiously to prepare Fieldbase for the Main Staff arrival on Monday 28th January.

So the "All Star Cast" is:

Gav Shelton - Country Director

Mark Ashby - Country Programme Manager

Hayley Bonner - Host Country Participant Coordinator

Deepak - Facilities Manager

Tim Berriman - Deputy Programme Manager

Matt Mudford - Medic

Paul Burgess - Logistics Manager

Sally Dalman - Assistant Logistics Manager

Miranda Corti - Finance Manager

Amanda Ockwell - Administrator