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Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Thursday 27 October 2011

Messages from the loop!

Here are a few messages from the projects that Helen and Tim picked up while they were on the loop. We'll be handing out more messages when everyone is back on Tuesday so keep them coming - they really do make everyone's day! 

From Julie Scheek
Lief gezin enzo: India is geweldig en wolledig bizer teqelgk. Alles is zo endeis en waag, wat redelyk waak tot hilarische situzties leidt: als re eon pakje voekjes wilt kopan. Vlyg re gelyk zo bananen in re handen gedrukt. Verder gaat het goed met me en heb ‘t gezellig met een paar wit myn greep. Mis jullre wel super weel.
Julie. P.S: Myn favour diacht is sokken in sandalen.

Maggie – PM/Medic
Happy Birthday Oli! Xx

Lavinia de Haseth Mother.
Lieve iedereen in Nederland, hier gaat het top met de Jezus sandalen en de afrits broek. Elke dug doe ik de bouuvakkers outfit aan (zonder decoll ete) en probeerelke avond een douch te nemen (niet dat dat lukt). Super-gezelliga met wat mensen vit de groep. Maar ik mis Julie echt heel veel. Alvast gefeliciteerd. Helga, ik how heel veel van je. Hoop dat het feest superlevkis. Vast wel!

Ameila Ayliffe
Hi all,
Thanks for the messages, it makes me so happy to read them so please write more. I miss you all so much. Mum, Dad, Jelly, Harrie and Joy. I have written you all a couple of letters but it may take a while for them to reach you. I would write letters to everyone but I forgot to note down addresses. Everything is good and they are feeding me loads so don’t worry! I am going to get my phone when I get back to Fieldbase so I will hopefully speak to you then.
Joy – say hi to little Chris for me.
Harrymoo – stay out of my room!
Lish – ayooo
Ali – keep planning Australia, I am getting excited!
Can’t wait to tell you all my stories.
Lots of love, Amelia xxx
P.S Joy, I literally lost my glasses

Hi all,
Thank you for my lovely messages. Just to say I’m really enjoying it in India. I’ve managed the 12km trek training with no problems, which is amazing! I was quite chuffed about it...hehehe! We had plenty of rain in the first week but also lots of sunshine. Hope everyone is well and hope to hear from you soon! Oh, I also would like to say Happy Birthday to my Dad, Auntie Ruth and my Cousin Carey!
Take care, Meg xxxx

To all,
Thank you for the messages. They help loads! All is good, and the usual unlucky things has happened to me – but they are just adding to my funny stories...Plus I can sort of officially brick lay and make cement! That does not mean I’m good at it! Basically I look like a tramp, seem to have the most bites and random reactions and get the dirtiest after work. The universe is still against me in India. Hah!
Much love, Anna Roberts xxx

Lukas Klauthe,
Hi Mama und Papa,
Hoffenlich geht es euch all en gut. Wir haben tolles Wetter, gutes Essen und viel spass. Wir haben schon fast alle eco-toillen fertis gestellt und in 6 tagen reisen wir zue Fieldbase.
Viele grusse an alle,

Albertine Potter van Loon
Hee Man en pap, Hopelyk gaat Jullie alles goed meir gexone en aan het werk en natuurlyk ook zp nu en dan een tripje en vaak veel gelach. Jk heb samen met een paar team leden de blog geschreven en nodig Jullie vooral mit die te lezen! Dikke kus en kruffel aan Eric en veel liefs voor Jullie en de rest van de familie en net thusifront.
Albertientje xxx

Dearest famalams,
Having a fabulous time, I’m experiencing some truly great things and working seriously hard. I miss you all and love you all and hope to hear from you soon. Look after each other. All of my love, Steph xxx
And to Miche, Happy 25th birthday! Have an amazing time in Amsterdam xxx
Lot of love, Steph (Echo 3)

Alrite Jon, all’s good. The environmental phase is fabulous, the reservoir is out of this world and the biogas domes are nearly completed. Oh yeah, my bet came in for New Zealand. Canny wait till the surprise holiday in December, it best be sunny and hot! Love you lots like chocolate drops but not as much as vodka shots (5 lira haha)
Alrite Mam, Leanne, Jenny, Maria, Gareth, Dad and the rest of the Waltons. Having a fabulous time on the environmental project. Mam you would be scared of this thunder and lightning, however the reservoir is absolutely beautiful. The biogas project is almost completed so we will have a go at painting the school. Hope you are keeping up with the blog, will send another message soon. 

Love you loads, Charlie (Ali)

Hey guys,
Just a quickie to let you know everything is going great down here. The work is hard but the locals and the fellow venturers are AWESOME! Missing you all hugely. Rob and mum and dad, expect letters in around two weeks and they shall tell you more about my time out here. But yeah, missing you all massively and I love you all hugely, some more than others (Rob) hehehe. Talk soon, byeeee! Xxx
Dan Rose

Hi all,
Kate here (Echo 3). Having an amazing time, India is breathtakingly beautiful and the people are really welcoming. I’m so happy to be here. It’s great getting your comments and I look forward to your letters. Love and smiles x

Message to everyone from Jenni Codd (Echo 3)
Thank you everyone for your messages. Ayla and Isaac; miss you all and hope that the boys are OK. Katie love and miss you, thank you for your message. I am having the time of my life. Truly the most amazing place I have ever been to. Mummy; have been leading yoga lessons by the resevior where we are sleeping and cooking lots for everyone one! Jake, miss you and I am so excited for when you come out and have sent you a letter. India is truly incredible. Have been so busy so can’t send many messages  but will try to get to a computer soon to send emails. Sat Nam, Jenni x

Gemma Bennet (Echo 3)
Hey guys, thanks for the blog messages, who wrote the first one? It’s really good out here, I miss you all, love to all. Gem x

Valerie (Echo 3)
He pop, mam, Q! Miss Julie heel elg! Maor het is hier suger leuk. Ben net klaer met al het graven was heel vetnoerend maer ben er doorheen gekonan doordat ik hele leuke groep hets en hele leuke vroenchinneys zaterdag begonnen met cement en steneen bouusen was super lack was de enige von de grupe die mocht helpen net de locals zondog naar grotte stad geweest super leuk. Tuk tuk gezefen en leuke drgetjes gekocht. Den alleen vondacy zrek 38 degrees koats en last net adenen maer ze helpen ne heel good dus komt vast goed (teen is genezen!) Ly miss you lad (je I nav of 2 Nov)


  1. Petra van walt meijer27 October 2011 at 14:31

    Voor Valerie v walt Meijer echo 3 Lieve val fijn om van je te horen,lezen hoe het gaat jullie doen wel veel bijzondere dingen hoor pas goed op met koorts en zo waarschuw op tijd als het niet goed gaat hier alles ok ws is nu in China en ik ga zaterdag even naar oma en morgen met omi even eten. Verheug me erg om van te horen en hoop dat het je goed gaat, dikke kus mam

  2. For Anna Roberts
    It's do good to hear from you even if its only a little glad to hear your ok you know how I worry have just posted letter number 3 so you should be getting one soon. Hope they get to you ok and aren't to depressing!
    Miss you loads can't wait to hear from you again oh and love the pictures you look well mucky good look with the bugs!!!!!
    Love you Ruth

  3. Amelia Ayliffe - Charlie 1
    Hey Meem - so lovely to hear from you, it seems ages since we've spoken. The project looks amazing and glad to see the Bobby Dyas specs getting an outing! Good to hear that there is porridge and rice on offer. Hope my letters (plus food) have made it to the Fieldbase. Cant't wait to speak to you next week. With all our love Mum, Dad and Jel

  4. message for charlotte ali.
    all rght charlotte glad to hear your loveing your phase and the reservoir sound brillant. and all so good to hear about the all blacks :) your on the 1st round when you get back lol
    the holiday its scarborough we,er going to??? NOT.
    keep up the good and hard work. love u lots joHn xxx

  5. This is a message for Amelia Ayliffe

    My prayers have finally been answered!! I went to Wagamamas the other day and sat next to... be excited... CJ!! I literally sat next to him (no space between us that is) and couldn't stop but notice how handsome he is in real life. I fell in love a little bit more. The thing is that he was there on his own so that makes me think he's a bit of a loser, just shows that money can't buy you friends! He went to the Chelsea game before his dinner and left his ticket on the table after he left and I was cheeky enough to nick it, so we have another item to add to our made in chelsea collection next to caggies cardigan. I think something from Spencer should be the next item.

    Tomorrow is a Halloween party at Borderline and I will of course say hi to little Chris from you. I haven't decided on an outfit yet. Either our gay pride outfit or my asian school girl outfit. I will let you know. BE EXCITED.

    Your mum went a bit mental the other day and sat in your room for ages and folded your clothes and wanted to hug everyone and everything. Me and Harrie tried to escape from her.

    Hope everything's okay with you and can't wait until you're back - you are in big need of a Borderline dose!!

    Joy xxx

    p.s. I am so proud of you for losing your glasses!! hahaha

    p.p.s. I have been a good girl and decided I will wait for your return to 'eat the carrot cake' with you again. This time we will be smarter and buy two :)

  6. Harri Bailey India 4 .Hi sweetheart, how you doing? been checking every day for more info on what you are up to, but no news for a week ! hope all is well and you are enjoying yourself. everyone sends their love and are constantly asking after you. Hope you have got my letters , i'm looking forward to yours so i can really hear all about it.Jonathan sends his love, so do Rory and Tony and Raffles !Take care my darling love and miss you loads, mum xxx

  7. Hallo lieber Lukas,
    Schön, dass wir endlich was von dir hören und sehen können. Lieben dank für deinen Kommentar . Du hast ja inzwischen viel erlebt und ich hoffe es geht dir gut. Du siehst ziemlich abgemagert aus oder täuscht das auf den Bildern . Trotzdem bin ich beruhigt alles einiges über den Blog zu erfahren. Das ist schon eine ganz tolle Sache. Hier Zuhause läuft auch alles ganz gut, das geschaeft geht auch gut, Papa ist gerade in mexiko, und Philipp ist auch gerade heute, Donnerstag, den 27.11. Nach Hause gekommen. Am Wochenende fahren wir zum Bernd nach Hamburg und nächste Woche beginnt schon meine weihnachtsausstellung, also ziemlich viel zu tun. Trotzdem denke wir jeden Tag an dich. Wir haben dich alle ganz lieb und vermissen dich. Liebe liebe Grüße von allen hier, ich umarme dich und einen ganz dicken Kuss von Mama, Papa und philipp

  8. Hi Kate (Echo 3)
    it's good to know you're enjoying things so much. Don't forget we have an agreement to visit India together sometime. I'm now expecting you to be my guide :-)

    Be good, work hard and keep smiling.

    Love you, Dad xxx

  9. To Lizzy Haywood
    Hello again, Chloe says hello too - she can't figure out how to work this website, but she is trying! How did your project go? I don't think there is any news that I am aware of - I'm a bit out of the loop tho. Hope all is going well!

  10. For Anna Roberts (Charlie 1)
    Hi Anna, just read your message, it was really lovely to hear from you. Sorry about your bites, strange that you had no bites when you were in Northern India, and this time they are 'making a meal' of you, maybe you taste better now! (Are you using enough spray?) The blogs and pictures of Charlie 1 are really good and we enjoy looking at them. I see what you mean about looking like a tramp...well perhaps not that bad, I've seen worse! Never mind you'll be able to wallow in the shower when you get back to Fieldbase....hopefully. There seems to be quite a lot of rain in the area, hope you found your gaiters and brolly tucked in your backpack side pocket. You mentioned the 'usual unlucky things have happened to you' I dread to think, but whatever they are you have obviously dealt with them, hopefully with an element of humour. What was it that Grandad used to tell me....'problems are character building' All your friends are following you on the Raleigh Blog but they are busy preparing for Halloween at the moment. As you can imagine they are taking the costumes very seriously, particually Ross and Daisy!!!!!! Love you loads Mum & Dad xxxx

  11. For Zoe Coles
    Hey Zo, I hope everything's cool out there :) it looks fab, your mum said you send her a letter and by the sounds of it your loving everything :) missing you lots me and Rach are bit lost, need you to keep us in check, you know what were like hehe!! The Dance show went well and everyone loved chasing cars and your video :) very emotional, and best of all it was in sinc ;)... Cant wait to see you enjoy the rest of your amazing adventure :) lots of love, Robyn xxxxxx oooo and I forgot, stephs having a little baby :) hehe exciting news. See you soon :)

  12. Amelia Ayliffe - Charlie 1
    I may have been silent so far, but I've been following you on the Blog! and it has been great to see photos of you and to read news. So glad you seem to be enjoying everything so much (despite such hard building work!) Take plenty of photos and hope phase2 goes well.
    with lots of love GrannieLiz
    ps should I be sad or glad that you lost your glasses?!

  13. For Amelia Ayliffe, (charlie 1, i think)

    HEY it's anna, i still can't believe you're in india. it makes me laugh so much. it's SOO annoying not being able to talk to you though, i keep seeing/hearing funny things that i want to tell you about and then i know i won't remember them cos i'm not gunna see you in so long!
    anyway, i just got back from portsmouth in time for halloween and i was katy perry (lol) i had a blue wig and whipped cream cans (like when she sprays them in the california girls video) the wig reminded me of big chill! i looked like a right nutter though, turns out that blue hair isn't really for me, shocker right? won't be making a permanent change.

    Liz is going out with ben kaplan, as in - boyfriend and girlfriend! :O and i don't think there's any other gossip... we're all just bumbling along. SILLY YOU FOR NOT BOOKING YOUR TRAIN TO LEEDS! i wanna see you i wanna see you i wanna see you i wanna see you i wanna see you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. For Elizabeth Haywood (India 3)

    Hi wifey!!!!!!! Peachy and I miss you muchly, Your post on my facebook made me happy :) Peaches and I don't quite know what to do without you!!! Hope you are having a fantastic time my lovely. Hope you are doing lots of good work. I hope you haven't 'found yourself' yet :) Everything is gravy here, Peaches and I are trying our best to behave. I spilled wax all over peaches bedroom wall so we have done a snazzy paint job.

    Speak to you soon beefy,

    Beery xxxx

  15. For Anna Roberts (charlie 1)
    Hi Anna,
    Absolutely love the pics - you look like you're having a good time - are you? I hope you are. Have been reading a little bit about the project - I think it's really great what you're doing - keep up the good work! We're all good here - sunny and warm for the moment (I'm sure not as sunny and hot as where you are!) Marc is sending his love (and so am I)and we're all hoping to see you for Christmas. Big hug, Jo, Marc, Alice and George.

  16. This message is for Kwok Hei Koo.
    Hi Koo, have you checked your e-mail? The form you sent to the University has some problems. You should amend it before 7 November. I will tell them your situation but you should amend it ASAP. Eva Chan

  17. For amelia ayliffe,
    it's anna, i literally blogged that like an hour ago, but since then i went to the supermartket to do my shop and i got jacob's cream crackers and i sat eating like twenty with loads of butter on them (channing style ofc) and my flat mates literally looked at me like i was an animal, and i tried to explain it was normal but they just didn't get it. wish i could send you some cream crackers, but i'll make sure i stock up whenever you get yourself to leeds, on a break from your wild travels. love ya xxx

  18. Hallo Lukas,
    Schön dass wir heute endlich einmal telefonieren konnten. Hoffentlich geht dein Handy bald mal wieder. Wir können auch mal versuchen, dich auf deinem Handy zu erreichen. Wir sind nunschon gespannt, was du als nächstes machen wirst.
    Philipp ist heute wieder zurück nach München Gefahren und gut angekommen. Die Feier bei Bernd war ganz gut, wir sind auch noch mal kurz über die Reeperbahn gelaufen, da ist ja der Teufel los, ich war ja auch noch nie da, war aber ganz interessant. Morgen muss ich im Geschäft weiter für Wweihnachten aufbauet und ab Donnerstag geht's los, hoffentlich ist auch was los. Lieber Luki Pass gut auf Dich auf, ganz ganz liebe Grüße von allen und wie immer einen ganz dicken Kuss von mir. Alles Liebe von Mama

  19. Lieber Lukas,

    herzliche Grüße aus Hoisdorf senden Dir Heidrun, Laura und Bernd. Am Samstag Abend war die Party auf dem Kiez. Ich bin erst morgens um 3.30 Uhr ins Bett und konnte mich am nächsten Morgen nur bruchstückhaft an den Ausgang des Abends erinnern.

    Auf dem See habe ich keine weiteren Hechte gefangen, dafür habe ich an der Küste 3 Meerforellen bekommen, Ich werde Samstag nochmals mit dem Boot auf einen See fahren.

    Du erlebtst in Indien ja viele spannende Dinge, auch wenn auf den Bildern irgendwie der Matsch dominiert. Passe auf Dich auf, esse und trinke ausreichend.

    Viele liebe Grüße! Bernd

  20. For Lukas @ Echo 3:

    Lieber Lukas,

    schöne Grüße von uns Dreien aus Hoisdorf. Außerdem soll ich Dich von der Oma herzlich grüßen. Sonntag habe ich auf dem See einen Hecht von 94 cm gefangen, der ca. 5,0 Kg gewogen hat. Wenn Du zurück bist, musst Du mal wieder zum Fischen vorbeikommen. Passe gut auf Dich auf.

    Alles Gute und liebe Grüße


  21. Message for Dan Rose

    Hi Dan,
    Don't know if you got previous message or if this will reach you but just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday from everyone here. Have a great day and we will see you when you're home.
    Kim Colin Mark Kevin Jamie Sean xx