Welcome to the official blog for Raleigh India 12I | July - August 2012

Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Tuesday 11 October 2011

It’s the trekking life for us!

Our venturers left early yesterday morning to start their three-day trek training. The India teams packed their kit and all the food they’d need for the next few days on Sunday night and, after an early breakfast, were off to explore India.
Trekking out 

Their 15km trek took them along dusty roads, through rural Indian villages and past countless free-roaming cows. It was a tough morning but everyone loved seeing real Indian life and meeting the villagers and excited children at every village. The colourful villages and stunning views of lush rice paddy fields as far as the eye could see was the perfect start to everyone’s Raleigh adventure.
The India groups arrived at the campsite just after lunch and, when they saw the beautiful river and lush coconut trees that surrounded their new home, their faces lit up with excitement. Within no time at all it was all hands to the deck to make the campsite their own. They learnt how to use traditional Indian digging poles to make short drops and slops pits. They also practised building shelters so they had some shade from the sun and a place to cook.
India 1 PMs needed a little 'lift' after finishing the trek! 
India 2 digging the short drop
India 3 getting to grips with tent poles 
India 5, tents up and tools ready!
A well deserved lunch for India 3
India 2 stopping for a breather while putting up their shelter 
No hiding from us India 4...we can see you!

After all that hard work everyone needed a shower...or should that be a splash! As pop-up showers aren’t really an essential piece of Raleigh kit (although sometimes we think they should be!) our venturers enjoyed the facilities in the nearby river.
Next on the agenda was a well deserved supper. Our ventures cooked up a storm on Trangiars and then curled up in their tents for a good night’s sleep.
The next day it was up early for a hearty breakfast of porridge and then straight into medical, communications and casevac training as well as a swim test. The campsite was a hive of activity as all the groups learnt all the key skills that they’ll need on expedition. Under the watchful eyes of their PMs, our India groups got to grips with radio protocol, the phonetic alphabet and first aid.
After lunch it was straight back into it. Mark gave everyone a cookery lesson and shared some top tips for making sure you eat well on project. The group then had a surprise visit from Sham the snake man; Sham showed the group some of the local snakes, including a cobra. A couple of brave venturers even got the chance to get up and personal with the snakes!
India 1, nice and refreshed after their swim test 
India 5 learning about casevac training 

After a very hot morning and afternoon, everyone was just about to head down to the river for a dip to cool off when it happened...the heaven’s literally exploded and we all had a taste of what weather can really be like in India. And I have to say, it was amazing!
The sky lit up with flashes of lightning and loud claps of thunder – it was just like someone was turning a light switch on and off – the rain was so hard that it was bouncing off the ground; the sound alone was breath taking. All of a sudden, little streams of water appeared around the camp site, and there was a mad scramble as everybody made sure their bags were undercover, thank goodness for the shelters everyone put up yesterday!

 So after an eventful day it was time for another evening around the campfire with each group enjoying a delicious chicken curry – the perfect end to a rainy afternoon!
Tomorrow everyone will be heading back to Fieldbase to relax and enjoy a bit of time out. They’ll have the chance to go through their kit and make sure they have everything they need before they go out on their projects on Friday.
Everyone is very excited about finding out where they’re going – I’ll update the blog as soon as the groups and projects are announced...so watch this space! 


  1. Hi Meem - not sure I've quite got to grips with this blogging business. I may have sent you a message earier but I don't think it went! Anyway we are all enjoying the blog - Elliot wanted to know why there was no picture of you with the snake!! Can't wait to hear what your project is. Much love Mxx

  2. For Sterre Kruize
    Ik zag je wel op je nieuwe sandalen! Hoop dat je de slangen niet in het wild tegen komt.
    Dikke kus

  3. Message for Amelia Ayliffe India 1

    Hi Amelia (Wompsy) it is Harrymoo - you are looking really really nice in the pictures. Cool clothes. Me and Joy just watched Made in Chelsea, Francis was skateboarding again. Also, Jonjo, James, Amelia Lily & 2 shoes went out of x factor so no one good left. I hope the curry isn't too spicy for you, hopefully they haven't put any soy sauce in it. Miss youuuu! Just incase you were wondering I've been borrowing all your clothes, I also let Marley sleep in your bed last night hope thats ok. I hope you are enjoying it, sorry for Mum's obsessive messages, I'll blog you again soon. By the way feel lucky that I didn't post an embarrassing message, but I still have another 6 weeks to do it.... Bye Schmoogle xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Sweet Lavinia, it is great to follow you this way, we can actually see what you are up to. Please take one of the curry recipes with you. xx Emily

  5. Hi Jenni, all the pictures look great, I cant believe you're finally out there! You look like your having such an amazing time :) We are all missing you loads back home, I've been ticking off the days until the 14th when I can come out!! Keep up the good work. Lots of love Jacob xxx

  6. Mark Potter van Loon12 October 2011 at 11:43

    For Albertine Potter van Loon, we love the blog! Nice pictures and a good impression of all the activities. We think you have a lot of fun and a great oppertunity to see all the beauty of India. Love Pappie and mammie

  7. Hey Meg (India 1), I'd ask if you are enjoying yourself but by the grin on your face it seems like a bit of a stupid question! Glad you're having a good time. Looking forward to following you on here- we'll have to meet up when you get back! Grace + family

    p.s. How were the snakes?

  8. Mark Potter van Loon12 October 2011 at 11:48

    Personal message for Albertine Potter van Loon India 1. Hoi lieverd we weten niet of je het eerdere bericht hebt ontvangen. kleine flesje 2 maal schudden en vanaf de kin kort snuiven. Hier alles goed! Dikke kus, mammie. Geniet van al het moois!

  9. Hi Meg
    Looks like you are enjoying India so far! October turned cold and autumnal in Surrey so good to see some of your Indian sunshine. Take care and have fun.


  10. lieve esmee

    we volgen je op het blog .echt super leuk die verhalen en de foto,s. ik ben nog niet zo handig met het blog. ik heb het al 3 keer geprobeerd.kijken of het nu lukt. dikke kus van ons allemaal mama

  11. lieve esmee
    ik heb de foto's gezien . zo te zien heb je het prima naar je zin. ik hoop dat je heel veel nuttige dingen leert en veel plezier met elkaar hebt.als we je zo vrolijk zien, wordt de heimwee naar jou gelukkig iets minder .dikke kus papa

  12. Anna Roberts,
    Hi Anna- I sent you a message on Sunday (same time as Daisy) but it's not printed out on the blog page, I'm sure I did it right. If this one doesn't show up I'll have to get Daisy to talk me through it. Anyway, hope you're having a fabulous time, it's nice to see the photos and read about the things you've been doing. The thunderstorm sounded as though it was an incredible sight. I expect you'll be getting beautiful dark night skies like you had in the Punjab, so you'll be able to see milllions of stars again, just like you did with Daisy and Scott. Your dad is on Holy Island at the moment helping Les get his boat out for winter so I've got two days to myself. Think I'll catch up on X Factor!!! Take care, Miss you & love you loads - Mum xx

  13. Anna Roberts
    Hi- just realised it was my fault you did not get the 1st message....well what more do you expect from me!! Anyway, breifly what the message said was --Thanks for the text from Bangalore, it was nice to hear that you had arrived safely, hope you managed to sort out your kit, condsidering we had to shuffle things about a bit. So long as you can find your bug-free mug for your endless cups of tea you'll be OK. It feels strange now that you've gone....I seem to have nothing to do anymore....except your washing of course!!! Take care, love you Mum & Dad xxx

  14. Watcha !

    11J staff crew, just a quick line to say hello. My actual current physical location is in the Airbus lounge of Raleigh head office (I’ll send GPS cords soon) but mentally I am still drifting back India field base. I hope you are all enjoying the company of the numerous ventures...I look forward to seeing the allocation teams soon.

    Big massive shout out to Charlie 1, Eco Sannys crew – wish I was heading back there with you guys.

    Hotel tour was nice...If anyone needs some suggestions of some “modest” accommodation for after the expedition do let me know 

    Take care and look forward to seeing the exped progress on here – keep up the good work!


  15. Lieve Veerle!
    Wij moesten zo lachen toen we je op de foto's ontdekten, heerlijk ziet het er uit! Zo fijn je stem te horen en nu te weten dat het goed met je gaat, dat je geniet en dat het net zo geweldig is als je had gehoopt!
    Heel veel plezier op de "trek", maar ook sterkte want het is vast zwaar! Het is stil in huis en herfst buiten... Omhelzing en liefde, mama
    ps maak je de antibiotica kuur op schat? Belangrijk!

  16. For Daniel Rose.
    Great to see you out there dan having a good time, smiles and all. Im pretty darn jealous but so proud of everything youve done. Im imagining you coming back as a guru of somesort. Last few weeks have been incredibly hard not having you around but it can only get easier. Hope your sleeping well and everything down under isnt as bad an anticipated. Look forward to seeing more pictures of you, GET IN MORE! I love you you grasshopper. take care XXX

  17. to: julie scheer
    haaa mn liefste naans!!!! heb al zo vaak aan je gedacht hoe je t daar hebt! had vandaag mam aan de telefoon en die zei dat ze je gezellig al had gesproken! wat een luxe dat had ik niet hoor!! hoorde dat t heftig is daar! zag een foto van de trek in tenten in de pleurende regen, omg arriii haha maar lieve naan, de eerste week vond ik ook afzien! wacht maar tot je lekker op zo'n gaaf project zit...ben heel benieuwd naar de mensen, heb je al wat matties? en hoe bevalt de porridge en de currietjes, is t een bietje te vreten allemaal? haha ik mis je kleine zus, jaloers op je avontuur. hier in gruntje rustig zn gangetje, veel party maakt langzaam plaats voor studietijd helaas. i love you kleine, hou vol en ik ga je snel een brief sturen! 10000dikke zoenen van je zus xxx

  18. Message for Claire van Doeveren Tango5
    Lieve Claire, we proberen het nog eens om jou een berichtje te sturen. Hier alles goed, we denken aan je..

  19. amelia ayliffe: NELLY you look like you’re having such a wonderful time, I must say its very weird to think that you’re trekking through india whilst I’m spending my days either dancing round my room to will young in my pjs or getting peed on by 2 year olds (that actually happened yesterday, it was lovely) ... oh well... Plans for australia are moving slowly but surely and ill let you know of any major changes in plan, in the mean time I hope you have the best time in India MISS YOU xxxxxxx :D

  20. hey naans! (julie scheer)
    hmm had je gister een bericht gestuurd maar t staat er nog steeds niet op, niet aangekomen? o god, ben ook zo onhandig met bloggen en zo. ben er nu dus al 3xop geweest en voel me inmiddels een freakyuberbloggeek. heb de foto's net aan Char op de UB laten zien, die vind je zielig daarzo in de regen haha. ik vind je lieeeefff xxx your nr1 follower

  21. lisa marshall , india 5,
    hiya love its bernie n robyn here, oh my god i miss u sooooo much i started writing u a letter tuesday n avnt ad chance to finish it but im going to wen i come of here, no way u in a group wiv someone called robyn !!!! oh yes been reading bout u and seen couple pics dont worrie i wont show anyone but u still look like my beautiful lisa that i seen a wk ago today, iv kept them on my phone and gonna keep collecting them for wen u get bk , love u and cnt wait to c u i still cnt beleive ur gon oh well 9wks tmz n ur bk and im counting, well am sending all the goss by post and oh shit av i got goss!!!!! , im so proud of u babe i really am i keep going on bout u and can tell im prob doing ppls head in oh well dont care cas ur my girl n i love and miss u and so does robyn speak to u soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  22. Hi lisa (india 5) we didnt actually discuss how you felt about snakes, i hope they are friendly ones

    have fun love Tina x

  23. lisa marshall tango 5

    hiya love its bernie again missing u like mad , went for meal b4 wiv hayley was having good night untill come home n jony started being his usual self n then sent everyone home now im sat wiv no1 to talk to stalking facebook n thinking bout how much i wish u was here, but ino ur doing a very very good thing and im so proud of u babe, wish i was there u look like ur having fun keep thinking wat will u b doing rite now xxx love u lisa n counting the days till i can just come c u n pick up the phone n talk to u cas i take u for granted somtimes n this is making me realise how much i really love n need u in my life xx

    lots of love bernie n robyn x

  24. Hey Jenni! Hope you're okay and the weather is not too bad. Feels a bit strange without you here but I know you'll be having a great time! Hope to hear from you soon, lots of love from Kate xxx

  25. Hello Jennifer, I've been following you every day, it looks amazing. I hope your porridge tasted good. Love you so much, look after yourself, loads of love from Mummy Codd xxxxxx

  26. Hello Jennifer Ive been following you every day it looks amazing I hope your porridge tasted good. Love you so much , look after yourself Loads of love from mummy codd, kiss, kiss

  27. Hi Amelia !!

    firstly i miss you so much :(
    i thought i would write the chorus of our song just to make you laugh when someone is reading it out to you

    on the radio she told me about who i wana know. i looked at her face and shes said i know ohhh ohh ohhh on the radio !!

    i hope everything is going well and you are enjoying your curries!! i looked and the pictures and it seems like you are really busy.. im proud of you lool
    Anyway i went and visited some universities and i fell in love with one of them so im really pleased!!
    good luck with everything and hurry up and go back home so we can skype im lost without u hahaha

    love you loads and be safe xxxxxxxxxx
    Elisha ayoooooo

  28. STEPHIE!!!!!!!!! (Steph Beaumont)

    Hi Cuzzie. So this is some hardcore stuff hey?! I dont think I realised how tough it would be until I read this blog. Im oh so very proud of you! The pics of you makes me giggle your so cute! When you see Michelle's real birth mum dont forget to Holla. Love you lots jellytot.Cousin Bex xxx

  29. Hi Jenni (India 3)
    We're loving seeing your face in these pics! Will show Kyo and Rex when they get home from school; Jake came round for dinner with his folks yesterday and the boys were wondering where you are, despite being told hundreds of times! We love seeing all you're up to and hope it's enough to keep you from missing your fella and dreary England ;) Have fun with the biogas and know back home we're all proud of you and watching with lots of love from here. Missing you millions xxxx Ayla n Isaac

  30. voor Lavinia de Haseth Möller.
    Lieve Fien,eindelijk het bloggen onder de knie,hoop en geloof ik! Je ziet er goed uit op de foto's en heb je het best naar je zin.Hier alles goed maar saai zonder jou,vinden ook de honden., Boeps zit nu op een dieet om te kijken wat voor allergie hij heeft. Ik hoop dat we daar nu achter komen en maatregelen kunnen nemen.Liefs,Pappie

  31. Voor Veerle Engel, India 5
    Dag lieve schat,
    Geen idee of je op de trektocht iets hoort van het FB, of dat je dit leest als je terug bent. Geeft niets; weet dat we veel aan je denken en dat we ons vaak proberen voor te stellen hoe het met je gaat daar halverwege die berg... Zoveel vragen! Is het koud 's nachts, zwaar, mooi? Kunnen niet wachten tot we je verhalen horen. Hier alles goed, Rijn geniet in Frankrijk van eindelijk een beetje zomer. Dikke kus en veel liefs, mama

  32. Hi Kate (Holmes)
    just got into work on a cold October morning. I check out the blog each morning to see your up dates. Looks like a great experience for you and I can't wait to see you and hear all about it. I have written a letter to you but it will probably take some time to reach you.

    Love and miss you lots. Dad x