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Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Thursday 20 October 2011

So what’s everyone been up to?

Helen and Tim are off on loop today to visit all of the projects. They’ll be taking the shop with them, so everyone can stock up on chocolate and other goodies, as well with all your lovely blog messages!
They’ll be back on Wednesday 26th October and updating the blog with what everyone’s been up to and, of course, lots of pictures.

In the meantime, here’s a quick rundown of what's been going on at the projects in the last few days.

Charlie 1
Everyone is doing really well and they’ve settled into their new home in Malligalli. They’re staying in the local school and have made it nice and cosy already. They’re cracking on with their work and already have laid the foundations on seven eco-sanitation units, which is pretty impressive! But it’s not all work and no play, the group have been to visit a local coconut farm and on Sunday are having a day off to visit some nearby waterfalls.

Charlie 2
Elephants, scorpions and chocolate biscuits seem to be the main news from Charlie 2! The guys saw four elephants on their way to their project, which they were very excited about. They’ve made great progress with their work, and so far have finished the foundations for a cow shed, finished digging the first hole, and started digging the second. They’ve also visited their local town, Ayyankolly, to buy chocolate biscuits and spotted a scorpion near their campsite!

Echo 3
Echo 3 has enjoyed the best weather so far, with lovely hot and sunny days. They’ve finished their campsite and dug two holes. They’ve had lunch with the locals and had a visit from our Monitoring and Evaluation girls, Lou and Maz. Lou brought a touch of luxury to their campsite and cooked chips for everyone which went down very well!  The group have also been enjoying their local environment and been for plenty of dips in the reservoir. Oh yes, and they’ve been drinking lots of chai and even had chai making lessons from the locals!

Tango 5
The Demon trek guys are also having a great time. They haven’t had as much rain as Tango 6 and have been doing a lot of trekking – 36km in fact! They climbed to Heaven Lake and also had a great day mountain biking, covering 20km! As well as this they’ve been rafting and swimming in a lake. At the moment they’re looking forward to the loop visit and planning some exciting entertainment to keep Helen and Tim amused. 

Back at Fieldbase we’ve been pretty busy as well. Tim and Lee have been busy in Logs getting all the food ready for Echo 4. As the turtle project is so remote we have to send up all the food and kit they’ll need for both phases on a truck.
The Logs boys making sure everything is ready for Echo 4

The most exciting news from us, however, is that we’ve got a cow! Majie arrived today and we welcomed her with a traditional Pooja blessing ceremony.
Majie will be living in a cow shed behind Fieldbase and, hopefully, giving us lots of milk. She’s also pregnant and due next week. We’re all very excited to have her and I have a feeling both mother and calf may be the most spoilt cows in India! 
Our new Fieldbase pet


  1. For Zoe Coles
    We've been waiting with baited breath for news of Charlie 2 so we're relieved to hear all is well and that you have access to chocolate biscuits! It must be amazing to be up close (but not too near) to elephants. Hope you have a photo or two, though we can do without any of the scorpions. Taid said he knows who to ask when his vegetable plot needs digging over as you are obviously an expert with a spade now. We're off to Theatr Clwyd tonight to see Animal Farm on stage. Missing you and your smiley face. Lots of love, Nanna and Taid

  2. Roz Hodson Charlie 2
    Thrilled to see that you have seen elephants! We have missed the loop to send you a happy birthday blog for the 26th, so imagine us whenever singing happy birthday to you and here are lots of birthday kisses and our love for whenever you get them. We will save a cake for when you get back (rice cake perhaps?). You will be a year older when you return - how time flies. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)

  3. For: Julie Scheer, from Rutger Scheer20 October 2011 at 22:55

    Hi Juul, ik ben nu in den haag en ga zo met m aan de zalm. P is er vanavond weer. Zondag heb ik de halve marathon van Amsterdam gelopen en daarna met p, m en bar gegeten voor een benifit diner van mijn marathon groep. Vandaag een paar speciale ren sokken gekocht voor de marathon. Over twee weken vlieg ik al lekker naar new York, dan zijn we echt vrij ver weg van elkaar! Morgen hebben we AK vergadering zonder jou en al je andere reizende vrienden. Ben heel benieuwd hoe het weer is met iedereen..... Ik hoorde gister dat loesje voor mk is gevraagt, heel bout maarja. er zijn vast nog wel meer leuke meisjes! Heel veel plezier daar! Geniet er van en tot over een paar weken! X je broer

  4. dad and mum the old ones20 October 2011 at 23:11

    GEMMA echo 3

    Hiya gem hope that you are ok and learning lots (you can teach us when you get back)hope that the weather is not tooo hot for you and you are doing lots of work.have sent letter hopefully with you for end of this phase but with the postal systems who knows. Penny and bens wedding was a good party lots of sweets and foood and penny looked stunning. will try to get a photo to you asap.just read the update on your group and really pleased to hear its been nice weather and you have been swimming to cool down. looking forward to update next week with hopefully lots of piccys of your group and you having fun.
    will blog again soon.lisa and kev have tried to blog but if you not got it there having the same probs we had but we will get them on some how we are going to a jive night this friday should be embarrasing dancing with others around as we cant seem to remember the moves. LOL

  5. hallo esmee bedankt voor je leuke berichtje, gelukkig ben je weer opgeknapt.
    het ziet er allemaal heel tof uit. maar wel zwaar zo te zien.
    dit is even een test of het bericht wel aan komt.
    volgende bericht volgt.
    heel veel liefs tante nel en ome ab

  6. lieve esmee (charlie 2)
    ik zit nu met tante nel aan de lijn. ze gaat proberen om je een berichtje te sturen. ja ja ,ook zij wordt handig met de computer. zo zie je maar .jij leert veel,maar wij ook. kus mama

  7. Esmee,
    Ik hoop dat het nu lukt om een berichtje te sturen.
    Zo te zien heb je het goed naar je zin, ondanks dat het toch heel zwaar is.
    Ben je weer helemaal opgeknapt?
    Leuk dat we alles kunnen volgen.
    Ik bekijk het iedere dag.
    Hier gaat ook alles goed.

    Heel veel groetjes, en veel plezier.
    Dikke kus van tante Nel en ome Ab

  8. Hello Theju,
    epdi irukinga unga fieldbase pet supera iruku. pet nesaru eanu.

  9. hello Sudhakar,
    epdi iruka, fieldbase vandhavudan, trekking group pona place-i slide show-il paru supera iruku. athanala ethaipathiyum think pannama kidaitha chance I use panni enjoy pannu my friend.

  10. Annelies Berrevoets22 October 2011 at 01:39

    Dit is een bericht voort Juul,
    Hai lieve Naansel,
    Hoe is het met je in het verre India, ik zit te genieten van de leuke blogs. Jullie moeten hard werken en zijn de eco sanitair al klaar???

    Ik lees dat je a.s zondag naar een kokos boerderij gaat, dat zal wel iets anders zijn dan onze boerderij in Zoeterwoude, hahaha en staat je tentje er strak bij? Dat is ons nooit gelukt he!Ik heb je nog een kaartje gestuurd, ik hoop dat het aankomt.
    Lieve Juul ik wens je heel veel plezier en ik denk aan je!!!
    Dikke kus ies

  11. Keeping an eye on you Helen, Mazza and Lee. Nice to see you have topped our cat with a cow. Think we have to go someway to beat that! Hope you girls enjoyed your trips out to the project sites and that Lee is keeping busy in his favourite location, the logs store. Missing you in Borneo x

  12. this is for amelia(india 1 )

    hey i really hope you got my last message coz it was soo funny !! and i really wanted it to make you laugh :)
    i hope you had fun at the coconut farm, i cant remeber whether you like coconuts or not but everytime i think of them guess what it reeminds me off .. Malibu/cyprus and yeh i think you get the picture haah.. anyway keep going im so proud of you! i went shopping today and spent all my money great! lmao

    well im off to bed !! be safe and i love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. for amelia ( india 1 )oops i forgot to say From lish

  14. To Julie Scheer:
    Hi Naans, vanuit een heel zonnig Den Haag even een hele dikke kus van je broer, zus en P & M
    Heb net je blog gelezen. Lekker bezig met de fundering leggen van 7 plees! Wie had dat kunnen denken een jaar geleden toen je aan het zwoegen was op je E.T.'s. Ha, ha, ha
    liefs Mam

  15. Hello dearest Maya! it is so amazing seeing all of these photographs and having it slowly seep in that you are really in India. As is typical with me and any technology, it's finally sunk in that I can just send you a blog note like this -- I'm sorry I haven't till now, but you know how I approach these things circling nervously until I finally figure them out! Now you shall here from me relentlessly. I love you and miss you! I can't wait to hear about all that I'm getting a tease about in these blog photos. Dad and Haley are just fine -- the first week Haley looked around your room every night at bedtime, then checked Sam's room before finally taking our room as third choice. She misses you so much!It is beautiful fall weather now, but Dad and I plan one last kayak trip tomorrow before the water turns too cold(at least for me.) We still don't have the silver car back -- but this week for sure. O.K. Feels like I'm taking up enough electronic space. I need to leave some for someone else! Love you so much!!! xxxxx mom

  16. lieve esmee

    even een berichtje van het thuisfront. aanstaande woensdag gaan lieke en ik een aantal dagen naar marrakech. We hebben er ontzettend veel zin in .We hebben een tussenstop in londen., best leuk voor een paar uur.Nu maar hopen dat we het vliegtuig niet missen haha. xxx mama

  17. For Lucy on Tango 5.

    O Lo! Greetings from sunny Cornwall, then Kent! E, Roo and I had a lovely time at the seaside. I bet you're really fit now with all your walking, biking, rafting and swimming. Life here seems very quiet by comparison! Missing you and sending love. I'll send a real letter very soon. Mum

  18. nice blog. it's a too informative for me .

  19. Lieve Lavinia-pop-, maandag/in Brussel/weekend in Monestier/hebben je errug gemist/nog steeds eigenlijk/was mooooooi weer/ alles stond er mooi bij/ wel een beetje gehuild/ de tocht was prachtig/ Helene en Elodie gevlogen: letterlijk/ druk met Helene s verjaardag/ kan er niet te veel over zeggen: de buren hebben oren/ zullen veel foto's maken/ jurken nog niet geregeld/ muziek wel/t wordt hier kouder: 11 gr./ kijk steeds of ik je zie/ gebeurt nog niet/ wacht met spanning op tango 1/ alles goed lieverd?/t vliegt voorbij, sinterklaas al bijna aangekomen. Vette zoen, je mam

  20. Hi Lizzy (Gattrell- India II),

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow! Sat here with mum after an exciting evening sorting her sheets cupboard out- its all go here! Hope you get a bit of cake on your leaf tomorrow, lots of love Mum and Amy xxx

  21. LIEFSTE esmee (charlie 2),
    ik heb het gevonden hooor, jippieee!! vind het zo leuk om weer van je te horen want ik mis je hier in dit koude (ook natte) antwerpse land. Ik heb net je verhaaltje gelezen en inderdaad gewoon genieten van allless!! de tijd kruipt naar mijn gevoel want je hebt nog meer dan twee maanden!! dus twee maanden vol genieten en dan weer als de wiedeweer terugkomen haha. Nee hou me op de hoogte, als het goed is krijg je over drie weekjes mn kaartje binnen!! kun je ergens naar uitkijken hahaha. Ik stuur je binnenkort ook nog even foto's, leek me ook leuk hihi. Ojaaa twee weekjes geleden is e eindelijk iemand op mijn kamertje komen kijken en dan was heeeeel erg leuk! heb mijn plekje wel gevonden hier, lekker hard studeren maar komt goed!! enjoy lief vriendinnetje, heeeele dikke kussen

  22. message for steph beaumont india 3

    yo unagi. what the deal? i didnt write u a letter cos this is the 21st century. but hoping u r well. not much is going on here. joanna has a secret boyfriend (from me). i think stalker bianca has finally got the message. peppy has made a come back and edv has been irritating me.
    man utd got slapped 6-1 by man city. i was very sad.
    gadaffi is dead. Tulisa and kelly r beefing on x factor coz tulisa said micha b was a bully.
    other than that not much occuring here.
    i am a lil bit angry(according to judas)
    she said she gonna buy me carmex (confused.com)
    anyhoo.blog u next time at maggies, coz i dont know how 2 use this ras ting.

  23. for steph beaumont. india 3

    unagi r u camera shy. i havent seen u in any of the photos. can u sort this out please. we would like 2 see u. thanking u please.

  24. Hay Danial Rose
    I dunno if ull get my postcard but i sent one, i cant even remember what i said in it but it was fun writing so im going to try and get another one to you. I hope your having a great time, working on the tan and the indian. Miss you so much, every nights a torture without u there.the weather is horrific, just liek raining all the time and then theyll be a random bit of sunshine that everyone runs out to bathe in. I love you, thinking of you always xxx

  25. For Anna Roberts (Charlie 1)
    Hi Anna, pleased to hear you've settled into your 'new home' much better than bashas I would think! Very impressed that you're all doing so well with the eco-sanitation units. That's going to look good on your CV. Your dad always said it was the CV's with something different on that made him take notice and put them on the 'read-again' pile. How are you getting on with the condenced milk!!! I've not seem any of that since I was a little girl....I would imagine it's like Marmite, you love it or hate it.....I hated it! Hope you're having a good time and really enjoying the experience.
    Love you - Mum & Dadxxx

  26. For Will Fenning (Tango 5)
    Hi Will, Hope you are well!! We have been checking the blog every few hours today waiting for news and hopefully some pictures of you, but I think news will now come through tomorrow (27th). I've even resorted to reading the Raleigh Nicaragua blogs! (really torrential rain there, by the way). Can't believe it has been several weeks with no phone, text, bbm! We've been thinking of you so much. Glad you had your rabies jab. Our mad dogs here are fine but a fox got the old chicken - just one left now. D is in Boston and New York this week. Mo and Jules coming for fireworks this weekend. R and T currently watching the Simpsons! Hope your trek was good and all your kit ok. Do call when you have a chance, whatever time. Hope your project for the next few weeks is a good one, look forward to hearing all about it. Hope you've got some letters, all love Mxxx

  27. Elizabeth Gattrell India II/ Tango 56 December 2011 at 03:54

    lizzie so good to hear from youit does soundas though youworking very hard but glad your having good times as wellalso hope my progress is as amazin as you expect my eyesightis not goodbut im trying to get by by adapting to notseeing everything sounds like you have met somelovely peopleand seen some amazing sightscant wait to hear allabout itandto see youladwont be long now you will be homeand it will christmas xxxxx amy aka hawkins face justsnatched laptop of me think she wants to write to you, wouldnt be a show without punch xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  28. Elizabeth Gattrell India II/ Tango 56 December 2011 at 03:59

    TANGO FIVE- Hi Liz Amy here- sorry about the lack of contact lately bit like out of sight out of mind! Hope you got our letters?? Mum doing well, cracks me up about fifty times a day (she just read this and went ''well you dont crack me up''). Cant wait to have you home at Xmas, me and mum have been shopping till we drop lately- no lie youve got the most! Ive officially dropped out of uni- step up starting in Feb so working in the kids home till then. Not heard anything about your PGCE app, will check it now. Hope all is well miss you see you in 16 days bet you cant wait lad xxxx