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Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Thursday 27 October 2011

A big hello from Charlie 1

We’ve just been to visit Charlie 1 to see how they’ve been doing in Malligalli. It was lovely to see them and find out how they’ve been getting on. Today’s blog comes from the whole team!

“A big hello from Charlie 1, all the way from Malligalli, somewhere in the middle of South India.

“Malligalli is a sleepy little town with friendly locals, but with atrocious timekeeping! We have a sweet deal here, we’re currently staying in the local school and being catered for by the talented Ganesh, he struggles with variety in his food, but it tastes amazing nonetheless. Our staple diet consists of porridge, rice, vegetable curry, chai...and that’s it. Occasionally we cook for ourselves, imitating the food we get at home with modest success. Our best creation so far, mac and (soy) cheese.

Charlie 1 outside their new home
Making breakfast - fruit salad for a treat!

“After our morning porridge, we’re collected by the infamous Mr. Puterage. A man who typifies the Indian mentality, we affectionately call him ‘boss’. He escorts us to our separate building sites, where we learn the craftsmanship of building eco-sanitation units. This includes laying bricks, mixing cement and plastering. We work under the supervision of local builders. Our communication with them is improving daily, from the occasional shout of “brick” “brick” and “fast” “fast” to discussions about family, culture and, of course, relationships.

“At the moment we’re all proudly sporting the farmers tan. Working in 35 degrees without shade is a challenge. However, as we found out yesterday, working in the torrential rain is even harder.
 Working hard

 Carrying cement
 Taking a break
Mixing cement 

“We have discovered the builder’s passion for music, which they blast constantly through their phones. A particular favourite is ‘rickshavala’ which we can now all sing along to. The builders turned into real party animals outside work hours and entertained us with their crazy dancing during a trip to Malligalli’s world famous waterfalls. During the day, they introduced us to some typical Indian music and a Bollywood film, featuring an Indian styled Zoro in blue camouflage. They also tried to make us feel at home by buying us an Akon CD and playing it at full volume, in our pimped up bus, which even came with its own blue disco light!

“During our stay, we have had many other interesting experiences and visits. The most bizarre was a surprise visit from the Minister of Agriculture with police escorts and accompanied by, what felt like, the whole village. The Minister unexpectedly popped by for no more than five minutes to express his gratitude and wish us the best of luck.

“At the moment, we are putting the finishing touches to our eco-sanitation units and preparing for the opening ceremony. We are also really excited about the festival of Diwalli and have been invited to the generous Mr Lingerage’s house for celebrations. The locals have already started their preparations and it has been a challenge dodging their frequent firework frenzies.

“Anything can happen in Malligalli – we can’t wait to see what’s round the corner and looking forward to Phase Two!”


  1. hai meid! ik heb je gevonden. ziet er spannend uit. missen je allemaal erg hier.

    have fun, liefs elo

  2. Voor Claire van Doeveren, groepje 5

    Haa lieve Claire, wat klinkt het onwijs vet wat je allemaal aan het doen bent, sorry dat het zo lang duurde voordat ik eindelijk iets kon sturen, maar tot nu begreep ik het niet helemaal haha maar eindelijk is het dan gelukt. Een berichtje joehoeee haha. Echt gek jij zit helemaal daar en krijgt niks mee van wat hier allemaal gebeurd en ik zie alleen wat jullie aan het doen zijn. Ik zal ook wel niks terug krijgen maar als je een keertje tijd hebt moet je me mailen. Claire in de bushbush, is moeilijk voor te stellen maar ik hoop dat als je terug komt ik je fotos allemaal kan zien. Ik heb echt al weer zin om al je verhalen te horen en eens goed bij te kletsen, aangezien hier ondertussen ook al weer het een en ander gebeurd. Nog heeeel veel plezier en je moet maar een keertje mailen als dat kan!

    Dikke kus Eveline

  3. Quirine Potter van Loon28 October 2011 at 02:07

    Albertine Potter van Loon Echo 1
    Hoi lieverd, wat een ontzettend leuke blog over jullie eco sanitair! We hopen dat je echt veel indrukken opdoet van India en wat een verrassing dat de minister ook nog kwam. Hier gaat alles prima, bij Ama natuurlijk ook (door jouw verblijf in India leert ze echt heel goed spelen met haar I-pad, ze kijkt iedere dag minimaal 2 keer!). Het seizoen van houtverkoop is weer aangebroken, dus veel gammele aanhangwagentjes op de weg. Heel veel mensen informeren naar al je projecten, groetjes krijg je o.a. van Ralph en Kurt, Lisette, Donovan (sprak ik bij de Albert Heijn), Kate en Jim, Yvonne, Alice en Aldrik, Willem en Simone, Juultje en Lewis, Hannie en Paul. Er zijn er nog veel meer, maar die ben ik vergeten. Het is hier nog steeds lekker weer en we genieten van wandelen en fietsen (Flyeren). Op 11 november vieren we al de verjaardag van Kate omdat ze naar Curacao vertrekt. We hebben regelmatig contact met Eric (zeker als pappie weer iets ziet op E-bay). Veel liefs, dikke kus van pappa, mamma en de beestenboel!

  4. heeey mn allerliefste kleine!!
    ben je al op fieldbase? eidelijk weer een beetje luxe of is dat niet zo daar, meega gezellig wel om iedereen weer te zien, lekker even wat nederlanders om je heen en wat leukere mensen!!
    hou vol daar!! volgende groepie is vast veel leuker!
    en lekker een nieuw project, nieuwe omgeving whaa ik hoop dat je nu lekker je environment phase krijgt!
    hoe is het eten daar? 's ochtends lekker pap en verder alleen maar curry? ben je al dun en bruin met lange haren haha ik denk veel aan je naans, heb net alle foto's bekeken, je staat er goed op haha. heel veel zin om je even lekker te spreken dus bel gezellig als je de kans krijgt! mis jou ook mn naaasepiep! heeeeeeel veel liefs! xxxxxxxx Flo

  5. Emma Christopher28 October 2011 at 16:15

    It's sounding like you are all having a fantastic time! I cannot wait to join you all! Looking forward to meeting you, Emma (7 week venturer)

  6. to: julie scheer

    hey! forgot to say, my last message is for julie scheer, posted it like an hour ago...

  7. To Julie Scheer
    Hi Lieve Naanie, Wat gezellig om gisteren je mail te krijgen en vandaag een hele update met foto's van charlie 1. Wat ziet het er allemaal super stoer en gaaf uit wat je daar doet, proud of you, proud of you!
    Toch nooit kunnen denken dat jij staat te lachen met werkhandschoenen aan in een afritsbroek....ha,ha,ha! Wij missen je heel erg en volgen alle blogs op de voet. Er zijn al 4 brieven onderweg naar je toe. Liefs en hele dikke kus van P, R, F en M zelve

  8. Anna Roberts (Charlie 1)
    Hi Anna, lovely to read all about Malligalli and the toilet building. Really impressed that you're learning so many skills, we'll know who to call if we we need any DIY work doing in future. Couldn't help but smile when I saw the Charlie 1 description of Malligalli - 'Malligalli is a sleepy little town with friendly locals, but with atrocious timekeeping! Your perfect place I think!!! The disco bus sounds amazing, it really sounds as though you are having a fantastic time as well as working hard. Take care, will message again very soon. Love Mum & Dad xxxx

  9. hello Sudhakar,
    how are you? Ennada adhisayam blogspot open panna vudane un photo than first varudhu, you are very lucky thambi, epdi poikittu iruku un phase, fieldbase vandhavudan phone pannu, nalla enjoy pannu ethai pathiyum think pannatha nan un friends kum message panni iruken un photovai parka solli, nalla sapidu, nalla thoongu, T.N name kappathiru. super siva.

  10. hello Sruthi,
    how are you? how is going on your phase, Please avoid or little bit only take c.e.(S..g..) Enjoy the phase.

  11. Wow Meg! If the nursing doesn't work out I see a future in the building trade!

    Take care.

    Jenny, John, Grace and Rosalind

  12. Grant and Elizabeth Mathison29 October 2011 at 03:33

    To: Edward Mathison, Charlie 1

    Glad to see you are getting to know the local wildlife, Edward. Did you find out the goat's name - Sati?

    Hear from you soon I hope,

    Mum and Dad

  13. Jonny - Charlie 1.
    You look like you're working hard as always, great to see you having a good time.
    Lots of love, can't wait till you're back :)
    Jod xxx

  14. Hi Meg in Charlie 1, Absolutely brill to read your blog, message and see the pics. Spent Thursday contacting everyone from MMT, DELTA and village who asked about you since we got back. Getting requests for you to help with building projects on your return - lol!! Very quiet here, so thinking of getting the Karoake out, although Murphy has taken to grumbling at nighttime - guess he's missing you - Honey keeps checking your room!! Seems like there is plenty to keep you busy. Hope you have ordered a Sari - bet we can't guess which colour though!. Loads of love Mum & Dad xxx

  15. Annelies Berrevoets30 October 2011 at 20:42

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Juul,

    Wat moeten jullie hard werken aan die eco WC's, en wat lees ik nu in 35 graden zonder schaduw, dat zal zeker niet mee vallen. Maar ik zie je gelukkig lachend op de foto met veel plezier met alle anderen.hoe is het eten die pap en zo, of prefereer je de curry's.
    Lieve Naansel geniet lekker en heel veel succes ook met het cement en pleister werk.

    Dikke kus en liefs van Ies

  16. From Tim & Sheila Riley
    For Anna Roberts
    Hi Anna, Your mum has kept us informed of your India trip and all the things you've been doing. It sounds wonderful and we're sure you'll be really enjoying it. Although it seems as though you've had a lot of rain, the thunderstorm on your trek training sounded really bad. It was lovely to read about the bus with its blue flashing disco lights....it sounds amazing. We look forward to hearing more about your next project. Hope you continue to have a fantastic time and make sure you take lots of photos. Take care, all our love Tim & Sheila xxxx
    PS Tim wants to know if 'Goldie' will be available to do some building work when she gets back?

  17. For Anna Roberts (Charlie 1)

    Hi Anna, Nice to see your smiling face on the photos and I'm pleased you're enjoying yourself and having fun as well as lots of hard work. Pleased to hear that you're learning new skills. I've started to make a list of jobs for when you come back! I hope your equipment is standing up to the tough environment and hard wear. Geoff and Graham & Alison keep asking how you're getting on and they're following your progress on the Raleigh blog. I spoke to Marc last night and he was asking if you were enjoying yourself. It sounds as though you had 5 star treatment at Malligalli. Lets hope the next project is as good! Looking forward to seeing you on more photos, and reading about your second project. Your mum has finished your washing...at last, so I can see daylight now! Have a fantastic time. Miss you. All my love Dadxxx





  19. Hi Anna,
    Hope you are having a great time! You had better be as it has just taken mo 30 mins to work out how to tyoe you this message! Loosk like great fun from the blogs, who needs water and soap and toilets anyway, you may even prefer to live in Darley park when you finally return! Enjoy the adventure sis and stay safe, lots of love Marc

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