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Saturday 31 March 2012

Phase II Hidden Track: Charlie 2 is Fascinated

I told you this would happen: 
Here is how Charlie 2 | Phase II said thank you to their wonderful host community in Kayuni, Tamil Nadu (and violated some tea plantations):

It's like a revelation ... woh-oh, o-o-oh


  1. Victoria O’C - Tango 5

    It was great to hear from you at Changeover and we’re so pleased that you’re having so much fun! By now the Trek will be well underway and I hope you have survived the cycling - from reading the other blogs it looks pretty tough!

    We’ve had a wonderful week of weather here, really hot and sunny but now it’s back to normal and sooo much colder than yesterday, so no BBQ tonight!, in fact the forecast is for -4 tonight, brrrr! I went on a ‘PhotoTrek’ this morning which was really interesting and helpful - thought I’d better practice with my camera before my trip! The cycling is still going strong - 200m in March, so feeling very pleased with myself.

    Matt’s new and improved workshop is well underway. He’s enjoying working with Sam, and I guess anything is better than revision!

    I’m counting the days till I come to see you. I very hope you’ll be able to identify all the tasty food, not sure about pancakes and condensed milk though!

    All my love,
    Mum xxxxx;)

    PS I love the music video blogs - about time you did one I think?!

    PPS Lucy has just phoned and sends her love. Jack is back home on Easter Sunday and has had a great time although he was ill for 3 days. We thought we should all get together when you and I get back.

  2. VenetiA - ECHO 4
    Hi Venetia - sitting at your desk at home having enjoyed yuor Mum's lasagne and DELICIOUS puddings - we had a "girls" night ("Girls" might be sretching it a bit!!) Thinking of you and just enjoyed looking at some pics of your recient treck. Very envious!! George asleep in your snug but better go and take him home to our lovely comfy beds ( Ha HA) Have fun. see you. Sue xx

  3. josienloerakker@hotmail.com1 April 2012 at 11:26

    sofie van gessel Charlie 1
    lieve lieve Sofie,
    Hoe gaat het daar?? Minder zwaar dan het eerste stuk, raar maar over ruim 2 weken ben je al weer terug
    Nog steeds erg druk met Hanna, ze is wel beter maar alles lijkt te veel,de cijfers gaan best goed, maar toch veel stress
    Nestor is wel echt een probleem, Alice is toch niet echt goed genoeg, Eva blijft Eva, Heb nu ook Amanda en Liane (betaalde krachten) ingeschakeld dus Nestor wordt goed verzorgt
    Ik heb mijn handen vol aan Chuck, zal hij nu al gaan puberen?
    Ben zelf nog veel met Artemis bezig en dat gaat lekker.
    Opa en oma zitten op texel en denken goed mee met me.
    Rob gaat morgen voor een week naar America, heeft er matig zin in
    Hoe is het eten nu? ben je nog steeds niet ziek geworden?
    Het weer is hier nu erg wisseld, vannacht nog vorst en dan zit je weer buiten
    Lieve lieve sofie, ik mis je, verheug me op je verhalen als je weer terug bent

  4. Venetia - Echo 4
    Hi Venetia
    I hope your project is going well and you are getting close to finishing getting the bio-gas up and running. Dad is still skiing, but will be back tomorrow - he tells me he keeps falling over as its quite icy, but no serious harm done - fingers crossed for today! Hannah took Mucky out yesterday for Mark's last day - Heather said they had a nice day (but too dry for much action)and Mucky was fine, but she (Mucky) has not come home yet. Charlie was a bit fed up to be on his own again - he's got rather fat, but is very chilled out at the moment. I had some friends round for supper last night- just the girls - as Dad is away which was a good evening - Sue posted you a message too. Jamie went babysitting for Nicola and came home late. His knee is getting much better & he sees the Dr who did the operation tomorrow. You'll be impressed to hear Jamie's also started serious revision! We get Bertie next Saturday (7th) -it'll be lovely to have a puppy around again and I'm sure Mabel will enjoy the company. I saw Suzie N on Friday night - she was with Hannah at the end of season supper and was doing the Dengie champs yesterday - I dont know how she got on though. I'm told that H is well and in good form - I haven't seen him, and will miss tidpit, but might find out if they are going somewhere soon and go and see him.
    I've been really busy at work for the last few weeks, and am looking forward to a week off after Easter, including our little trip to Rome, so just the next 4 days to go. Your bedroom is going to be decorated that week too - you wont recognise it when you get home!
    I hope your travelling on plans are coming together and look forward to hearing what you've decided to do. Everyone here sends lots of love and have really enjoyed seeing all the photos etc.
    Loads of love. Mum xxxx

  5. To Marjolein Bender - Tango 6

    Hé lieve Mar! Namaskaara! Alweer snel een extra berichtje, omdat ik in mijn vorige helemaal vergeten ben te vertellen, dat we je kaart ontvangen hebben. Wát een verrassing!!!! Echt super leuk. Die heeft er dus wel bijna een maand over gedaan, maar dat maakt natuurlijk helemaal niets uit. Weet je nu in ieder geval, dat 'ie is aangekomen :)Hij hangt nu ook op de keukendeur tussen de andere uitgeprinte foto's en berichten. Geniet lekker verder en we schrijven weer snel. Heeeele dikke knuffel en xxxxxxxxxxxx mama

  6. Victoria - Tango 5
    Hi Missy,
    Does n't time fly, you must be sorry that this adventure is nearly at an end, but what a great experience it has been.

    I expect when you get to read this it will be nearly Easter and I wonder what customs and traditions, if any, you will be sampling at this time of year. When we went to the farmers market this morning I was given a lenth of sugar cane, which I am told I have to chew and suck, apparently an Easter tradition here in Madeira, I will let you know if I liked it or not.

    The news has been quiet on the Matt front. I have made a bet with him again about his new shed. He must know by now that I am bound to win it, hence his lack of contact. I am already dreaming on what I will spend the money on. Added together with what I am still owed it will be a sizeable amount (take note
    Macckay if you are reading this).

    Hugs and xxx Oma & Gp

  7. Rilly groovy vid! What exactly is in the tea? xxx

  8. Oliver Forster_Constance Echo 42 April 2012 at 16:01

    Hi Ollie Echo 4 Do hope that your final phase is going well and that you are happy and healthy..

    Football news: Shrewsbury drew against Aldershot and are now in 4th position.They had a penalty against them and one man sent off, so nothing unusual there!!
    Liverpool are continuing their terrible season and lost 2-0 to Newcastle.They also had Reina sent off!
    As for us, we are all in fine form.Dad and I went to lunch with your Grandparents yesterday to a differnt pub,a great sunday roast - we will take you there on your return.I am going to pick up Emily tomorrow from Exeter, she has had her final lectures now.I can't believe that her 3 years are almost over.
    No news on Kent still, but plenty of possibilities in the pipeline ( including some french centres ) so we will keep our fingers crossed.
    We can't wait for your return on the 18th - so looking forward to hearing all your stories.
    Really make the most of your last few weeks and enjoy yourself.. Take care Lots of love Mum xx

  9. Catherine Perry2 April 2012 at 22:31

    For Rhian Perry, Charlie 2

    Hi Rhian! Hope everything is well with you, and you are doing lots of good work and having fun. Bumped in to Mr (Piano man) and Mrs Davies and they were keen to hear how you are doing. They said to send their love and best wishes to you. They were just off to stay with their 14 month old twin grandsons. I said 'that's fun' and they looked a little doubtful, so I said 'well, fun but hard work' and they agreed madly!! Will find out today what happened to Lyndsay in Paris. Wendy has gone down to Beaconsfield for a couple of days. We saw our friends from Brighton last night, they were staying in the Holiday Inn Express at the Albert Dock. We went for a meal at a bar down there, it was very nice with really good views over the water. Got a bank statement for you today - opened it just to make sure you okay - no problem, night out on you when you get back I think! So, take care, enjoy these last couple of weeks. Still hoping Nan might put in an appearance! Lots of love, Mum xoxooxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxoxo

  10. Oh Barnes in Tango 5. Late with my now customary City woeful update. You will probably have already received details, so I'll keep it brief. Down 3-1 to Sunderland after 80 mins and deservedly so, back to 3-3 with 2 in 2 minutes, but too little too late. SBs score 2 v late to beat Blackburn, so all looking gloomy. Arse on Sunday which won't be easy. Hope trekking is fun.


  11. Hi Patrick (Tango 6)

    Loved the video. You all look like you are having great fun. I wonder what the locals think! Had a great time at grandma's 80th birthday bash. It was great to have everyone together in one place just a shame you weren't there, you were missed. The oldies were pleased to hear how you were getting on and we were able to show them some of the photos from the blog on our phone. Grandma and Grandpa popped over on Sunday morning which was a nice surprise. They thought it would be a good opportunity to see everyone. We are going down to visit them in May.

    Well Aboyne has gone from the hottest place in the UK at 24 degrees last week to 8 inches of snow this morning! We have got about 3 inches. I spoke to Steve this morning and it was still snowing there so don't know what it will be like when I go to work this afternoon. I knew dad shouldn't have taken the winter tyres off his car. Off to Edinburgh for a few days tomorrow so need to stock the fridge up for Will before we go.

    Hope the trekking is going well.

    Lots of love
    Mum xxx

  12. Marjolein - Tango 6


    Hoe is het met je voetjes? Nog steeds happy feet haha?
    Je bent alweer bijna een week onderweg en je zal al wel heel veel mooie dingen gezien hebben!! En is het nog steeds zo lekker warm bij jullie?
    Hier is het een beetje raar weer. Vorige week was het zonnig en soms 18 graden en ik hoorde net dat het dit weekend misschien weer gaat sneeuwen. Niet echt normaal dus!
    Zondag natuurlijk twee verjaardagen, dus dat is gezellig maar verder ben ik nog steeds heel veel aan het studeren. Saaai haha.
    Nou klein monstertje ;).
    Succes en I love you ♥!!

  13. Jan leeman charlie 2

    Heel leuke clip.waar theeplantages al niet goed voor zijn. Ben je nu tutles aan het redden. Ben benieuwd wat je daar allemaal voor moet doen. Hier wordt het pasen. Veel familieactiviteiten die natuurlijk allemaal vragen wat jij zo al daar in INdia aan het doen bent. Wel belangrijk om te weten AJax staat boven aan. Liefs mam

  14. Natalie Davis Charlie 1. Pouring with rain and snowing, and we are planning to go on Mistletoe, it has aready been postpned until later on this afternoon! Both Pop and Buster are not looking enthusiastic. Kitchen full of bags waiting in anticipation. hope all is well your end. Smiley Buster x x x

  15. Dan Leigh - Charlie 1

    Hi Dan,

    Great to watch all the photos on the blog from your trek & changeover. It all looks such an amazing experience. Ben & I dropped Katie at her beloved holiday home (chez Buba & Papa)this afternoon, cos off to Istanbul on Friday - no Seder nights or matzah for us! Ben seems to have had really lovely time in Prague, with Alyth last weekend. There seems to have been minimal religious content in amongst the culture, history & bacon fry-ups! Can't believe you'll be home in approx 2 weeks. Please bring some hot, sunny weather with you, because the taste of summer which we experienced last week, has now changed into cold & rain. Enjoy! Lots & lots of love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. Hans en Anita de Vries5 April 2012 at 00:25

    Eline de Vries Tango 6

    Lieve Lien
    Wat een mooie foto show staat er op de blog. Jij staat er heel mooi op met een closeup in het begin en daarna nog een paar keer.
    We vinden het heel leuk om zo op de hoogte te blijven.
    Papa is weer thuis na een kleine week Chicago. Hij vond het een heel mooie stad. Hij heeft veel gezien en geleerd. Dit weekend is het pasen. We zullen je missen met het zoeken van de eieren. We zullen in ieder geval wat chocolade eitjes voor je bewaren. We verheugen ons op je thuiskomst. We missen je. Geniet van de trekking en daarna de extra dagen in Goa. Liefs en kusjes van papa en mama

  17. Helen 'the Babe' Smith, Tango 5

    Hello darling!

    This message comes excruciatingly late into your trip, but I just wanted to say allo, the videos, photos et al look incredible and I can imagine you're having the time of your life. YAY FOR YOU!

    Hope you haven't forgotten me, I myself have plenty of news for you, here's a little teaser: Improv, Pontins, Rome and Edinburgh Fringe...

    Anywho, I'll let you get on, can't wait to see you, but just remember...

    You're the one like the sun
    Shine your love around me
    You'll always be the one for me

    All my love,

    Jubbles (the fam all send their love too, even Rory)

  18. Dan Wiseman - Tango 6

    Hi Dan,

    Hope your ok and having a nice time! Saw the picture of you with all the hats on...looks like your muscles are no longer the size of boiled eggs!! haha. Also, thought I should remind you that Nans friend Pat is waiting for her tiger balm, so I hope you have it! If you dont have it then you can get it at the Indain airport. Isabella is adorable and cant wait to meet you!!

    Love you loads and cant wait to see you.


  19. Katherine - Charlie 2
    Happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Easter little one. Wow! Well that was an experience being guided and learning technical mountain stuff. We stayed in a hut a couple of nights back and it was just in the midddle of nowhere in a valley of snow with couloirs reaching up to left and right. The boys were brilliant, just like a couple of mountain goats, but I was soooo slow I was actually overtaken by a glacier. Big celebration last night - we survived! Today we arrived in Malaga for Easter with Mum & Ollie, and having got up at 2:45am are just settling in now.

    Lovely to see you in the video - hope you are happy and well. We allllllll send out love. HAPPY EASTER.
    AML xxxxx

  20. Nicole Marks( Charlie 2)
    Great to see photo's of you. Not long to go until you finish, I am sure you have had an amazing experience and look forward to all your stories. Next phase is Sri Lanka, where you can have a bit of a chill out before you start work in the Orphanage.
    Big Hug. Love you. Jane xx