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Thursday 22 March 2012

The Loop Trilogy Part III: Indiana Charles the First and the Last Health and Safety Hazards

Namaskaara and welcome to our sequel of the blockbusting Loop Trilogy. Pete, Sam, Theja, and Bob went out to visit Charlie 1 and Charlie 2; I myself had the honour to spend five eventful days exploring Kerala with the beyond lovely Tango 5. The third part of the franchise, outlining the events in Charlie 1's Gandenahalli, is narrated in a critically acclaimed, surreal fashion by guest blogger Max Dampier.

Not in the guest blog: Since Charlie 1 arrived, Gandenahalli has been baby booming - Exhibit A above
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit D
Exhibit E
Health or Dambusters
One 2m high door with a 1m x 1.5m enclosed space has posed an intellectual challenge Charlie 1 has only just begun to master. A long drop is one thing, but plumbing represents more of a jigsaw-puzzle. After several horrific blockage moments worthy of Canadian rivers during logging season, a small tsunami of tepid water has proved Charlie 1’s salvation. In addition, a rigorous toilet paper preservation system was implemented after a large scale TP-campaign by the local children. At day 8, however, it appears the bucket/paper protection system has saved the Phase and Charlie 1 can ride into a rosier and better smelling sunset.

Another enclosed space that poses an intellectual challenge for author Max

Safety or We met the law and the law won
Only a few days in and already the local fuzz have gotten word that Charlie 1 are in town. The goodwill visit was led by officer Shetti and his cohort, all suitably adorned with facial hair that was last seen gracing our screens in “The Professionals” or “The Sweeney”. Aside from these beacons of 70’s remembrance they also brought a jovial assistant commissioner and a very nice but mysterious passerby, who just happened to be in the vehicle with them. Criminal? Off-duty policeman? Villager? We may never know...
After making sure of our safety, he proceeded to enlighten us on how to act in the community and how to stay secure, followed by leading us into a very thorough inspection of his firearm. The meeting was concluded with mutual appreciation of moustaches and beards, as well as a getaway worthy of any bank job.
Charlotte's birthday party (Personally, I think that was the real reason why the police came)
The local Café, which could as well be in Williamsburg, NYC.

 And here the Loop Trilogy's new feature in Charlie 1 style:

A motion picture group hello to not only Bermudan friends and family from the health and safety bunch in Gandenahalli.

And now: Messages written at gunpoint:
From Charlotte H.
From Dan W.
From Dom
From Izi
From Jenna
From Laura
From Max
From Sander
From Ursula


  1. Mum and Dad Upton22 March 2012 at 11:08

    Harriet Charlie 1
    Hi Het great to see you on the video; doing baby imms, eh ,so you must be in heaven. Yr little brother has offer from Oxford, and Gypsy has had great reviews. Life is dull without you although Dad is getting the miles in on the bike ready for Round the Island. Emails await you very proud of you much love Mum and Dad

  2. Izi Carless - Charlie 1

    Hi Biz,

    You are probably now back from your Charlie 1 phase. It was really interesting to read the blog-strange policeman! - and to watch the video. I see the shorts came in handy! And I will make sure Granny knows her boots really ARE being used. I've just sent eveyone the picture of you with a trowel in your hand, with the subject line "Izi working??!!". Now you've worked out how to use one I am sure Cuckoo can find you things to do in the garden. Hen waiting to hear back from Generate so cross fingers and sorting out his flat mates for the autumn. I've just had a great 3 days playing bridge at Parnham and Dad played tennis every night and went out to dinner! But most importantly Wales won the Grand Slam!! We went round to Brian and Nella's and had champagne to celebrate. They send their love BTW. Anyway hope your next phase is good. Lots of love from us all M&D&TXXXX

  3. to: Fleur Jansen
    fleuuur!! Hoe is het?!! ben heel erg benieuwd!! maar het zal vast allemaal wel mee vallen, weet zeker dat je het leuk hebt!! hoorde van mn moeder dat het wel veel regent? jammer!! Hier gaat alles goed, twee weken geleden naar Valtho geweest, echt heel erg leuk gehad, bijna alleen maar mooi weer en apres skiën was ook echt geweldig!! Verder gaat alles zn gangetje hier, bijna weer tentamens dus weer beetje leren en begint eindelijk lekker weer te worden! heel veel plezier nog!! Ik hoor al je verhaaltjes wel als je terug bent!! de track is je laatste fase toch?! succes!! xxx Fieke

  4. What Ho! Max

    Good to see you mastering the intricacies of the trowel. You're doing better than I ever did.

    In your absence, and especially after getting your recipe for carbonara the other day. we've taken to watching episode after episode of Man V Food. What a hoot...and something most definitely not to emulate. Anyway back to the 'bog building for you...

    All love


  5. Hi sprout. ( Surreal writer extraordinaire Max Dampier to the rest of you ) Hows the mango juice going down ? You will be pleased to hear that Stevie gave birth today to a 9+lb baby girl Apparently she is thinking of calling her Charlie Morgan Bull - what is wrong with Tusk I couldn't say.
    I'll also suggest that 10 minutes into your first lecture from you know who and you'll be desperate to get that toilet building trowel back in your hand....
    ooddles of love and have masses of fun
    luv ya Mum

  6. Ursula (Charlie 1)

    Good brickwork team (other than one wall which looked a bit squint in the photo!). Like the clay bricks - great colour. I see in the short video clip that you have got the handle on the trowels - good for pointing with!

    Mum and I are looking forward to chatting with you on Monday. William's end of term is this weekend, so he is arriving back later on Monday. Weather here has been so good recently that I am itching to go out and play some golf but it just has not happened yet.

    I have been using your car a bit recently to go here and there in Aberdeen - it is so much easier to park and I thought you wouldn't mind as it keeps it moving and working!

    Norman has also ended up in hospital because he fell and hit his head. They have kept him in to do further check-ups. What on earth is going on with all of the Bruce's!

    Lots of love,


  7. Catherine Perry23 March 2012 at 22:07

    For Rhian, Tango 5

    Hi Rhian! Friday evening here now, I think that you may be back at the base, or at least you will be back there soon. Congratulations on surviving the trek! It will be interesting to see what you do next. It is a beautiful day here, yesterday was apparently a record temperature and the weekend is supposed to be nice. I, however, will have to continue to be chained to my computer writing, never mind. Hope all is well with you and look forward to hearing from you if you are able to get in touch. I should probably be working at home most of next week. Enjoy your weekend. Lots of love, Mum xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxxoxooxxo

  8. Your aweful brother24 March 2012 at 00:22

    To: Katherine Arnot (blonde one)

    Hey crazy thing, I hope you are well and looking tanned and gorgeous. I'm ever so jealous that you are in India and I... I am in Cardiff the land of Brains. Whilst you have been out saving the planet i have been doing econometrics coursework and French orals its all rather boring tbh. I think you should enjoy these moments while you can. Things only get worse from here. The saving grace is that it is now getting sunny and the end of the year is in sight. I have my place in Lausanne sorted for next year which is of course going to be very exciting, so you'll have to come and visit me for some skiing.

    Charles is sitting in my room in Cardiff right now and we are of course missing you slightly. Going for food in that pub we went to with m and d, els and mills. Then off to glam. Should be awesome.

    Miss you loads and will probably message you a bit more often. I hope you are well.Off for a drink ;-)



  9. For Venetia - Tango 5
    Hi - Wow - those photos were amazing - it looks like the trek has been awesome - really, really hard, but amazing. What an experience - I cant wait to hear all about it. I hope the 2nd half of it has gone well and maybe you had some more opportunities for some rafting again? I hope you are feeling proud of doing it, even if you are exhausted. Hopefully by the time you get this you might have had a night in/on a bed - but may be not?
    Just sorting out the bits & pieces for your room to be decorated - new lights and all, but have to get into town for that tomorrow. Its the Point to Point tomorrow too - Hannah is helping us with usual job, but we'll miss having you with us too. Dad is looking forward to his skiing next week and then we go to Rome for Easter, and inbetween we get Bertie, so its about to be all go here. Jamie did well in his exams in Jan, and his knee is getting much better - he even went to the gym today. It was Granny's birthday last Sat so Sophie, Jamie, Grandpa & I took her to The museum (sorry - not trying to make you jealous!) which was good - Dad was having his last day on Mucky so didn't join us.
    Looking forward to hear what you get up to for Phase 3, and if you've got any plans afterwards too. If you can get in touch on changeover please do, it would be good to hear from you. Otherwise all well here with everything. So, so well done with the trek - I bet it was the hardest thing you have ever done, but hope it was as rewarding as it looked in the pictures. All our friends keep asking after you and send their love - quite a lot are following the blog, even if they haven't left messages! Loads of love and missing you lots. Mum, Dad, Jamie & everyone else back homexxxx


    Tom, haven't seen you on a blog for weeks! Can only imagine that you are too far away for a Loop to visit?! I think you finish the project in the next few days - do call when you get to base camp, with any luck there will be a package waiting for you! End of Teddies term tomorrow, then Lottie off on Spanish course, Will returning from skiing and Easter here with Grumitts and SD's ... and no you! WE MISS YOU! Please do make contact at changeover. Lots of love, Mx

  11. Laura in Charlie 1

    Hi Laura. Great to see you on the blog again. Definitely worth the wait. It's also good to hear that you've been in baby heaven. Time seems to be passing quickly - so keep on having fun and look forward to the next bit...

    Love Dad xxx

  12. Amanda Robinson Echo 3

    Guess you are back this weekend/Monday. Hope its all been great and you have seen some baby turtles after all the hard slog! Dad and Rosie left at 2.15am for Manchester Airport. Dobry is meeting Dad at Sofia and then its off to find marbled polecat. Rosie is in Salzberg for 1 night before hitting the slopes. So, I am home alone! Will sent some email news later and cant wait to have a catch up on skype if you have time.
    All love mum

  13. Hilary and Chris24 March 2012 at 16:00

    For Dominic Quinn Charlie 1
    Hi Dom
    Love the picture of you with the baby goat. I hope he's coming back with you in your rucksack. The YouTube style video is a good innovation because now we can see how much older you look (and sound!. Why is that? Are you more mature or have you all been programmed?
    In answer to your question: there is no answer to what's happening with Liverpoool at the moment (2 goals up against QPR then they concede 3 in the last 20'). We just have to hope we stay in the FA Cup.
    Otherwise all well with us in glorious weaher in the Outer Hebrides. Expect a postcard from Ben Nevis ion the next week (we climbed half!).
    Missing you....but not long to go now.
    Lots of Love
    Mum and Dad

  14. Harriet Fairlie24 March 2012 at 16:38

    Ursula: Charlie 1

    Hi Lulu, I am on your computer again! I really like it - I think I might buy a mac myself. I liked your note (particularly the PS at the end).
    I had a jolly good laugh at you building loos, I think that is wonderful.
    Had a bit of an excitement last weekend - your computer logs in automatically to skype, and I was on it again (shock), and then suddenly....Joanna Henderson was calling me. I did not really know whether to answer - bit of a dilemma for 15 seconds or so. Then I decided to just answer. So I did. Joanna was utterly devastated that it wasn't you - but we had a nice little conversation anyway.
    Mum is also using your computer too. The search bar at the moment is full of recent entries such as "dog kennels".....she also has been modelling her "dog-walking coat" around the kitchen rather alot. That means that we definitely have a licence to put our plan "a la Heidi" into action I think you would agree. I'll start making the arrangements.
    lots of love, Hatti xxxxxx

  15. Ursulalala Charlie 1.

    This is my first outing on the blog. I had no idea where to post so i was about to post on some random groups blog under the title Ursula Charlie delta tango bravo foxtrot 1 2 3 4 5 in the hope it would reach you luckily mum gave me instructions though.

    India seems like the dream right now, cricket and curry all day every day i hope your having a beast time. I have had a pretty boring term with design project etc so no real news from manchester... oh other than i dont know whether mum and dad told you but chloe is pregnant so your going to be an auntie not long after you return.

    I'm going back up to aberdeen tomorrow with val which is cool so will be able to keep dad company and look after mum. The weather has been awesome too so we had home made big macs on the bbq with homemade big mac sauce... sooooo good i'll make one for you this summer in exchange for an 'authentic' indian curry... maybe we can invite sandy ha.

    Also i saw on one blog there was pictures of snakes and stuff which i thought was right up your street. As is digging toilets, hope your coping well and have taken all those wise bits of advice i gave you before you left.

    Looking forward to seeing you when you return and catching up on all the chat.

    Big love

    Willsy and Chloe (Hope you having an ace time darling. I hope Harriets message is suggesting the talk of a dog in the Fairlie family is on the cards) xx

    P.s. some good pictures and stuff on the blog, thought you could stick them in the travel notebook i gave you for christmas :P.

  16. For Jude Whitburn Charlie 2

    Hello my little sunshine muffin!

    Sam, Ellie and Annie here, can only do the quickest of messages but just wanted to say how much we're looking forward to having you back in a few days time!

    It looks like India was everything you had imagined it would be, loved your shout out, I am just going to throw it out there that we were included in your hi to all!

    Want to hear all the details when you're home. All our love

    Dancia Girls xxxx

  17. Ursula: Charlie 1

    How are you Ursula my dear? So lovely to wake up this morning to a text from you, sorry but students cannot afford to text reply to Indi-yah! I also have just read the posts and if a Fairlie puppy is on the cards then I shotgun puppysitting...
    But yes, as Joanna said I do have a funny story for you which I am sure you would enjoy. It involves a standard Scumdee night out at Liquid (classy), but this standard night out included true Scum locals. Now these are not the sorts of people that I see on a regular basis in clubs and so was not aware of their love of a fight and punch up. So I was just dancing away with my friends and next thing I know, this chav was all in my face giving it 'Oi you, what you lookin' at?!' 'Can I help you'. I genuinely thought she was going to punch my lights out all because I laid eyes on her for a split second. As you can imagine I handled the situation with decorum and grace(I burst out laughing and so did my friends, and then we swiftly ran away!) but I genuinely saw my life flash before my eyes!
    Anyway, I am very excited for your return to this land to hear your chat but until then,
    Muchos loves,
    Frances xxxxxxxxxxxx
    P.S. A rocksalt and prego luncheon in the (probably not still sunny when you come back) good weather of Aberdream for our reunion? I thought so. x

  18. Ursula Charlie 1

    It's official - your family are barking mad! Mind you it would be wonderful to have a puppy round the corner! I have seen your Mum modelling a very smart new coat which she said was perfect for dog walking. However, I wouldn't get your hopes up as I still don't think your dad is a dog lover! Poor Harry had to sit outside in the sunshine this week because your Dad was around and I decided not to risk bringing him in to the house.!!!!! I don't think he realises how often Harry is in the house.

    Glad everything is going so well. See you soon.

    A x

  19. Hello sunshine (Max Dampier) Thanks for the email - I've passed on your comments to Sandie to get to Junie and we went to visit Stevie and sprog to pass on the hug in person. All mayhem in the Bull household but Grumps (updated name tag for Jumps/Japs) still managed to feed your father bacon sandwiches and try to entice him to Luxembourg on the strength of his luncheon vouchers - in some ways nothing changes.
    Spent yesterday viewing 12 hours of films created by undergrad and postgrad students that have been entered for an RTS award and with a bit of editing I think your home movie 'Trekking planet' was better than quite a few.Humph !
    Can't believe you are two thirds of the way through - its been joyous looking at all the blogs and photos and I've got my fingers crossed that your last phase is a corker.
    All this is just an excuse to send you lots of love and to tell you your father still stops many times through the day to wonder what you are up to in India 5 and a half hours ahead of us....
    Luv you rather a lot..
    Mum xxxx

  20. Ursula (Charlie 1)

    All this talk of a puppy has gone way too far!!


  21. Dear Kris (Tango 5)
    We are now in Malta, its lovely and sunny but not too hot so just right for me. Our apartment is on 9th floor with an open air pool on 10th floor, cool! We miss you being here, it seems strange, there is a huge gym but not many people in it. We have had a fuel scare so everyone has gone mad filling up and trying to store petrol, one poor lady set herself alight transferring petrol from one container to another in the kitchen but the cooker was on at the time! Hope your trek is going well and you are enjoying it as much as you had anticipated. we are off to a fish market tomorrow but i will not be choosing a live fish to eat.I can't believe that once we are home it will be less than 2 weeks before we see you. I tried to get through on the no they gave me to find out for you where the Emirates stand is at Bangalore, there is never a reply but i am sure you will find it at the airport. I will cancell the other hotel when i get home unless i hear otherwise. Miss you and love you loads. Mum.xxxxxxxxx