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Wednesday 7 March 2012

Tango Fivenborough’s “The Trekking Planet”

The dear reader may have realised that all project groups were prominently featured on the blog. All except one: Our Tango 5 trekkers have kept rather quiet, which can mostly be attributed to the fact, that they were not welcoming any visitors from Fieldbase during Phase 1. Hence our only way to communicate was the 15 minutes SitRep per day. You can imagine my excitement when they handed over the Blogbook, only to hear the words “We kinda did it wrong; it’s not publishable.” What I held in my hands was a vast collection of inside jokes, making up for one of the most hilarious reads I had in a long time. It contained:
  • A series of non-publishable quotes;
  • A collection of Shaq’s strange beliefs;
  • An account of Jonny’s morning camp routine;
  • A short story called “The Fellowship of the Schwing” starring friendship bracelet making Gandalf the Black, face-cleansing Legolas, book-battling Boromir, sweating Eowyn, too damn energetic Aragon, and short-distances Gimli;
  • A selection of random meals;
  • A collection of personal, delicious and easy to make recipes (see below); and
  • Virtually no descriptions of the trek itself.
You may think now “WHAT is going on? Is there no way to learn about what Tango 5 was doing?” Do not despair, dear reader! Tango 5’s pioneers of creativity have given me the tools to finish the Phase 1 project documentation with a BANG of humourous inventive talent, impeccable delivery, and outstanding educational value. Curtain up for T5!

And now, a glimpse into what's cooking in Middle-earth:
Becky's Mazin Baked Potatoes

Claire's Venison and Potatoes

Janet's Choc Chip Cookies

Jonny's advice on life, the universe and everything

Joost's Amsterdam Omelette

Laura's Wedges

Matt's Standard

Max's Carbonara for Giants

Sal's Marmite Jacket Potatoes

Shaquille's Cheeseburger

Shaquille's Ham an Cheese Omelette

Vishnu's Banana Fry

Vishnu's Kaka Roast


  1. To Shaquille- Tango 5
    Hello mister,
    Its great to finally have news from you, I was getting a little sad because there were no posts about your group, so this made my night :) I hope you're having fun, well it looks like it. I was surprised to see you in your boxers lol weeeird. I miss you soo much, these 44 days need to fly so you can come back, I think you've done enough work. I spoke to mom and dad, they miss you too and they miss your amazing cheeseburgers (By the way, nice recipe).
    Soo I really needed you two nights ago when I decided to update my iPod since iTunes kept bugging be about it... and guess what happened....... it deleted ALL my music which was very upsetting as you can imagine, I didn't know what to do I really wished you were here so you could tell me, but now its all gone :(
    Seriously though, I can't wait till you come back babe please hurry. Okay? kk. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xOxO

  2. Hello Helen (Echo 3 from March 7th), How's it going sweetheart? Now you're looking at turtles on the beach, you won't be getting such aching arms from the digging!! Hope you managed to complete a lot of loos.
    All fine here although very quiet without you. Fixed the dent in Pa's car and all's well with Lizzy(M). We've been trekking(!) up to London a lot looking for houses for J and L. I hope to go again on Sunday. All back safe and well from their ski trip and J now in US with work - she's getting around the globe, isn't she? Last week, I felt very alone -- Dad, J and L in Europe, Helen in India! Don't know what I would have done in an emergency!
    Hope you're managing the curries OK. Dont forget to keep those hands washed before eating! You might be getting seafood now you're on the coast? I expect it's warm - youre much closer to the equator now by the look of the map. Hope the sarong has come in useful.
    Anyway poppet, we're all missing you and looking forward to hearing your tales upon your return. Think of us all slaving away in our offices whilst you can breathe in the fresh sea breezes of the Indian Ocean - lucky girl! Hope this phase of the project is wonderful. With lots of love and hugs from Mum xxx (and Dad) xxx

  3. Ashley@RaleighBermuda8 March 2012 at 00:40


    It was awesome seeign you in the Trekkers Planet video with the rest of Tango 5. The whole blog post had me laughing. You look like you having a blast! When you get back you can make Kris and I you wonderful Ham and Cheese Omelette.
    We Miss You!


  4. Hi Jonny (Charlie 2)

    It was good to see you as a butterfly on camera this morning !! What a talented bunch Tango 5 were? I rang Chessie so she was able to see the video before she went to school !! The fb message was also much appreciated and gave me a picture of what you had experienced on trek ! Thank you ! I have left a reply on your wall for the next time you find an internet cafe ! I see that you have now been sent off on Charlie 2 for the next phase so I hope you enjoy the building work and I will look forward to seeing a report on the blog as to how you getting on ! Love you loads Mumxxxx

  5. ECHO 4 JAMES!!!! ºOº HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! ºOº
    We are sat here eating lucky charms wishing you a wonderful day! (We will have more when you get home of course!!) Billie says "Hi Jai! I've got a card mum is going to post to you that I made with a poem. Miss you! Happy Birthday! Love you xxx" Ebz says "Happy Birthday!! Im feeling your pain that you cant drink out there on your 18th. Miss you lots, hope you are having a good time. Love you xxx" Tom says "I miss you but not much. (LOL aint he cute!!) Happy Birthday. Love you xxxx" Faith says "HAppy Birthday and I miss you ALOT and I have been crying cos I miss you. I love you xxxx" Now its my turn (dad is already at work!) Happy 18th Birthday! I hope you are having a wonderful time! We all miss you lots but hope you are having lots of fun!! Diz says "Happy Birthday Jai Jai, I miss you (well, we asked her if she missed you and she said 'Mmhmmm') Love you Jai Jai" LOVE YOU JAI!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. To Rory Lightfoot, Pase ii Tango 5
    hi Rory,
    am in brighton today. its sunny but cool. thinking of you on the trek, enjoy the views.
    love, hugs etc Mum xx

  7. Shak's Mom and Dad9 March 2012 at 07:02

    Shaquille Smith - Echo 4

    Hi Shak,

    Miss you very much but glad to actually see you in a video and that you're having fun. Tango 5's video is hi-la-rious!!! I've (Mom) sent the link to so many people.

    Love you all's recipes. It's great that you all are sharing your ancient family recipes - now others can enjoy. We look forward to tasting the WBB (World's best burger!!!) upon your return.

    Love you and God bless you
    Mom and Dad

  8. To Frances Anderson (Tango 5)
    Hi Frances, we have all kept up with your blogs and can see you are having a great time. Everything is going nuts here at the Cafe, nearly holiday season. Maya is still in awe of your cafe goddess status by the way. All the liveries send their love, Ellie, Tate, Gemma etc. Hope to see you again on your return.


    Jane and Mike

  9. To Sally Tuson, (Charlie 2)
    Hey Sal!!! I have just been looking through all of your photos on here, and it looks like you are having a wicked time, You are so tanned! Life is ticking over nicely at Notts, can't wait until you join me up here...Really really miss you, literally so excited for your return, we should do something on the
    Friday 20th maybe?? (I know this is rather premature but I can't wait!!) Bess told me you chatted on facebook, very jealous. Looks like you are loving it, wish I was there of course, instead just about to tackle a 3000 word essay on the EU...joy! x x Love you a billion Smal....x x x Miss you as always...Pops x

  10. To Alexandra, echo 3.
    Hey babes! Missing you loads from over here. Just been looking at your pictures with dad and we want to see more of you! Anyway please give me a bell when you can :) hope your having fun
    Pip :)

  11. Laura Charlie 1

    Hi Laura
    Great to see you on the trekkers video - we were wondering what had happened to Tango 5 as there was hardly any news on the blog. However the video was very funny and well worth the wait. I might have guessed that your recipe would be for your signature potato wedges!

    Hope you enjoy the next stage - I'm going to Oxford next weekend but will send a message before I go. Or I will ask Dad or Fraser to send one

    Lots of love

    Mum xxx

  12. Sabine van Tuyll11 March 2012 at 23:59

    To Christine v. T. Tango 6
    Lieve Stien, we hebben net genoten van de film over alle projecten en ook jouw turttle project. Het ziet er allemaal uit om stikjaloers te worden. Heel erg leuk om jou daartussen te zien. De trek lijkt me erg zwaar maar ook fantastisch. Ik hoop met net zo'n leuke groep. Morgen ben je jarig!! 19 jaar niet te geloven. We gaan veel taart eten en zingen. Laat de groep je maar in de kring nemen.Papa is nu Annie naar Amsterdam brengen. Ze was het weekend hier, erg gezellig. We gaan in april voor jou naar de open dag nanobiologie in Delft, Thecla gaat ook. Je hoort wel hoe het was. Stien een hele dikke zoen voor je verjaardag, geniet ervan, Misschien dragen ze je wel de berg op 12 maart??? Liefs liefs mama

  13. familie de Vries12 March 2012 at 03:46

    Eline de Vries Charlie 2

    Wat een leuk filmpje van de eerste weken staat er op de blog. Het is een aaneenschakeling van prachtige foto's ook van ECHO3. Ziet er echt heel mooi uit. Ook een filmpje van jullie feest met kleuren. Heel leuk. Ik heb je op beiden een paar keer gezien.Je staat er goed op. Ben benieuwd naar je nieuwe project. Jullie krijgen al heel snel bezoek, vandaar, hopelijk nog op tijd, nu weer een berichtje. Afgelopen weekend naar Delft geweest alvast voor Tim's verjaardag. Het hele verhaal heb ik (mama) voor je opgeschreven in een brief. Heel veel plezier, geniet van deze prachtige ervaring.
    Liefs Mama, papa en je broers

  14. Stephen in Charlie 2

    Yo-yo-yo Bro-bro!

    'Tis I again! I see you've dropped the 'P'?! Disappointing... Hope all is still going well! Loving the photos - the paint-flinging looked fun!

    Bit of news to report from here: Iain and me are moving out of our place, with Iain moving back in with his parents and me moving in with nan (don't laugh!!!). Nothing to worry about - we are absolutely fine and the wedding is still 100% on! Just need to save some serious dollar for a deposit on a new house. So I have a friend lined up to move in and we're in the process of recruiting a second tenant. Should be mid-move when you get back home. Really, REALLY scary to be moving apart, but the prospect of starting our married life in a nice new house next year is equally exciting :o)

    Now, for your amusement, here is this week's installment of my new favourite thing: 'Juvenile Deliquent Quote of The Week'! Brace yourself - it's a good one! Especially as this particular child is 16 years old...

    Child walks into classroom.
    (Excited voice) "Did you know that there's a Samurai warrior in Japan who, if someone tries to shoot him, can cut the bullet in half with his Samurai sword as it's coming towards him?"
    After being informed that bullets travel substantially faster than the speed of sound, and that this is a totally ridiculous claim which clearly came from some sort of cartoon, the child replied (in an incredulous tone of voice that implied that WE were the stupid ones...)
    "Errrrr... It IS possible, because Japanese people see things in slow motion"
    Oh dear...

    Anyhow, on that note, we both send you lots and lots of love - and hope you enjoy your next phase!

    Bunny face!!!

    Cat and Iain x x x

  15. Hi Darling,
    Love the new blog, It really gives you a real flavour of what you are experiencing! I especially like the u tube video, showing you al letting down your hair, flinging dye at one another - all very colourful. What are the dyes? They must be something that does not stain and washes out easily, or you would have problems getting it all off and frightening the locals! It certainly looks as though you are enjoying your self and having the experience of a lifetime. I will look forward to all your news on your return. So this project has you putting in toilets, I could make several Wc innuendos, bu won't, needless to say have a great time.

    Not a lot to report from over here. We had a brief taste of spring over the weekend, mild and sunny; so nice it all went to our heads. Christ and her friends took Sadie off down to the beach, her first taste of sea water, which Christ said she thoroughly enjoyed. We made use of the new garden and had our friends over, who we met whilst in Kenya last year. We actually ate outside, using the patio table and enjoyed a raclette

  16. Charlie 2
    Sally Tuson

    Hey salim, have now seen the pics of you...looking mighty fine in that trekking gear...hope those sandals are coming in handy by the way!! It was Stels birthday this weekend so the whole gang was up here at warwick which was such fun, we went out for a lovely meal and had a really nice picnic before church on sunday, the weather has been amazing the last few days, really spring like, LOVING IT!! Only have 4 days left of this term which is ridiculous really then it's the easter holidays, end of which you are home..HIGHLIGHT!!
    Hope you've settled well into your new team and I have no doubt you're getting thoroughly stuck in, love you and miss you lots. Take care darling. Love Jess x x

  17. Charlie 2 Charlotte Munro
    Hi Charlotte, Finally found you on here. Good to see you got a bit of "colour" at the changeover base camp.
    Hope the toilet digging is going well, don't fall down the hole! Everyone is well here. Mama har MEGET blå øjne :0)efter hendes lille øje operation i mandags men hun har det fint. Det ser utrolig spændende ud. Den anden K kort kommet i posten, jeg sender det direkte til Mike i Australia, da jeg tør ikke at sende det til India. If you are going mad, just remember to tell the joke about how do sell a cow to a deaf person and make everyone mad.
    xxxxx from us all Papa

  18. Charlie 1
    Jenna Winstanley

    Hi Jen,
    Just a quick cheery hello to say how proud I am of you! The work of building toilets may not be the dream of everyone, but your caring nature to try and help others less fortunate than your self, show me just the sort of daughter I have. we miss you loads and now that you are half way through your trip, we know we will see you soon.

    Unfortunately the weather has once again changed over here and we are back to the normal grey skies we have come to love in the Welsh valley's. Christ and I are going to spend a girlie day tomorrow, treating ourselves to lunch out, before going to a garden centre so that she can buy me a shrub for mothers day. Paul is busy with his training, still he'll bent on trying to get to the Ironman World Championships. He still hasn't heard from Tom and is constantly trying to contact him - it really is also sad as it is eating away at him and there is nothing I can do, as Tom will not reply to any messages I leave for him either.
    Enough melancholy , hope you are continuing to have a great time!!!!!!
    Love you loads
    Mum xxxxxxxxx

  19. opa klaas en oma sini17 March 2012 at 23:46

    Eline de Vries Charlie2
    Lieve Eline
    We hebben leuke foto s en filmpjes van je gezien. Het ;ijkt oms een erg mooie ervaring, met allerlei nieuwe vrienden. We wensen je een heel fijne tijd toe in het dorp en bij de trekking, en misschien ook nog met wat vrienden in Goa. Liefs Opa en Oma Hanje

  20. For Haydn Fraser (Echo 4)

    Hi Hayd,

    How's it going, just seen your chaging group name etc - is it the turtle phase next?? I love reading all the blog posts on that. It's going to be AMAZING!

    It feels like it's been ages, keep your funny stories coming - we LOVE hearing all about it!

    Missing you so so much, lots of love

    Dom x x x

    p.s. you will be pleased to hera that we are having foot long pork scratchings as a canape at the wedding - god they're good! You can have a small platter of them to yourself x x

  21. Haydn Fraser, Echo 4
    Hi Haydn, Just to let you know I'm following your every move as checking for Raleigh emails has become a daily event. It's wonderful and such a thrill when a photo of you is included. It's good to know you have now been joined by a friend from home. Keep up the good work. Lots and lots of love, Auntie Trish xx