Welcome to the official blog for Raleigh India 12I | July - August 2012

Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Thursday 8 March 2012


Venturers and PMs turned and faced the strain as we mixed them up and sent them off to a new project and home for the next three weeks. But this was not the only change they went through after re-invading Fieldbase with ear-battering battle cries:
Tango 5 dancing in
  • Thanks to the latest addition to our team, we are going to be even healthier from now on: Eleri Evans joined the club and will take on Echo 3’s every medical need during Phase 2.
Eleri with her Echo 3 turtle bindi
  • Also, our venturer group grew by 10: Sander, Charlotte M, Annie, John (Jack), Alex, Rhian, Sofie, Rory, Helena and Reece were welcomed by a stressful anti-jetlag day of hard skills training - and made it through. Congratulations, you are basically invincible now! Try to spot them in the pictures below.
  • The venturers’ complexion changed from dirty/tanned to double rainbow, as Fieldbase held a pre-celebration of Holi, a Hindu spring festival where people – amongst other things – throw colored powder at each other.
This! Is! Sparta!
  • After hosing the paint from their skin and washing the involuntary dye effect off their clothes, the venturers changed into their smart evening garments to give us a taste of their Phase 1 experiences. The trophy of this skit competition went to Tango 6, proving that absolutely nothing can beat boys in bras.
  • For the cartographers amongst you, I prepared a new Phase Map, showing what is happening where until 26 March. It found its permanent spot just below our Phase I Map on the right hand side column of the blog; again, in red. Charlie 2 has moved to a brand new village called Kayuni, situated right in the middle of a national park.

View Raleigh 12C Expedition - Phase II in a larger map
  • And now, the biggest change: REALLOCATIONS! Accompanied by long hugs goodbye and loud jubilant outcries of hello, the venturers found their way into their Phase 2 groups and onto the buses that would bring them to their next project. 

  • For those that are new here: More information about the respective projects can be found in this blog post. And again, if you would like to pass on a message via a blog comment, please indicate name of venturer and the name of the NEW project group. (Please please please indicate the group. It does make life MUCH easier for me, and who wouldn’t want that?)

Charlie 1
Back: Vijay, Sander, Dominic, Max, Charlotte H., Grant
Middle: PM Jenna, Laura, Claire, Manjunath, PM Harriet
Front: Daniel, Isabel, Chyna, Ursula

Charlie 2
Back: PM Barney, Jonathan, PM Stephen, Patrick, Kristian
Front: Jude, Charlotte M., Sally, Rebecca, Eline, Stephen, Suraj, Sofia
Very front: Jan, Wolde

Echo 3
Back: Joost, James, Tom, PM Amanda, Thejas
Middle: Martha, PM Matt, Helen, Vishnu, Marjolein
Front: Victoria, Nicole, PM Eleri, Flora

Echo 4
Hidden in the back: John, Shaquille, Jonathan
Middle: Yashaswi, Chaluva, Katherine, Sophie, Sophia, Annie, Beatrice, William
Front: PM Chrissi, PM Janet, PM Emma, Aashna, PM Sam F., James

Tango 5
Back row: PM Richard, Alex, Rory, Daniel, Caspar
Middle: Ramesh, PM Natalie, Rhian, Abigail, Shaveh
Front row: Suresh, Venetia, Frances, PM Sammy B., Roosmarijn
I will visit Tango 5 on 9 March; if you would like to pass on a message to one of them via the blog comment function, I warmly recommend you to hurry up!

Tango 6
Back row: Oliver, Jules, PM Reggie,
Middle: Christine, Alexandra, Helena, Haydn, Charlie, James
Front row: Reece, Natalia, PM Cate, Joel, Mandisa


  1. Gillian Matthews8 March 2012 at 18:11

    Venetia Matthews Tango 5

    Dear Venetia, See you have changed groups, hope the next project is exciting, are you keeping a diary? it would be facinating to read.
    Still waiting for Kanga to foal.

  2. For Sofia Karasinski

    Hi Sofia! I haven't been able to get a hold of Ms Newman, but I sent her an email. Here are your results - I remember you saying that to get an A in maths, you had to get 66 and you got a 67 so I'm praying that means an A! Don't worry sweetie, whatever it is, it's fine and we love you to bits.
    Maths 4: 67/100 c(c)
    Physics 1: 94/120 b(b)
    Physics 2: 104/120 a(a)
    Physics 5: 82/120 c(c)

    Love you, Sofia! Have a great time in India!
    Mummy, Papa, Max, Tony & Cleo

  3. Venetia (Tango 5)
    Enjoy the Trek should be fantastic. Life at home is busy with lots of lambs five sets of triplets out of seven ewes so far!Everyone else is well looking forward to the puppy coming in April
    Lots of love Dad

  4. To Daniel Leigh Tango 5

    Hello again Dan. I heard all about your phone calls home and was really chuffed to learn how much you are enjoying your trip.

    I hope that the trek goes really well and you make more good friend with your new team. You are going to have to spend a lot of time with us when you return home and give us a detailed account of your experiences. I hope you are keeping a journal.

    Spurs 3 Stevenage 1. Get ready for Wembley.

    Lots of love from both Nana and me. Pop

  5. Ashley@RaleighBermuda8 March 2012 at 19:44

    To: Chyna (Charlie 1),

    Hey lovely you look like your having a BLAST. I know you enjoy phase 2! Its great seeing pictures on you on the blog. Have fun!
    Hugs and Love,

  6. Ashley@RaleighBermuda8 March 2012 at 19:49

    Wolde (Charlie2)

    WALTZ!!!! Im so glad to finally see some pictures of you! You look like your definitely having an AWESOME time. Love the new bra, boxers, socks and sandals look on you....HaHaha! Continue to have fun! Josh was asking about you the other day, him and Zach wanted to know how to write on the blog. Im hoping they did it correctly. We miss & love ya bro!



  7. Ashley@RaleighBermuda8 March 2012 at 19:52

    Shaquille (Echo 4)

    I loved the Trekkers Planet video with your old group. It was super funny! Continue to have a Great time. We miss you here in Bermuda! See you soon.

    Hugs & Love,


  8. Ashley@RaleighBermuda8 March 2012 at 19:58

    Mandisa (Tango6)

    Disa Baby!!!!! I saw your letter that you wrote to Justin! I miss you girl! I know you are having an amazing time, keep that gorgeous smile on your face! Have so much fun on your new phase because before you know it it will be April!

    Love and Hugs,


  9. Hi Patrick (Charlie 2)

    Good to see the latest photos of you on the blog looking fit and well. You all looked very colourful! Hope you enjoy your new project and the company of your new team. Not much to report from here. Got my new washing machine today so it will be kept busy catching up with a weeks worth of washing since the old one broke down. It had served me well having lasted for almost 10 years and never having broken until last week. Dad has signed up to take part in 'The Speed of Light' during the Edinburgh Festival. It takes place on Arthurs Seat at night and is specially choreographed to include running and walking in pre-arranged groups. He is most excited about the fact that he will get to wear a light suit! Watched from the top of Arthurs Seat it will look like art! We shall see.
    Lots of love
    Mum xxx

  10. Alex - tango 6
    On my phone I will read the blog properly when I get home. Look exciting. :) message to tell *lex she got the grade she needed. It was a C but that's ok. Also music is sorted. Lots of love Mum xxxxxxxx

  11. Hilary and Chris8 March 2012 at 21:22

    For Dom Quinn Charlie 1
    Hi Dom, congrats on successfully completeing the first stage of your adventure.Eco-sanitation sounds about as strenuous and as smelly as bio-gas but maybe you'll be able to find the odd pool to wash in from time time. Now you have your resit results (hurrah!!) you can relax and enjoy the rest of your trip (because we know how stressed out you would have been about them-ha!). Will write at the weekend with full details of academic success, footie news and holiday plans. Love you lots. Mum and Dad

  12. Tango 5. Rory, so good to see you in the photo. Will be looking out for up dates. Happy trekking. Mum. Xxx

  13. Catherine Perry8 March 2012 at 22:35

    Rhian Perry Tango 5

    Hi Rhian! Hope everything is going well. we have been having a few dramas with Teach First as you may now know. I hope that you are able to speak to Oli on Monday. Don't worry about it, just tell him what you think. Lovely to see you in the picture. You did well as you must have had double jet lag, two consecutive nights in the air! All sounds very exciting. Thinking about you, lots of love, Mum and Wendy xxxxxxxx

  14. Catherine Perry8 March 2012 at 22:39

    Rhian Perry Tango 5

    p.s. Should have said Rhian, TF just want to hear from you personally that you want to carry on, that's all. Love Mum xoxoxooxoxoxoxo

  15. Tango 6 JAMES!!! Aargh!! I sent your birthday message to Echo 4!!! So hopefully it will still get to you at some point! Enjoy the trek! Im sure it will be amazing! Love you!!! xxxxx

  16. Charlie 2- Jonathan Cronk

    glad to see you back safe and sound from your trek. what next? was good to see you had managed to reconnect with face book for a touch of techno reality. it is great to see the photos and even better to see the video. have fun

  17. For Helen Smith (Echo 3)

    Hi Hels! I'm glad to see that you're still alive and very happy to learn that you are now off to conserve some turtles. A nice sea breeze will no doubt do you good after 3 weeks of latrine construction...

    I hope you got my card. You'll be excited to hear that another one is on its way in honour of the BIG DAY which is almost upon us! Everything ok back here, apart from the widespread devastation that your absence has caused. I'm enjoying the blog: the crime scene photo of the boy in the toilet hole has been my highlight so far.

    Stay safe and work hard!

    Lots of love Lizzy x

  18. Hi Natalie PM tango 5 great to see youve got a treck challenge. Mrs Tucker got up your Velas blog and was really envious. Off to Marlow for lunch tomorrow, and then ma goes to IOM next week, all send lots of love especially from buster- though he didnt smile on this evenings walk!


    Great to see you on the Blog today in your new project group! I think its two days on a bus to the Turtle Project on the beach - must have been interesting! You must be there by now. So envious! Well, today is the 8th March ... and results arrived by email at 7am from Mark Lewes, OTC. I called Raleigh London to pass a message onto you. Not sure you want all the details in this blog! Importantly B FOR BIOLOGY and more importantly B FOR DRAMA (10 marks off an A but remarking not recommended or necessary - the thing which really brought your points way up was Dram1, Live Theatre Production Seen, where you leapt from 63 last summer to 95). Looks like its LEEDS for you in September! C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!! Lottie and I are making up a treats package for you over the weekend and I shall post this on Monday, I shall enclose all exam result details in this. I hope you are taking lots of pics! Mx PS Had lunch with Georgie Rowse today, she's thrilled you and Tara will both be at Leeds together! Tara still working in school in Bangalore and loving it.

  20. Urgent footballing update for MCFC Barney in Charlie 2. A disappointing night for the Blues in Lisbon. Went down 1-0 after a lack lustre performance. Komps off injured after 5 mins, doesn't look too clever. Still, next Thurs should be exciting. Swans on Sunday.


  21. Catherine Perry9 March 2012 at 02:40

    Rhian Perry Tango 5

    Hi Rhian

    We have just been out for a meal with Alex and Sue. They said hello! We went to the Ship at Parkgate which has been done up. I had macaroni cheese which I think you would like. Just looked at your trek on another blog. Looks amazing. Love, Mum xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo

  22. Daniel -Tango 5
    Hi Dan
    Hope the trek is going well. is it as demanding as Beacon Hill? At least you dont have to keep the schnauzer away from the sheep.
    Really lovely to speak with you this week -and I got an excuse to miss the end of my course.
    Mum has woman flu and is feeling sorry for herself. Predictable nightmare for me and Ben.
    Stevenage dispatched in the cup - just!
    Look after yourself.
    lots and lots of love
    Dad (+ ailing mum + Ben)

  23. Natalie (pm tango 5)
    Good to see you're having a good time. You have got some seriously strong neck muscles to carry that basket, even if was only for a bit. Nothing going on at home to tell you about. Hope the trek goes well.
    P.s. Just wondering what you guys are looking for in your picture...if its a shower and soap I hope you find it ;)
    Missing you. Much love Liz x

  24. Hello Helen (Echo 3)
    Got your message on my mobile - glad to hear all is well and you're enjoying it. Hope you save lots of turtles. Stay safe and keep washing those hands!
    love Mum
    PS No joy with C unfortunately.

  25. Jan - Charley 2

    Dear Jan, Why must you be the only guy dancing topless at the Holi party? ;) Geweldig om al die foto's en verslagen te zien! Wat een ongelofelijk mooi gebied daar. Ik begreep dat je als enige zonder blaren de trek was doorgekomen. Dank u wel meneer Carl Denig! Aan de geinige groepsfoto van Charley 2 te zien heb je helemaal je plaats gevonden: midden voor. Nu begint het serieuze werk.... Ik begreep van mamma dat je het leuk vond een berichtje te ontvangen, maar wees niet bang, ik zal je niet elke dag iets sturen. Wel lees en zie ik alles op de blog. Ik zal eeen paar dingen doorsturen naar Gijs en Bruno, ok?

  26. Alex - Tango 6
    ... also have just 'firmly' accepted your offer from Stirling. :) woohoo. How exciting.
    Hope you continue to have a wonderful time. I am at home today waiting for the builder to arrive and fix the leaking roof light. sigh. :) Speak soon lovely. xx

  27. To Marjolein Bender - Echo 3

    Hé lieverd, nieuw project, dus nieuwe groep. Ziet er vrolijk uit! En jullie zullen er nu wel zijn. Wat een fu.... eind weg, zeg! De reis op zich zal al een hele belevenis zijn. Wij bestudeerden hier het verslag en de foto's van de vorige turtle groep en dat ziet er waanzinnig uit! Ben benieuwd of er tijdens jullie verblijf ook eieren uitkomen :) En hoop ook, dat deze berichtjes jullie kunnen bereiken. Heel veel succes en plezier de komende weken en wij blijven hier natuurlijk 'stand-by' doei doei en LOVE mutti xxxxx

  28. Roosmarijn Groen,tango 5

    Lieve Roos
    Ik hoop dat je nieuwe groep net zo leuk is als de eerste.
    Je ziet er wel heel vrolijk uit met die stip op je voorhoofd
    Heb je al blaren?
    Geniet lekker ,meisje
    liefs ,

  29. Katherine : Echo 4
    Ahaa! Friday evening at last, and back early for browning points, with Mum talking of PPP but with fusilli - you kidding? what's wrong with the real pasta? Anyway, all good here, and with D&S down for Saturday it'll be a movie and wine and dinner and more wine. Just limbering up to restart golf next week, as the weather improves.

    So .... you survived the trek - Congratulations!! - and have been reincarnated as Echo 4. I hope phase II goes as well as Phase I - we are all thinking of you all the time, and missing you loads. AML. Dad x

  30. Natalie Davis Tango 5. Just watched the u tube of last tango 5 trek, most amusing and very creative. Now ploughing our way through the recipes some of which are proving to be quite difficult to digest! Hope you get to your destination, enjoy. Smiley Buster and Mums x x

  31. Barney Charlie 2
    Hi Beb, you look super thin! Can't see whether you're wearing yet another skirt, but glad to see you've changed your City shirt!
    Its my birthday tomorrow. Hope you've remembered ;)
    Have a great time on your new project. Just like you've always dreamed of...
    I have managed to get two internships starting in June since we last spoke. Hopefully will have a few more for when you return.
    Look after yourself, my love.
    All my love, Alex xxxx

  32. Hi Clairey
    Love the photo of you all arriving back at camp! Seen where you're off to now - hope it goes well. My friends from the Pudding Club (Jill and Simon Coombe) mentioned that their godson, Alex Wilton, was arriving last Monday -saw an 'Alex' on the new arrivals list so perhaps you'll meet him when you get back. Off skiing in the morning - can't wait to be in the mountains! Mumps had a practice lesson at the Chill Factor! So, all ok here, have a great couple of weeks, Lots of love, Mum and Dad

  33. Catherine Perry10 March 2012 at 15:06

    Rhian Tango 5

    Hi Rhian
    Just got your postcard from Australia this morning, thank you! You were obviously having a great time there. Hope the trek is going well. All fine here, the weather is supposed to be getting warm again which will be nice. Love, Mum xooxoxoxoxox

  34. Nicole Marks - Echo 3

    Nicole - in Pampa's words you look 'radiant' in the picture! Looks like all is going really well - can't wait to hear everything about it on your return. Have a fab time on the environmental phase next - you're doing everything in the same order as I did. All good here, I'm home for the weekend so really enjoying chilling out and having mum and dad cook, haha. Missing you! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  35. Blog for Jack - Echo 4

    Hi jack - Great to see you safe and off on your first project, pity bout the turtles, not so sure biogas issues will b as exciting?? Hope that's not a fixed grin thro gritted teeth i see on the photoshoot, and that ur enjoying yourself - we're all looking forward to hearing how it's been going for u. Megan is coming home tonight for quick visit and matt (complete with 3 out of 3 As for the AS modules taken in Jan!!) goin to new girlfriends house - just a regular sat nyt for us. The dogs are really missing you esp now that they're on their own all day, fritz happy to sleep but kizzie getting up to mischief!! Hoping u get to a phone between projects - can't wait to hear ur voice, in the meantime take care, love u, mum xox

  36. YOUR BIG BROTHER - MATT IS AWESOME!!! :)10 March 2012 at 22:21

    Victoria - Echo 3

    Hey Little Sis,

    It sounds like you are having an AWESOME time!!!!!!! Wish I could be there as well!! :) Sorry for taking a while to write a post, I have had a fairly hectic few weeks. (Doesn't sound like me does it) But I have been working sooooooooooooo hard!!!!!! :O (thats not like me either is it!!!!) I would tell you what I got in my AS modules but I haven't told O and G yet and undoubtably they will be reading this blog message. :) (Hello again O and G) I also haven't told Margot (Hello Margot) I will try and give you clues as to what I got in each of my three subjects.... So in Biology you need to press the number 8 twice to find the letter grade I got??!!!! UNDERSTAND???!!!!!! :P For Maths I got the letter grade..... Well You need to do some maths now to find out my grade.... :) 1500/25... (fyi the / means divide..) then you need to add my age and then your age.... Now chop the number you got in half (NOT by dividing).... and then you use the number which has something in common with your hand and writing??!!! That should be the number of the letter in the long word that I told you last time... I think that makes sense... :) and now we get to D.T... [Well the grade was something along the lines of.. well it could be known as... well I did better than Harvey.... :D] I used the letter 5 times in the last sentence.. the sentence is between the [ and ] and the letter is also used in the sentence not as a word... I hope you can figure it out... :) LOL :P

    Its awesome that you milked a cow!!!!!! We should buy one for home!! ;) Yer it would be embarrassing if you come back with more muscle than me!! But I have started going to the gym so that can't happen. :P Also technically you are my little sister as you are like a ft shorter than me!!!!!!!!! :) that is slightly exaggerated but oh well. :P.

    The tent was awesome. Its really big and very cool... well actually hot tbh.. :) I will spill the beans when you get back.... or I have a better idea... I will include a few clues throughout my posts.. See if you can guess. :)

    Now coming to the word... well I just searched for longest words in the English language and then this was I think the 3rd longest.. Floccinaucinihilipilification, at 29 letters (and meaning the act of estimating something as being worth so little as to be practically valueless, or the habit of doing so), is the longest non-technical, coined word in the English language. :)

    I write some really really long blog messages don't I!!!!!!!!! That's probably because I'm awesome, amazing, clever, brilliant.. all of those words could be used to describe... well yer you probably. :P...

    You know Harvey,,, well he went to Switzerland in half term and he bought be a Pen Knife as a present!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Awesome!!!!!!!!!! :O :O :O :O :O :P

    Hope everything goes well!!!

    Lots of Love From,

    Your BIG Brother,

    Makkai Matt!!!!!!

    (Your clues for this message are.. well I think I will spell it out to you... So you need to keep track of these letters I am telling you... If you can't then let me know in your next letter of something... :) So the first letter is the second letter of your name... then a space... and then the second letter is the last letter of the word that I capitalised just before I signed my name Makkai Matt... Then the 5th letter of your name.. then the 3rd letter of my name.. then a space.. I will tell you more next time!!!!!!!! :)


  37. Jillian Jenkins10 March 2012 at 22:35


    I was lucky today and met Mum and Lottie in the churchyard. Lottie was having a driving lesson! I'm having a cup of tea in your kitchen and looking at the Raleigh Blog. I think it looks wonderful! Lots and lots of love, Jillian xx


    Lottie and I have sent you a package via 'snail mail'. Hope you get it! Great to see pics of you on the Blog. Glad to see that you have picked up a guitar! Must be fun. Lottie has mock AS's this week. Yuk. Beautiful Spring weather this weekend, daffs are out. Dad skiing in Zermat, loves it. Will off to Val Thorens next weekend. Single man now. Sounds grumpy! Nothing changes! I'm off to see Granma this week to do a little maintenance... back at the weekend. I texted Jack with your results news, he was pleased for you. Hope the Turtle Project is good, Pabs was here earlier in the week and said you had seen turtles in Borneo? Lorna Fund money coming through next month. I shall keep an eye. We miss you, hope you are having a great time. Have put more money on your phone so hope to hear from you at some point. xx M

  39. Piotr Karasinski11 March 2012 at 18:48


    The Holi Festival looks like a lot of fun!
    We saw the youtube movie and the pictures.


  40. Ursula (Charlie 1)

    Great photos - looks like you are having a fair bit of active and colourful fun! I was looking on the Raleigh website about the Eco Sanitation project that you are going to be doing in Charlie 1 - it looks really interesting.

    Mum doing much better now (Sunday). I will update you direct via email rather than on the blog, but she is much stronger and now is getting nutrition through a feeding tube. As a result it should mean that she manages to get slowly stronger. Looks like she may be in hospital for a while yet, which none of us are happy about, but it is probably the best place for her just now. I am trying to get her IPod to work because she wants to listen to music - the only problem is that I don't know how to work it!

    Weather absolutely superb today - good news is that a squirrel sniffed about at the trap this morning! May catch it yet!

    Have fun. Dadxx

  41. Andrew Mitchell12 March 2012 at 00:33

    To Tom Mitchell Echo 3
    Hi Tom hope all is going well, or maybe has gone well with the turtles, by the time you get this. So pleased with your results. I spoke to Leeds directly and they have put the results paper from AQA in your file and will convert the UCAS form to an unconditional place. Should have done it by now in fact. So all should be well for September - well done! I am in Zermatt, Switzerland with Charlotte and David and Jacki J-P for a week on the slopes. Bright sun and excellent snow, few people. Great! The village is dominated by a huge mountain, The Matterhorn, rising like a giant shark tooth above the village 4078 metres high. Edward Whymper first climbed it in 1865, four of his mates plunged to their death on decent. I don't think I will have a go. Better stick to the red runs and Jaegermeister at frequent intervals. Have a great time, and remember Olive Ridley's need all the help they can get. Dad XX

  42. To James (Echo 4)

    Hope all goes well in the new project. It's been a sunny and warm weekend here. Matt did well in the Champs Junior Head yesterday and won J18 (there was no J16). Today was the Cambridge half marathon -- I was thinking of running with the number of one of Mum's friends but then decided against it and went for a long run up the river and got back in time to see the lead finishers in the half marathon. Matt and mum both went rowing this afternoon (Matt having recovered from after-effects of Flossie's birthday party.)

    We are thinking about holiday possibilities -- if your mobile was working we could phone you to about this (also update on offers?) (No idea if you have power and/or reception -- but if you ever do then send me a text!)

    Janet Cronk phoned yesterday and brought our attention to the slides + holi festival video -- nice to see what is happening out there -- I particularly liked the trek pictures on a sharp ridge.

    Mum and Matt send the message that they both miss you!


  43. Ursula Charlie 1

    Looks like you are having an absolute ball! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. Would you believe Aberdeen was the warmest place in the UK today - miracles will never cease! Joanna was delighted to hear from you on her birthday. Anne x

  44. To PM Matt, from Tango 5

    Hello Matt, this is Carl, we hope you are well. You see,I am not alone. Again. Lots of messages here about exam results, but I have none to give you. My first in cathedral eating is all I have.

    You seem to be enhanced by the face powder you are throwing all over yourselves, this could be catching. Doesn't it chafe with the lanolin though?

    You seem to be making good progress in India, no doubt having watched the Top Gear travel advisory film.

    Spring has sprung over here, your parents are resting between holidays. The grande tour of world destinations continues.

    Travel carefully, wash well, and don't do anything you wouldn't do yourself.


  45. Oliver Forster-Constance Tango 612 March 2012 at 15:02

    Hi Ollie, Tango 6. How are you, hope you are enjoying the expedition phase so far? Having just walked Holly and Henry up Pontesford Hill and struggled I dont think I would cope too well!! Had a lovely time in Exeter for Emilys birthday, went out for a meal with Laurie who is becoming more relaxed with me. He seems very nice and kind to Emily.Brought lots of clothes as only your sister can!
    Football news - Shrewsbury is second in league after winning on Saturday and others around them losing or drawing. They won 1-0 Dad went to watch with Tim, and is going next Tuesday. He loves it as much as you! Liverpool lost 1-0 I am afraid!!
    Your Grandparents furniture is arriving on Thursday, not without its problems, but at least they will have their belongings at last.
    Everyone is very well here but missing you..
    Take much care of yourself and enjoy!
    Lots of love Mum xx

  46. Dan Leigh (Tango 5)

    Just a quick message to let you know that Adrian McAra is running the London Marathon in aid of Prostate cancer. I've made a family a donation in yours & Ben's names. Hope you're having a great time on the trek. Looking forward to hearing more news from you. Katie celebrated her 5th birthday this weekend with a bone & 1 measly card!! Lots & lots of love Mum.

  47. Haydn Fraser - Tango 6

    Hi Hayds,
    I guess your on your trekking phase? I do hope your parcel arrived before you left you might be needing the contents! I've had a look at the google map it looks amazing can't wait for news. Watched the short video on the blog - your toilet building looked impressive although I couldn't see you in the paint throwing festival (Alex looked as though he was having fun)
    Dom and I will be taking Nanny to ikea this week, more wedding shopping!
    I do hope your having fun, missing you lots n lots
    Mum x x x x


    Hi Tom. Hope Olive Ridley's are doing well. R you releasing them from hatcheries? Hope you're still doing some manual labour as that is SO good for you! Did you take your Mysore pillow I wonder?! Remember Dad's old saying "any fool can be uncomfortable" ! Posted you a package yesterday, hope you get it. Off to Jersey to do some Grandma maintenance tomorrow, back at the weekend. Am looking at a hot week at Christmas time to replace the Ibiza idea (which was looking really expensive and not really worth it - maybe you can visit William Robinson anyway? and maybe we can do the Fringe). Assers thrilled with Billy's results, haven't heard back from Angela Holland which doesn't bode well. Lottie and Freya went to Angus' cocktail bar on Friday eve and chatted to him at the Bar, I think they even got a free cocktail or two! Would be wonderful to hear from you at the end of Olive phase. Remember I have put money on your phone. x M

  49. roosmarijn groen tango 5

    hoiii schatje,

    nou je eerste project zit er op. Ik hoop dat je genoten hebt van alle blogs die er naar je geschreven zijn. De nieuwe foto's en je nieuwe groep zien er ook fantastisch uit. Het is maar goed dat smit je in details geleerd heeft wat holi is haha komt het toch nog van pas. Wat mooi trouwens dat er een dubbelganger van me bestaat. Zo zouden er meer moeten zijn, wordt de wereld een stuk mooier van. haha grapje. Ik ben net terug uit valtho het was echt fantaaaastisch echt heel heel leuk. Lau vertelde nog dat je gebeld had, maar ik kon dus niet opnemen sorrryyy. Ik had mijn tel rekening niet betaald en die was dus afgesloten haha zoals je merkt ben ik ook nog niets veranderd. We hebben je nog een hoop mooie verhalen te vertellen die hier gebeuren. maar dat komt wel, geniet nog maar volop want over iets meer dan een maand ben je alweer terug! veel liefs sanne xxxx

  50. Amanda Robinson Echo 3
    Not sure when you will get this as Olive Ridley project seems to be off the beaten track completely. Is that why the doc is with you the whole time?! Have sent a msg via snail mail as I dont want you to feel left out when all the venturers get packages from mum and dad!! What are they sending? Trust all well and you are having an amazing time. IF you skype when you get back to fieldbase we might not be there, Dad to Bulgaria, Rosie to Austria and me to Cornwall but maybe we can text to plan contact? All well here but cool and cloudy as ususal with rest of country in sunshine. At least we havent a hosepipe ban tee hee.
    Have you seen any baby turtle hatch out yet?
    lol Mum x

  51. Hi Max in Charlie 1 - its your mum here wondering if you now resemble a mango after imbibing copious amounts of its juices. Good to see you will be toilet trained at last although how any of you got the paint off after holi is a hard one to fathom. Life here quiet and continuous, father working too much and your brother eating too much pizza - he says its to give him the energy to write a couple of storming essays but we will have to wait and see.....Stevie still hasn't birthed Tusk and Junie has a new room at Penlee by the lift so she can get down to the day room with ease. Nothing more to report apart from the hope that you really are having as good a time as the pictures project. Luv ya lots mum xxxx

  52. tom mitchell
    hello tucker. i thought i'd write you a message cos so far you only have them from your parents which is just so lame. hope you are having fun. apparently you are doing something with turtles now which sounds wicked. take loads of pictures (if you have a camera) and you can show me all of them in jersey cos i am now coming at the beginning of august. so make sure you are there. and you can meet my friend. i promise it wont be as awkward as last time with em! ahaha. miss you.
    love Leckie xxxx

  53. josienloerakker@hotmail.com16 March 2012 at 22:25

    sofie van gessel Tango 5
    lieve sofie
    denk veel aan je en hoop dat het allemaal goed gaat
    wel heftig om met de trek te beginnen!ben nog steebs super trots
    volgens mij is mijn vorige bericht niet doorgekomen dus misschien verval ik in herhaling
    huis in Bali is geboekt
    ben zelf druk met artemis, gaat wel goed
    hanna druk met school gaat ook redelijk, wel veel stress
    Chuck is vrolijk, lief en gewoon een topper
    voor nestor de dierenarts naar bult laten kijken , niet erg
    hij doet het goed, hanna is blij met de les
    alice krijgt nu ook les op hem
    het is hier nog steeds grijs weer
    je mist niet echt veel, maar wij missen jou nl wel
    vanavond naar toscanini, daar kan jij je denk ik niks meer bij voorstellen
    hele dikke kus en bergen liefde
    josien ook liefs van rob X

  54. Tango 6 Reggie Lang
    Hello Reggie - Happy St Patrick's Day. Hope your enjoying your trek and that everything is going well. Looking forward to seeing some pictures when you get back. Dad, Kathleen and I went to see Lord of the Dance with Annie on Wednesday. You would have loved it. We spoke to Liam today and he is well and has been celebrating St P's day since early morning so he's flagging a little bit now - the Pogues at 7.30 in the morning with him singing along was not so popular with his flatmates! We are all missing you but are sure you are having a wonderful time. Hope we can get to speak to you on your birthday if not before. Keep safe. love Mum, Dad and Kathleen xxx

  55. Hi Hayd,

    A usual Saturday night at Broadway - we're having sherry and the piano is playing. We're all saying HOW much we miss you - even Chopin and Milly.

    Mum and I went wedding shopping today with the nana, you missed out on a treat! Also Auntie Trish wants to send you a message, I'm teaching her how.

    Good luck with the trecking, all the photos look so amazing, and watch out for those snakes, oh and those spiders *grimaces*!

    See you soon and miss you trillions x x x x Dom, Marcus, Chopin, Milly and oh and Mummy and Daddy Paul x x x

    p.s. Mother's day tomorrow I'm doing your duties for you ;) x x x

  56. mia and papi and mumsy18 March 2012 at 21:31

    Martha Clarke Echo 3
    Hello Martha...sitting at home on mother's day with mia and greg looking at you in the merde!!! Mia is horrified!! Did u manage to get out without getting any in your mouth?! Mia and Greg are now in hysterics!!! We all hope you have enough deodourant!
    Mia says we are thinking about you quite a lot and take lots of photos and do you you write a diary?
    Lots of love from mia, papi, gregorearole, and all the family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  57. Charlotte Munro Charlie 2
    Hej ChaCha
    Vi sidder og kigger billeder, det ser spændende ud!!!
    knus Mama og Alec

  58. Eline de Vries
    Charlie 2
    He Eline,
    Ik heb net jullie foto's en video's bekeken. Zo te zien is het een heel avontuur wat je daar aan het beleven bent. Ik ben ook erg onder de indruk van hoe hard jullie moeten werken. Je zult wel heel wat spierballen gekweekt hebben tegen de tijd dat je weer naar Nederland komt. Heel veel plezier daar! Ik zal je de komende tijd nog blijven volgen via jullie blog.


    Jacqueline ook names Hank, Sophie en Anouck

  59. Marjolein Bender
    Echo 3

    Hé Marjo!!
    Wat een gave foto's heb ik al van je gezien! Het ziet eruit alsof je een waanzinnig mooie tijd hebt daar. Natuurlijk heb ik via pap en mam gehoord van jullie gesprek en ben op de hoogte van de projecten die je doet, maar een berichtje van mij had je nog niet ontvangen;)Hoe vond je het bouwen van de wc's? deed dat je niet denken aan de muurtjes die we vroeger altijd in de tuin bouwden? haha Hoop dat je je nu kunt vermaken met de turtles en dat je lekker kunt genieten van alles om je heen! Hier gaat ook alles goed en ga nu leren voor mijn laatste vak alweer! Ben twee weken geleden nog met Chant en haar familie naar Aruba op vakantie gegaan dus heb weer volle energie om er tegenaan te gaan:D Lieve Mar, ik blijf je via de site volgen en hoop dat je daar nog een super leuke tijd hebt. Have fun want voor je het weet zit je weer tussen de klompen en de molens! Dikke kus, Thiza

  60. jetske homan van der heide19 March 2012 at 20:12

    jan leeman charlie 2

    Dag Jongen, dank voor je video groet. Wij missen jou wel, hoor. Goed te weten dat je het naar je zin hebt. je zag er sterk uit. volgens mij moet je daar hard werken. In de grond hakken en veel stof happen. goed om je engelse bierbuikje een beetje weg te werken. Die zonnebril zal je wel niet voor niks op hebben. betekend dat je blijkbaar daar toch inkopen ergens kunt doen. jullie tentenkamp ziet er ordelijk uit; of is dat alleen voor de foto en staat jouw tent er toevallig net niet op.
    hier is alles goed. iedereen gezond en vrolijk. de lente komt er aan en de dagen beginnen langer en iets warmer te worden. als je de gelegenheid hebt, zou het leuk zijn als je iets inhoudelijk vertelt hoe jullie het daar hebben.
    lieve jongen, zet hem op. af en toe zal het best eens zwaar hebben maar volgens mij leer je er super veel.we denken aan je.
    liefs jetske

  61. Roos Groen, Tango 5

    HA ROOS! Het blijft geweldig om te lezen en te zien waar jullie mee bezig zijn. Je kleine broertje komt net binnen en morgen ga ik je grote broer zien en feliciteren. Ik hoop dat je het nog steeds heel goed hebt, maar ben toch ook wel blij dat je over een maand terug bent.
    Veel liefs, Louise

  62. For: Charlie Strahan Tango 6 (19/3/2012)

    Dear Charlie,
    It was great to be able to speak to you last Wednesday. As we said we had a terrific time in Cambodia and Laos--1111 photos to bore you with!
    Just come back from the theatre which we thoroughly enjoyed--many thanks for your generosity--we even had an upgrade!
    Had a lively weekend with the visit from Arthur (golf and Twickenham--we lost badly (30-9) and hardly turned up for the match!) But a great outing and celebrations coinciding with St Patrick's Day.....
    I have tickets for the England vs South Africa ODI at Lords on Sunday 2nd September so one for your diary.
    Also lets discuss the Olympic schedule when you next call.
    We briefly saw Philippa yesterday. She is busy with exam revision assignments and working very hard.
    Looking forward to hearing how the trek has gone when you return to base on 26th March.
    Dad (and Mum and Philippa).

  63. To Ursula (charlie 1)

    Oi oi!! Miss you babes. finally found this blog after you failing to send me the deets before you shipped off out bonnie scotland. Been having a quick stalk and you look like you're having an amazing time!! So ridiculously "pads". Great picture of you up top. Loving life 2k12!

    Have also been leaving you messages on facebook but doubt you will get those living the back to basics lifestyle as you do now. But i will say, i found a dreadlock in the back of my hair and thought of the numerous ones you've had over the years...hate to think how many you have now!

    Don't really have anything else to say apart from keep having an epic time, try not to miss my great chat too much, because i do actually miss yours, rather a lot. Love you so much.


  64. Laura Mac
    Charlie 1

    Hello hello! Hope everything is going well, and you have settled in with ur new crew.
    Just done a 17 hour stint in the library at uni! Currently 6.45am lol, mental!
    Lots of action going on, seems like you will be coming back to a new house! We have solddd, and move in June!
    Been busy with work and uni stuff, but about to hand it in. oh yeh and Torres has finally scored for Chelsea!
    Hope ur keeping well.
    Speak soon!
    Love Matt xxxx

  65. Victoria - Echo 3
    Hi Missy
    I cannot compete with your brother's long blog. We spoke to him last monday and he seems to be in v. good spirits.
    I expect you have had some exciting times and we are looking forward to reading the blog and hearing the news of your group.
    Mum has told me her v. exciting news about coming to India for a holiday with you . This will be a continuing adventure for you both.I bet she won't be roughing it.
    The big news in the UK papers is the story that Englebert Humperdinck is going to represent the UK in the European Song Festival. So all oldies out there, there is hope for us yet. (He is 75 yrs old by the way and I bet you have never heard of him)
    I am expecting to hear about some wonderful vegetarian curry recepies and hope you are taking notes.
    Hugs from O & Gp

  66. y0- Tango 6 Joe !! Happy birthday bro !! Have a blastt!!

  67. Ollie Forster-Constance Tango 622 March 2012 at 14:45

    Hi Ollie Tango 6
    Hope you are well, cant believe that you are almost at the end of your second phase.
    I went to watch Shrewsbury play yesterday against Cheltenham yesterday.We won 2-o. Wroe scored in the first minute and Gornell in the 57th! Now in third place with a game in hand so looking good!
    Everything jogging along here, planning started on lake at Lockerbie so that's exciting.A few problems in Derby but whats new!
    All missing you here, look forward to hearing from you when you get back to field base and seeing some photos of the trek - what an amazing experience.
    Take good care of yourself lots of love Dad xx

  68. Eline Charlie 2

    Heey Eline ik hoorde dat je het leuk hebt!
    Het ziet er in ieder geval heel gezellig uit.
    Heb je dat met die schildpadjes ook al gedaan? Ja, Was dat leuk?
    En in welke groep kom je straks?
    Ik hoop dat ik je snel weer zie.

    xxx je nichtje Lisa Smit <3