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Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Thursday 29 March 2012

Arrive - Shake - Depart

Dearest reader,
First, please let me apologise for the delay of this blog post of ***utmost importance*** for you. Working with the Internet in developing countries is not always the easiest task, but now that everything is up and running again and some megabyte-heavy content has been scrapped (to be published later, I promise!), the Changeover blog post is good to go:

For three days, I had the luxury to barely hear Small Manju’s annoying new rooster, as Fieldbase’s noise level had been risen significantly by 73 venturers and 15 PMs returning.
As this Changeover was a wee bit longer than usual, the graduates amongst the venturers took over and organised a wonderful vacation-like day of beach games, beautification, and barbeque. Thanks to everyone involved for their hard work! It was a perfect conclusion for those venturers who had to leave us after only 7 weeks of expedition: It has been a pleasure to build, trek, and laugh with you Caspar, Jonathan, Jude, Laura, Sophia, and Sophie. We hope you will check this space from time to time to see what your friends are up to and send them some messages (I am sure they would love that). Mrinal, Host Country Venturer from Assam, and latest addition to our Group of Awesome will do its best to fill the gap they left. Try to spot the new face in Tango 5's team photo at the end of this post.

For the cartographers amongst you, I prepared a new Phase Map, showing what is happening where until 15 April. It found its permanent spot just below our other Phase Maps on the right hand side column of the blog; again, in red. Charlie 2 has moved to a brand new village called Koranchal and Echo 4 is in Nellimadu.

View Raleigh 12C Expedition - Phase III in a larger map

And the most important bit: Venturers got reallocated into new and – sadly sadly – final project groups. And it almost didn’t happen:

Raleigh India 12C | Phase 2 Fieldbase | Battle for Allocations

But as you can see, we take holding the fort very seriously and thanks to our concentrated effort, we can show you the new project groups.
More information about the respective projects can be found in this blog post. And again, if you like to pass on a message via a blog comment, please indicate name of venturer (“darling” and “lil panda” does not count!) and the name of the NEW project group. (Please please please indicate the group. It does make life MUCH easier for me, and who wouldn’t want that?)
Charlie 1 with PM Natalie, PM Chrissi, James, Vishnu, Beatrice, Shaq, and Yash (back row) and Dan, Abi, Rory, Sofie, Frances, Alexandra, and PM Matt (front row)
Charlie 2 with Joost, PM Richard, PM Janet, Reece, James, and Christine (back row), Charlie, Katherine, PM Amanda, Nicole, Rhian (middle row), and John (Jack) and Roos (front row)
Echo 3 with PM Stephen, Jules, Grant, Mandisa, and Alex (back row), PM Sammy B., PM Sam F., PM Cate, and Suresh (middle row), as well as Ursula, Sally, Tally, Sofia, Jan, and Manju (front row)
Echo 4 with PM Rhys, Haydn, Max, Shaveh, (despite his size almost invisible) Ollie, and Vijay (back row), Charlotte M., Claire, PM Eleri, and Rebecca (middle row), as well as Wolde, Helena, and Venetia (front row)
Tango 5 with Victoria, Will, Raju, PM Barney, Kris, and Jonathan (back row), Chyna, PM Jenna, Stephen, James, Mrinal, and PM Izi (middle row), and Helen, Izi, and Charlotte (front row)
Tango 6 with Thejas, Dom, Tom, Eline, Paddy, Marjolein, and PM Harri (back row), and Flora, Martha, Suraj, Dan W., Aashna, Annie, and PM Emma (front row)


  1. Alex Echo 3 Haydn Echo 4

    Just thought I'd let you know there's going to be an Anchorman sequel in case you did'nt know already haha.

    James R x

  2. For Rory Lightfoot,Charlie 1.
    Hello Rory - Just been looking at the photo of your new Project group.You are all looking good and absolutely full of energy! I see you 're all part of the Bamboo Bicycle Club - look forward to seeing an action shot of this!! We sent you a parcel a wee while back, so it may be there when you return to Base. Grandpa is off painting today..hoping to catch Totnes in the mist. Think he's out of luck though - we've got gorgeous blue skies! Spoke to your Mum this morning, it's her birthday today and she was on the train to Brighton, to sit in on some lectures. The Connelly triplets are eighteen on Sunday, so there are big celebrations organised over the week-end. Pity we're all too far away to be there. We're all following the Raleigh Blog with great interest and have enjoyed the videos, so keep in the 'frame'. Have a great time on this next Venture. We can't wait to hear your stories and see your photos.....suppose I'll just have to be quiet for a while....very hard, but I'll do my best. love and hugs from The Totnes Two.

  3. Danny W
    Tango 6
    Hi Danny
    Hope you enjoy your last phase in the mountains what a fantastic way to finish off your trip so enjoy as i know you will.
    jodie has said you want to stay over a little longer but she needs a bit more detail of flights home and where your be travlling to ok so try & get in touch when you can so we can sort out ok.
    Dad & Andrea

  4. NatalieDavis Charlie 1
    You are like a game of cricket, in and then out again. Hope the digging is going well. I am so pig sick that I missed your call, as I was thinking of you all day willing you to call or e mail, and there I was having tea with EFH, boo hoo. My loss. Found Granny a very nice basher for the W. Went to collect the frock last night, not ready, stuck in a traffic jam for an hour. Had sups with E and P, and came home. Keep digging, great photo of you all. Smiley Buster and Ma x

  5. Gillian Matthews29 March 2012 at 21:31

    Venetia Matthews Echo 4
    Hi Venetia
    What's next? I do hope the diary is up to date, I look forward to reading it?!!!
    Charlie had 5 days in Spain playiing his saxaphone in the School Big Band Jazz Band, he had a great time.
    Our weather here has gone mad, very hot and dry, nearly as hot as you.
    I hope you get your chance to go travelling.
    Lots of love Granny

  6. Ashley@Raleigh Bermuda29 March 2012 at 22:40

    Saquille- Charlie 1
    Mandisa- Echo 3
    Wolde- Echo 4
    Chyna- Tango 5

    Greetings from Bermuda!!

    Shaq, Waltz, Cocoa Nibs & Chyna Whats Up?!?!?

    I hope you all enjoy your last phase! I cant believe its almost April already, before you know it you guys will be back in Bermy! Incase you didnt know, Nathan is here and he and Kristin will be starting the Outdoor Survival Camp on Saturday! Our 18 new participants will be going through exactly what you went through in November!

    Everything is good in Bermuda but this weather is confused, its not sure if it wants to be hot or cold! hahahahah!

    Im excited that you all will be back in time for End-to-End! Hope your getting your practice!

    Well thats all for now! We love you and miss you all

    Cant wait to see you guys, Continue to have a blast!


  7. Ollie Forster-Constance Echo 429 March 2012 at 23:31

    Hi Ollie - Echo 4
    Hope all is well on your final phase- just caught a glimpse of your arm on the blog photo so think you're there!!
    Shrewsbury's match on Tuesday was cancelled due to an electrical fire, no-one was hurt but it had to be halted in the second half.Dad said they were playing the best they had all season, winning 1-0 against Port Vale,so that was a shame.
    Everyone is fine here and weather still amazing.Emily comes home for Easter next Monday, so she is coming to the airport to meet you on the 18th.No news on Kent yet, although we have signed for the land at Lockerbie.
    Do hope you have a great time on Echo 4, and look forward to following you all there on the blog.
    Have lots of fun and take care of yourself..
    Much love Mum xxx

  8. Ursula, Echo 3

    Lovely to see/hear you are so full of life in India!!! So pleased you are having such a great time!

    When you come back I am really looking forward to introducing you to a new addition to our family, sadly no dog, ... but a rat that lives under the kitchen sink. Grandad says that it is perfectly normal!

    Lots and lots of love to you.

    Rose and Jeremy xxx

  9. Harriet PM Tango 6
    Hi Hari, if you have any sense you will stay on your mountain top; UK has fuel strike imminent, Christchurch blockaded by panic buyers, George Galloway elected MP for Bradford West, nail varnish supplies running short (I made one of these up). Hope you haven't left the rest of Tango 6 trailing too far behind, I'm sure your experiences on Nine Barrow Down have borne fruit. See you on 22nd, much love from irritating parents.

  10. ALEX ECHO 3
    Hi Al
    Fantastic to hear you are doing turtles! Cant wait to hear about it and see the photos.
    Leeds now said no too so you need to decide if you want me to accept your place at Bristol by the 9th May? Plenty of time.
    Emilys home which is lovely.She and I are off for a bike ride today followed by a pub lunch.Its been hot and sunny so spring is really here now.We are all fine.Gill and Peter have visited for one night and sent their love.Jo and Nicky will stay with us at the end of Aug so hope you are back then!!!Hope your travel plans are progressing well.Have you got many Ralaigh takers to join you and Haydn?
    Lots of love Mum xxxx Still miss you loads!

  11. Dan Leigh - Charlie 1

    Hi Dan,
    Great to see your photo on the blog for your final 'challenge'- amazing we can actually see you, you're not hidden behind someone else & those unfortunate big bandages have gone! Hope you really enjoy this final phase. Maybe you'll get to see some more wildlife. Ben has just gone off to Prague. Had to get him to Alyth for 6.45am which we both found a challenge, but missing the final day of school (especially double French & English)justified the early start. Dad & I are now free spirits till Monday evening (apart from Katie that it)so we're trying to plan how best to profit from this new found freedom - will keep you posted! Looking forward to hearing all about your latest exploits (no more bandages or dodgy food incidents please). Lots of love Mum xxxxxxx

  12. Opa en Oma van Dijck30 March 2012 at 13:08

    Jules (echo 3)

    Hoi Jules,
    Hoe gaat het met je jongen? Zo te zien op de blog gaat het je goed af.
    Hoe zijn de vershillende groepen bevallen, zitten er leuke meisjes bij. Het is onzettend rustig in Moergestel en Oisterwijk nu jij wegbent.
    Duurt het nog lang voordat je terug bent want de stallijsten van opa zijn bijna op, en de snoeptrommel van mij wil ook maar niet leeg? We zijn ontzettend trots op wat je doet, en zijn blij dat we iets van je gehoord hebben. Hadden ze geen groter mes om de taart te snijden?
    Hopelijk gaat het de laatste weken nog naar wens en we hopen je snel weer te zien.

    Liefs Opa en Oma van Dijck

  13. Harriet Fairlie30 March 2012 at 13:36

    Ursula: Echo 3

    Hello Lulu, Hatti here again. this will be my last blog post for a while as I will be on the slopes in a number of hours. I am very excited, although I shall be quite desolate without you and your revision songs, us laughing at Mum on the slopes, and falling over in front of French crazy restaurant owners. Never mind.
    I liked the recent spell of blog posts, particularly the crazy Henderson ones. I also noted how everybody seemed to know exactly what my plan "a la Heidi" was. Willsy got into a little trouble for his "first outing on the blog"...very naughty! Hilar.
    Anyway must dash, train to catch for London, enjoy your next week.
    lots of love Hatti xxxxxxx

  14. Catherine Perry30 March 2012 at 14:06

    For Rhian Charlie 2

    Hi Rhian, hope the new project is going well and you have settled in to your new home. I spoke to Nan last night and she has not managed to master blogging, so I have written step by step instructions for her as the telephone consultation obviously did not work. So, with a bit of luck, you may get a blog from her! It is Paul's birthday today, and as you know Wendy's on Sunday, so we are going out for a meal on Saturday evening with Gill, Paul and Lyndsay. Lyndsay will be at home as she has an interview in Paris on Sunday to teach English to two little French children. Their mother is flying Lyndsay out and home again on Sunday for the interview, and if she gets the job she will have her own flat in Paris which I think she rather fancies! It is going to be a bit of a logistical problem as she has to be at the airport on Sunday morning, but all the roads around Gillian's are going to be shut early because of the Egg Run, so they have got to make sure they don't get trapped on the Wirral! Anyway, I better get back to my writing. Take care and enjoy yourself. Lots of love, Mum xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  15. Marjolein - Tango 6

    Lieve Marini,

    Hoe is de toch tot nu toe? Ben zo benieuwd hoe je dat vind en wat jullie allemaal tegenkomen!!
    Heb je niet teveel spullen bij je en lopen je schoenen nog goed? En hoe bevalt de groep?
    Wij hebben gister Papa zijn verjaardag gevierd en als het goed is gaan Papa en Mama vandaag een fiets uitzoeken, want dat is zijn cadeau! Haha na al die jaren mag hij er eindelijk één uitzoeken.
    Hahah nou het was maar weer een klein berichtje, maar je vind het vast wel leuk ;).
    Zusje, heeel veel plezier met jullie tocht, zet 'm op en tot heel snel!
    Love you ♥!

  16. TOM MITCHELL - Tango 6

    Rather weak smile in the pic I thought! Imagine how fit you are going to be for the rest of your travels. Hope you managed to connect with Jack F. We are all good here, brilliant sunshine, like summer. Will just off to have a pint in The Swan with Mike Mason, Lottie returning from Teddies Spanish trip tomorrow. Dad and I home alone this eve. Thinking we may buy the second season of The Killing. Easter next weekend, the Grumitts are going to come and stay for a couple of days, overlapping with the S-D's. Should be interesting! All your cousins devastated that you are not going to be here - you're Mr. Popular ! Wonder what the food is like on trek, humm..., probably as described by Will. Think of us with our roast chicken Sunday lunch ... please come home !! Sending package with emergency contacts and caps etc. tomorrow. Hope we see you on the Blog in the next couple of weeks. WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU, big hugs xxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. Hi Patrick (Tango 6)

    By the time you get this you will no doubt have completed your ascent of the second highest mountain in southern India. Dad will be very jealous. I hope you are enjoying the trekking phase, a good way to end your great adventure.

    We have been experiencing wonderful weather. Aboyne was the hottest place in the UK for a couple of days running and had the hottest March temperature ever recorded in the UK!!!!!! Having said that I believe it is all about to change tomorrow. Dad has had the winter tyres taken off his car so no doubt we will get snow. We are off down to Lancashire tomorrow for grandma's birthday bash and she has warned us that it is not hot down there. We're spending a few days in Edinburgh next week which will be a nice break. Will has found a flat in Glasgow for after the summer so he is pleased about that.

    Enjoy the last few weeks of your trip and we look forward to hearing all about it very soon.

    Lots of love
    Mum xxx

  18. Abigail Smith (Charlie 1)
    I have topped up your phone so when you can phone home ASAP. It is Chloes birthday on the 4th. This week the weathers been lovely and warm. Took the class to Glasson docks,Heysham and Morecombe on Monday it was so hot people were in shorts and T shirts. We lost at cricket again. Finished school for Easter two weeks holiday. Nats not been up we will struggle to get things sent over if she's not quick. Hope you enjoy the last part of your trip. When you come home you will need to sort out Liverpool.
    Love you and miss you Mum X

  19. Ursula (Echo)

    OK - so this all looks great. But who stole the chocolate biscuits?


  20. Erik en josette31 March 2012 at 04:17

    Jules ( Echo 3 )

    Hoi Jules, op naar je laatste project! Als we het goed hebben gelezen zit je ergens onder Mumbai op het schildpaddenproject. Ook wel weer speciaal zo met de zee erbij.
    Vive heeft inmiddels al haar PTA punten terug en heeft nu overal gemiddeld een voldoende voor, ze is helemaal blij.
    Vandaag is Patricia jarig, ik heb vanmorgen even een koffietje gedaan. Bij ons is inmiddels de " zomer " alweer voorbij en we hebben onze winterjas maar weer aangedaan. Morgen is de kaartverkoop van Sensation en zullen onze best doen om twee kaarten te bemachtigen.
    Verder gaat het hier zijn gangetje, nog veel succes bij de turtles en vergeet vooral niet veel te genieten want hier is het allemaal niet zo spannend en avontuurlijk.

    Lots of love papa en mama.

  21. Steve - tango 5

    Hi Ste,
    great to talk to you the other day - I know the nans were so pleased that you phoned when they were here. Hope all is going well - last part now! Can you believe it? I hope you have got a good group - they look fun. It seems you have been gone for ages but I bet it's all gone too fast for you. All is well here though the sunshine has now gone - back to the drab weather. I break up on Thursday so it had better improve!Have been following the blog regularly and the children at school are very interested in the turtles so hope the pics are good!! Am going to watch Cathy play netball in a little while so will get her to send you the latest'classic comments'! Hope you have a great last phase but (very 'mumsy' I know!) please be careful. Love you lots, Muth, Didge, Bunny and Kiki x (Hope they read that out!!!0

  22. Roosmarijn Groen, Charlie 2

    Lieve Roos,
    Je komt alweer bijna terug, is echt snel gegaaaan. Heb echt heel veel zin om je weer te zien. Hier is er niet echt iets bijzonders gebeurd, heb al wel m'n puntjes van de vorige periode gehaald hehe, nu ben je zeker wel trots op me. Het was in Nederland wel een paar dagen echt super lekker weer, al heb jij dat natuurlijk elke dag daar haha.
    Geniet nog vsn de laatste weekjes schatje, en tot sneeeel.

  23. Roosmarijn Groen
    Charlie 5
    Ha lieve Roos
    Je cambridge diploma is net binnengekomen.Prachtig ,hoor!
    Je laatsts expeditie alweer.Maak er een mooie tijd van.Ik hoop dat je weer een leuke groep hebt.Lieselotte is er dit weekend,want vanavond viert Jor zijn verjaardag.
    Ze gaat er met Matthijs naar toe.
    Paul heeft net zijn eerste proefwerkweek gehad,was erg zwaar voor hem.De eerste score zijn grieks een 2,5 en latijn een 9,4.
    Dat compenseert een beetje.
    Pakje is onderweg.
    xxxxxx paul,lieselotte,mama en papa

  24. Marjolein Bender - Tango 6

    Lieverdje, hoe gaat het daar? Hoe was de reis naar jullie nieuwe loatie en hoe gaat het wandelen daar? Zware tocht in de warmte, met bepakking etc.? Hier alles oké. Hebben papa's verjaardag gevierd met roze gebakjes en lekker uit eten met z'n 3tjes, want Thijs is een rally aan 't rijden. Voor deze speciale verjaardag heb ik papa een nieuwe......... fiets gegeven, jaja en die hebben we vandaag opgehaald bij Cees vd Welle. Papa is als een kind zo blij en heeft al 27 km gefietst. Dat kan hij allemaal goed bijhouden op het metertje dat hij van Dorine heeft gekregen :) Door is weer terug naar Utrecht en wij hebben zonet even bij Pol geborreld en zitten nu gezellig met z'n tweejes thuis aan de tafel in de keuken te lezen en.....patiencen. Hoop dat alles goed gaat daar bij jullie. De weblog wordt behoorlijk aangevuld de laatste tijd, de filmpjes worden steeds 'weirder'. Nog maar drie weken en dan kom je alweer naar huis. Ik zie er naar uit hoor! Geniet nog maar flink van deze fantastische ervaring, heel veel liefs van ons allemaal en xxxxxxxxxx mama

  25. Hi team Raleigh,

    I was travelling in train from Mangalore to Bangalore few weeks back and happened to meet Team 6.Had a good chat with Tejas(Namaskaara gurve!!) and PM Matt.Good to see the team members who learnt to speak kannada,applying mehendi.Good work team Raleigh.Hope to join team soon.

    Chandrashekar Shenoy

  26. Hi team Raleigh,

    I was travelling in train from Mangalore to Bangalore few weeks back and happened to meet Team 6.Had a good chat with Tejas(Namaskaara gurve!!) and PM Matt.Good to see the team members who learnt to speak kannada,applying mehendi.Good work team Raleigh.Hope to join team soon.

    Chandrashekar Shenoy

  27. Hi Team,

    I was recently travelling in train from Manglore to Banglore and seemed to meet team 6.We had a good time chatting with Tejas(namaskara guruve) and PM Matt.

    I was a great sight to see group applying Mehendi and few who learnt Kannada,great to see when someone learns culture of others.Welcome to India guys.Hope to join you soon

    Chandrashekar Shenoy K

  28. Steve - Tango 5
    Hi Ste
    Just wanted to add my bit and hope that you enjoy your final phase as much as you have the first two. Sure it will be tough but, wow! what an experience - hope you have plenty of memory left in your camera! You will be pleased to know that there can now be a 4th Phase!! Neil is going to clear the top of his garden, meaning we can start being creative in ours - and just in time for your return! (But we won't want a toilet block building there!!). We had Andy's room re-plastered yesterday so hopefully he will be swapping his X-Box for a paintbrush! Can't wait to see you again - just make sure you savour every moment of your time remaining. Love, Didge, et al

  29. Haydn Fraser - Echo 4

    Hi Haydn,
    It was great to speak to you last week,
    hope you're enjoying your last phase (not sure what you're doing)i'll watch the blog for more updates. It's hard to beleive this is the last one.

    Dom and Marcus have been to stay this weekend, you can guess what they were doing..... more wedding planning. We had a great weekend Sally and Baz came over for supper and we all played boggle - we really missed you.

    Have popped another little parcel in post to help you on your onward journey, hope the plans are going well.

    The weather here has been amazing, i've spent all my spare time gardening - Nanny and Grandad have bought me a green house it's being delivered next week i'm so excited!!!

    Hope you have a great last phase, take care, and miss you loads,
    Love Mum
    x x x x x

  30. Richard Jones (M) Charlie 2 - Hi again Richard - reading the blog regularly now. Was that you in the banana plantation?? Not sure if these are getting through to you........ Love you lots. Sunny here too. Take care. XX

  31. Richard Jones (M) Charlie 2

    PS Trefor and Robert and Jess sailing around the IOW right now. Bethan to Belfast tomorrow - start of her Easter hols. XX

  32. Dom Quinn Tango 6...

    Hi Dom, Tom again ... Only a few weeks left now until you're back!! The picture above makes you look mental!! So not much has changed i see!

    I've got another contract extension at work, so i now finish at the end of May, so thats probably final this time - and then we are free for the whole summer!! We can watch every game of the euro 2012-I'm SOOOOO excited for that! I bought Italy's new shirt, I'm sure you'll love it. I hope you're not planning on getting a job, i'll be well bored if you do. Anyway i'm rambling a bit now so i'll just get on with it.

    Hope its all still going amazingly - was good to speak to you on the phone, even though that was ages now. We're all missing you loads, i need to play some proooo evooooo or LMA and play 3 and in at the park. Liverpool have gone so bad recently, they lost to qpr 3-2 when they were 2-0 up! Then lost to wigan 2-1 at home! OUCH! You're playing villa next week at home, i'm well nervous-we could get dragged into the drop zone soon!

    Anyway, thats all for now.
    All the best,

  33. Roosmarijn Groen, Charlie 2

    Hee roosie, hopelijk ben je nog lekker aan het genieten daar. Hoop ook dat je nieuwe project weer erg leuk is en je nieuwe groep natuurlijk ook, maar dat zal vast wel!
    Ben echt super benieuwd naar al je verhalen maar gelukkig hoef ik daar nog maar iets meer dan 2 weken op te wachten.
    Heb vorige week weer tentamens gehad, allebei hoogstwaarschijnlijk wel gehaald dus weer 12 puntjes binnen:)
    Heb je trouwens die week daarvoor erg gemist bij de noot op het terras, maar dat gaan we van de zomer weer goedmaken (of op het leidseplein natuurlijk;))
    Geniet er nog van de laatste 2 weken!!
    Dikke kus Laura

  34. anita de vries2 April 2012 at 22:36

    Eline de Vries Tango 6

    Lieve Lien
    Dit weekend gefietst in de Eifel. Ik had echt een rotfiets met een heel hard zadel en veel te klein . Ik had echt enorme zadelpijn en mijn beenspieren werden wel heel erg getraind. Het was wel een heel mooie route. Jammer genoeg was het alleen wat koud en motregen. Zondag was het wel mooi.
    Gisteren waren we opa en oma. Oma had zelf cake gebakken en verder had ze draadjesvlees. Heel lekker allemaal
    Jacqueline heeft vannacht hier gelogeerd. Ze moest vanmorgen weer vroeg op school zijn ivm het 100 jarig bestaan en de film die ze gaat maken. Ik ben heel benieuwd naar de berichten van jou van de trekking. Het lijkt me echt prachtig. Nog heel veel plezier met de nieuwe groep. Liefs mama

  35. hi Max D in echo 4. Can't believe its your last phase. Hope its a good un. Dads in Cannes for a couple of days so Guy and I thought we would fester watching sky-yep we had to get it to watch content-but instead we have been busy doing lots of sorting out-boring stuff don't worry. Trying to get a few proposals in shape for when Philip returns on wed. Nigey came round on Saturday and was rather taken with your attenborough attitudes.All in all we are just knuckling down-still haven't been down to Cornwall and I'm getting withdrawal symptoms as you can imagine....
    Gallons of affection and rather a lot of love. Have fun and we are looking forward to hearing all of your adventures-or are you going to hold out on us like your beastly brother. We will have to wait and see...soon !!!!

  36. Kris Clayton, Tango 5.
    Hi Kris, Hope your trip is going well and you are coping with the heat, we are here in Malta and enjoying it, we have discovered a large gym on site you would of enjoyed. We have swam today but our rooftop pool was too cold so we used the indoor one. There is a Turkish bath which is amazing. We are exploring the Island in a little Peugoet 106 which is fun! Going on a trip to the Island of Gozo later in the week. Loads and loads of love from us all. Mum.xxx

  37. Eleanor Conrad3 April 2012 at 07:15

    Janet Conrad, Charlie 2

    Hi Janet,
    I watched the video of the harrowing experiences at field base and was relieved to see that your group's efforts saved the allocations. Also impressed by your command of the phonetic alphabet.
    Hope the new project is going well and that this message gets to you early on. Any sign yet of the parcel I sent?
    Spring seems to be well on the way but of course there could be more snow at any time.
    Your T4s arrived from Dal in the mail just after I was talking to you last, so I guess they didn't save any money by putting them online.
    No sign of any important email.
    Dal just publicly announced last week that they are taking over the AC.
    We have Reach regionals this Thursday--travelling to Summerside for that--we have 8 kids going and it should be a fun trip. One of them has never been to PEI.

    Looking forward to seeing some pictures of Charlie 2's activities.
    Miss you,
    Lots of love,
    Mom (Interesting that we spell it the American way but pronounce it the British way)

  38. Dear Will

    Today I spoke to Tory at raleigh International London (she had left me a message - and I called her back) I hear that you have been in the wars a bit on your Trek - but 3 stitches seems a small price to pay for such an adventure! Raleigh sounded super efficient in dealing with it and I hear you have had another tetanus - so all sounds good and glad that you are able to continue with the Trek.

    So pleased to hear that your knee is good. Understand the message re your return flight so we shall leave it as it is and unless we hear from you otherwise we shall expect you back in the UK on the original date.

    We are having a great time in Mauritius and the weather now is marvelous. We went out to the Ile des Cerf island yesterday. The speed of the boat rattled josh a bit because it kept bouncing and banging against the sea, We also went to the waterfalls. Today too has been action packed with watersking and mono! Kayaking and just messing about,

    We leave here on Friday evening back in the UK on the red eye Saturday morning,

    We think of you often. Especially wondering where you are and what you are doing and we are all sooooooo looking forward to seeing you and hearing all about your adventures.

    We all send you tons and heaps of love and hugs and hope you enjoy the final part of your Raleigh experience,

    Much love to you darling. Love Mummy xxx

  39. Richard Jones - Charlie 2

    oooh hoe exciting - I see a couple of my messages have reached you or at least been posted here!!

    I just love the video clips on this site. What a gorgeous fun and talented group. I wonder if you are keeping a journal of all youir experiences.

    graham says could be lots of locum work upon your return. Could be good to talk to him too. mixed messages about a glut of junior doctors on one hand and the need for locums on the other!
    Easter tree is up here!!! Lots of love from Port Solent and the boat. love mum. XXXX

  40. Katherine : Charlie 2
    Hiya ... I am in Chamonix with CB and Wills, on a last minute trip - OFFPISTE and HUT to HUT, but actually walking round the village today as our guide is unwell :-( How are you kiddo? I cant't believe it but time is flyyyyying by and no doubt the next chapter is about to begin.
    CB, Wills & me send our special LOVE xxxxxx

  41. jan leeman echo 3

    ha jan, mamma kwam hier opeens binnenlopen en hielp mij met
    het kijken naar je filmpjes hartstikke leuK!
    Lig je nu uitgeput van het harde werken in de zon?
    we gaan met pasen naar lunteren.zullen je zeker missen.liefs oma

  42. Beatrice kuijs Charlie 2

    Beeeee!!! We missen je echt onwijs hier omdat we zo weinig contact met je hebben!
    ik heb al 2 x een heeeeeeele lange "brief" naar je schreven maar ik heb zo een vermoeden dat die niet goed verstuurd zijn.
    Ik ben net klaar met me tentamenweek en tot nu toe geen onvoldoendes dus dat is wel lekker!
    Morgen (Goede Vrijdag) zijn we vrij en maandag ook dus we hebben een heel lang weekend. Vanavond (nu donderdag avond) Gaan C, Suz en ik uit in Amsterdam en we slapen in het skotel. We gaan denk ik naar de AIR. schijnt wel een leuk feestje te zijn..

    Ik heb alle foto's en video's bekeken van deze site en volgensmij heb je het daar enorm naar je zin! Ik ben wel blij als je weer eens thuis komt...
    Ik heb al een kaartje voor Awakefest voor je gekocht. Maar moet ik ook nog een kaartje voor VOLLT kopen? (ergens eind augustus is dat, ik suz en c enzz... willen daar wel graag heen)

    Verder is alles hier nog steeds hetzelfde, school, iedereen is weg en het is hartstikke saai in dit roddeldorp! tijd voor de zomer en vernieuwing: AMSTERDAM! als ik mijn examen haal woon ik va September in Amsterdam.

    Je moeder was laatst bij mij thuis wijn brengen en toen hadden we het erover dat jij ook heel erg graag wilde.. naar amsterdam. Als je thuis bent moet je maar even een chill plekje zoeken en als je in het begin nog niks hebt gevonden kan je zo vaak als je wilt bij mij logeren! heb er echt heel veel zin in !

    Ik ga er een eind aan breien.. ik weet niet precies hoe en of je dit ontvangt.. maar moet wel goed komen!
    Ik spreek je snel weer en veel liefsxxxxxxx
    ( van Faberyayo)

  43. Echo 3, Ursula. Hello there my long lost friend!!! How are you and your hair buddies?!?! Can't believe I left Raleigh over a week ago....missing you muchly!! We are currently in Goa for a week. Time to chillax!! Thinking of you on the beach too with the little turtles! Hope you're having the best time, enjoy every last second! Can't wait to catch up with you soon. Lotsa love laura xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    p.s. shit, there's a dog.

  44. Echo 3, Sally. Sally!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you are having an amazing time with the turtles....thinking of you lots!! We are in Goa on palolem beach for a few days! Don't know whether you came here?! I've stocked up my travelling wardrobe :) It's amazing just to relax and my feet are slowly recovering from trek!! Just got a facebook message from Jonny saying that he arrived here today too....so hopefully will be bumping into him and his pals :) An "oh my LIFE" moment me thinks!!! Can't wait to hear from you when you've finished phase...enjoy every last bit of it!! I miss Raleigh and you so much already!! Lotsa love laura xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  45. Echo 3, Manju. Hello my favourite Indian friend!!! I miss you lots!! But am having an amazing time exploring India. We started in Kerala where we stayed in Varkala and also got a houseboat on the backwaters in Alappuzha! We then came up to Goa and are now in Palolem! It's amazing- such a beautiful beach and staying in a little beach hut!! We love catching the trains too and looking out the window; India is amazing!! We also had our first experience of a sleeper train!!! I hope you are enjoying every second of the turtles! Thinking of you all lots!! Looking forward to catching up when you've finished!! Laura xxx

  46. Echo 4, Claire and Becky. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy my favourite girlies!! I hope you're having the most amazing last phase...thinking of you both lots!! Really missing you and Raleigh! But having an amazing time...currently in Goa chilling on the beach :D My feet are slowly returning back to normal after trek...finally!! Also got a message from Jonny to say he is at the same beach as us....so hopefully will bump into him and his pals!! Oh my life!!! Can't wait to hear all your news when you're finished. Enjoy every last second :) loads and loads of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  47. Richard Jones's mother !!5 April 2012 at 23:17

    Richard Jones(mum) Charlie 2. Got the hang of this now!! Start of long Easter weekend now. Do you remember those long drives to Moelfre? Bethan in Bristol with Chris. Not sure what Rob up to! What foods are you longing for? I just LOVED curry 3 times a day when I was in India last October. Hope you getting lots of ideaas together for my 60th celebrations!!!!!! Happy days. Hope all well. Mum. XX

  48. Richard Jones - Charlie 2. Looks as if you are all having a wonderful time. Hope there have not been too many medical issues. Really nice to see all the photographs. Lots of love. Xxx

  49. To MP Matt at Charlie 1

    Hiya Matt
    Hope you are enjoying living within an Indian community and building long drops!!
    I'm really looking forward to hearing about your personal journey of the whole experience. The photos of village life and its people are going to be amazing to see.
    Life at home is quietly ticking by. As you might have heard through other blogger's messages, the north of England got a massive dump of snow this week. We had 4-5 inches of very wet snow. The roads are heavy with grey mush. Bizarre weather considering it was in the 20s last week! Dad even got the summer furniture out in the garden. Perhaps we were being a little too hopeful. Clare has settled into her new cottage and been on numerous trips to Ikea. Doug is becoming a genius at putting together flat pack furniture and hanging shelves. I'm doing a reasonable amount of painting in the hope to have enough new canvases for the May exhibition. Dad and I went to see “The Big Picture” exhibition by David Hockney at the Royal Academy last week. It was brilliant, so vibrant and really inspirational. Sas has decided to do psychiatric nursing instead of a psychology degree. She even went to the open day for nursing at the university. She is far more fired up about nursing than psychology which is great news.
    I can't wait to see you, counting the days now.
    Love Mum xxx

  50. Ollie Forster-Constance Echo 46 April 2012 at 18:07

    Hi Ollie Echo 4
    How are you and hope your final phase is as much fun as your last two.Just watched the video which was great, everbody seems so nice and very creative!!
    Everyone is well here.Em is back home and working hard
    on her last university essays, very stressful for her as time is ticking away.She says she is very envious of you, although maybe not the sleeping and shower arrangements!!
    Dad and I are off to the Boathouse tonight with Nicky and John and tomorrow we are all going to Aggie and Mike's for dinner. We are not going far this Easter as Em is too busy.Millie is playing at an open mike session at Mad Jacks on Sunday evening, so we will be going to support her there - thought you might like to try that on your return?
    We are all so looking forward to seeing you soon and hearing about your adventures. Do take care of yourself and enjoy your final time on your Raleigh experience.
    Much love to you Ollie from Em,Dad,Holly,Henry and Mum xxx
    PS Happy Easter! Saving you lots of eggs for your return!

  51. Charlie 2 Sally
    I think I just posted a message but not sure it worked...just to say hope the last phase is going really well and you're having an amazing time! Miss and love you as always, we just got a wii so there goes any chance of me revising...addicted to mariokart GREEEEEEEEATT! Just waiting in Salisbury for Katy and Poppy, off out for supper CRAZY, wish you were here! x Love Jess x x

  52. robinsons in val disere6 April 2012 at 23:38

    Natalia, E4
    Greetings from Val D'isere! Not going to lie Natalia, I have missed my other cousin half terribly this week! Secretly relieved though as having two budding instructors in the group might have killed me! Anyway snow pretty good and some good panda eyes developing!Really enjoying hearing all your news and very much looking forward to seeing you when you're back... a trip to the "far North" is in order i feel :) much love from your cuzzy Kate xxxxx
    hi Natalia, greetings from the rest of us. All good and no broken bones. I even managed a 180 degree jump (jumpette). Hope the turtles are treating you well. Love: The rest of us. xx

  53. Dear Frances (charlie 1)
    i gon cut 2 the chase. i miss ya bre. u thought cauliflowa incident was bad? so did i until i found myself walking under a full moon at midnight with momma helena and 27 female cats. was thinkin 2 meslf dat it cldnt get any worse but then i found meself repeating the excursion with the male cats. also cafe has shut down cos of peculiar 'cannibalistic menu' according to the health inspectors- 2 unfair tbh cos we all knew dat was by accident. dese people hav no sypmathy , 'llow it fam. ye so that lead to authorities insistin on a more thorough health inspection and so dey unforchunately came across de pool- it aint my fault dat its green! its the little kids who piss in its fault! so dunt get y they arrestin me for it! its the little brats bad behaviour not my 'depriving holiday makers of basic human sanitation rights' 2 quote them mofo inspektors. you wiv me on this one?! see thats why i miss u, alwayz so understandin. ye so we sold off all them horsiz to pay my bail but tbh no biggie cos the glu factory pays big money if u dont insist on all this animal rights sh't. dont ask, dont tell- ya get me? altho ma man dave saiz i shld get out of dis mind frame cos das how i got in troubl wiv the authoritees in the furst place...So ye, to conclude, das y i miss u cos all my horses hav gone which dunt make me lonely but duz make me sad cos all dem stables r empty- i think they wld make perfek rooms 4 u n some friends? havent u alwaiz wantid a sleepover on the yard??
    LUV n eagerly aw8 ur returnting

  54. To PM Janet - Charlie 2!

    Hi Janet, how's everything going? I was talking to mom the other day and she explained to me how to make a comment, so I think I'm doing this right. Unlike her, I've elected not to post any information about your taxes. I filed mine last week, just so you know.

    Things are good in London - lots of barbershop and volleyball and gym. You may have heard about federal government cuts to jobs - my job seems to be safe for now but it's a pretty weird time to be in my office as quite a few people got notices saying they are "affected" and will potentially be laid off or moved to another job. But enough downer news!

    Matt is in Whistler on a five day snowboarding trip - his pics so far are pretty amazing. I don't have any big trip plans right now but maybe can do some interesting things this summer.

    Reading the blogs is interesting - the stuff you are doing looks very cool. I look forward to hearing all about it and seeing what is probably about 5000 pictures. Talk to you soon!