Welcome to the official blog for Raleigh India 12I | July - August 2012

Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Monday 22 November 2010

Catching up with Echo Four

Visiting Echo Four as part of our Loop tour, Carolyn and I (Doug) spent Sunday afternoon relaxing by the reservoir with the team. Everyone was in high spirits as we tucked into a lovely lunch and enjoyed cinnamon cafe lattes expertly made by trained barista Jenniffer Rimmer. Who knew you could make instant coffee taste so amazing! As we left the group they were starting to prepare for the up coming change over and working on their eagerly anticipated team skit.

All post and blog messages were most grately received, and the following replies have been sent

From Rosie W - To Ma
Hi Ma! Thanks so much for your letters! So far I have got 1,3,4 and have one with Happy Birthday on it which I am saving for the day. I will be on trek at that time walking up to 10k a day with a 14-20kg backpack! Gonna die but will give it my best. Don't have the space to tell you all about this phase so will write you. Love you lots and have a great day on the 2nd xxx

From Rosie W - To Dad
Hi Dad, writing you a letter today, tell you all about this second phase. We pack up tomorrow to head back to field base before last phase - trek! Aaaargh! The graduates are organising a fun day when we get back - I am teaching yoga classes (smily face) I got Grannies letter today please let her know was so nice. Will reply but post is so random here. Lots of love

From Rosie W  - To Shannon
Hello Boo! Thank you so much for your letter and your blog message. I just got your letter but maybe one from Hazel or Kate is on the way, the post is not good here. Looking forward to being back for Christmas and seeing you all. Big love, be good xxx

From Rosie W - To Kate
Hey Sis, I get in at 1:15pm on December 18th at Heathrow from Bangalore, is that all the info you need? Can't wait to see you xxx

From Isabelle Wijsmuller - To Bonnie
Lieve Bonnie, ile heb de blog nog niet gecien dus net is super grapping om te horen van de foto! Geef ledereen een. Oliekke lius!

From Ryan Heeley - To Charlie and Family
Hello everyone. Still having a brilliant time, been next to a massive resevoir this phase, been swimming a lot and catching some rays on the hammock..and doing a bit of work as well! Charlie that is amazing, I am so proud of you - get learning Italian!! How have things been in Scarborough. I am doing treking last phase. I can't wait to see you, love you loads Ryan xxx
P.S. Have you received a letter yet Charlie, I sent it to my home address so Mum can you forward it on if it arrives before I get back. I will be ringing this Tuesday so try to be at home please!! xxx

Guest blog by Doug Meehan


  1. Sean - Echo Four

    Hope your having a fantastic time, seen a couple of pictures of you online. Happy 18th Birthday for last Monday, hope you had a great day.

    Looking forward to seeing you when you get back, enjoy the rest of your time out there and if you get a chance, post a message back.

    Love Dad and Mary x

    PS Leave a message for your Mum as well.

  2. To Rosie Ward Echo Four

    Hi Rosie!
    Looking forward to your letter,I will send you one this week.Good luck with the Trek & I hope you have a great Birthday.Glad to hear you are teaching Yoga!Im seeing granny Gill and Matt at the weekend and i will pass on your message.I helped my friend Ashrita this week set a new world record for walking 10 meteres wearing heavy shoes each shoe weighed 73 kilos!
    So lots of love,looking forward to seeing you again in December.xxxxDad

  3. Ryan - Echo Four
    We were pleased to hear that you are still having a good time and hope you enjoy the trek.We are looking forward to hearing all your tales of Indian life when you get back.
    Look after yourself and take care
    Lots of Love from Nana & Grandad

  4. To: Jack Phillips, Echo 4 India........

    Hello Jack, its your aunty S 'ere lol!! Weam all missin ya... Uncle Mike likes the look of ya pizza!! Where's the Khazi??? or was that what you're diggin?

    Jessica looking forward to Christmas Day at Hobble with you. x

  5. Jack Phillips Echo 5
    Hi Jack
    Just got your email,that's fine with us glad your having such a great time. We'll pick you up 23rd Dec just let us know what time you'll be landing.p.s does this mean i can have all your advent chocs ha ha. Sue has sent you a message too. Off to Lonon the weekend with Dad,we're going to the 02 for the Titanic exhibition and then tea at the Ritz for Dads birthday treat. Don't forget to let us know flight number and time.
    Loads of love
    Mom and Dad