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Saturday 13 November 2010

Messages from Tango Five

Polly B returned today from trekking with Tango Five. Below we have some messages from them, check back soon for Polly's account and photos of her time out there with them ...

From: Owen
To: Duffin family
Hi everyone, hope you are all well back in England, I am having a great time trekking in kerala., clibed Missipullimalla on the first day! Very windy on the top but they got some great photos for the blog so keep your eye out. Hope Val & lu are well, i'm aiting on the baby message, sent a post card today but who knows when it will arrive. Give my regards to grandparents etc. All the best Owen

From: Jonny
To: Womacks
Greetings, thanks for your messages it was good to hear fro you all. Hope alls well back at home. I'm having a great time here sent letter about a week ago so should arrive eventually. see you on the 18th, Jonny.

From: Laura
To: Mother dearest
Hello, just to let you know that something incredible has happened: I now eat bananas. I know, I know. It's pretty unbelievable. I'll explain more when I get back from trekking in Kerala - will write you another letter. I actually quite enjoy them and everthing. I also drank coffee today, and when I don't have tear-inducing quantities of spice in my food it tastes rather bland. Apart from conquering my food nemesis (milk is next I swear) I've been scaling mountains, camping a lot and generally being hardcore. Carrying a heavy pack whilst trekking is bloody hard. Hope all is well and the weather's not oo horrendous. Glad to be missing winter! Love Laura

From: Lynne
To: Mum/Dad, Ian, Astrod, John &Amers, Nan, Glenn, Mike et al.
Loving this trek malarchy! On 2nd trek now in kerala and tugged Missapullimala twice - the 2nd time with an awesome view of Tamil Nadu - mike - You would've been scared! Shoulder and belly just holding up & legs toned. Weather is wet at the mo and am covered in mud, not sure if I have a tan as hard to see through the dirt. Been getting your messages, great to receive, and Mike - i'm going to get you sectioned when I get back (belated happy birthday x). Going to go now and drink my chai before I snuggle into another night in my mobile home (tent - oh yeah!)
See you all at Christmas.
Loadsa love - Lynney xx

From: Hannah
To: Mum, Dad & Rebecca
Hello from a slightly damp but happy Kerala. Trekking even more challenging and rewarding than I had imagined - carrying a huge rucksack is just the start, I'm so glad I've had the chance to do this. Kerala is beautiful. Have survived my first leech and become usewd to being covered in mud - all part of the adventure. A postcard is on its way. Hope you're all well, and rebecca - hope you had a great birthday. Will be in touch at next Changeover, back at Fieldbase between the 23rd-25th November
Lots of love, Hannah xx

From: James McIntosh
To: Family & friends
Just letting everyone know I am trekking now and have been up the second highest mountain in india. It has been hard but rewarding and very wet and cold at times. Thanks for your comment Jane tell roy I say Hi and I will see him soon and i will show you all my pics when i get back. This is prob the best experience of my life. Having so much fun and made so many friends. Just asking if anyone could put some money in my bank. Leave me more comments there is not enough. Love from James

From: Jack
To Phillips family
Hello all at home. Just a message to say I am all alive and well and trekking in the tea plantations in kerala. It looks almost as nice as Chasewater. Hope all is well at home and keep writing to me. hope Nottingham is treating thee well K.E n Yez. Speak soon. And Dad, get the poached eggs on for when I get home.

From: Elizabeth
To: Family & friends
Hi allemaal, dankjewel voor de blog messages. Ik ben het trekken en het gaat heel goed. we hebben de een-naar-hoogste berg van india beklommen! Ik ben gewend aan de curry's maar die kryg ik hier niet zo veel. Ik begin al best bruin te worden! By jullie is het zeker heel koud. Keep writing me! Dikke kus, Liz


  1. To: Elisabeth van der Zee - Tango Five

    Dear Liz,
    I was so happy when I saw your message. I'm impressed by your climb. Who would have thought that you would ever climb one of the highest mountains in India?! And that you would actually eat curry? Here is everything fine. It's cold and it's raining outside, while mum and dad are playing golf. But I'm sitting nice inside, studying. At days like these, it's boring without you. Success with your trekking and stay out of the sun! Because otherwise I will be so white when you come back! Loves, your sister

  2. Hi Jess of Tango 5! It was great to get your letter thank you, in its very Indian envelope. Sounds as if you're having a terrific time. Impressive training trek but I guess it must feel very small now you're doing the real thing. The mud must be familiar from Hodore, but now you've got leeches too. Urgh. Grandma still in hospital but enjoying hearing your news. Arsenal won today, Chelsea lost and Man U drew. Arsenal now second, two points behind. All our love Mum and Dad

  3. To James Mcintosh
    Tango Five

    Hi James, really happy to hear you sound so upbeat and glad you are having a great time! Darren will be getting jealous of all the trecking you are doing, you will have to join him on a few munros when youe get back!lol (dont think it will be quite the same experience though. Hope your making the most of your time there as it will be something you look back on for the rest of your life. Cant belive that you have been away for over 5 weeks already. Speak again soon. Love Amy

    P.S have put money in the Raleigh Bank ac so they will give you it at fieldbase.

  4. To; Kimberley Delamare Charlie One.
    Hi! Just sitting here having lunch wondering how you are. Hope your building project is going well - sounds like had work to me! Hope you are having some good times. All OK here, had Mike Wengler over this weekend in a German warship - I'm playing at HMS Drake this Saturday - miss you - take care, Dad XX

  5. For Aimee Welch, Tango 5

    Hello from Paris, which seems very staid and boring compared to India! I'm so impressed with the descriptions of what you are doing and the photos.

    Back after a short trip to the UK. Whilst it was a sad occasion, it was lovely to spend some time with Lesley and David and of course be at Durham Road.

    Take care and love from all the Frenchies!

    Aunty Wend

  6. hi jack! hope all is well in india, looked at the photos and tan is coming on class! we are both loving trent, both made it int the cheerleading squad so you can come watch our varstiy performances with berpz and dave, that'll be a nice treat for you!
    see you at christmas, jez and kay xxx

  7. Jonny Bro!!!
    It's good to see photos of you and that you are still alive ;)
    What you're doing looks freakin' awesome, it's like the definition of manliness so good work :)
    Uni is going good and ben's coming to stay this weekend which will be great cos i havent seen him in a while. Nathan has a JOB!!! apparently he's doing gardening for the uni... Mikey got a distinction or something in his accounting course module and hes learning to drive AND hes learning guitar?!?! I know...madness... :P
    anyway J man, we all miss you, and here comes some prayers for your good health.

  8. Hi Laura
    Got your message, just picking myself up off the floor re the Bananas can't believe it, how many years have you not eaten them!
    Sounds like yr having a great if hard time. I hope its been worthwhile and life changing for you. The treking sounded difficult, i prefer the home comforts and a 4* hotel lol's. Eight of us going to Manchester for the weekend for my birthday should be fun! All ok here just starting the xmas shopping!!! oh yes and we are due to get snow today ahhhhh. take care missing you lots love Mum and boo!!!! xxxxx