Welcome to the official blog for Raleigh India 12I | July - August 2012

Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Thursday 4 November 2010

Holi Moly!

It’s been Changeover craziness here at Field base as all the groups arrived back yesterday looking disheveled and dirty but with beaming smiles as they relayed their experiences from Phase One.

The Alpha groups arrived from 8.30am and Field base was whipped into a floury of activity as they were whisked through a process of debriefing, checking their equipment back in, submitting their best photos for the slideshow and having a much desired hot shower. Then it was into Mysore for an afternoon of pizza and stocking up on essentials.

The evening’s activity centered around the skits each group had been working hard to prepare. Charlie One's story telling style gave a great overview of their phase complete with Macarena dancing and Anu’s snoring; Echo Three opted for a TV news report and belted out some cleverly rewritten pop songs to tell their tale; Echo Four produced an amazing musical medley with theatrics of Broadway standard; Tango Five were the winners of the evening with a skit that had it all - flair, comedy, musicality and entertainment with a particularly memorable dancing elephant impression by Lynne; Tango Six’s skit focused on one particular ‘incident’ during their phase which they worked out through the medium of Jeremy Kyle – to very much humorous effects!

The night’s activities were not over though, as we sent them all down to their dorm to create fancy dress outfits out of bin bags. Little did they know that whilst this was happening we’d hidden to ambush them with Holi paint!

It was an explosion of colour and frenzy as the venturers were initially stunned but then found their paints and retaliated aginst the PMs. It wasn’t long until we were all the colours of the rainbow.

It was then up to the roof to party into the night …

This morning the group visited a local temple to pose for the expedition photograph and film the last scene for the music video each group has been shooting scenes for during Phase One.

Then, when they were least expecting it we announced Phase Two allocations by giving each venturer and PM a bracelet and asking them to find everyone else who had the same one!

The expedition was given a good stir as the alpha groups have all been mixed up to form Phase Two groups:

Charlie One

Liam Gallacher
Eira Evans
Caroline Millar

Kimberley Delamare
Amy Gannon
Robert Dwyer
Natalie Gordon
Katie MacNaughton
Kavita Shah
David Frattinger
Shaun Green
Hubertus Kramer
Anniek Akerboom

Charlie Two
Josse Emanuel
Rachel Allan
Susan Pollock

Olivia Ferrari
Kane Grennan
Fiona Marchbank
Rosalind Page
Simon Majtlis
Justine Stuart
George Miller
Katarzyna Ulichnowska
Shanelle Ward
Erdinch Yigitce

Echo Three

Laura Burnet
Bethan Jones
Oliver Whittle

Coenraad de Mol van Otterloo
Arthur Fane
Iain Hood
Samuel Mason
Lucy Marie Flint
Tessa Nooteboom
James Rowantree
Katharine Studley
Anupama Varghese

Echo Four

Stirling Grey
Hannah Lobben
Luke Jones

Isabelle Wijsmuller
Sean Edlin
Ryan Heeley
Michiel Kruize
Philip Smith
Jennifer Rimmer
Denise Stoelzel
Rosie Ward
Sarah Ward
Nga Yee (Irene) Yiu

Tango Five

Charlotte Parbery-Clark
Hannah White
Lynne Cooper

Owen Duffin
James Mcintosh
Jack Phillips
Kirsten Elliot
Laura Hulley
Jessica Norgrove
Jonny Womack
Elisabeth van der Zee
Aimee Welch

Whlist PMs Phil Dart and Christina Ambrose join the Field base family.

If you’d like to send a message to anyone whilst they're out on phase just add a comment to the bottom of any blog entry by clicking the link. Don't forget to tell us who the message is for including their full name and project group. Then select name/URL from the dropdown menu to tell us who it's from (URL can be left blank). Please be aware that we might not be able to publish all personal messages but we will make sure they are distributed via 'The Loop' but do note this may happen only once during the phase.

It's only a quick Changeover, as everyone deploys out tomorrow for Phase Two. From Fieldbase, Polly B will be heading out with Tango 5 for a week's trekking, whilst Polly C is off to Echo Four, keen to experience the self titled 'glampsite' and Del is Echo Three bound to get his dig on.
The lovely Christina will be taking over the blogging reigns until my return ...

All text by Polly Carpenter and photos by Polly Baldwin http://www.dynamicpictures.co.uk/ (unless stated otherwise).


  1. @Charlie One - Anniek Akerboom: Hoi Zusje, wat een avontuur beschrijf je in je eerste mail! Leeches, bloed, modder, zweet, regen en tranen. Ik hoop snel weer wat leuke foto's van je te zien op deze blog. Het is iig nu al een 'once in a lifetime experience'! Ik heb een simpele maar leuke verjaardag gehad en we hebben het vaak over jou en je ervaringen. Succes met de resteren projecten en veel plezier in je nieuwe groep. Love and kisses. Maarten

  2. Margaret & Graham4 November 2010 at 22:11

    Ryan - Echo Four
    We have seen that you are on the changeover but are not sure what the 'glampsite' is but I'm sure you'll enjoy it.We will be watching with interest to see what you are up to so look after yourself
    Lots of love
    Nana & Grandad xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Jack Phillips Tango 5
    Hi Jack, we hope you enjoyed your time with Echo 4. The photos certainly
    gave that impression. The trenches looked much deeper than we imagined and it looked like hard work but enjoyable at the same time. Will be interested to read about your next adventure with Tango 5. All is good at home .
    Love Mom and Dad

  4. To Elisabeth van der Zee- Tango 5
    Ha Lies,
    Dat was even kort maar krachtig terug in de bewoonde wereld. Heel veel plezier tijdens dit spannende avontuur. Met al die spierballen die je al gekweekt hebt, gaat het zeker lukken. We wachten in spanning op foto's en verhalen...
    Dikke kus mama

  5. Owen Duffin Tango Five.
    We thought we would send this as it seems everyone is getting mail!! We are all well and following the blog eagerly every day. We posted the great picture of you building the foundations on to the relatives.! Trendy goggles! It all sounds amazing. Now its time to hang up the dancing boots and start trekking through that amazing scenery. Take care, Mum and Dad

  6. To Tango Five: Elisabeth van der Zee
    Hello Lizzie van me!!
    haha heel leuk je bijnaam, nu heb ik twee lizjes!
    maar lies was echt super blij toen ik je mailtje had ontvangen. ik weet dat ik heel lang niet had gemaild maar had het heel druk met se's enzo!
    ik vind het echt super dat je het zo leuk hebt en vind ook echt heel vet om te lezen wat je allemaal aan het doen bent!
    ik hou je blogs op raleigh bij (ongeveer dagelijks) en kan niet wachten tot je het allemaal zelf aan me kunt vertellen!
    nog heel veel plezier en ik mis je

    dikke kus Cacie

  7. To Katharine Studley-Now Echo Three!

    Hey gorgeous,

    Thank you for you lovely letter and message, Im glad you had an amazing time on your trek, I am very impressed and so proud of you, you’ve done so well!!! Im glad you saw a wild elephant and the scenery was amazing, I look forward to hearing all about it, very jealous! Indian food is yummers, have you hada a lassie yet?

    But that’s not the only thing Im congratulating you on my particularly amazing girlfriend! Well done on the Saatchi gallery success with the cabinet! That is truly amazing hun, Im sooooo proud of you and made up for you, Im sure you’re absolutely thrilled. Never ever doubt yourself, that is clear evidence of your special talent and worth! (I wanted to go see it, Im gutted it was only on this week, we only just found out!) You should have a celebration there with peeps, I demand it PMs if your reading! I’ll certainly be treating you on for both successes your return that’s for sure!

    As for here, everything is fine. It rains...and rains. Simon had surgery yesterday and is recovering fine. Im well, but you wouldn’t like my beard, its well established now!hehe. Doing a few tours round the UK in upcoming weeks hopefully so I’ll have to start my own blog to keep you posted!

    I hope you enjoy your next project digging them trenches, you’ll get even fitter. I look forward to hearing from you soon hun. I hope your well and be safe. Go save some villages!

    Love you lots and thinking of you,

    All my love,

    Gaz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    p.s. Just checked the blog update and you look gorgeous in your picture ☺ xxx

  8. kirsten Elliot Tango 5
    Good Luck with the trekking, loved looking at the blog pics, paint party looked fun (more fun than the X factor) Love You loads, Mum xxxo

  9. Lesley-anne Welch5 November 2010 at 01:41

    Echo Five - Aimee Welch

    You have never looked lovelier - bin liners and green paint suit you!!

    First of the firework displays this evening (at Martins School) but Poppy must be getting very deaf because she wasn't upset. Pippa and I both jumped out of our skins though when the finale started!! Ginger safely inside of course.

    Guy collected his new bike today (had to be fitted with a restrictor kit) Its a silver Suzuki 650 Bandit - better for him to be on a bigger bike with more power. Think Daddy is a bit jealous!

    You are being missed back here - especially by Pippa. After all, she can't talk clothes and gossip with Guy.

    Hope the R&R has prepared you for the trek ahead!!

    Remember where the blister plasters are - hope you don't need them!

    Lots of love from us all xxxxxxxx

    PS The current series of Spooks is phenomenal - you're in for a treat when you can watch it..........

  10. Owen - Tango Five. You'll be pleased to know that the tax office, in an outbreak of early Christmas spirit, have sent you around £200 in back tax - nice! We'll definitely either pay it into your bank account or spend it on beer before you get back. Looks like you're having a great time. Leeches.... hmmm nice! Dad

  11. Carlie Two
    Katarzyna Ulichnowska
    Napisalam po polsku ale wyrazy nie te.Brawo, Tango 5 wygralo w Field, tak pisza, wasz wystep byl najlepszy.Caluski mama

  12. George Miller - Charlie Two.
    I hope this gets to you because now you are in phase 2 and you apparently switched names..
    You got me in trouble today in chem! I basically screamed out loud and had the biggest smile on my face when i saw your name in my inbox and of course i sit front row because i'm a nerd. My professor stopped class, turned around and gave me the dirtiest look. oops. haha but i tried to respond back to your email as quick as possible. I was creeping on the pics here and it looks like your hair is blonde and longer!! don't cut it! And i'm staying down here till the 16th of december so i can go to jingle ball, so no australia ( i'm sorry i tried ) But i am definitely going to Switzerland and Amsterdam next summer and you are coming with Liz her boyfriend and I, we are like 85% sure.. But i'm getting ready to go out, i'll keep emailing you so you can be updated on my life, but i really am so proud of you for this, i could never do what you are doing. Keep it up, be safe, and come home quick! miss you!

    oh ps. zimmerman says 1200 a week? idk? haha

  13. Elisabeth van der Zee Tango5

    Hee Lies, wat een leuk en lief mailtje van je! Het is goed te horen dat je het zo naar je zin hebt.
    Behalve het eten heb je zo te zien niets te klagen. Ik las net dat je nieuwe project de trekking is.Dit zal wel wat zwaarder zijn , maar ik weet dat je het kunt en ik ben trots op je!Ik zal aan je denken. Ik ben vanavond in Groningen .... Dikke kus je zusje

  14. Rosie Ward Echo Four

    Hi Rosie!
    Hope you are having a good time.Holi night looked interesting!Good luck in your new team.Im proud of you.
    Lots of love,

  15. Susan Pollock - Charlie Two

    Hi Susan!

    Just got your Facebook message. Have been thinking of you and wondering what you are up to so great to see photos etc on this blog. Looks like a lot of fun and certainly a world away from commuting to Swindon every day!

    I'm gradually getting used to being a student again. Coursework mounting up and exams soon so already looking forward to the Christmas holidays!

    Hope Phase Two goes well.

    Lots of love and hugs

    Caroline xxx

  16. Louise O'Neill5 November 2010 at 19:41

    Hellloo Sarah Ward, I hope you get this message before you go off to ECHO FOUR! I hope first phase was great stuff!!! Thinking of you loads and love you lots!!!!xxxx

    (hope you get my letter soon!)

  17. To Sarah Ward, now Echo Four

    Reasons why I want to be in India with you right now:

    - You are covered in paint and smiling your face off
    - I broke my toe yesterday
    - You are awesome

    Every time I see you on this you seem to be having more fun than the last time; don't do anything dangerous like explode with happiness please...

    I'm seeing Josh and Charlotte next week - Swansea adventures for everyone woop.

    Spooky fact for you: there is someone on your trip called Shanelle Ward. That's pretty much almost your name - look out...

    Tom and Hannah are both up in Edinburgh having fun and all of the Leedsers are partying for Will's birthday so I'm feeling a bit lonely at the mo - stupid broken toe means I can't go out with Swansea peeps either - Not to worry though as we're planning an epic Skype tomorrow. I'll hold up a picture of your face for everyone. ^_^

    Grace sends her love and spent twenty minutes telling me about a burgundy cardigan that she bought today (shoulder pads included by all accounts) and mum keeps buying small teal things for me to take to India with me...

    Lot's of love - Jamie -x-

  18. To Kimberley Delamare - now Charlie One

    Hi Kimberley! Looks like fun! I reckon you enjoyed that hot shower!!
    Good luck for the next bit - Don't know what it is yet but I'm sure it'll be good!! Take care XX Dad.

  19. Ryan Heeley Echo 4
    Hope your next phase is going well, hope you are taking lots of photos. Town won 2 0 at Harrow Borough in 1st round of fa cup yesterday and have been drawn away at Burton in next round. Should be able to check them out as they are our next visitors to the B2net next saturday. I spoke to Charlie on her birthday and she is fine although she was working on her birthday. Take care lots of love xxx

  20. To IAIN HOOD echo 3 - Great to hear from you the other day glad that you are having such fun . liked the pink paint/bin liner look, beard was a bit of a suprise !. Not sure from blog what echo 3 is going to be doing but will keep a look out for next posting . We are all as normal here everything is starting to get into christmas already normally I find that annoying so early but this year I cant wait as that is when we get you home again . Lots of love and hugs Mum and Jonny X X X X

  21. To Sarah Ward, Echo Four:

    Tom and Hannah here - we're in Edinburgh! Woooo. Just had a Skype with Jamie so it's AS IF HE WAS HERE TOO. Pity you're not, though! Sad faces all round. We have been drinking hot toddy in Scotland's oldest pub and Tom fell in a puddle. Now eating manchego from Hannah's local cheesemonger (next to the chandelier shop) and drinking white wine after a riverside walk to the art gallery. NYAHHHH.

    Now off out to hunt down haggis/chips/deep-fried mars bars before I (Tom) catch an overnight bus back to London. Eughh.

    Anyway, missing you SO BADLY. Insanely jealous etcetera etcetera but YOU KNOW THAT ALREADY.

    Keep the Wranglove alive.


  22. Hi Jess now Tango 5
    You will be so fit by the time you get get back from trench activity and now trekking you will be able to push us up the hills! Hope you enjoy it and that leeches won't get you. Holi looked fun - we liked your yellow cheeks.
    All well here. Robert has just been for supper and we looked at the blogs again and your email. The Tpk tavern has had a facelift so you would not recognise it. Now so snazzy we have been twice this weekend - last night after a film and then this morning! We'll take you there to celebrate when you get back.
    Loads of love, and keep up the singing
    Mum and Dad xx

  23. Shanelle Ward ~ Charlie 2

    Hey Nelle

    Just a quick message to let you know I love and miss you so much. I hope you are enjoying phase two of your expedition.

    I loved the pic I saw of you. You looked so tanned, with a smile as broad as your heart.

    Thinking of you. Take care and enjoy every second.

    Lots of Love and Hugs

    Mums and Jazz

  24. FAO Lynne Cooper - Tango 5

    Oi Lynneee....I'm not paying you to party on roof tops all night! Go dig some trenches or find some new species of tropical disease for me to experiment my newly acquired advanced first aid skills on.

    Hope the week is going good for you. Over half way through now! Not a lot has changed since we last spoke. You still have a job...Glenn is still smiling...I am still single (but only for another week...Vegas is looming!!!)

    Need to know where you have left your car keys...I'm thinking that I could use it to cruise round the town for a few nights and see if it enhances my pulling power. I am growing my hair too...well a little pony tail I reckon...that should do it.

    Now tell me...how do you get an elephant into a fridge!

    More to follow

    Live long and prosper my friend


  25. To Tessa, Echo 3

    Tessie! Mooi om te zien dat je er nog steeds goed uitziet in een vuilniszak, en dat je op elke foto met een smile van oor tot oor staat! En je bent ook al afgevallen volgens mij, of de foto was gewoon vanuit een goed e hoek genomen ;). Heel veel succes deze tweede phase, brieven zijn onderweg liefkind,

    Doei, xxx je zus

  26. hellllo umcle liam,
    hope you are having fun in the jungle!
    i am building a jungle with lots of animalssss and trees - i like marching elephants the best. have you seen any elephants?
    Bye bye uncle liam,
    Lots of Love from damien
    (PS Damien wrote this message himself with a little help from mummy)

  27. To Liam, Charlie 1

    Hi Liam,
    News from us in Scotland - Sarah is crawling and trying to stand up all the time, its a very dangerous business, it's her birthday next week so we should have a wee party for her, i'll send you some pictures. I'll also send you pictures from halloween, Damo was a spider and Sarah was a witch - they were very cute. We had a wee party then, think Damo just ate sweets and cake all day!

    Damien has recently discovered the jungle book dvd - absolutley loves it. he likes the elephants the best, and you should see his wee face when i tell him that you are in the jungle and have seen elepahnts, i don't know if he believes me.

    Damien I ahve just painstakingly typed out a wee message for you together, he pressed all the buttons himself, but i think i didn't put charlie 1 at the start so idon't know if you'll get it. Will try again tomorrow if not.

    it's getting quite cold here now, and pretty wet. We all have the obligatory coughs and runny noses. Can you buy thermals in Mumbai, if not let us know and i'll get some for Naina I have a feeling she might need them!

    Hope you are well and enjoying yourself. you seem to be having a great time and getting loads done from looking at the pictures.

    Hopefully we might get to speak next time you're back at base camp. otherwise, take care and we'll look forward to seeing you and Naina in Jauary.

    Lots of Love,

    ruth, Terry, Damien and Sarah

  28. to justine stuart-charlie 2

    Hi Justine,

    I keep checking on here pretending I am working. Looks like you been doing some hard work with that digging but just looks pure amazing as well. You know how much I love India so I am very jealous of you being there.

    All the college stuff is sorted so you don't have to think about that until you come home.

    Enjoy the next bit and take care


  29. Hallo Anniek @ Charlie One !!

    Jeetje wat horen we een tijd niets van je ! Dat zijn we niet bepaald gewend. We kijken al dagen lang meerdere keren per dag of er berichten van Charlie One zijn. Wellicht ben je inmiddels Angela al tegen gekomen waarmee we nog kort gemaild hebben. Is het een beetje gelukt met de bouwactiviteiten. Heel benieuwd zijn we naar verse foto's en hopen op "big smiles" !! Hier verder alles goed. Jij daar veel plezier en vriendschappen toegewenst !!
    Gr + XXXX P&M

  30. Mum and Dad to Katie Charlie One18 November 2010 at 03:40

    Hi Katie
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow - missing you lots - we'll have a toast down the drake in your honour

    Looks like you are having an amazing time - it's all very quiet here without you.

    Amy popped by last week to pick up some bits and pieces she'd left here before she heads off to Singapore, lovely to see her, she updated me on Matty, sounds like she'll be staying in Sweden. Your christmas flight to Sweden is booked leaving 23rd back 31st.
    love you lots
    mum & dad

  31. Rosie Ward Echo Fou22 November 2010 at 18:22

    Buddy Buddy......i wasn't sure if you had made it until i saw a picture of you on the website! Dylan and I sent you a letter- hope you got it.

    I miss you! But am really excited for you, the pictures look great it looks like hard work and good fun.

    Love you loads xxxxxx Al

  32. Hey Lynne

    looks like your having a great time have you got trench foot yet?.... not long to go feels like ages since we all saw you...
    Thought we had lost you over there until I finally caught glimpse of you painted and in a bin liner..

    Glad your having such a good time your next trip will have to be something pretty special to beat this

    see you soon in time for christmas!!!!

    Cath x

  33. Kate Studley! Echo Three... I think.

    Me and Sophie got your letter! Loved it loads, thanks so much. I can imagine you writing.. by candlelight on your strange bed. All that indian food sounds amazing! We had our Indian chef Povan come and do Indian buffet day in work today. Mmm. It was so good.

    Also - I have started to make mince pies. Millions of them! Can't wait to see you at chrismucka - saw Joan in asda last night and she gave me the lowdown on cupcakes. Fo Sho! Glad you're having an amazing time!

    Lots of love from Rachel and Gooner over there (she's wrapping christmas presents.) x x x

    p.s - make the most of your t shirt tan cos it's literally freezing here. Snow and everything! I had to buy a hot water bottle.