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Tuesday 11 August 2009

What were you thinking, poetry from Charlie 4

What were you thinking?
By Meriel Hubbard and Nat Cox

No more pillows or a comfy bed,
Sleep on the floor with only the ground to rest your head,
Drag your aching body from it’s realm of sleep,
It’ll nearly be 7am and time to eat.
Hope for a fry up but this life’s so cruel,
Turns out again its Indian style gruel,
Be quick to decide that it’s so yummy,
As its all there is to fill your tummy.
And you just know that hunger will come quick,
Keep stuffing your face,
But please don’t be sick.
Seriously, what were you thinking?

Time to ditch the summer shorts and pretty dress – resign them to the bin,
Project fashion is all about the “mess” so let me fill you in,
The height of chic for toiling in the summer heat is a dust washed ensemble,
It truly has to be custom made with sweat and dirt never to fade,
Team with a radiant brick dust glow and any chances of lust are certain to grow.
Support this trend and don’t be fazed,
The style improves with the passage of days.
I mean really what were you thinking?

Off to work with a hop and a skip,
Yet unlike at home the jobs aren’t yours to pick,
More bricks, more sand,
Are of the few phrases to understand.
Constantly heaving resources around the place,
To feed the sanitation unit’s face.
Dirt embedded in your skin,
What’s this, am I getting thin?
And yet again you’ll find there’s a queue for the shower bucket,
Just use a wet wipe – oh…how annoying!
Honestly what are you thinking?

Well actually, all I am thinking is,
Construction is fun, out in the sun,
Working all day, that’s just the way,
As Lewis would say ‘we roll’.
Smiles and chants of ‘hello’ and ‘hi’
Makes you truly want to try,
An eternal member of this community,
In a part of India only Raleigh lets you see.
I think I really like it here.


  1. howw cleveer of you nataliee :)
    mummy is proud, yourr writing whilst away!!!!
    phoebe likes the poem and thinkss your lookin verry nice in the pink ...loveee x

  2. hi nat,
    what we are all thinking is... how great it is to see you looking so well and happy!
    love the poem as you knew i would and beautifully read against such a cool backdrop.well done on winning the brick race, hope you're ready to build dave the builder needs a few tips ;)
    love mum x
    love mum x

  3. Hi Meriel,
    I remember noticing that when I was in India it was a common sight to see women humping bricks on building sites and so perhaps you'll start a new trend back in the UK! We very much enjoyed the poetry performance. Clearly your creative energy works best when you are physically stretched so I have high hopes of further creative bursts while you chop up the remaining logs in the garden on your return. Much looking forward to hearing about all you experienced and saw on safari. LOL dad x

  4. Hi Meriel, dad's comment was sent by myself! terrifically proud to have mastered the blog. Gabes is off today and planning a Marshall/Hubs trip to Hope Cove on your mutual return. We're back in a rather empty house, but its not unpleasant! Trudi is broody and Amanda has offered her some fertilised eggs to sit on. I think I"ve sent you an e.mail - news there. Hope safari and rest of the trip continues so magnificently, and that pink camera is well used. missing you of course but loving keeping up to date on the blog. - loads of love mum xxx