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Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Wednesday 19 August 2009

Messages from Echo 6

From Rosie Crocker:
Mum, dad, adam, sam, joe, Samantha, Hannah, uncle mart, uncle rob and aunty jen!! Thanks all so much for your comments, having an amazing time out here. Kerala is beautiful but very rainy! We start our 29km trek up mountains tomorrow, it lasts 2 days, thats only the start of it!! Hope your all ok?? So glad to hear your check up was good dad J see you next week!! Cannot wait to live with walls and chairs again! Love you lots, rose xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

From Rosie Crocker:
Daniel! Thanks for your letter and messages.. glad u got my text J hope ur ok?? Miss you loadsssss.. india is amazing! Cant wait to show you all my pics! Cant believe i’ll be seeing you next week, yay! Don’t know when i’ll speak again, might not be until i see you next week. Say hello to all your family for me, take care love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxx

From Emily Hakin:
Hello Mummy, Andrew and my beloved brother George haha... Hope you are all ok and George you had an amazing mash up of a birthday?? Would have loved to have been there ravin away... but plenty of time to do that when im home. Sitting in a cloud at the moment, in a storm... very surreal. We start a 29 km trek tomorrow, im leading the day soooo its all good. Don’t know if your letter will get to me on time now, but I will try and get someone to post it back to me when I get home. You could always send a cheeky text?? Anyways, would LOVE it if you could get in touch with student finance for me and find out about swapping fees? Love you all you crazy party people (I feel slightly affected by the l also altitude...madness). Let Andrew know that I will also be free for the week away to the Maldives...! xxxxxxx

From Emily Hakin:
Hey Granny and Grandad, my personal silver-surfing service. Hope you both are well, all is good here, as you can see, wet ect! Thank you so much for your letter, I got it the other day, so good to get letters out here, brightens you up when you are wet through and know the rain probably won’t stop. I need to go on holiday... soooo let me know when you are off to Africa yeah, yeah? Haha J Love to you both and Im planning for a Steak and Omlette trip when I get back... you in??? Xxxxxx

From Alice Frost and Laura Morgan
Happy Bday Sacha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally 18!!! Hope ypu had an amazing day J looking forward to coming home and catching up and partayingggg love you loads and loads and see you soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

From Alice Frost
Hey mum, dad, Tom and Harry been in Kerala for a few days now its proper monsoon season , project was amazzziiinngg, hard work but so rewarding to finish and see the villages’ faces when the water came through J Tomorrow (Wednesday) we’re doing a long long trek which will be challenging but good I hope! Mum can you book me a cut and dye at Sacha’s salon for the first Saturday I’m back in the morning at like 10 am please or sometime in the morning, just text Sacha J also I request steak and chips for Thursday night for dinner J looking forward to coming home and seeing you all, love you all so much, Alice xxxxxxxxxxxxxx p.s still don’t want my results, no matter what they are lol

From Lou
Dear Mum and Dad
I am now in Kerala starting the adventure phase, tomorrow we are going on a 17k trek. The project was brilliant but really exhausting. As you know we but the gravity water feed for a village called ramanani. It was absolutely stunning place surrounded by elephants which we could here while we were asleep. Its gone so quick i cant believe i come home in just under 10 days, i would love a roast dinner (Roast pork possible) and one of your chococate cakes mum, that would be absolutely lovely. Hope all is well at home, hows Murphy getting on with izzy? Lots and lots of love lou xxxxxx

From : Will D
Damerells, I realise that my last message was rather brief but i feel it covered the essentials. Now i have more time i am able to write more. We are now on our adventure phase and set off for our trek part tomorrow early doors. Other parts of our adventure phase include kayaking, rafting cycling and more. It’s going to a brilliant. I’m made a who;e bunch of wicked mates that i’m travelling on with. We are planning on having a house boat on the kerala backwaters for my birthday. The information about my cricketing ancestor was fantastic to receive. I knew my talent or lack off had to come from somewhere. Mum, good luck with the debusy piece i’m sure you’ll crack by the time i’m back. Dad, please keep me updated about the ashes. I hope summer is going well and the weather isn’t to rubbish. In kerala we get dayly monsoons but they arrive at the same time every day so we can prepare ourselves. Pete nice advice and i do have many cuts that are taking an age to heal due to the humidity. But none on the face. Mum don’t read that bit. Keep well all of you and i’ll see you all soon
Love from Will x

From Nicholas Thorp
Dear Mum and everyone
I am having a awesome time here. We just started the adventure phase and I am really looking forward to coming home just so I can tell you what I have been up to. Missing you all. Love Nicholas.

From Liam McCreesh
Hi All Sorry I haven’t been in touch since I got here, been extremely busy- certainly working hard especially on the project phase in Tamil Nadu! In Kerala now for the adventure phase, staying at the field base for the night which is like a cloud city with monsoon thunderstorms as its 1500m above sea level. Trekking starts tomorrow followed by 72km cycle and then rafting. Coming home next Thursday, can’t believe it already! Hope you get this and that all is well at home. I’ve got so much to tell you when I get back. See you soon & Take care. Love Limbob

Hello all!
At Kerala field base atm – returned here from yesterday after a 45 min trek! Have done various activities gaining points for our team today! Nice chilled day though (with lots of tea-drinking) before we start the 2 day trek tomorrow – ah! Kerala is beautiful though – lots of stunning scenery! And lots of rain! Hopefully my tan will last!
Lots of love Claire xXx
PS. Hope windsurfing was windy Jon!

Hey Mum, Dad and Robin
I am in midst of the adventure phase and having a great time. It’s the big trek tomorrow! Everything is going really well and I am having a lovely time. I hope all is well with you all. I’m really looking forward to catching up when I am back at the start of September.
Love from


  1. Wendy and Ray Ward.20 August 2009 at 01:37

    Hi Emily,(Droops!!)
    How good to have a message from you--even if you are affected by the altitude--we dont mind.
    Yes,we are on for a nice big steak at the Steak and Omelette or we can have one of grandads special meals.He has been cooking up a storm with some new receipes.
    They photos of you all are great.I bet there will be some really funny ones taken during your challenges this week.
    We laughed when we read how echo6 hid their eggs to pick up on the way back to camp--Just shows how you have been taught new skills by Raleigh.!!Ha Ha!!--forward planning!!
    We all had a great time at Georges BBQ--he was suitably embarrased when he was given a birthday cake with candles and we all sang to him.He looked 20 going on 12.
    We cant believe it is nearly the end of your trip Em.we have been so interested following the blog each day.
    We are still planning to go to south africa in october but have to get the ok from grandads specialist to make sure he is OK to fly.He is feeling fine at the moment so we hope we can get insurance--fingers crossed.
    Speak to you soon sweetheart.Give our regards to Rosie.Lots of love and hugs from your personal silver surfers Granny and Grandad xxxxxx(more letters are on the way)

  2. Message for Emily Hakin,
    Hey Darling, sorry but think you have had enough sun, so Andrew and I will be going alone!!!Because we haven't had any sunshine.....well it is the summer...
    Can't wait for you to come home, not too long now, seems like ages, but it sounds as if you have had and still having a fabulous time...
    Well, hopefully the clouds would of lifted before you get this? Does sound surreal....
    Lots of love to you
    Mummy and Andrew
    ps, Birthday bash was good..bbq in the garden all afternoon,family and friends and then they went out on the town in the evening and george can't remember anything after arriving at cuba..Mmmmm...naughty boy.

  3. Hi Claire! I have made it to Tiree and it is so windy!! 3 men in a van is a little cosy but an experience, lol.
    I miss you so much and i think about you every day baby. I cant wait untill you are back!
    I love you so much, it looks like you are really enjoying yourself!


  4. Freddie G.The boy done good! Superb results.Your place at Leeds is confirmed.So pleased for you.Pity you are not able to join us for the champagne celebration.Looking forward to hearing all the news.Take care of yourself.Love Mum and Dad xxx

  5. ahhhh mate i just wrote the longest message ever and it deleted itself1
    HAKINNNNNNN....where's my love on here dude? feel like im being neglected a bit you know...
    yeah hope you're well and having funtimes with C-Rock...canny wait for you to return....
    will you text me as soon as you land, need to know whats going on over our london love nest! i return to the ghetto 24th, monday....
    the boy and i are no more, so im probably gonna have to resort to good old nick haha hmmmmm PARTYTIME dudeeeee......yeahhhh mannnnn, nothing much to report really, just been chilling in the cheshire countryside...
    love you gazillions Freckle-F....
    yours always...aaaaaaaaah John xxxxxxxxx

  6. Hi Rose
    My blogging skills have gone to pot!! I couldn't find the box! Hope all is going well and you are enjoying all your tasks - sounds like Echo 6 are being a bit cunning - hope it pays off!! Have a great time, we are all looking forward to seeing you and everyone is back next weekend so you might have to sleep in a basher in the garden! At last I can write " see you soon " all our love and more Ma and Pa xxxx

  7. Hi Will,
    Thanks for the update. We were wondering how you were getting on. It seems as if you all have been having a wonderful experience. Hope the trecking etc goes well. Great to hear that you have found others to share the post Raleigh experience. Do try to keep us updated as much as posible during that time. It's great to get a flavour of what you are experiencing.
    Weather remains poor on the whole, with Cornwall doing worse than the SE recently. Seven to eight foot surf on the north coast today, which tells it's own story!
    Day 2 of test due to start soon, although England probably lost all chance to win yesterday. Having won the toss and decided to bat on a good wicket they closed on just over 300 for 8. Man U went down 1:0 to Burnley in mid week. However, the important neews is that Spurs are top of the league after beating Liverpool 2:1 on Saturday and Hull 5:1, away, on Wed. OK it's only two games, but how often do I get the chance to says Spurs are top?
    Raining at the moment just as I want to get outside. We used the apple crusher for the first time yesterday. You can try the result when you get back.

  8. Hi Rose
    Just a quickie - we were at Mike and Alisons last night with the rest of the crew - they all send their love and cant believe what you are doing so lots of pics please! Cant wait for Thursday to see you and Emily and hear all about it, no doubt the days will whizz by your end - take care love you lots and keep on trekking!!! All our love Ma and Pa xxxx

  9. Guys, i finally worked out where to do this bleeding blog! but hey, not long till you get back now.. hope your all well! whats the food like? i cant wait too see you all. and those pictures. miss you. love you. Rose and Emily keep smiling :) Cant believe how fast this has gone?! has it been like that for you? Well done, your doing incredible. xxx