Welcome to the official blog for Raleigh India 12I | July - August 2012

Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Tuesday 7 August 2012

In which we review current project progress...

Well, with “the loop” starting tomorrow morning, now seems an ideal opportunity to put you in the picture with a brief look at what each team has been up to since their deployment. Rest assured that, on my return this coming Sunday, my bag will be replete with messages, guest blogs and photos from the front line, so make sure you tune in then for a venturer’s eye view of the past week.

Foxtrot 1

The first day of Foxtrot 1’s visit consisted of setting up camp and attending meetings with the head mason and a member of our project partner, Mykaps, called Mr Mahadeviah. It must have been a good set of meetings because Foxtrot 1’s progress has been fantastic. They hit the ground running and are well on track, at this point, to finish their 15 toilets on time. Foundations have already been laid and work is currently commencing on erecting the walls of the toilets. Early on, they got the chance to meet some of the beneficiaries of the ecosanitation facilities which they’re building, and this was a great opportunity to put all of their hard work, so far, into context and to realise the human benefit that will come of their toil. We meet with them on Thursday.

Foxtrot 2

Similarly to Foxtrot 1, Foxtrot 2’s first days comprised meetings with a representative from Mykaps, Mr Shankar, and a visit to the project sites where, ever since, they’ve been putting in the hard hours. It’s all paying off for this tough troupe of volunteers though. First, the work sites were successfully cleared, and then foundations for the ecosanitation toilets were laid. At present the team are on course to complete all their building work, having already constructed several chambers and bases for the toilets. We look forward to an extended stay with them, from Friday night through to Sunday, in the company of lots of intrigued schoolchildren.

Foxtrot 3

Foxtrot 3 are getting enough rain for the whole of India by the sounds of it. Thankfully they managed to set up their camp before the monsoon arrived and have made solid progress with the digging of their two biogas pits, currently named “Brad Pitt” and “Pittsburgh”. If anyone knows Brad Pitt, please write to Brad about this. He might be able to fly out and get a photo with the team. We have plenty of pasta and hotdogs to give him. Deal? The coming week will see the foundations of the cow shed get completed and, hopefully, a start made on the construction of the biogas domes within the pits. We shall rendez-vous with them tomorrow.

More reports soon. Toodle-pip for the mo’!


  1. Sophie Eaton Foxtrot 2
    Hi Sophs, Great to read from the blog that you're making good progress on your project. I am sure it's very hard work but it will be so appreciated by the local community. All is well on the home front. Will and I are off to London for the night leaving Phoebe rather begrudgingly in charge of Mabel who keeps eating her shoes. Team GB is just storming ahead with the medals now - loads of gold and huge celebrations. Can't wait to hear your news. Love you lots. Mxx

  2. To Wes (Foxtrot 3)
    Hey there, all thinking about you and wondering how you are going with all things bio-gas! Just seen the latest post about the monsoon - a great test for those dry sacks :) All here is a little quiet without you ... lots happening on the Olympic front, tally stands at 21 Gold medals as we message you. Gran is constantly asking if we have heard from you ... So hoping all is going well ... here's a quick message from Beth too ...
    Hi Wes,
    So you go all the way to India to get excessive rain, goodness! Maybe this is a nice relief from the hudimiy..
    We are all intrigued about how you are getting and accustoming to everything (take this a a not so subtle hint to give us a message back..). Enjoying the curries? Or rather are you coping with the new levels of spice?
    Anyway keep smiling,digging and stay as dry as you can!
    Lots of Love
    Mum, Nick and Beth xxx

  3. To Nasim Nejabat, Foxtrot 2:

    Hey azizam,

    Hope you're down well. Read the update about the work you're doing and looks like you lot are working really hard. I bet your taking charge and getting bossy :P haha
    Iran won two more Golds today! One in wrestling and some big fella in the weightlifting. They've got 8 medals all together, 4 of them are Gold. I think they got a silver in the discus. Great Britain are romping it now. It's now GB's most successful Olympics EVER! Lol
    Trainings going really well. I'm feeling fit. Not got those abs yet though haha totally shattered right now, just want to sleep all the time! Need my girl here to hug me!

    Anyway, hope I get a message off you soon :) lots of love gorgeous!
    Alex xxxx

  4. To Jakhya in Foxtrot One,

    Sounds like you and your team are making really good progress. Hope you're all enjoying yourselves despite the hard work involved.

    We're all good. Not that long until Ramadan is over and then it'll be Eid! Hope you manage to celebrate somehow.

    An Olympic update. We've beaten our Beijing record and currently have 22 gold, 13 silver and 13 bronze medals! We're predicted to get more and are third in the medals table! Perhaps you could organise a small Olympic event for your team?!

    Anyways, we're missing you lots. Hope you're taking care of yourself.

    Love you!
    from the Rahman&Zamans XxX

  5. Hi Myr (myriam mallon Foxtrot 3)
    Cameron loves the word Toodle-pip!!! and is now saying it all the time. (per Cameron)if you see Mowgli tell him he has to go back to the man village. I will also contact Brad and ask if he can pop over to you guys in India..... you know me!
    On the home front Cian O Connor just won the first medal (Bronze)for Ireland in showjumping on Charlies O'Reilly Hyland's horse (Blue Loyd 12) This years olympics being so close (across the pond)are even more exciting. Two English brothers (Brownlee) came 1st and 3rd in the triathlon go team GB... along with all the other fantastic wins, I think Charlotte's first words will be Come on Jessica Ennis..
    We all miss you very much and hope you are doing ok and looking forward to hearing from you very much.

    Lots of love from Mum and Team Ashford!!

  6. (for Sara Steele, Foxtrot 3)
    Ciao! Kaise Ho? Great to hear how everything's going over there, and that you're getting stuck in to Bradd Pitt's hole. Team GB is flying in the Olympics; they finish this Sat, went down there to watch some yesterday. I see there's been a bit of wet stuff there, just so as you know...it's hot as a dog over here, we'll save some sun for when you get back :-D Later gator, Chris xx

  7. Message for Johanna Williams/Pusey FOXTROT 1 FROM Alison Parson and Co
    Hi Johanna, we are delighted to hear your toiling at the toilets has got off to an impressive start. Your Blackpool toiletry experiences will now pale into insignificance! We..Margaret Helen and I are toiling in my back garden over the Bridgewater programms enjoyng a cup of cha and an Eccles cake. We are now in the shade as its quite a hot sunny day.
    We apologise for our tardy attempt at starting to BLOGG but we are a touch slow with this modern means of communication! I have already lost out 1st message by trying to preview it!!!
    We all think you deserve a gold medal to add to the 25 already won by GBR. WE miss you and hope that you are really enjoying this challenge and your time in India. We hope the Electricity problem in India didnt affect you too much if at all. We all send our best wishes, love and hugs from us all, Margaret, Helen and Ali.

  8. Hi Laura,

    Hope you are enjoying your India experience. Aunt Sandy, Kimberley, Jeffrey and myself are thinking about you and hoping all is well!

    Love Uncle Scott

  9. To: Niovi Antoniou, Foxtrot 3

    from: mother

    feggroprosopi m agapi xere en kirio. ise kala? se fantazome oles aftes tis 9 meres p den ixame kanena minima s laspomeni ma xarumeni ke gelasti! ipame, kano ta pikra glika gia na kila grigortera o keros p tha ise makria m. i kales praxis- ops afti p kanis tora '' dinun dinami semas ke emneun tous alus giro mas'' Platonas. giafto bravo ke pali bravo s moro m.

    dio meres tora den s estila minima giati den imun ke poli kala. edosa aima stin aimodosia omos tora ime kalitera.

    to perasmeno savvato eklepsan to iphone tis tonias apo to plin 2. stenaxorethike para poli ala ti na kanume.. trexame astinomia MTN cyta gia na mpi to tilefono black list ke i carolina s tilefonse uk gia na kanun to tilefono track apo to find my iphone. omos akoma tipota. eftixos prin figi evale tis plirofories p ithele sto macbook tis ke den exase polla simantika pragmata p ixe apothikevmena.

    i caro s ine akomi arosti. xthes tin pira ston giatro ke tis evale enesi ston popudaki tis ke tis edose antiviosi giati epathe piodi amigdalitida. taftoxrona epthathe ke travigma stin aristeri tis plati ke pige fisiotherapia.

    i tonia s efige gia 8 meres holidays ston protara. ke to apogevma tha paro ke tin carol gia 7 meres. vlepis plisiazi o dekamentavgustos, i giorti tis panayias mas- voithi s eki pp vriskes, ke ekkenothike i lefkosia.

    opapas s epestrepse xthes apo tin norvigia. paemorfa ala katathliptika ola ams ipe. ta fjords iperoxa ala nixtoni stis 11 ke ximeroni stis 3 to proi.

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    proxthes m ipe i annie ti kani i niovi perna kala? ke ti ti s ipa ma pia niovi? afu to tiro to rito ''mati ap den vleponte grigora lismoniunte''

    to perivoito porject p dialexes na pas proxora? tha exun ga i kaimeni ihtagenis na magirevun i tha to afisete misotelioto? kimase stis eores exete skines tros kala gurunaki m? elpizo afti i toso sinepis ke antrhopini eteria p epelexes na kanis to intership s na deithi ke na mas enimerosi gia to ti kanete ke pos pernate.

    telospanton pullaki m igia naxis ke ola tha teliosun sintoma ke tha epistepsis piso stn ''mitriki aggalia ke frontida'' me perissoteres empiries p tha dulepsun thetika ston xaraktira s ke stin metepita poria tis zois s.

    ekinoo pgnorizo ine oti os exun gini mexri tora en moprume na ta alaxume simasia exi na diorthosume sto melon ta lathi t parelthontos. me polla filia ke oli m tn agapi

  10. Darling Helena, we returned from France last night, having had a great time, we stayed in a gorgeous house. We all thought of you often. Lots of lying by the pool, and playing games. We explored little fortified villages on top of rolling hills and we had fun day trip to Cahors and bought delicious things to eat in markets. We canoed and swam in the beautiful river Lot where Laura jumped about 40ft off rock into the river. We are off to Spetses on Monday morning and will fill you in with all our news from there when we can. Back on Monday 20th August. Missing you loads but we know you're having an amazing time and can't wait to hear all about it. Sounds like you got off to a very good start on your Foxtrot 1 project. Bags of love, Mama xx

  11. To Tiffany Freedman
    Hi Tiff
    What a fantastic surprise to hear your voice a few minutes ago - we wanted the call to go on all day and hear about everything - hope the queue outside didn't mind waiting a while - thank you for calling you made our day!!
    We are so pleased its going well and we miss you soooooo very much
    Please continue to look after yourself - we are very proud and can't wait to hear from you again
    Can't stop smiling and crying thinking about the the call
    Love Dad, Mum and Dan

  12. Mitch Tulloch
    Hi Mitch Just a quick hello, I hope your keeping well, I have been keeping up with all your blogs, you are doing a great job. I hope your having a good time over there. I will be in touch soon, take care love Mum & DAd x

  13. For Sara Steele (Foxtrot 3)

    Thanks for the message; good to know that all is well. Must admit that I laughed when I read that you have lots of rain - amazing sunshine in the UK. Olympics have been fab with GB doing exceedingly well. Aunty V said hello wants to see all your photos when your home. Love you Mum xxxx

  14. To Fran foxtrot 1

    Darling how goes it all? From the blog it seems like foxtrot 1 ate doing very well building the loos! Your surroundings must be so much more familiar now? Along with the temperature and food?iam sitting in the garden with tatti ! She keeps barking at phantom intruders!! The chickens are strutting their stuff around the garden- Louis found an enormous egg this morning! Definitely a double yolker!

  15. Ps to Fran big kiss to you mum! X

  16. Elizabeth Graham (foxtrot 2)
    Hi Beth. I've just finished 3 hours weeding in the garden and wonder if I should just wait until you come home to do the weeding for me having had some eperience now clearing land!
    We've just got back from Kent. Zac had a great time on his holiday and has been part of the 'gang of 4' only agreeing to sleep at aunty Kaths when Lola barked at him to shut up!
    James is very releived to get back 'online'. Connor is round and they've just been down to onestop - nothing changes.
    Dad is looking very brown. He spent quite a lot of time in the sun waiting to drive people. The olympics has been very good.
    We're all missing you and looking forward to you coming home but still think it's brill that you are doing this. Thought about an indian takeaway when you get back (or maybe just veg lasagne).
    Will be picking up your results on thursday and will speak to Raleigh to see how best to get them to you. Don't suppose you much care at the minute.
    We all love you lots
    Mum xxxxx

  17. TO:NIOVI ANTONIOU FOXTROT3 A! Pico mu epidi oli edo kokorevonte- sto blog enoo gia ta olimpiaka tus metalia pes tus oti ke i kipros pire to proto tis olimpiako metalio -argiro parakalo stin istioploia ke ton Kontidi-CYPRUS- SILVER METAL IN SAILING PLS XAXAXA!AKUTE REEEEEE?

  18. From the reports it sounds Like I am experiencing more sun than you, HA.
    After spending a day on the beach and still being jealous of you I am now happy in the fact that you are getting a lot of water, bring some back as they have stopped us using the Hose Pipes it is that hot.
    Looking forward to you getting back, got a Motown gig set up which you better bloody enjoy.

    Miss you Miss O'Reilly. Kenty

  19. Chrystala Antoniou13 August 2012 at 06:33

    Niovi Antoniou
    Foxtrot 3

    Agapimeni mou Niovi

    Eyxomai Na pernas kala. Parakolouthw to blog sas ke vlepw oti einai mia spudea empiria. Exis na kerdisis polla mesa apo tuti ti prosfora su. Na ise prosektiki ke ypomonetiki to kathe lepto. Oloi rotoun gia sena. H thia Maria, o pappous Antonis, h giagia...Sou stellun oli tin agapi tus.
    Perimena na dw newtera apo to project sas. Isws avrio... Ta dika mu nea.. Eimaste gia mia evdomada sti kriti. Epistrepsame ti Paraskevi. Gyrisame kamposo, perasame kala ke twra sto kamini tis Lefkosias. Apopse eida ti lixi twn Olympiakwn ke xeniktisa. Poly entyposiaki me polloys ke diasimus Aglus tragudistes. Niovi mu sagapw poly ke se skeftome..Apolavse avto pu kanis para tis dyskolies pu mpori na exei. Se filw H thia Chrystala

  20. Louise Preece
    Ella Preece foxtrot 2
    Hey Bella, im missing you so much and think about you all the time. We saw legally blond on saturday it was brilliant and Ruby loved it, thankyou.Olympics have been great we watched closing ceremony last night obviously dancing when Take That came on!Toms ok he took Ruby to the arcade the other day which was lovely of him. Hes off to Amsterdam today. Going to London to stay with Nat and Alice tomorrow then off to Spain next week. House move going well have packed 15 boxes so far but along way to go. Love you, stay safe and keep working hard. Very proud of you, mum xxx

  21. To: Alex B-S, Foxtrot 3

    Trying again. I tapped out a message last night but, baffled by the technology, I allowed my iPad to eat the message. Makes a change from the usual dog excuse. Anyway, sport has dominated the media for weeks and the Olympics climaxed last night with a rather cheesy closing ceremony. If it had been a vegetable dish, it would have been a muttar paneer; you get the picture. Dave has been extolling the virtues of the Olympics and chiding schools which offer Indian Dance instead of proper sports (as done at the school which he and Boris attended) so once again India never far from the headlines.

    It was great that you were able to speak to Mum - delighted to hear you are so well, although the blogs have suggested it has been pretty rainy - not ideal conditions for digging anything. Had a look at the map to see where you are. What does Manalvayal have in common with the letter h? They're both in the middle of nowhere.

    Ben has come back from Geek camp and gone straight to Paris for the week. Mac is catching up on some long overdue TV watching - so many reruns of TBBT to catch up on. It has almost felt rude to insist that we watch the Olympics.

    Missing you and thinking of you.

    love Dad x

  22. For David Wyatt Foxtrot 2 from Mum
    Keep looking at the Blog and so enjoying any news about your group. Hope you are having a wonderful time. Dad has tried to send a message but perhaps you didn't get it. We have had slightly better weather since you left and the Olympics were wonderful...there was a lovely feelgood atmosphere while it was going on. Joseph enjoyed Paris but he and Hannah seemed either to be laughing or argueing!! Sim has been in Oxford for the weekend but is coming back tonight. He finished his NPLQ and is getting some work now which is good. Joseph has said that you can have his bedroom when he goes to uni so that should give you a bit more space to keep tidy!!! The house is very quiet without you! Hope you enjoy the rest of the project and have a wonderful time for the rest of your stay. We love you very much Mum xoxoxo

  23. sally jordan/Mum!15 August 2012 at 03:33

    Hi Harriet! sounds like you have made good progress with the loos! How wonderful that you are all doing something so useful and sustainable. Olympics has been awesome from so many viewpoints,,,,,have saved all the papers and some tv progs for you! The whole country has been lifted by the experience........the hope is now that this new found positive attitude and friendly behaviour between everyone will last...we will see! Mum, Dad, Malcolm and Sir Jason have all been here for the weekend...great funalthough not too sure that Cranleigh was ready for John's duck-emblazoned nightshirt! two weeks today and you will be back.........really looking forward to all the stories big hugs and lots of love Mum xxxxx

  24. To ella. Foxtrot 2
    Lovely to hear from you and to know that you are coping with a very different way of
    Life. Hope the boots are holding up to the test. How are the finger nails.

    Everyone o k here. Mum is missing you like mad but she is very busy packing and
    Making a mountain of boxes in the dining room. Keep up the good work. Missing you and
    Admiring you very much. Love from grandma and grandad

  25. Tabitha Preece
    Ella Preece Foxtrot 2

    Hey Ella! Mum is driving insane! She is either on here all the time, talking about you or moaning about packing boxes and the state of the house! We have packed loads, my room is nearly empty, everywhere looks bare now. we did some in your room to help you out too, as you have lots to do when you get home! ...so dont think you are sleeping all the time!
    Hope you are using Alans camera to show us what its like when you get home!
    See you soon, we will have a very spicy curry waiting for you haha xx

  26. Boubs (Helena Sutcliffe) that sounds so great!!!! Mama Papa and Bauz in spetses in greece so I'll liaise with mama re your results as I have the day off so could potentially call for you and then call the raleigh head office if that's better for you. EEk!!! i'm just working away no news. Going to go to yorkshire this weekend and i can't wait. i will send gertie and meg your love. missing you tons. your loo building sounds epic. saw grandfather last week who was on great form. dad's car then exploded on our way back from visiting him and we all had to bail out of it as smoke started pluming from the bonnet. we also had to push it across the cromwell road which was very embarrassing but a pretty classique sadcly moment! OPE is now a gonner. have fun at the tibetan monastery if you haven't already gone. very jeal indeed. glad to hear you haven't had any nasty medical encounters yet. masses and masses of love. Bosie xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  27. HELENA! you're results are so great, totally amazing (this is nothing to do with code as i have no idea what it was). you should be so proud of yourself, we all are. missing you. love Frankie, Rose and Laura. btw, Bauz got 4 As!!!!