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Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Thursday 16 August 2012

In which we catch up with Foxtrot 2...

Hello everyone at home,

It’s Laura here from Foxtrot 2. Things are going well here in Hagaranahalli. The weather has been great and we’ve been busy building our eco sanitation toilets. We had an amazing day off last week in which we did some shopping in Madikeri; there, we visited Abbi Falls, went to a Tibetan Buddhist temple and were able to enjoy a rare taste of Western food for lunch – I got a veggie burger and fries! Abbi Falls is beautiful, although we were soaking wet from the rain. The Buddhist temple was unreal; there were hundreds of monks chanting prayers, beating drums and ringing bells – it gave us goosebumps. The shopping near the Tibetan temple was also great and many of us bought Tibetan scarves, bags, jewellery and clothing.

Tomorrow (15th Aug) is Independence Day in India, celebrating their freedom from British rule. The girls have got saris to wear on this special occasion. Raleigh venturers will be special guests at an early ceremony tomorrow and we are looking forward to it, especially since we also have the day off work. 

At the moment, my group is busy laying bricks for a new toilet. We are taking a small break to hold baby chicks – something I’ve wanted to do since I was young. India is a big petting zoo and we see baby lambs and calves every day. 

We only have a few days left working in the village before setting out on trek phase. Everyone is getting along great and we can’t wait to see what the adventure phase has in store for us!



  1. Elizabeth Graham
    Hi Beth saaw your photo - you look very wet!
    Dad and I are off to Edinburgh this weekend for dad's birthday. Grnny's looking after james and the dog - you'd have thought she'd had enough of him last week.
    Zac is far better behaved than when he went to kath's. I think he needs to go on a monthly basis.
    We're just about to have tea - quiche - which may be inedible as I've managed to 'catch' some of the onions.
    Weather hot and windy -which is a bore because it's not very pleasant to be outside.
    Will be seeing you soon. Looking forward to it.
    Only got one message from you so sending these on a wing and a prayer hoping you see them.
    Love you lots
    Mum xxxx

  2. To Elizabeth Graham
    You look like you are having fun in the photos. It has been good to see the toilet building is going well too. When you come back you can help me remodel the bathroom!
    I have now finished with London 2012 and back home. Mum is taking me to Edinburgh for my birthday which will be great. James will have Granny all to himself but I bet he spends most of it in bed with his computer and Zac.
    We are missing you and looking forward to welcoming you back on 28th. Enjoy the Adventure stage of your Indian visit.
    Lots of love, Dad.

  3. Max and Eryl Fryer17 August 2012 at 15:23

    To Dr Johanna Pusey/Williams
    Dear Johanna we hope all is going well and you are not overworked. It seems very wet in India at the moment but so is the North West of the UK. Keep up the good work and we look forward to seeing you on your return.

    Love, Max and Eryl Fryer

  4. Ella Preece Foxtrot 2

    Grandads here normal Friday night! ....Hi Ella Think you are doing a great job. Think I have seen something similar on TV and all the village people had to consider where the best place was to put a loo! Did you do the same? Hope you are really enjoying yourself and have some time for fun love Grandad.

    Hi its Tab, message from Mum.... enough is enough come home now! x

  5. To Sophie Eaton, Foxtrot 2
    Hi Sophs. Loved seeing your big smile in the photos posted on the blog. Have lots ofmfun on the adventure phase. I hope your rucksack wont be too heavy! Will and I have finished our day skipper theory today. It was unbelievably intense and exhausting but luckily we passed with flying colours. We had an instructor called Geoff and I think I nearly drove him mad with my stupid questions and hopeless maths skills. I think it was just as well that no one else was at home last week as I was barely capable of loading the dishwasher! Daddy gets back from Australia tomorrow and Phoebe is back from doing Cowes week. I think she has had loads of fun and their only hairy moment was a man overboard! Will and I set off for Cornwall for the rest of our sailing course on Sunday. Hope the sun shines for us. Cant wait to see you on the 28th and hear all your stories. Big hugs and love, Mummy x

  6. To Nasim Nejabat, Foxtrot 2

    Hey azizam,

    I have another game "today" down in Wigton. Against medical adivce and also my mother's pleas, I'm starting tomorrow. She thinks I shouldn't because of my eye. It's not that bad.....
    I'm counting down the days till you get back now. It's 11 days till you get back. Tuesday 28th, around 4 =] can't wait!!!
    I hope you've had loads of fun so far. It looks great from your pictures, especially the waterfall one! Everything is boring here now the Olympics is finished lol
    Nick has put the £55 he owes you across to your bank account. So the bill should be sorted. I dunno if you got my facebook message in time but I've had financial difficulties lol basically I have Zilch! Nil Point! Zero! =] but its fine. I got a 63 bus pass for 4 weeks and I have the Tynedale money for the train. Coz thats all I have been doing for the last 3 weks or so lol
    Anyway, I look forward to your message back tomorrow/today =] its nearly 12 midnight here but technically its saturday in India now =]
    Love you lots

  7. To Mitch Tulloch (Fieldbase)

    Hey Mitch,

    How are you? Been reading life in India for the venturers, and your wacky enteries! Hope you're having a blast and enjoying it all. How long have you got left of this adventure before your next one? Wish I was there... although olympics have been great here and the sun is out so maybe, just maybye I'll stay here. Hope the plans for the next adventure are somewhat coherent. Missing you.

    Hugs Catriona xx

  8. Hi Soph,

    Was so great talking to you earlier on the phone! Miss you so much! You sound like you are having the most fabulous time! I am so jealous! Good luck on your adventure phase! Well done in your exams, we are all really proud!
    Love Phoebs xxxx

  9. Hi Lauren Its Emily again, not stalking you I promise,
    It looks like you are having an amazing time! That picture of you where its raining looks so cool!
    We all miss you loads at home, and can't wait for you to come back in 8 DAYS! really not long now! Not really much goss from home but I will fill you in when you get back!
    Can't wait to see you and miss you lots.
    Keep building!
    Emily xxx

  10. HI Ella, Foxtrot 2
    Amy has just got back from V fest, had a fab time. When I picked her up she was filthy.Its hard to believe how we take running water for granted.You are amazing for all the hard work you are doing out there. Very proud of you.
    Auntie Deb xxxxxx

  11. to ella preece, foxtrot 2

    hey ella, was awsum talking to you the other day, realy cheered me up:) good luck on your last adventure fase! im sure itl b awsum! jealous!

    cant wait to see you!!!!:)

    love from your hunky boyfreind ;)


  12. sharon saltigerald22 August 2012 at 04:48

    tony spence
    foxtrot 2
    hi TJ, hope you are ok. we are fine, ben didnt too well with his a levels results but hes ok abit disappointed. Uncle Darren has done his last tyre flip training session. Lynne is looking forward to you being back. Hope you get these messages as we havent had a message back yet. love you from mumxxxx

  13. HI Jessie G, I just wrote a long message and accidentally deleted it! This after it has taken me weeks to figure out how to post messages on the blog thingy. Sorry about that! Hope you dont feel neglected cos I have been missing you loads. The house is far too quiet and tidy without you.... Leo is moving in next weekend tho he was supposed to move in at the beginning of August but couldnt bring himself to tell Dad.
    I am going to pick up Leila on the same day as you arrive in Heathrow so I will bring you both back together. Cant wait to see your photos and hear all about the whole experience. It must have been both tough and uplifging. I got your letters which were both funny and typical of you... Loved it!

    And I love you tons, cant wait to see you and tell you all about James, the new man, stuff going on at work, house moving plans or lack of, news you have missed and how happy I will be you are back safe. Love you squillions. Mum xx

  14. Leslie Stone - mom27 August 2012 at 16:36

    To Laura Foxtrot 2

    Hi Laura...I dont know if you will get this before you return home but just want you to know Ive been thinking of you lots and hoping you are having fun in this second stage of your India journey. I bet you would like a warm shower by now!! I am thinking of you as you complete your last couple of days in India and travel the long journey back to Canada. Be safe my little one and take good care. I miss you like crazy and can't wait to see you again!! Love you lala, Mom xoxoxoxox