Welcome to the official blog for Raleigh India 12I | July - August 2012

Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Thursday 2 August 2012

In which our venturers deploy!!

Previously on Raleigh India...

The venturers shouldered their rucksacks and set off at ridiculous-o’clock in the morning for a twelve kilometre trek through the country tracks of Karnataka. It was a scorcher of a day (well, hot for wet season anyway) and factor one million sunblock proved to be as great an ally as more basic things like water and boots. If I know anything about chemistry though, it’s that heat makes bonds and, by the time all of our venturers found themselves at their destination, the Raleigh love was in full flow. Despite the fact that project team allocations hadn’t been settled at this point, many found that their trekking groups for that day had become like family or very old friends. In fact, as Harriet pointed out, the atmosphere felt “strangely chilled-out” given that the venturers had only known each other for forty eight hours. Such is the way with Raleigh! Just imagine the tears that will be shed once these guys have bonded for five whole weeks. I might buy shares in Kleenex right now....

Onwards to project allocations! Our mighty venturers found out yesterday which group they’d be in for the coming phase. Here are the team photos:

Foxtrot One will be in Bidarahalli building eco sanitation toilets

Foxtrot One: Back row - Anna-Josie, Amy, Camilla,
Lars, Helena, Patrick, Arunprasad,
Middle row: Francesca, Harriet, Tony
Front row: Johanna (VM), Victoria, Jakhya (VM), Ahbik
Not pictured (Steve Dhiman - PM)

Foxtrot Two will be in Hagranahalli also building eco sanitation toilets

Foxtrot Two: Back row - Pandi, Tony, Fred, David, Jay, Alice (VM), Katherine (VM)
Front row - Nasim, Emma, Katie, Ella, Lizzie, Lauren, Sophie, Laura.

Foxtrot Three will be in Manalvayal building two biogas units

Foxtrot 3: Back row - Laura (VM), Deepti, Tiffany, Sara, Nicky
Middle row - Myriam, Wesley, Niovi, Maddy, Sunil, Richard, Daisy
Front row - Alex, Dan (VM) and Bipin
Credit must go to our Field Base team for managing to accommodate the venturers’ preferences so effectively. Thanks to their efforts, we now have three very merry troupes heading out to the farthest flung corners of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, ready to take on the adventures ahead: adventures which you’ll be able to read about right here on the Raleigh blog. Bring it on!

And onto this morning’s deployment...

I write this post from a recently emptied and therefore rather sombre Field Base. Just a short few hours ago, our VMs and venturers loaded up their buses with kit and set a course for their respective project sites. Au revoir for the present, good volunteers of Raleigh! The mood of their deployment could not have been more different from when we picked them up at the airport last weekend. When they first arrived, they were weary with jet lag, getting to grips with the humidity and unsure of what to expect (though still excited). Now, fully briefed and bonded, they scurried around wide-eyed, seemingly immune to the 6am start time and full of energy and anticipation for the next few weeks’ experiences.

Smiles and chortling could be seen and heard everywhere and, as I sat there looking on, I suddenly realised that I envied them wholeheartedly. In fact, I momentarily debated climbing aboard the bus, in disguise, under the name of “Tony” since we have two Tonys here already. Thankfully I came to my senses, waved them off and went back to my laptop, otherwise who’d be here to keep you updated?

Lars with team mascot!

We’ll be keeping you in contact with your loved ones whilst they’re out working on their projects, so keep those messages coming! It’s been great to see so many venturers writing back and sharing their experiences. Expect a torrent of tales and happy memories when they return home at the end of August.


  1. For Tiffany Freedman

    Hi Tiff
    Great to to see you in the photos
    Hope Foxtrot 3 goes well
    Parcel on the way to you
    Missing you lots
    Take care
    Mum, Dad and Dan x

  2. to Emma Vos:

    Hey schatje, het is fijn om af en toe een beetje contact te hebben met je en op deze manier op de hoogte te worden gehouden van wat je daar allemaal uitspookt. Ook word ik heel gelukkig bij het zien van de prachtige ochtend foto's waar jij op staat.

    Intussen is het in Nederland nog veel te rustig zonder jou aanwezigheid! Ben nog steeds heel erg benieuwd naar al je verhalen en kan niet wachten om weer met je te zijn en alles te horen. Tot snel weer lieverd.
    Hou van je!!!

  3. Hi Harriet (Foxtrot One)! Make sure you take notes when building the eco sanitation toilets....we could do with one at home! Gold medal in the rowing yesterday by two girls, one of whom only took it up 4 years ago....amazing and v exciting! Love reading the blog....we will have a hot bath run for you on your return! LOL Mum, Dad and Tom xx

  4. to: Niovi Antoniou, Foxtrot 3

    niovi mou se xeretume apo to vroxero penhill. agapi m elipzume na eftases kala ke to meros na ine opos to efantastikes. se idame se mia photographia ke xarikame poli. imaste oli kala extos tn carol p exi mykoniatiki gripi. tin tri ti i mama ke o papa tha pane norway ke to pio pithano tha pai ke i carol.tha pame kruazera sta fjords se 16 vathmus.ola pigan ok me to hall tis adelfis s, ti dextikan ke efige ena varos. simera ine ta genethlia tis giagias su. sagapame poli ke se skeftomaste sinexos na pernas telia.perimenume nea su

    love, oli mas

  5. To: Rojiar Ferschy, Raleigh India2 August 2012 at 22:14

    To my dearest Rojiar,

    Hi my angel, I hope you are well and doing well. We miss you sooooooooo much and counting down to see you here. We are very proud of you for doing such a amazing work and challenge. We received your letters that made us so pleased. I've send you messages but it hadn't appear on the web:((( Hope you will receive this at least. azizkam please let me know if you need something that I can mail it to you. I saw many pictures but not yours:((((We love you pretty girl more than anything else in the world.

    From Hasareh, baba and Farimah xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. For Nicky Boulter.....hi Nicky, hope you are ok and having fun...just had a birthday dinner at the Dovecote...all well here, lots of noisy banter between your siblings and everyone fine, Taiki and Yuu-chan too....Rex playing FIFA constantly, in between gym visits and Test matches.....says hi ! Lots of love/Daddy

  7. To Alex B-S, Foxtrot 3

    Good to see you in the biogas construction unit, all teams have got crap jobs (literally) but at least you won't be called Bog the Builder. The India news is still dominated by the national power cut and the fact that someone who wasn't actually an athlete processed with the India team at the opening ceremony. I'm sure they speak of little else where you are.

    Ben is now at Geek camp (sic) and mum is making plans to head up to Hill Top Farm with Mac, or Mike as we now know him after your last post. The Olympics are dominating headlines as you can imagine; I thought cycling was supposed to make you fit, but I've watched loads of it and feel no fitter.

    Hope the monsoon is at bay; thinking of you.

    Love, Dad x

  8. To Nicola Boulter

    Hi nikibi, how is it? I miss you so does Taiki and Yuu Yuu. So biogas...interesting...hope it all goes well. Missing your bant as always, willy being here without you is not the same. Talk sooooon sis, lots of love xxx

  9. Caterina Boulter3 August 2012 at 03:29

    To Nicola Boulter. Foxtrot 3
    Hi Nicola, it is wonderful to see the group photo! So, your big challenge has started, I have to check the location of Manalvayal on the map!! I have no idea where that is!! I hope it is not too humid for you there, please take lots of photos so you can tell us all about it when you come back. Stay safe, enjoy your adventure with your new friends. Missing you lots!
    Lots of love, Mummy

  10. To Nicola Boulter Foxtrot 3
    Y'ite famdem . Looks like ur havin fun. Behave yeeee Howay bruv keep it fresh xx

    hi tj, another nice picture of you, love you, you look happy love mumxxxxx

  12. Camilla Broadbent3 August 2012 at 04:18

    For: Fred Price Foxtrot Two
    Great Pictures and good to have news of you. I don't envy you the heat though I do the experience. Here it is the eternal Olympics . . .
    Just to tell you that the Globe has great reviews so looking forward to Hamlet.

  13. To Nasim Nejabat:

    Hey azizam,

    Still no word from Monsieur Watt. Hope you arrived at your project safely and you're having fun!
    I was just reminiscing about all our games of chess and I bet you could do with a game or two to chill out over. You'd always beat me but every now and then you'd let me beat you haha I used to hate it and never really made much noise about it until recently when you said I should start letting it all out! After all that, I decided to get out the ol' board and had a game to myself. Guess what? I beat myself!! Haha it was great but not as fun as you beating me!

    Miss you lots xxx

  14. hi ella,
    glad your all bonding well, pics look awsum,wish i met that snake guy too! nothing new here but going to the Olympics today:)cant wait to see ya, hope your enjoying yourself, love you lots xxx tom

  15. Jess and Lauren3 August 2012 at 18:39

    for Lauren Board foxtrot 2
    Lauren! you look like you're having such a good time, just a quick message from Kos to say Hi and we hope you're okay! We saw a donkey keyring this morning and thought of you, miss you loads, love from Jess and Lauren xxxxxxx

  16. To Nasim Nejabat, Foxtrot 2:

    Hey azizam,
    Still no reply from David as of yet. I've got my sponsor stuff all ordered and should be here in the next week or so. It's going to mostly be in black with the odd bits of royal blue. My first rugby game is on the 11th, I think. That's against a Scottish side called Boroughmuir. I'm really looking forward to it! Been training hard but haven't been going to gym much coz I've been so tired.
    The Olympics has really took off for Great Britain, we've got 22 medals already! We only had 8 in Beijing at the same point in the games. It's really enjoyable to watch. I wasn't sure which events you would want to watch when you got back so I'm just going to record the track sprints like the 100m and so on. The GB track cyclists are absolutely dominating again. Sir Chris Hoy got another gold yesterday!
    Miss you so much, nasim, its unbelievable but I hope you arrived at your project safely and you're settled into your little camp. And most of all, I hope you're getting on with everyone! It seems like you're all best friends already from what I've read in the blogs haha
    Anyway, keep working hard like you always do and I'm counting down the days till you get back!

    Love you lots azizam

  17. To Rojiar Ferschy (Raleigh India)

    Slam azizakam,
    Hi my dearest, how is it going?hope you are having such a good time as you were so exited. we are going away on Monday for a week to visit my auntie but all my heart is with you and I suppose I wont enjoy the trip. Baba and Farimah say hi to you, I am keeping your your sweet letter so many times and I still enjoy it.Miss you lots and looking forward to see your picture on the web. have fun with your new friend my angel and please look after yourself.xx

    Love you lots.Mummy xxxxxxxxxxx

  18. sharon saltigerald4 August 2012 at 15:09

    to tony spence
    fox trot 2
    hi tj, hope its going well. Love you lots from mumxxxx

  19. To Elizabeth Graham, foxtrot 2

    Hi Lizzie!
    Hope your having an amazing time and have met loads of nice new people. The photos look great.
    Have fun building toilets :)
    Love Sarah xxxxx

  20. Sophie Eaton (Foxtrot 2)
    Hi, Sophs. Glad to see from the photos that you still have a big smile on your face! Hope you are having a great time building your eco loos! I bet flushing seems like a luxury now. Ha Ha. I have sent you a letter which hopefully won't take too long to get to you. See you bought a new Raleigh T-shirt in blue - another one to add to the collection. Love you. M xxx

  21. To Lauren Board.
    You look like you are having an absolutely amazing time, we hope that you're staying Safe too! We miss you lots and lots! Hurry home, we can't wait to come and see you!! Keep up the good work! Love you loads Lucy and Emily! Xx

  22. To Nasim Nejabat, Foxtrot 2:

    Hey Nasim,

    Still no word. It's been a great day in the Olympics for Great Britain. We won 5 golds, 2 in the rowing, 1 in the track cycling and 3 in the track and field. Jessica Ennis won gold in the heptathlon, Greg Rutherford won gold in the long jump then Mo Farah won the 10,000 metres. The atmosphere seemed amazing in the stadium. We're now 3rd in the medal table, we've got 29 all together, 14 of them are gold!
    On even better news, Iran won a bronze in the weightlifting, Kianoush Rostami? I think. So all in all, it's been a pretty exciting day lol then I've got work in the morning.....great!

    There's you're little olympic update. Hope everything's fab!
    Love you lots

    Alex xxx

  23. To Jakhya, Foxtrot 1:

    So your mission begins! Managing twelve eager venturers won't be easy but we're sure you'll be able to channel their positive energy into constructive work. The charmer that you are!

    Back home there's an Olympic frenzy, as GB climbs the medal table to third place! Most of our golds are from rowing, cycling and athletics. Our world has been taken over by sport but we're thinking of you as you sweat it out in the heat, stacking brick upon brick, and controlling the wild youth!

    Love you lots.
    From, the Rahman&Zamans XxX

  24. Bonjour ma cherie, voici un second petit test d'envoi de zoute. Good luck dans foxtrot 1! Merci de me confirmer que tu reçois nos messages! Love from Belgium

  25. To Amy Kerr - Foxtrot One

    Hellooooo Amy!

    Looks fantastic out there babe, you're doing us all sooooo proud! Good luck cleaning and building the toilets this week (rather you than me babe haha). I miss you soooo much, as does Mam, Lotte and Anna and the pups. Stay strong and keep your head high!!

    Love you, Scott xx

  26. TO: NIOVI ANTONIOU FOXTROT 3 FROM: KOULA ANTONIOU Agele mu xere en kirio.Elpizo ola eki na pigenun kala ke na to apolamvanis apo oles tis apoyis.Se pe8imisa para poli ke metro tis meres pu 8a ese pali konta mas.I agonia mas gia to pos pernas ene megali giati 4 meres tora den exume kamia enimerosi sto block gia to ti kanete sta progekt pu pigate.Nio8o oti pernas kala paroles tis antixoes sin8ikes pu 8a vrikes eki.Eme poli perifani giafto pu kanis ke su efxome ta kalitera apo ti yixi mu.To grup su ene kalo exete ximia sinergazeste? Mpanio ke nero genika apo oti katalaveno apo ta legomena ton alon ene kati spanio? xa xa 8a ginis gurunaki vromiko poli san ton westie!!!Na ese dinati ke ipomonetiki ke na frontizis ipo tis peristasis oso to dinato ton eafto su.O astragalos ke o agonas su antexu?Na vazis tin krema ke ton epidesmo su.Otan epistreyis me ti voi8ia tu 8eu ke xekurastis tote 8a katalavis ti ekanes aftes tis 5 evdomades makria apo tis anesis ke ta dika su ta 8elo.8a niosis poli perifani pu evales ke si to li8araki su na gini i zoi sinan8ropon su kaliteri.8a niosis ti xara tu na dinis xoris na perimenis na paris piso tipota paramono ikanopiesi.Ekmetaleyu to xrono ke to topio ke gia ligo dialogismo pu mas dinamoni yixika ke pnevmatika.Frontise na afisis stin akri afta pu se apasxolun ke apolafse ka8e lepto aftu tu anepanaliptu taxidiu (metaxi mas den 8a iparxi alo me tis evlogies mu xaxaxaxa epofkartika exi4 meres na paro nea su)Teties empiries voi8un na orimazume ke na ektimume pragmatika afa pu exume sti zoi mas ta opia 8eorume ke detomena.Moro mu na gelas oso mporis perisotero ke nase panta xarumeni ke igies.Perimeno sintoma nea su-4 meres na silisume mi to xexnas-prepi na isixase to kefali su opos isixase ke to diko mu apo tis idiotropies su xaxaxaxaxaxa mikro mu pico.Kata tin Katerina ekmetaleftu afti tin 8eikotati efkeria pu su edosa na iremisis na vris ton eafto su na kanis gather tis skeyis su ke na er8is piso akomi pio dinati.Sagapo polina pernas kala.

  27. Amy Kerr
    Hi Amy, That's us off to Madrid this afternoon till monday 13th will check up on your progress when back. Enjoy the wonderful experience.
    Love Granma, Auntie Irene, Uncle Robert and Shula xxxxxxxxx

  28. To Camilla Tricker Foxtrot 1
    Hi Dot, I have sent a couple of messages but they haven't appeared on the blog, so not sure if you have got them - will try again!
    We went to the Olympics yesterday, Emily met us there (she sends her love). It was great,Team GB doing really well now and the park had a real buzz to it. We watched the Basketball USA v Lithuania, great match, USA only won by 4 or 5 points but we all decided that we prefered netball. The hockey match was USA (again) v NZ another great match, NZ won 3-2. Looking forward to taking you to the Paralympics - Flavia will be volunteering there.
    Hope the loo construction is going well and that you are having a fab time, lots of people asking how you are doing. Chris and Johnny were speaking to Sas on Facebook and checking up on what you are doing, she told them to look on the blog. I need the code that has been texted to you to sort out you phone, I know you can't do that just yet so will wait to hear from you.
    Great to see the photo's on the blog, especially the one of you giggling! Hope you are having fun, thinking of you lots, will write again soon Madre Xxx

  29. hi anna, so how are you? hope you found foxtrot1 an enjoyable experience despite it being very hard work! As you know Team GB peformed like true heros on super saturday with 6 golds! Go Mo, majesstic Jess ( see what I did) and all the rest. I am sure however you and your new BFFL deserve Gold medals as well. Keep on going till the end love Dad. XxXx

  30. Sophie McAuliffe5 August 2012 at 18:07

    Elizabeth Graham
    Foxtrot 2
    I've been checking this each day since I sent the message thingy hoping for a reply, but since you've gone out on your project work now it'll be a while before we get a reply.
    We're all of a sudden doing amazing in the Olympics and are now third in the medal table. The daughter of the people who run Copelands vets near tescos has won a gold medal in rowing, so now we have a gold painted postbox in the rings because of this from the Royal Mail so that's exciting :')
    I was at judges yesterday for my grandma and grandads wedding anniversary meal and we told them about centre parcs which they're excited for, so we go there next friday. And I have finished all my homework!
    Have you seen any tigers yet? Or found an elephant for Caz? And how's the food, have you managed to stay veggie, or gone to the dark side being a meat eater :D
    Have fun!
    Sophie xxxxxxxxx

  31. To Patrick Scott, Foxtrot 1.

    Hi Pat. Hope everything is good with you. Not much to report from home. Alex had his interview yesterday and will know the outcome Monday or Tuesday. Cody is his usual noisy self but that interrupts Alex's sleep pattern more than anything else! Work is frenetic but no change there. Team GB doing well at the Olympics and TV coverage has been very good. Hope you are having a great time. Take care. Dad & Alex

  32. To Myriam, Foxtrot 3

    I am very impressed to see your photo and to hear you are doing so well.
    Best of Luck
    Nana Ruth XX

  33. Hi Myr, Foxtrot 3
    Vincent Ruth Charlotte Cameron and I went to the National Game Fair in Borris House to day, I had to go to the Loo in one of those porta loos !! and I thought of you building same in India. We all miss you and are looking forward to your return. Nana Ruth sent a message from this computer but I am not sure if I am doing this right. Love you and we are all proud of you.
    Mum Vincent Christian Cameron and Charlotte. X

  34. To Sophie Eaton Foxtrot 2
    Hi, hope everything in going well and you are having a fun and interesting time.
    We gave Will a fishing rod for his birthday and this afternon he caught his first fish-how cool is that!!
    The fencing at the Olympics was brilliant. You would have loved it.
    How is the heat-are you surviving? Is the place you are working nice/friendly/interesting?

    Lots of love

  35. To Nasim Nejabat, Foxtrot 2:

    Hey Nasim,

    Hope your having fun! I bet your Mr Blog Man is sick of seeing my name pop up haha it's been another great day at the Olympics for GB but also for Iran!!!!! They won a Gold medal in the Greco-Roman wrestling. Hamid Sourian? Great Britain got 37 medals all together now. Their target was 47 for the whole games and theres still just under a week to go!
    It was the 100m men's final tonight. Everybody was asking if the other Jamaican, Yohan Blake was going to win. Yohan Blake has beaten Bolt twice just before the Olympics but guess what? Lightning struck twice and Bolt absolutely creamed them and broke his Olympic record and nearly broke his own World record.
    I still haven't received an email back from David Watt but I'll let you know when he emails.

    Love you lots gorgeous!
    Hope to hear from you soon :D

  36. Susan Westgarth6 August 2012 at 16:25

    FAO Nasim Nejabat Foxtrot 2
    Hi love! hope you are having an amazing time. Will be difficult at times but such an experience. Look forward to hearing all about it on your return. Booking you in for a couple of "socials". One for the usual sunday lunch... mince and dumplings!! The other for my dads 80th birthday. We are celebrating it on Saturday 15th September. Alex asked me to tell you he has heard back from David Watt, the message is he is still evaluating applications and will get back to you August 25th. Good luck love and see you soon.
    Susan. XX

  37. Christina Ambrose6 August 2012 at 19:33

    Laura O Reilly - Foxtrot 3

    Hey Lo!
    Ciao bella! You have no idea how strange it feels to be leaving a message on this blog! I know all too well whats its like to get a message when on project so I have to say hello! Hope all is going well. Love the photos - you seem to have caught the Indian Sun! Write a letter if you get the chance. Send it to my mums address and she can forward it on. I cant wait to hear all about it! Booking flights to Goa for 2nd Jan. After 3 years to and from India, 2012 is the first year I wont have been! Typical eh.
    Keep in touch when you can.

    Miss you and sending a big hug!!!


  38. Karen Robertson-Macleod7 August 2012 at 03:25

    To: Katie Robertson-Macloed, Foxtrot Two

    Hi Kates, I'm finally having a go at posting my first blog! I'm so glad we managed to chat to you on the mobile when you first arrived out there - you sounded in good form, and great that everyone is so friendly. I imagine it took a few days to acclimatise and get to know the other venturers. I love the photo of Foxtrot 2, and have printed it off and stuck it onto my fridge! I hope you're taking loads of photos for us and making that film as you go along (you could post it onto the website at the end like others have done). Just had Ingleby & Alex staying for the w/e with Thomas(9)& Henry(6)- all got very excited watching Team GB win so many gold medals at the Olympics. It felt like we had our own Olympics keeping the boys entertained with tennis, baseball, ping-pong, swimming - exhausting but fun! Dad is based in a London hotel on shifts, helping sort out problems at the Olympic Park. Jack finds his job boring but he has free accomodation & food, and recieved his first pay cheque - he immediately put in a bid on ebay for a road bike! He's paid the deposit to join a Raleigh Expedition to Borneo next year! You'll have to give him lots of tips.. Louisa is staying with Asia in Scotland and comes home tomorrow by train (takes all day). I was in the garden today, furiously trying to get to grips after all the rain, then took Scampi for lovely walk along the Downs with Nikki and Alice. Let me know if you need anything, and I'll send a parcel. Love you and miss you. Very envious too - wish I could join you as everyone says that part of India is beautiful. Written any poetry yet? Seen any wonderful textiles? Hugs and Kisses from Mum, Dad, Jack, Louisa & Scampi xxxxxxxxxx00000000000xxxxxxxxxxx

  39. hi Laura (Foxtrot2), can't wait to hear about your adventures in India and see lots of pictures...enjoy the Chaana and Naan bread :)

  40. To Tiffany Freedman
    Hi Tiff
    Our last message seems to have disappeared - I must have done something wrong - no surprise there then
    Gran and Keira visited yesterday for olympics and dinner - the olympics have been surprisingly exciting and emotional, Team GB is doing amazing - Andy Murray smashed Roger Federer to win gold
    Have you received the pack mum sent you yet?
    Hope you're enjoying all the challenges you face out there and coping well
    Really proud of you but missing you too much
    Looking forward to more news and pics Love Dad, Mum and Dan xxx

  41. To: Niovi Antoniou - Foxtrot 3

    Nio mu glikiaaaaa, ti kamneis? elpizo na ise kala kai na pernas TELIA!!! na apolafsis afti tin embiria, kai tha mas ta peis ola otan epistrepseis :D na prosexeis!! se pethimisa apistefta poli, makari na isoun edo..omos o keros tha perasei grigora, anipomono poli na akouso nea su! emeis perasame poli orea stin italia me tin andria kai tin katerina, ine apla iperoxes oi polois, sigoura tha ithela na 3anapao! na su dei3oume photos otan ertheis :) edo piso stin kipro girisame kamboso stis thalasses, ego ekana kai wakeboard ston konno kai itan telia embiria, tha 3anadokimaso sindoma :) protara mono mia fora piga omos, eftixos diladi gt mallon tha ginete xamos tora ton dekapendavgousto, kirios piga larnaka kai pafo :) den exoume kapia sigekrimena plans gia ton ipolipo mina, alla perimenoume pos kai pos na ertheis pisooo, eftixos pou olo to xrono vriskomaste sixna gt den tha adnexame toso kero na min vrethomaste :) lipon, perimeno me anipomonisia nea su, na mu peis me leptomeria poso telia pernas, elpizo na min kourastikes poli kai na to apolamvaneis :) bravo su gia ti dinami kai tin ipomoni su, tha pareis polla apo afti tin embiria :) s'agapo poli kai se pethimisa! Kalia :) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  42. Lizzie Bichard.
    Hi lizzie sounds so exciting the blog is great and you all look so happy in your work. We have some good weather ahead hopefully in time for timmys wedding.We are all kited out even edward in a posh suit!!! amazing for your brother I will take lots of photos for you to see when you come home. got your text today and wont worry now if we dont hear from you as you are busy on project.

  43. To: Jakhya Rahman (VM) Foxtrot 1

    Hi Jax,

    I'm so sorry I haven't had a chance to message you yet, work has been mental! But enough of that and onto the fun stuff.

    First thing's first, miss you so much! I actually dialed your number without thinking the other day because I had some gossip for you haha I do miss ringing you like all the time. I hope you are enjoying the role, must bring back plenty memories of when you were on the other side of the experience. I have no doubt that you're doing an amazing job and conquering any barriers if they present themselves. If ever you're in doubt, do remember the classic anecdote: WWBD :)

    The Olympics are pretty awesome btw, like it's taking over the office. We have little union jacks & we have them around every time Team GB wins a medal.

    I also get daily entertainment from Titi complaining about all the bugs and spiders in Nepal, it cracks me up so much - oh and the random food she's been eating.

    The summer has come again, not sure how it'll last but at least there'll be sunshine for the BBQ this weekend.

    I'm going to stop writing now otherwise I'll go on forever.

    Miss you so so so much and love you loads. Hope you're taking care of yourself, speak soon.

    Nomsa xx

    Ps I followed up on your emails so hopefully things should go according to plan :)

  44. To Miriam Mallon Foxtrot 3
    Bout ye Miriam! Glad to see you're now an accomplished walker!! No excuses for Cinders Lane now! Hope the project going ok-let us know how you are getting on. Adam &I both hope the tent''s cleaner than the Printworks!!!! We'll chat about that when you get back!! Everyone well at home. Speak soon xo
    Dad & Donna

  45. Hi Dan... Foxtrot 3,

    I have just been having a read of the blog and hope you are mainly digging the big hole and not making the girls do it.I have started digging a big hole in the back garden to imagine how its going over there. Maybe you can join in when you get back? Maybe we can eat some cheese in there. I have sorted all the Canada plans and I have some super amazing hotels lined up. You will be pleased, I Trip-advisored the life out of me :) I have been writing you an electronic mail for everyday you are not in contact so you can look forward to seven hours of reading when you emerge back into the world. I hope you are having an amazing fabulous time. Miss you! Hey look... I never even mentioned cheese to embarrass you xx

  46. To Laura (Foxtrot2)

    HI!!!! i got your message like less then an hour after you sent it, i was so bummed that i missed the opportunity to talk to you. so i decided to send you a message on this blog :) everyone has been wondering how you have been doing, and i am glad to hear that everything is alright. i like the pics on the web site by the way lol ;D i miss you and cant wait to see you. have fun and make sure you make it home in one piece.

    p.s. try to pet some monkeys

  47. g. k. chaudhari9 August 2012 at 16:26

    We have not received any mail from u so far. ihave sent u 3 messages pl reply. we all r fine. your team is doing wellseen from site. pl intimate your programme so i can bbok ticket best wishes


    to lipon 4wmi. etsi je erti o Brad Pitt je gnwrisis ton 8a se misw yia panta :p piase aftografo je yia mena!! edw ola kala parolo pou imun lio arwstoula tis teleftees 2 meres. elpizw na ekames survive ton vroxero kero ke na apolamvanis ta pasta ke ta hot dogs haha!! anipomonw na akousw nea sou oso de fantazese! pethimw se afantastaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. love u para poli to 4wmi sou xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  49. To Katherine Lees

    I miss you very much and hope you are enjoying yourself and staying away from stray dogs!
    It feels so weird that we havnt meet up to dicuss the wedding plans - i hope you liked my ring btw - i have been a busy little bee since he asked me and i have magazines galore and a scrap book and an organiser!

    We are in Yorkshire this weekend for my cousins wedding tomorrow so we're are going to see out most favourite venue on sunday - East Riddlesden Hall - it is BEAUTIFUL!!

    We are also thinking of a summer next year wedding - eek! - not long really but i dont think i ever was one of these wait 2years kinda people!
    LOTS to plan and it seems like my mum will be in China for alot of it - better get your 'making' hat on as they'll be alot of it to do when you're home!

    Anyway, enough about me - how are you doing? so exciting to hear you've gone on the trek.
    Lady, i bet you're having the time of your life - i am so proud of you I so so so hope you are enoying every minute of being there!
    Did you have to use your survial kit yet?

    lots and lots of love from Hannah (&Frankie) X x

  50. To Nasim Nejabat 2

    Hi it's Anisa I'm sure I wrote before but now I can't find it so mine didn't do it correct
    Everything good here
    Ava is crawling now miss mischief
    Big hugs n kisses from us all hope ur bearing the heat xxx

  51. Fiona Daisy's mum10 August 2012 at 23:35

    Hi Daisy foxtrot 3
    Good to see your photo on the website.
    Just getting ready for our holiday so will not be logging on until 21st.
    We hope everything is going well and missing you loads.
    Everybody is asking me about how you are so I have a lot of people to update.
    Take good care, love you loads Mum, Mick and the rest of the mob xxxxxxx

  52. Auntie Deb 12 Aug 201212 August 2012 at 19:04

    Hi Ella Foxtrot 2,
    been looking at photos on website. Really proud of you.
    We are all thinking of you. Take care of yourself.
    Lots of love Auntie Deb, Uncle Paul, Amy, Dan, Nan and Grandad. xxxxx

  53. To: Niovi Antoniou (Foxtrot 3)

    aniiipsi mou kalo, pos ise? pos pernas stin 3enitia? diavazo exete pola oraio menu pasta k hot dogs yiami :) epelanan sas ta nera? grapse mas kanena neo sou na doume ti kanete re anipsi mou otan mporis :) ate me ton nou sou na pernas kala xxxxxx p.s: teeelione ela k i ermou perimenei mas :)

  54. Hi to Miriam in Foxtrot 3,
    Lookin good, and well done, from all today in White Gables,
    Ruth, Vincent, Grace, Cameron, Emmett, & Charlotte (& Christian earlier)

    Philip x

  55. Hi Ella
    Hope you are ok. Have been looking at photos, you are doing great work out there.
    Take care of yourself
    love The Corfields xxxx

  56. Camilla Broadbent26 August 2012 at 05:21

    To Fred Price Foxtrot 2
    Looking forward to having full account of the building of the eco sanitation toilets - and compare them to what we do in Uganda . . . Has been VERY hot here but now at last rain and cooler. Nothing like the heat you must be in though. Hope the last bit goes well and you are enjoying everything. Have a list of plays and concerts ready for you!!
    Much love Fred