Welcome to the official blog for Raleigh India 12I | July - August 2012

Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Friday 29 July 2011

See you later....we're off to see the groups

Just a quick one to let you know that we are off to visit the 10 week groups tomorrow morning. We'll be back late on Monday and will publish all the latest news and pictures as soon as possible. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that all your lovely messages are getting delivered on our travels (we print them off and hand them over in person). 

I know some of you have mentioned concerns about your blog messages getting through - unfortunately we aren't able to publish all the comments. We're not allowed to publish anything that touches on medical issues, alcohol, other people's behaviour etc etc....we can however still print the messages and give them out, so this is what we do!

So, keep watching and we'll get the updates for you as soon as possible. 

Bye for now xx

Message for Mum, Barry, Alex, Emily Dad and Marlene from Tabitha
Thanks for your messages! The blog messages/ letters are slowly coming through but they take some time as on each 3 week project I don't have access to the internet and they get delivered to us. I've just got back from the trekking phase; saw some absolutely beautiful sights and had a wicked time with my group (once I got over the rain and leeches!). Now about to go on to community phase and build toilets. Got some good plans for after Raleigh too. I will let you know more in a letter I'm writing. Lots of love Tabitha


  1. For Tabitha Ha, Tango 5

    Hi Tabitha,

    Glad to hear the blog messages are slowly getting through to you. Hope you have also received our letter that we sent a couple of weeks ago. I think the parcel might take a bit longer as it was quite heavy.

    So you're building toilets?! Sounds like quite an adventure.

    Off on holiday Sat but should have access to internet and be able to keep checking this blog.

    Dog's going back to the vet tomorrow for his post-op check and we should find out what the lump was.

    Take care and look forward to receiving your letter.


    Mum,Barry, Alex and Emily x x

  2. Victoria Pribul29 July 2011 at 03:28

    For Sally Orange - Project Ponnani

    Hey Sally
    Great to hear your email reports and apologies I've been so lousy at comms! Sounds as though you're doing amazing stuff out there, just like you to relish another challenge! Guess it's not long till you're home - will definitely have to touch base soon. Vicks x x

  3. For Sarah Whetter Charlie 2

    Hey Sarah! Sorry I haven't been able to get a paper letter to you this time, it's not finished in time for when they leave tomorrow. Hope all goes well with not too much rain for the digging - that sounds like very hard work. And hope you're revelling in sleeping in a building in one place for a change - probably good to have done the trek first? I can't find your cillage on googlemaps but read about Oota, that will be an interesting visit with lots of Raj history.

    Terrific snow covered the country last weekend, Chch was buried - they called it the icing on the quake. The ranges and all these eastern hills were covered and it even snowed in Greytown the first morning, stayed for an hour or two on the garden. Nice yesterday and today, Greytown seething with Friday trippers and Dr Sharp to beaver with.

    His son rang to say it's costing too much (no) and taking too long (yes), so I promised to finish a part 2 draft by the end of August. I thought I still had a reasonable account to send him to save some bacon for a bit, till I found I'd already charged him for half of it! I emailed a Wellington publisher about their commission rates for similar books, and six mins later had his very encouraging reply that confirmed my gut feelings that I've been too modest. He's happy for me to meet and talk more sometime so will do that. Feel a lot better now.

    Haven't talked to James since last week but had a good natter with Nick and Rosa in the weekend, busy etc, Rick G had just been to stay. They asked me down for my bday but apart from cost I think I need to focus on the job in hand this time. And have no other news. Terry T's party was fun, Di was even more patronising than usual and when I had a sudden badly-timed pain in my ribs while we were talking she gave me a loud diagnosis and advice on gall stones, while nearby people turned round to listen!

    Sun's still there, might possibly venture forth towards the lawn mower...

    All love and healthy feet thoughts, hope they're ok now and everything else is good including your team. Can't wait to hear more news, excellent to see you in a couple of blog pics after you left. Blogs Are Good.

    Maman X X X X X X

  4. Hayley Burnell

    HELLO! How's it going? We're all saying hi from head office (Nicky, Ellie, Carolyn, Pip, Cat). We miss you! Hope you had an awesome adventure challenge!

    We are all off to the zoo tonight for zoo lates! We're gonna rock out with the penguins at the silent disco. Pip had an amazing time in Malawi and has come back looking extremely brown! I have also booked a holiday to Greece (woohoo!) So I will see you for 2 days in the office I think then I'm having a wee break. We have just done the online shop for the Borneo dev weekend, should be fun! The PETEs are now well and truly underway too. All to look forward to when you come back :)

    Take care and see you soon,

    Nicky and the Spice Girls and pretty much everyone else here!


  5. To Elvis (Tango 5)
    Tracy travel to Yuannan on last Thursday for one week.
    Have you received our parcel? If you need extra commodities, message me and I'll mail it to you.
    I wrote several message to you but forgot to type the recipient, so the messages can't post on the blog. Haha!!
    May had a new job offer and will work in September.
    Can't wait to see the lastest photos from the visit group. We all miss you, dear brother. Take care!! ^-^

  6. Alex Jackman, Tango 5

    Hey love! I don't know if this is going to get through but just wanted to give you a big hug - you are back in 2 weeks! which makes me happy... i really hope you haven't gotten trench foot but at least if your toes fall off you won't be teased for having giant feet anymore... see there's a plus side to everything... but i hope you are having an amazing time.

    i am off to london today (work experience) then naples (family) - can't wait to tell you all about it... i better go but love you and miss you and can't wait for you to come home! copy xx

  7. For Chessie Clarke (Echo 3)

    Hi Chessie,

    Great to hear from you when you returned from your trek. Sounds like Mysore was a breath of fresh air after the trek - hope the feet are recovering. Hope that the next phase is going well, and that you're putting the elephants in their place. Maybe you can adapt the technique on your return and dig some rabbit trenches round the garden! I am now in Scotland, hitting golf balls occasionally in the right direction.

    Take care,

    Love, Martin x

  8. For Struan Boase

    Hello Stru!

    How is the trek going? We are imagining you are an Indiana Jones-like figure, swinging elegantly from tree to tree by now?? Sounds like your last phase went brilliantly, we hope the trek is equally as rewarding. I'm sure you'll be learning so much.

    Things are actually pretty tropical here too for once. I just came back from WOMAD festival with Rowan P and her family which was great, but you and your bow tie were much missed. Mum and Dad have been camped out in Ardfern for ages, but I'm going up soon to nick lots of furniture out of the attic for mine and Greg's new flat in London. Greg has also bought a new motorbike, so you can have another go on the back sometime, Mum's nerves notwithstanding!

    Thinking of you lots on your jungle adventure, can't wait to hear all about it on September 3rd at Heathrow.

    Love Rowan and Greg

  9. Sarah Colebrook3 August 2011 at 03:58

    For Emma Williams, Tango 6

    Hello my lovely lady!

    Hope you're having an amazing time. There might be something coming in the post, so keep an eye out! Hope it gets there ok and in time. Miss you millions!!

    Lots of love from your favourite Panda xxxxx

  10. To Katia Philip 11E Echo 3 - The Birthday Girl!!
    To my wonderful daughter, so far away on her 22nd birthday: Happy Birthday Kats!!!! Hope u have a fabulous day & u get to celebrate ur special day in style - well the best u can anyway.... It's one birthday u will remember for ever, hey? I'm bringing champers to London so we can do it all over again on your return. Take care and have fun. Lots of love. Mum xxx

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  14. To Amy Donegan - Tango 5 - From Mum XXXX4 August 2011 at 17:34

    To Amy Donegan - Tango 5 - Community Project

    Hi Amy,
    I did send a message yesterday but not sure if you received as we had a thunderstorm and just as I sent my comment the network failed. I don't want to repeat everything but I will just cover some of it.

    You have lots of post and I know you enjoy opening post; so cup of tea and a biscuit and enjoy.

    I have spoken to Registration and you can rest safe in the knowledge you are expected back for your second year.

    The fiasco with Mark's Tablet (not Ipad as recently stated - yes I got it wrong) its a Blackberry Playbook Tablet OS - which has been back to Carphone Warehouse twice now and that's not including the 3.5 hours initial set up time. Nothing wrong with the Playbook, Mark is just not techno enough and loses the connection!

    So he needs your techno assistance!!!

    I have checked out the podcasts and videos on the Raleigh site. Incredible what is going on there. Incredible people doing it and what you are doing is just understated. Making so much difference to all those lives. Well done everyone.

    Were your ears burning? I don't stop talking about you at work. People are now asking for progress reports! Needless to say I miss having you here, although what you are doing on a daily basis there is so important. I look forward to hearing all your tales and checking out your photos. Will your room now become an 'Indian' as opposed to a 'Vietnam' one promoting all your adventures - or will you add to what is already there and make it look even more amazing? I look forward to it all.

    I am in Kent this weekend and spoke to Ron last night. He asked if you would be with me. He forgot you were away. I will try to get a video of him for you. Janet and Colin have purchased another house in Sittingbourne and will be working on that for the next few weeks then they are off to Spain for the rest of the summer. For what you have achieved in your 19 years, they are very proud to call you their neice and talk about you all the time to their friends - more ear burning!!

    You will be leaving monsoon weather shortly and returning to the British way. However, we seen to have had our warm sunny time and the storms have just begun again. Hopefully in a couple of weeks we will have summer back, just for you.

    I look forward to our trip to see HP. I have been waiting for your return - get out that popcorn.

    I hope you have received lots of blogs from friends. Jean and Paul sent one a few weeks ago so I am sure that was received by you. I believe Kristian has also been in touch. Receiving these hopefully enforces the fact that you are being thought about all the time by so many.

    I can't put into words how much I miss you, but these weeks seem to have flown by and I look forward to our chats and shopping trips and my visits to Sheffield in the future.

    Take care in your work at the Village and enjoy everything India has to offer (including all those curry recipes), meeting families and making friends of your fellow Raleigh Venturers.

    For the remainder of your weeks there, I am sure you will relish every possible moment capturing as much as you can on film and giving back as much as you receive. In so doing you will look back to this time with positivity in the knowledge you helped just that little bit; you did something brilliant. You made a difference. You should all feel proud that you made a difference.

    With love and hugs galore - off the scale.
    Mum xxxxxoooxxxx

  15. Hi Shaquille (Shaq Diesel)

    We miss you, we love you and we hope you are having the time of your life!

    Love Mom and Shequilla

  16. 11E Jade Cassidy 

    Hiya Jade!! (Charlie  1)

    So nice to hear from you, sounds like ur having a great time. Been reading all about what u guys have been up to on the blog and it all sounds amazing.. Wish I was there.. Iam glad ur enjoying it jade, wasn't sure what ud make of it all at first but nice to hear ur liking it. The food mus b good if u got all the locals cooking for u, u can't go wrong.. Sounds like hard work tho!!      So ur in uti now, I been there!! It's lovely.. Scenery to die for! 
    How long u there for? then ur mum tells me it's the elephants, that sounds wicked. Yea india is a great place, so much to c and so much different culture, ever where u go is different.  Have u been karala yet?? Thats got to b one of my favourate places.. Don't think il ever get to c the whole of India, it's so big and there so much to c, my dad tells me, his been to all the cool places!! Time seems to b going quick, dunno if it is for u, look forward to hearing ur stories when u get back.
    whats the whether been like, still raining, ? When it rains it rains hey? Dont think ive seen rain here like ive seen there.. Mus b hot aswell tho, Everyone here at londis
    says hi , 1 week of hols left then all the girls r back, yippee can't wait, back to normal. 

    Take care, chat soon and keep enjoying.. I think the first week in india is always a shock for everyone but as u get used to it, time just flys!! Have fun look after yourself.


  17. Shaquille (Charlie 1)

    Hello My precious Shaquille!
    I miss you and can't wait for your return.
    How are things going?
    I hope that you are learning lifelessons frombeing there.
    If you need any funds please let me know.

    Love mommie Roxie and Quilla

  18. To Louise Mcstravick

    Hey Louise - yes it is the don one Nicola !!! Hope your having a good time x My due date is 6 september so I think you should be back then - I feel fat and need alcohol!!! me and mom went to scan 2 days ago and the baby looked straight at us - it looked like a girl to be fair so please forward girl names !!!!! Are you enjoying yourself ? Marcus still stinks !!

    We had a bbq last week end July - it was mad - I was shattered for days after .... couldn't drink very depressing :-(

    Anyway can't wait to see you .... xxx luv lots xxx

  19. For Roxanne Simpson.....
    Hello my lovely just read about the trecking and it's good to know that you and your group are safe and sound. We saw steven yesterday went to a cafe and the park with Lydia and mum had a lovely day. Really want you home noe Rox miss you loads me and mum can't wait to see you. I bet you will be soo tired after this phase but not long to go now. I promise to give your feet a massage with cream and lovely warm water when we see you lol. I hope to hear from you soon. We all love you so much. Lots of love hugs and kisses Rachael,Mum,Lydia and bump (Willow) xxxxxxxxxxx