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Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Saturday 30 July 2011

The Foxtrot's Adventure

So, The 5 week 11F expedition has now come to an end.
The staff team, Sally, Hayley, Clare and myself (Christina) arrived back at field base yesterday morning after a very long, but amazing, two and a half day journey back from the adventure challenge down in Kerala. The venturers have all gone their separate ways, some heading back home from Bangalore airport at the early hours of yesterday morning, others continuing their onward adventures.
Here is a quick summary of what the foxtrot groups got up to in their final couple of weeks.

Alice, Isy and Rachel getting ready to set off on the Adventure Challenge

10 days ago, both Foxtrot 1 and Foxtrot 2 left their project sites and headed down to Kerala to take part in the Adventure challenge. All the challenges were kept a secret until the night before, when a friendly secret agent would arrive, delivering a 'mission envelope' to each group, explaining what the following day entailed.

Everyone had lots of fun completing the challenges, which included a mixture of cycling, trekking, rafting and many more activities to keep everyone busy! After a closely fought battle of physical and mental tasks, Foxtrot 2 triumphed, winning the Kalypso Cup.

Sophie & Lucy 


Hayley, JJ and Katie 

Foxtrot 1

Jonathan and Mahima 

Foxtrot 2, ready to raft across the Reservoir 

Skits where also performed by each group at the beginning and end of the challenge- revealing all of the 11F expedition to be very musical (in a unique way!)

Foxtrot 1's Skit - Backstreet Boy's style

Foxtrot 2 - Robbie Williams style

On the final night a special awards ceremony, presented by Mark, took place. As well as the presentation of the Cup to Foxtrot 2, the trophies were awarded as follows;

Foxtrot 1
Best day leader award - Alex
The alarm clock award - Ali
The most improved award - Gowthami
Best Overall Venturer award - Isy

Foxtrot 2
Best Couple/ Bromance award - James and Matt
The Mr Clean award - Pavan
Miss Motivator Award - Chelsey
Raleigh Spirit Award - Lucy

Well done to everyone part of 11F, and thank you for making it such a success. I am sure you will all agree it has been a brilliant 5 weeks, and will never be forgotten!


  1. christina!!!!
    How are you? just a little message to late you know that I arrived in France end that !i think about you!
    I'm so glad to have proper bathroom ;)
    good luck for all your work.
    Love xx

  2. Thoraya Bartawi1 August 2011 at 00:17

    To Yasmin Kanji/Tango 5/E11

    My Gorgeous Yasmin

    Hope you are having a great and rewarding time in the environmental part of your time with Raleigh.... I wonder if you have come across any elephants yet ?

    I am thinking of you a lot and hope to hear from you soon when you are back in base camp on the 11th :-))))) .

    Mahmood came home from hospital today and is looking much better.

    Tomorrow is the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan and we will be working shorter hours. August is the hottest month in the year here in Dubai and I just can't tell you how hot and humid it is.

    Zandie went to the South of France yesterday and seems to be enjoying himself.

    Miss you sooooooooooo much.... and I am very proud of you....
    Hugs and kisses.


  3. Petaly Prichard1 August 2011 at 07:19

    Hi Petaly,

    Here's our sort of weekly update. JJ wants to reassure you that well, we're still married! He's currently cooking up a sumptuous dinner whilst I write about the triviality to you.

    What have we been up to? I was in Boston for work this week whilst JJ painted. We went to a thing last night called Brews & Blues which was a fundraiser for the local zoo. Man, I hate zoos & felt really sorry for the penguins - they looked sad and were far too hot. What the hell are penguins doing in Nebraska, I ask?

    I went to a kickboxing class yesterday, but still carrying maximum poundage. We still don't have our furniture or a t.v., so are having to deal with our own entertainment (oh lord).

    Dex has been shaved to deal with the heat, and Claude is well, Claude. He hasn't upset the neighbours as of yet... he's working on it.

    Still haven't sent your package, as we need to find somewhere to send it cheaply. By the time you get it, you'll smell better, and it will be old news!

    Malex are coming to The States, so we're seeing them in L.A. in Dec.

    Mum is on the mend. She's gaining weight every day, and recovering nicely.

    Goss - Zara Phillips & Mike Tyndall got married yesterday. Brangelina apparently have a wedding pending. Oh, and my t.v. show is now sitting with E entertainment - yea!!!

    Missing you a lot. Let us know if these silly updates are getting tedious.

    Lots of love,

    Petalymaxiums, JJ, Dex & Claude xxxx

  4. I just wrote an email for Sarah Whetter (Charlie 2) and forgot to put it was for her!

  5. CHARLIE 1


    Hey baby cakes - it's Aunie Sybie writing. So how is the toilet building going? Hope you are having a great time there, probably speaking some of the language. Just had the Cup Match holiday here and St. Georges won so let Shaq know, it was a really nail biting event in the end. Hope Shaq is doing well out there also. Nanna and poppa says hello and they love you. Can't wait to see more pics of you and Shaq. Take care, be safe and we love you lots. XOXOXOXOXOX

  6. Sarah Whetter 11E
    I got your fantastic letter today dearie, enjoyed all your thoughts - a shower after 18 days must have been unbelievable! Hope all the feet are whole again and that those loos are going in well.

    By now you might have seen the team and my last blog message, hope that went through in time. I think you're back around 10 Aug. No plans for my particular day yet, not having a large party here anyway. Maybe lunch with Helen and a Cuckoo wine with John and Ginny later in the week.

    No other news either really, but a lawn mow on Sunday was great, hefty work with lots of blockages, only got the top layer but who cares! i have to ask Bill about a list of house fixings including the stove, the door came adrift last week so it's the broom handle and a lot of heaving into place for cooking. I'm putting home made curry mix into my fish pies to pretend I'm in India - any fish on the menu there?

    Time to stoke the fire, been a cold day. Dr Sharp is lurching along, need to pick up speed. I'll add more in another paper letter anon.

    Oh yes, tried one to Cuz but the autoreply mentioned maternity leave. Tried Ross and he eventually replied to say they're there and Babette's 7lb something and all doing well Ross is swanning around London while Cushla does the grandparenting. You have surely heard from Cuz herself now.

    All love and big hugs from the chilly south where politicians are just about as annoying as leeches - they sound DisGusting. XXXXX MAMAN

  7. Thoraya Bartawi3 August 2011 at 15:41

    Yasmin Kanji / Tango 5/ E11

    My Dear Yasmin
    I wonder if you have been getting my blogs to you , as none of them seem to be posted on the website . All is well here in sunny Dubai. Hope you are enjoying yourself the wilderness , building fences and hopefully coming across some wildlife.
    Enjoy yourself and have lots of fun :)
    Love you lots & lots & lots...
    Hugs & Kisses from MUMMY <3

  8. Alex Jackman Tango 5
    Hi Als some time since we last posted and now too late to send anything to you-sorry.Hope the trek has been going well and that the leeches haven't been too bad!We are looking forward to meeting you on the 13th and can't believe how quickly it has gone.We have been enjoying some open air theatre (bit soggy but not torrential rain )-really good.Plenty planned for when you return although I suspect you may be in need of a good rest.Love you lots Mum Dad Mattie and Sarah xx

  9. Hi Christina!

    Just got your letter, thank you for the braclet it's fab!! Hopefully you should receive the one I sent soon, feels like so long ago since I posted it now. The adventure phase looked amazing, you must be a trek master by now lol. Hope you enjoy being back at field base and good luck with the magazine.

    Love Tina xx

  10. Barbara Robinson8 August 2011 at 21:08

    Hi Dwayne Robinson,

    You have about 3 or so weeks left. Are you still enjoying your time there. Hope to see more pictures. Until next blog, stay safe and enjoy.

    Love Mom

  11. hi Shaquille!

    There was a big fire down HWP today and most of the building is o most gone. And we looked right down at it and they had a hart time putting it out. I miss you sooooooo much i cant Waite for you to come back. The house is so quiet with out you.

    your only loving
    sisterr Shequilla

  12. Hi Shaq, This is mommy i just want to say ,how much i miss u i can't wait to hear ur stories about ,ur trip .there is alot i want to tell u, but i will keep the news paper. EEveryone said hello n be safe.

    Love u n miss u Mommy with love. shaquille young charlie 1

  13. Glenroy Augustus-Beckford22 August 2011 at 04:27

    To Donya Augustus-Beckford 11E

    Whats up lil sis? I'm here in Junction with mum and Trecia and we were thinking about how much we miss you so guess what? We decided to send you a message. Hope all is well on your trek across India and I know you're gonna be happy when you see this post. Gemar is here giving trouble as usual. Everyone is ok and just waiting on you to get back to England. I'll still be in Jamaica then so at least I won't have to put up with your miserableness lol.

    Anyways this battery is about to die so I cant say too much at the moment.

    Hope all is well. Lots of love from the whole family.

    Cherio young sis.