Welcome to the official blog for Raleigh India 12I | July - August 2012

Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Thursday 18 August 2011

Raleigh India Needs You!!!

Here at Raleigh India we are coming to the end of expedition 11E. As part of the grand finale for the expedition 11E we are planning a 10K & 5K fun-run to raise 1,300 pounds. The money we hope to raise will be used to build a bio-gas unit, provide two cows and a cow shed for a tribal family in Man Godi in the Nilgiris District

The day after everyone returns to field base from Phase 3 of expedition we will be holding the race. It will start at the bright and breezy time of 6:00am to ensure we escape the heat of the sun. There are two options for the fun run, a 10K course and a 5k course. Both options will take the runners around Jayapura and its surrounding countryside with the race finishing back here at field base. We are asking friends and family to support the runners in reaching their fund-raising goal of 1,300 pounds. Funds need to be collected before the end of expedition on the 2ndSeptember 2011 and donations can be made at our Virgin Giving Money page: 

It's also a great excuse to make our Country Cirector, Mark, look like this again!

So more about these bio-gas units! In September Raleigh will be working alongside CTRD to build three families bio-gas units. However there are four families in the village of Man Godi and Raleigh would like to be able to provide all four families with bio-gas plants, including cow sheds for two dairy cows (also given to the families through the funding) which will fuel the bio-gas digester unit.  The bio-gas units work by using the dung that the cows produce and harvest the methane gas the dung creates as it decomposes. The methane gas can be used to run gas cookers in the family homes. The family can also sell the excess milk that the cow produce and sell it to the surrounding communities.

The families are from the tribal community, their current living conditions are very basic and they currently rely on firewood to enable them to cook their food. They live in traditional bamboo huts and it is not uncommon for these houses to catch on fire. Alongside the fire risk women and children collect firewood in the forest which is not only illegal but they also put them at risk by attack from the local wildlife which consists of elephants, snakes and tigers. The units also stop the families having to use firewood; presently each family is burning 20K of firewood a day, which is having a negative impact on the environment and has health implications for the families. Having the bio-gas units will help reduce all these risks and the negative environmental and health implications of the current standard of living. 

Raleigh has previously completed this type of project in Vellary and has been back to review the project and assess its usefulness. When reviewed it was found that the bio-gas units were providing each family with five hours of gas per day and the products the families were able to produce from these units increased their financial standing. 

We hope you can help and thank you from all here at Raleigh India 


  1. Emma Williams Charlie 1

    Hi Emma,

    Hope you're having a lovely time and can't wait for you to come home and help me with the dishes! Photo's look like you are having fun and are still doing some running to keep in practice.

    See you on the 4th,
    Lots and lots of hugs and kisses,
    Rick :).

  2. Emma Williams Charlie 1

    Hi Emma,

    Hope you are having a nice time in India. Did you win the race in your photo? I miss you very much and can't wait to see you soon. Come home quickly and you can see me in my new school uniform :).

    Lots of love, hugs and big kisses,

    Jade xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. To Tabitha Ha and the Mud Warriors ECHO 4

    Hey guys hope your having a great time on environmental. Lots of digging fun! (hahaha....not really ;)). Been back home a week and only just getting over how weird it is being home. Just wanted to say hope you guys enjoy the rest of your expedition. Good luck tabs with your travelling on plans and I'm confident you'll find what you want with your international development ambitions. Good luck Ewok with your uni plans. I have a few friends up in Birmingham so I know it's a really cool place. To the giraffe, best of luck with your PM role although you probably won't need it :). And lastly to Ram the Bull, good luck with your future job man you're a really cool guy and a good friend.

    Charlie 2!!! UTALLAWALKAS

    Fahim x

  4. To Chaitali, Louise and Dwayne ECHO 3

    Hey guys hope you're having an amazing time on environmental. I miss sleeping between you guys lol (hahaha :P). Bet you're lapping up the beautiful scenary and the super-friendly villagers (have you guys been swimming in the lake yet?). Huskaradi is an awesome place. Louise you're not still complaining about the long drop are you? lol xx. I'm having SUCH a great time using a real toilet again hahaha. Charlie bet your loving it there (but obviously not as much fun as if I was there :)). Good luck with Australia and Thailand and I look forward to catching up when you're back. Dwanye, hope your not moaning as much :D. Missing our conversations about graham and michael grayson. Hope you have the best time of your life the rest of the expedition.

    Miss you guys
    Fahim xx

  5. To Yasmin Kanji/Echo 5/community group

    My gorgeous Yasmin

    I had such a lovely chat with your grandparents (Mama Roshan ,Baba Hassan), Shiraz and Zandie yesterday. They were having lunch in the house. Today, Zandie and Daddy will be going to spend a week away from Mombasa .I dpn't know where in Kenya , but I presume it is where they went last year.
    Ramadan is coming to an end in Dubai on the 30th of August. I will be going to London for 3 days to see Zandie next Monday and to take him to school.
    I will be doing the same for you , as I promised !
    I can't wait to hear about your community project and the amazing encounter you will have with the villagers.
    God bless you all at Raleigh for all the hard work and dedication you are giving to people who are just grateful to have the mere basic necessities of life ,,, Things we all take for granted in our daily lives.
    Love you lots my princess.
    Take care and have fun.


    Well hello. Sorry for not messaging earlier!!! I have been in edinburgh for the last week, I definatley wasn't meant to stay this long, but you know how it goes. It looks like you have been having an amzing time, and its not long now till you get to tell me face to face hoewepic your whole adventure has been. I hope you recieved my letter. Its really not long now darling..... have missed you lots and lots......

    Ali xxxx

  7. To Katia PHILIP Charlie 1

    Hi Kats

    we've all been sending blog posts to Tango 5 - thought that was where you were but finally discovered you are in Charlie 1 - I hope the team at base have been giving you your blog posts nontheless! At last - some photos of you in your environment - you look very serious!! And we can see some of your handiwork in the building construction. Looks like hard work!!

    Here everything fine - Nan and paula and the hounds back from France - weather not brill but we did have a nice day on Sunday so Jo and I spend day at Caswell - huge surf and lush water. I have had a couple of calls to your man and he seems fine - no doubt counting the days just like you! Jo and I leave for USA on Friday from Heathrow so will miss you by 24 hours - I willtry to arrange to skype you from over there at some point. We are back on afternoon of sunday 11th. Have not been travelling since I came back from Poland so has been nice just to be in and around home getting all those jobs done that pile up throughout the year. Seems only yesterday you left - where did 3 months go? You will come back a little older (well you were 21 when you left now you are 22!) and wiser no doubt. Hoping the remainder of your experience is memorable - catch you soon sugar plum! Lots and lots of love Dad xx