Welcome to the official blog for Raleigh India 12I | July - August 2012

Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Saturday 13 August 2011

be the change(over) you wish to see in the world

It has been a busy time here at field base over the past few days! First thing Wednesday morning the groups began arriving back, quick to get their kit sorted and cleaned so they could head into Mysore to do some shopping, stock up on food and grab a pizza. 

Once everyone was back the night's entertainment of skits began. A very interesting show, but Charlie 1 managed to clinch it by wearing toilet paper underwear whilst singing a song - I'm not entirely sure why, but it was amusing to watch. 

Charlie 1

Echo 3

Charlie 2 - going tribal
    Thursday was Graduate day. Sam, one of the Grad's has written how the day kicked off.

"We decided to host a Sporting event to kick of Graduate day. Everyone in their phase teams competed in classic sports day rounds. The sack race set things off, with the venturers all hopping towards the finish line in big bags. It was followed by games such as wheelbarrow races, three legged madness and the classic 100m sprint. 

The second half of the events took a slightly more surreal approach with a staring competition. Those who could manage a straight face rose to the challenge of resisting laughter. To conclude we played a game of giant naughts and crosses - everyone watched intently whilst their teammates battled it out on a rather large scale. The events came to an end with Echo 3 being crowned overall champions!" 

The afternoon was a relaxed affair, filled with Henna Painting, a local beautician on site to Pamper and massage, a Silver Jewellery stall and the groups all designed and painted their own bench. The day concluded with a BBQ, followed by some, not so traditional, Bollywood dancing!

Friday began with final phase allocations! As everyone knew which project they would be going on, either Community, Environmental, Adventure, or back home for our 7 weekers! Julia distracted all the venturers whilst all the project managers went off to hide around field base. Everyone had to find their PM's, and once finding the correct ones, hide with them. 

Hayley's magical hiding place

The new Tango 5 

A fond farewell to all our 7 weekers! You will all be missed 

Tango 5!
Alex,  Shiva, Tarik, Devon, Lauren, Donya, Kai, Manpreet and Ashley are joined by Project managers Eleri and Sarah!

Echo 3!
Vandana, Jade, Louise, Jacob, Ganeshan, Nick, Dwayne, Shaq and Charlie and joined by Project managers Lindsay and Julia!

Charlie 1!
Ben, Prasath, Elvis, Katia, Shrida, Emma, Yasmin and Douglas are joined by project managers Sarah and Susan!

The Echo 3 team before deployment!

and Finally, Echo 4!
Rohith, Struan, Roxanne, Tom, Oli, Jason, Tabby, Najee, Sam and Ram are joined by Jen (Donks!) Catherine and Lou! 

All of the groups headed off this morning for their final few weeks! We will be heading out to visit them all next week to see how they are getting on !

the buses all ready to go!

Tango 5 up bright and early to head off on trek

Tom and Ben say a sad farewell

Tom - raring to go

Charlie and Oli 

Dwayne and Shaq 

John - the current Field base Medic, with Lindsay who is heading back to Echo 3!

Sam heading off to Echo 4!


A few of the field base staff

Julia and Clare 

Photographs by Christina Ambrose, Clare Fletcher and Elvis 


  1. To Elvis
    WOW~you are one of the photographer ar! Nice pictures!
    What will you do in the next few weeks? Can't wait to see the lastest news from blog!!

  2. Emma Willaims Charlie 1

    Hi Emma,

    Just been looking at the photo's of you all back at field base - you look really well and clean again! Glad you still have the energy to run so well! The house is fairly quiet with both you and Vicky away, but I'm making the most of the peace :). Off horse riding with Jade on Tuesday and Kayaking on Friday so that should tire her out! Had coffee with Lisa today and did a bit of baby shopping :). She is getting big now and is 35 weeks on Wednesday but the midwife siad the baby is going to be petite! She is looking forward to seeing you in Sepember and hopefully she won't go into labour early! Off to stay in Chester tomorrow.

    Love and hugs from everyone. Love you loads, Mum & Co

  3. to manpreet tango 5
    hi preeti seen the new pics, looks like u had fun only 3 weeks left then back home family arrived home safe its rahkari day done jinders and garmails rest will wait for sunday everyones fine here sandi kept callum for the night and boy can he talk for england ,everyone sends their love sandi has gone out for rachels birthday the theme is cirus sunny dressed as a clown(ha ha) and sandi has gone has a showgirl shoud have seen the rest of the gang looked really scary instead of fuuny well got to go csi is on you be careful on trekeing look after yourself
    love u mum and sandi

    and i would like to thank the releigh team for keepin us all updated about our loved ones

  4. To Elvis,

    Nice to see that your photos had great improvement after these days. You seen to be thineer again although you said that you had been fatter.

    Your final stage would be community service, it is right? How long does it last? I remember your project would end in early Sep, hope you enjoy the past stage with your dear teammates.

    I will start my new school year soon and feel a bit stress. Hope you are my side and share with you soon.

  5. Tom, ECHO 3
    Arsenal news:
    Fabregas sold for 30-35 mil
    Sign 19 yr old costa rican striker Joel Campbell
    DRAW 0-0 with Newcastle. Gervinho sent off on debut for slapping Joey Barton, Arsenal basically did ok but couldn't finish.
    Anyway, hope you have a great phase mate! Enjoy Basavapura....

  6. Ben, Charlie 1:
    Hey, hope it's going well...I'm home and already missing the curry and sleeping on the floor. Dnk if messages will get out before the loop so thought i'd blog everyone now. Hope you enjoy the last few weeks, especially since it's so abrupt coming home - one minute you're in fieldbase, then you're walking out of Gatwick. Say hi to Kat!

  7. Kai and Manpreet, TANGO 5:

    A-team!!! Good luck in the third movie, battling leeches and rotting feet...
    Alex :)

  8. Sam - Echo 4
    What ho Mr Goat. Just been playing some golf, but eggs make excellent golf balls. Missing the curries and endless trekking but not those insidious octopi. Wee drap ae oat oan the plane...hohoho

  9. Vandanaaaa, Echo 3-
    Hi Vandi, hope everyting going well in Huskurhaddi, really weird to be home and still jealous of Bangalore lol. Missing everyone! Have loads of fun :)

  10. Barbara Robinson15 August 2011 at 18:46

    Hi Dwayne Robinson Echo 3

    Well, who better to be with when doing the last phase is Shaq. I know you are extremely happy. You need to stay focus and do your best in this last phase. Before you know it you will be home to tell me all about it. Again the pictures are great and the weather seems to agree with you.

    Love Mom.
    PS Anson is eating cheese pizza. LOL


    ECHO 3

    Well well - it looks like you and Shaq are finally together gonna be working side by side. I hope that doesnt mean India is gonna get turned upside down lol. I'm liking your hats, you're looking very photogenic. Nana and poppa gotta a kick out of them. Continue to enjoy your experience and I will talk to you later. Love you kiddo.

    Aunie Syb.

  12. To Yasmin Kanji (11E, Charlie 1)
    From Sikander Kanji

    Dear Yasmin, Love the pictures and the updates. Zandie and I off to kenya tonight, wish you were coming with us and we will miss you. Have lots of fun and hopefully we will hear from you. Love the green raleigh t shirt , can you buy me one ?!! lol Baba xxx

  13. To Julia Mitchell at fieldbase...Hello zero, Hello zero. How are my comms? Missing you guys at fieldbase-John,Tim, Fletch,Julia and Mark. Got home safely and find that I am missing eating out my mess tin and Raleigh life! Just want to send a message of thanks to you Julia for giving me the chance and for making Raleigh one of best experiences of my life. Wish I could be in two places at once! Catriona

  14. To John Whitaker-medic

    Missing you. Hope you are still as busy at fieldbase as you were on projects! Hope fieldbase is full of fun and mischief and you are looking after everyone! Some great photos of you here:-)Love the one of you and Linz!C.D.

  15. To Lauren Hopkins,Tarik, Shiva, Devon in Tango 5.

    Hello all, wasn't sure when the loop might be out-just wanted to check that the leeches and rain aren't getting to you too much and you are all enjoying the trek! Keep going guys-you can do it! Am hoping Devon is enjoying it! Missing you all so much-its really werid being at home. Still not adjusted and miss Raleigh life and all the fun times we had! Take care of each other guys and look out for something special Lauren! Lots of love, Catriona xxx

    ps. Shiva, sorry that India lost at cricket by too many runs for you to even consider! Maybe they need you on their side?? And Devon the Arsenal game with Newcastle was drawn 0-0. Poor game, but hopefully they'll pick up soon! :-)

  16. To Jade Cassidy-Echo 3

    Hope this phase is going well and you've fallen in love with the bashas, good food, Gramps, the village and Eric! Hope the boys are behaving themselves and the trench is deep! Keep up the good work! Still wish I could be there with you.-missing you. Say hello to Vandi, Jules and Lindz. Love Catriona xxx

  17. To Emma Williams-Charlie 1

    Emma! Hope Kotapadi is proving to be fun and the house is almost done! Hope that the weather is not making trips up the steps too difficult! Really am missing you. Thank you for your note you gave me before I went. Can't believe how time flew. Hoping that you enjoy this last phase as much as I did and that you enjoy the goodies! Give Gorlika, Kanan a hug from me!:-) Love,Catriona xxx

  18. To Jason Rhind ECHO 4

    hello hello,
    How is it going there in the middle of no where? Is environmental good fun? I hope you have an amazing time out there. Probably lots of fun with the team your in. And prob the nice quitar where sam in playing on.
    I sended you a msg on FB with my numer again and stuff. And I will send you an other mail what I got from denmark, so make sure you read that this time! :)

    Miss you
    Lots of LOVE!

  19. to Tabitha Ha ECHO 4

    TABSSS!! how is the last phase? Already have a sun tint? You will probobly be as brown as poo, like you see in the longdrop, you know? Hope the work is making good pase and you enjoy your time. As soon as your home, we need to skype!
    Thank you sooo much for your letter, it was really sweet, and I wear your hairclip all the time! Can not wait to see you again. Say hi from me to everybody.

    Cheerioz MAZ

  20. To Sam Walter (Echo 4)

    Alright Frost, good to see you having such a fun time, the pictures look great. Hope it's all rewarding (certainly looks it) and that you are entertaining everyone with your singing! Pint in the Bluebell when you get back.


  21. To Katia Philip Charlie 1
    Hi Kats
    Love the picture! You look great, that's a happy smile! Hope the community project is going well. How does it compare with the other 2? What are u building? Hope the weather has improved and u get a tan so u can make us jealous when u get back. Not long now: 2 weeks & 2 days (but I'm not counting hihi...). Have fun and enjoy the rest of ur adventure. Lots of love. Mum xxx

  22. To Louis Shute

    ONLY 23 DAYS TILL YOU'RE BACK!!! can't wait to see you!! Rufus is getting married on the 23rd sep, wedding in France. You'll have to remember your toilet roll dance, definitely one to show off back here. do hurry home xx

  23. To Sam Walter (Echo 4)

    Hi Sam
    Good news - Poppy is going to UCL - A star, A & B!! She survived Barcelona with Millie - they had a very good time! She off to Green Man now.

    Hope alls well with you, keep viewing blog - some good pictures of you recently!

    Weather dull here -


  24. Alex Clarke - Tango 5
    HELLO FROM ENGLAND! Hope trekking is fun, and that Trench foot hasn't struck anyone down...
    its pretty boring back home, not gonna lie! Just packing for V festival, working, eating good food again, watching harry potter, listening to ed sheeran (which is pronounced ed SHEER-AN) haha and steering clear of paint. Would much rather still be in the jungle with my amazing copy of shantaram :) I found the note on the bus to the hotel (which was SO nice - tv and everything), it was such a lovely surprise, so thank you :) anyway hope you are having fun, and say hello to Donya and other Tango 5ers! xxx

  25. For Tabitha Ha, Echo 4

    Hi Tabitha,

    I see you've changed groups for the last phase, hope you're still having fun and digging elephant trenches is going well :)

    Your letter hasn't arrived yet, any sign of the first one we sent to you yet? can't believe it's taking more than a month.
    have the waterproof socks been useful?

    We got back home Monday lunchtime and were all shattered! Jamie stayed until yesterday when he flew back to Spain but he might come back in November for a few days.

    Not much other news really except that Sat is fast approaching so I'm well excited. Hope to tell you all about it next time.


    Mum x x

  26. To Donya
    A lil bit of bad news you wont be abel to change your flight. O well i'll guess you will have to rough it out for 2 weeks, on a beach somewhere under a palm tree drinking a Mojito not so bad hey lol. Hope your enjoying your final phase. Love you Ish

  27. Yasmin Kanji /Echo

    My Dearest Yasmin
    I hope this note finds you well....... Just a quickie to say Hi, I love you and miss you so much...
    Much Love

  28. To Yasmin Kanji/ Echo 5

    My dearest Yamena

    I have such a lovely dream last night... with you in it... looking as gorgeous as ever, smiling away and very happy. It really made my day , and I can not stop smiling either , just remembering it...

    All is well here . I hope you are enjoying the last phase of your adventure with Raleigh , having made many friends and having experienced some of the most amazing times......

    Woof you lots and lots.....
    A huge hug and kiss...

  29. For Emma Williams (Charlie 1)

    WILLIAMS!!!!! Please don't think we've forgotten about you! Had problems sending messages from my phone, and got a bit confused trying to find you when you changed groups (Doh doh!)

    Looks and sounds like you're having an amazing time! Hope you got my letter and goodies. I know Liza had a few problems receiving some of hers, she got back last week.

    All is well here, have been a few massive riots back here, not sure if you've heard. Back to work on Tuesday after 6 weeks of being a cripple... boooo! All ok now though, have explained everything in my letter.

    Can't wait to see you! Although Alex and I are planning a getaway for a week from 5th September, so may have to wait a bit longer to see my face. I know you've missed it :P. Anyways it'll be an epic reunion. Forget Nemo and his dad, and Take That. It'll be huuuuuuuge!

    See you soon! :D

    Lots of love from your favourite Panda xxxxxxx1

  30. For Jacob Rogers (Echo 3) Hello Jacob, how's the last phase going? Can't believe it's nearly the end of the project, and you're going to do a sponsored run, it sounds likr its a really good cause, thought I may try and find you a few local sponsors, maybe call round at the A.T Centre, think they'd be interested.Anyhow, it was really good to hear from you, hope you've got my letter. Jess is convinced the baby is going to be early, I'm going to Germany on weds for a few days to see Ant etc, maybe the baby will come then!! Everyone here is fine, all back from Fachelich apart from Sian, who's there now. I saw Rosehannah today, who said it would be worth getting hold of Ol Farrel's dad for cheap nice accomadation. Got to go the winebar now, to do an evening session. Speak to you soonish, loads of love, Kate xxx

  31. Tango 5
    Hi Manpreet
    How you doing?It is so quiet here with out you ,eveyone counting the days.Your pictures looking good,shannon exam results ok,(SHE LIVES ANOTHER DAY)Well talk to you soon getting back to eastenders just having lamb curry and naams (Oh sorry you missing them it sooo tasty)lots of love Masi,Karen and Shannon xxxx