Welcome to the official blog for Raleigh India 12I | July - August 2012

Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Saturday 20 August 2011

Message from the alpha groups

From: Catherine Playfair
To: Catherine/Lady Di/ Aussie

Hey Aussie, thanks for your message! Hope you had fun catching up with Robyn. I’ve been building toilets in a small tribal community in Tamil Nadu with an awesome Kiwi and 11 venturers. I think I must have been a brick-layer in a previous life – it’s so satisfying creating a whole toilet from bricks and cement and knowing the villagers can finally have a Barry in comfort. Would love to hear more about your talks, will email soon.

Love London x

From: Catherine Playfair
To: Mona

Dear Lovely Mona,

Thanks for your blog messages. I’m hoping to visit BD Munti at the end of expedition and make sure they’re using our toilets! I’ve been building a different type of toilets in a small tribal community in Tamil Nadu with Kate’s friend Sarah (an awesome Kiwi who is almost as crazy as you! J). It’s a much more shy and reserved community than BD Munti but we’ve had them playing cricket with us and bringing us PMs flowers every morning! Hope to catch up with you when I’m back in September.

Love Catherine x

From: Tabby
To: Mum, Barry, Alex, Emily, Dad, Marlene and Joey

Hi Everyone!
Back at fieldbase now – relaxing a little and playing around with henna! On the way to the environmental project tomorrow in Karnataka State, not expecting as much from this one but the rumour

Plans are  looking good for after Raleigh – a few others are staying on and thinking of spending a couple of nights in Bangalore before heading to Hampi. Also have a few numbers to call about doing a placement with a charity.
Hope that mum and co are having a great time in Florida. Dad it was nice to speak to you the other day, hope you’re still well. Glad to hear Kiefer’s okay too!

Lots of love, Tabby

Ps – thanks for the amazing parcel. The photos are wicked. Bad news on the deposit Alex!

From: Tabby
To: Guy

Hey! Thanks for the your letter. You said you were keeping up with the blog – so hopefully you will get this. Things are going really well. I’m super busy all the time and there are some amazing people here with so much energy. Really looking forward to travelling on after Raleigh and making my own way, but i will be sad to leave.
Your flatmate sounds like a blessing for now – and glad to hear you have a new funny friend. Can’t believe you are completely immersed in the working world. Make the most of it and enjoy yourself.

You have a letter on the way.

Take Care,


To: Mum
From: Shaq

Hi Mom!

I miss you. How is it back home? Tell everyone at home I said HI! I miss you all! Especially our church family, gotta love them. Also can you save any money I for the trip in December? Thanks Mum! I love you so much (Nandri Ama!)

Shaq xx


  1. To Chitali Dseai E11
    Hi chats, you are on your last trip. 8 weeks have gone so quickly. Vicki has left for South Africa and she cant wait to see you in Australia in few weeks time. I don't know what your last task is but have fun and I will catch up with you soon. Everyone sends their love

  2. Hi shaq hi Dwayne we love you and have prayed for you in class. We think of you and are proud of you.I, sister Elledge, have prayed for you a lot and have remembered the blessing my husband gave you that you would be a light to others , I know you you are powerful young men , you are an amazing example. we are still planning on the temple in Dec. , very exciting. the gospel and church is true , we are so blessed to have a fulness of truth! God bless you both! love,Sister Elledge and class.

  3. For Tabitha Ha, Echo 4

    Glad you're okay and plans are sorting themselves out. Can you let us know what date you actually finish with Raleigh? I know it's sometime end of Aug/beginning of Sept but would like to know exactly when.

    You're welcome for the parcel, just sorry it took so long to get to you but glad you liked everything particularly the photos. We thought you might like to see some familiar faces :)

    I did leave a message the other day to say we were back from the U.S. but in case you didn't get that we're back safely.

    Posted a pic on your wall from yesterday at the album playback in London. We had a wonderful day. DH was there as I'd hoped so we got to meet him and take some pics. He was lovely and very obliging. The album was aaamazing!! Totally, his best ever, now I have to wait 2 months to buy it....

    I texted you back from Florida but after a few days it said it had failed. Hope you're still having fun and love to hear from you when you can.


    Mum,Barry,Alex and Emily x x