Welcome to the official blog for Raleigh India 12I | July - August 2012

Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Monday 8 August 2011

English lessons in Jayapura!

Here in Field Base we often go to the local school in Jayapura, the village next to us, to do medical sessions through a programme we have set up with the school called Little Doctors. This expedition we have expanded this, and at the weekend a few of us headed over to the school to take an English lesson with the 10th Standard students who are studying in their final year.

All students learn the national language, Hindi, state language, Kannada and an International language, which is English.

As well as some Grammar and pronunciation exercises, we also did some tongue twisters with the 100 students in the class - very amusing for both us and them!

So, a quick update of how all the groups are getting on, Charlie 1 and 2, Echo 3 and Tango 5 are all on the final few days of their projects.
We are looking forward to them arriving back at Field Base on Wednesday afternoon for a slightly longer change over period of 3 days, before they all deploy for their final phases on Saturday morning!

Keep an eye out this weekend and I will update on how change over is going!

Mike 2 are doing great in BD Munti and have been working really hard at finishing all 14 toilets! A couple of us from Field Base are heading over tomorrow for their inauguration ceremony of the toilets, so we will do a quick update with some photographs and messages from the group once we are back!

All Text and Photography by Christina Ambrose


  1. To Elvis

    We received your postcard two days ago, it really nice. Mum & Dad enjoy reading your words. Mum felt sad when she read you lost 5-6 kg, but I envy you~haha!! :D

    Can you receive my messages from blog? I wrote several messages in the blog, but at the end still can't see them published. Please tell me if you have read.

    Grandpa has slightly getting better, but still stay in hospital for treatment. Don't be worry, we'll take care of grandpa.

    When you back to field base, hope you will see my letter soon.

    Your family love you always! Take care and add oil!

  2. joanne johns(mam)8 August 2011 at 22:18

    Ashley Johns 11e echo 3
    Hello bairne hope you are ok and still having the time of your life,hear you,ve seen elephants.Talking of animals Stinky and Blue are getting snipped on Monday no kittens here.All those muscles you are getting will put you in good sted for the trek lol.Everyone sends their love but I,m sending you more than everyone put together love you love bairne keep making me proud xxxxxxxx

  3. Amanda Prichard9 August 2011 at 02:37

    For Sarah Whetter, Charlie 2

    Petal, I thought you might want to be made aware of what is going on in London. There have been riots since Saturday, and part of Lavender Hill has been set alight. It seems that part of the Junction is no more, according to those who are still in Clapham. Just thought you might want to check with Trudy and Mel to ensure all is ok.

  4. S Duncan
    Hi darling, Hope you were able to say goodbye to
    those lovely jumbos out there before you left,
    and told them not to go near those trenches.
    Really looking forward for your return on Fri.
    Spicy cann't wait for her fuss.Unc will have to
    jet off next week into Sept.He expects to get your tex when you are in the city.Hope all is well with you., cann't wait to hear all about it on your return.We will see you at T5.
    Ps just to remind you to take one (Clobazam)tablet when you settledown to sleep on the journey home.LOL.mumxxx

  5. hi charlie. can u pass on to me the field base address. and contact no of the project coordinator here. send it to dr.lohith@gmail.com

    thankin you.

  6. For Louise Shute, Charlie 1

    Hey Lou, just thought i'd let you know that everyone's fine in liverpool and don't know anyone affected anywhere else.... of course i told you the country would revolt if you dared to leave. what will it get up to when we're on the slopes?
    Miss you

  7. For Katia PHILIP Tango 5

    Hey Katiaaaaaaa!!!! OMG - I can't believe what you've been doing - you amaaaaaazing woman you -sounds like you are enjoying every minute and what an experience!!!! Heard all about your wall too - fantastic - you'll have to go back and take Ali to see it :-)! Can't wait to see you and hear every gory detail - especially the leeches/spiders (eeeeek)/snakes/scorpions etc etc lol!! Looking forward to you making an authentic curry - no doubt you'll be joining Paula for a vindaloo next time we go out!! Take lots of care and hope all goes well on your next project. Lotsaluv Jawwwww!!!! xxxx