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Friday 6 April 2012

The Loop Trilogy: Star Loop Episode IV - A New Village

Namaskaara and welcome to the sequel of the sequel of the blockbusting Loop Trilogy. Sadly, it will be the last one of its kind, as we are approaching the end of our Raleigh 12C India expedition. But there is also a good side to it: Finally, I can pull the Star Wars theme (saving the best for last)! Reggie Skywalker and Joe Solo used the Force (Big Manju) to visit the far, far away galaxies of Charlie 2, Tango 5, and Echo 4. The other good side to it: Finally and met plezier, we let the Dutch people have their say. So here is lovely Roosmarijn Groen with a short overview of what Charlie 2 has been up to:

Village koningin Roos
Charlie 2 is most likely to win the Oscar for shortest commute from camp to worksite
After a warm welcome from the villagers of Koranchal, the last but not least Charlie 2 started their final adventure with Raleigh in India. With a campsite located in the centre of the village, we became a part of their community faster than expected. 

Christine and Nicole with young Padawans
Tribal lightsabers
During thunderstorms, Charlie 2 finds shelter in the villagers' houses and helps out with keeping kids entertained.

In the hope that we will finish all the 14 toilets, the lovely community is supporting us with lots of flowers, chai, and great food.
We are going to try our best, the sky is the limit!

Ramesh, Jedi Master in long-handed mamptee wielding
Every day, the locals bring flowers to glamour-up the girls...
... and Reggie.
The eating-Force is strong with Canadians and Irish.
Of course our Raleigh Jedis did not fail to make a video to show you that everything is alright in the Koranchal galaxy far, far away:

And now: The one and only message to family and friends. Evidently, if she is not building toilets, PM Amanda works in publishing. Thanks for supporting the beauty of the written word inside and outside Raleigh!
From Amanda
Good news for all fans of fine literature: Turns out Amanda is not the only supporter of the written word! Two days after publication of this post, an apologetic Reggie Lang came to me, in his hand a valuable piece of paper he just saved from a very thorough laundry cycle:
From Janet
From Richard


  1. Message to basecamo folk!

    If I write a message on here for Matt Usherwood pm of Charlie 1, will he receive it before he gets back to field base? Ta, Clare

  2. Jackie Lightfoot6 April 2012 at 22:08

    To Rory, Charlie 1 (I think)
    Hi Rory,
    Its Easter weekend and Dad has taken some time off work! We have spent the day tidying the garden and are going to the River Cafe for dinner tonight - yum. Will have usual coffee meeting with the gang tomorrow morning then Louise coming to cut my hair and Calum's.

    Everyone has been asking about your trip, so be prepared to go over it many times on your return. Not long to go now. You will be glad to know that Calum has not moved into your room, as he said he would (yet), and if you are lucky I'll give it a quick hoover and dust in the coming week.
    Think of you often and looking forward so much to seeing you.
    Stay safe
    love hugs etc Mum, Dad and Calum xx xx xx

  3. Catherine Perry7 April 2012 at 14:12

    For Rhian Charlie 2

    Hi Rhian! Nice to see you on the video. It looks a lovely village and it must be nice to have your campsite so close. Fourteen toilets sounds quite an undertaking! The weather here has gone cold and rainy for the Easter weekend. We were invited to Sue and Alex's last night to celebrate Alex's 30th birthday which is today. Tomorrow we are going to Gill and Paul for lunch. Might be going to see Nan one day next week. Work hard and enjoy yourself! Take care, lots of love, Mum xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. richard jones - charlie 2
    Love the recent photosa and video. Including the hello message to us 3. Next time my loo needs fixing I will know where to come...... What lovley people in the village. Hope you bring home some recipes.
    Bit too chilly, sadly, this Easter for sailing. Robert with us at the mo and Bethan tomorrow. Not as exciting as with you. Enjoy the heat. Did you hear about the Oxford & Cambridge boat race today? Lots of love. mum.

  5. pienie en pietie8 April 2012 at 04:27

    Joost van Berckel - charlie 2
    Heeeee josti!
    hoe is het allemaal met je? hebben net wat leuke fotos van je gezien, had je honger haha!
    hoezo zit je niet in het filmpje?! :P XD
    hier zijn pieter en justine, vanuit haren. Wat ben je allemaal aan het doen? zijn de 15 wc al af? je bouwt er toch wel wat plateaus in? Geniet nog ff van je laatste raleighdaagjes!
    Even een kleine update uit holland:
    -louckie is 18 geworden, ze vond het jammer dat je niet even gebeld hebt..
    -scooby is 20 kilo aangekomen, best zielig, ze heeft het er zwaar mee.
    -pieter heeft een snor
    -het is nu pasen en we miss you!
    -gustav bioheat heeft een nieuwe site, en een omzet van 2 miljoen (haha -2 miljoen helaas)
    -felipe mist je, hij is hier langsgeweest
    -justine heeft datestress voor haar gala
    -goof heeft zijn haar gemilimeterd
    -marijn is luiz aan het opzoeken in brazil
    Groetjes aan Martha en Roosmarijn! LOVE YOU XX
    pietje en pien

  6. To: Janet Conrad

    Hi Janet,

    Iv'e just taken a look at the great photos that your group has put up. The sanitation project looks very worthwhile, and your shoveling muscles must be coming along nicely. It looks as if your are enjoying the local food as well! Don't worry, I have several curry dishes in mind for your return.

    Things have been good in Nova Scotia, with the weather starting to turn a little bit in the past few weeks. I went for a quick camping trip with Shawn and the guys last night in Prospect, and it was still frosty, with a low of -2 C. Excellent climbing to be had on the trip as well. I have some exciting developments to tell you about on the work side of life (don't worry, I am still employed); I'll save those for the next chance we have to talk.

    I'm so very excited for your return, I can hardly hold it, er, bear it. Get it? It's a sanitation joke. Really, I'm actually counting down the days at this point. I hope your having an exciting time on phase.

    I love you and miss you. Talk to you soon.



  7. Roosmarijn
    charlie 5

    Lieve Roos,

    Geweldige foto´s en video.
    Het is hier paasweekend en we zijn met de prins een nachtje naar huis ter duin in noordwijk geweest.Was erg leuk.Geweldig hotel.
    Prins was helemaal onder de indruk.Jor was ook overdag geweest,was erg gezellig.
    Vandaag ga ik naar den haag(eerste paasdag),pap moet werken.
    Vanavond gaan we sate bij rienk,louise,opa,willemijn,lonneke en tim eten.En daarna weer naar huis.
    Morgen golfen met marinke en caroline ziedses en dan is het weekend weer voorbij.
    Bij jou schiet het nu ook op.
    Nog een weekje raleigh en dan nog even strand en gelukkig ben je er dan weer.
    geniet nog even van het heerlijke weer en al je geweldige belevenissen.

    xxxxxx mama

  8. Charlie 2 - James!
    Jai!! ºOº HAPPY EASTER!! ºOº Nice to see some more pictures of you smiling! So glad you are enjoying it out there!! If you get chance can you let me know what terminal and time you are coming home - I have no details for your return flight! Hope you enjoy the final few days you have left, and really looking forward to you coming home!! Love you lots xxxx

  9. Rory: Charlie 1

    Well I got my last post wrong, didn't I? I thought you'd landed a cushy number watching turtles but it turns out you're digging loos. Fate is manifest in curious ways... Hope you're still enjoying the adventure. We miss you, although Calum pretends not to. Looking forward to seeing you and hearing all about it. Very proud of you and love you loads. Dad.

  10. Roosmarijn Groen, Charlie 2

    Jij hebt deze blog gemaakt als ik het goed begrijp? Niceee! Je ziet er goed uit gek, echt asociaal bruin en dat sjaaltje om je hoofd staat je best prima hoor haha. En koningin Roos hahah goed bezig, echt heel leuk om je te zien op het filmpje en de foto's.
    Tot heeeeel snel roosie!

  11. Lieve Roos (Hare Majesteit),
    Leuk dat je ouders nu niet alleen een prins maar ook een koningin hebben. Je zag er prachtig uit op de foto tussen al die schattige kinderen. Wat een leuke ervaring weer. Het is natuurlijk niet te vergelijken, maar wij proberen er hier ook iets van te maken hoor. Zoals je in het blog van je moeder al hebt kunnen lezen, heeft Jorrit bij ons (opa) sate gegeten (want sate-en zonder Jorrit is geen sate-en) en we hebben zowaar buiten gezeten.
    Ik verheug mij op je terugkomst, geniet er nog maar goed van!
    Veel liefs, Louise

  12. Lieve Roos (Hare Majesteit),
    Wat leuk voor je ouders dat ze nu niet alleen een prins, maar ook een koningin hebben. Wat een leuk plaatje tussen al die kinderen. Wij proberen er hier ook iets van te maken hoor. Zoals je moeder als schreef heeft gisteren Jorrit sate bij ons (opa)gegeten, gelukkig maar, want sate-en zonder Jorrit is geen sate-en.
    Ik verheug mij er op dat je weer snel terugkomt, maar hoop dat je er nog even volop van geniet!
    Veel liefs, Louise

  13. Alice Garfield9 April 2012 at 17:36

    Hey Nicter
    It's Alice here at Carngowil with everybody. Auds and pamps would like to say a quick hello:
    Hello Nicole, It was fun to see you on the screen. We hope that you have enjoyed the experience and you will leave for Sri Lanka with very happy memories of your stay in India. Just going to the gallery down the lane now and when the rain stops(!) Audrey is going out to cut the wood. The house at Albert (Lansdowne) is coming on well - we're planning to go to visit when we get back. Lots of love A&P xxxxx
    Well well well Nicole, I don't know about you but I think the months you have been there have flown by. Although we're missing you lots. Enjoy the luxury when you finish on Raleigh! I hope you're loving the Community phase. Carngowil is really nice here - been really good weather so far only today bad weather. Nice to have a long break this weekend. Happy Easter and speak to you soon. Lots of love xxxxx

  14. Linda van den Heijkant9 April 2012 at 17:51

    Roosmarijn Groen, Charlie 2

    Of eigenlijk moet ik koningin Roos zeggen haha! Beter wordt dat je nieuwe bijnaam, dat is leuk voor san!
    Foto's zien er weer goed uit, ik hoop dat het lukt om de 14 toiletten af te krijgen. Grappig filmpje ook, leuk ook dat je jouw lach steeds hoort!
    Tijd vliegt daar vast voorbij maar ik ben wel blij dat je bijna weer terugkomt! En neem alsjeblieft het zonnetje mee!

    Geniet nog maar even flink daar en tot heeeeel snel!
    Dikke kus

  15. Amanda Robinson Charlie 2

    a very belated Happy Easter! I need your NZ visa details asap ( email attachment if poss) for the stuff going back. Plus, I might need all the pages of your passport as photocopy. Have sent email with details. Expecting you back at base on 15th?
    All love mum

  16. R.E.K.J.........Charlie 2

    Still miss you Jones!

  17. Richard Jones - Charlie 2. Writing this from the comfort of my bed!! Reading about the rain storms and broken hammocks makes me feel old!!!! Will stick to being a steward at Camp Bestival for Oxfam this July in Lulworth! love ya.

    Thinking of you lots. XX

  18. Katherine - Charlie 2. Hi there, just back from Spain where the food retailers are taking a month off after selling all their stuff to your high consumption brothers. How's it going out there? I hear you're having fun which is great, did you get any easter eggs? I'm in charge of the about-to -be FHS one, she's still fast asleep at 9.45 I wonder who that reminds me of? Keep well, enjoy the rest of your trip and look forward to seeing you in a month or two. Love oliver and Antonia

  19. Frances - Charlie 1

    Just to say that Bristol have finally made up their minds ...

    ... and converted your conditional offer into an unconditional one!

    We'll try and ring in case it is a while before you get this message.

    We have moved into the new house but no boiler, no carpets, few curtains - hopefully you can show us how to rig up a few hammocks.

    Proud of you, lots of love

    M & D xxxx

  20. To Jack (Charlie 2),

    Hi jack, can't believe your trip is nearly over - you'll be home this time next week, can't wait to see you! Hope the 'toilet' expedition is nearly completed and that you get to try them out before you leave??

    Thank goodness for Raleigh cos you've not been great at keeping in touch - luckily I can see you're still alive with updates on website! If I don't hear from you over wkd we'll be expecting you get into heathrow nxt Wed, flight home is Thurs so u r booked into holiday inn again, ring me on Wed evening and I'll give you ref number. Hope you enjoy last few days, I'm so proud of you and am sure your dad is looking down on you with love and pride too. See you next week, love mum xox