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Tuesday 21 February 2012

Meanwhile at Fieldbase…

If we can’t go to the “real India”, we let India come to us. For fort-holding reasons, Fieldbase staff does not have the privilege to live in rural Indian communities and wander around tea plantations every day. Hosting the 2012 Host Country Venturer Reunion was therefore a welcome diversion from our bubble. Each project of every Raleigh expedition is joined by Host Country Venturers (HCVs), offering brilliant insights into Indian culture and acting as friends, guides, teachers, translators, and negotiators.
Twenty of those former HCVs set up camp in our dormitories in the evening of Friday, 17 January, to spend two days of discussions, presentations, and games with each other. HCV co-ordinator Theja and country director Mark led through the programme. The sessions focused on ideas for improving the HCV recruitment process and fostering the activity of the three state representatives groups (in Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu), for example through networking over social projects and events. And it was of course an opportunity to share stories about their very own expedition, the friends they made, the skills they acquired, and the challenges they met.

The HCVs
Hennaing up the Fieldbase staff. Thanks so much!
Reggie's wildest dreams coming true.
However, for reasons a German can’t even begin to understand, the highlight seemed to be a three hour HCV/Fieldbase-bonding-session over a game the Commonwealth of Nations inhabitants call “Cricket”. Having had no preparation whatsoever, I was standing on the pitch, trying to figure out the rules and THE POINT of the game. Everyone else seemed to know the rules (and the point), but still kept standing around. And waiting. In the end one team won (apparently I was in it).
A REAL game.
Feeling slightly unsatisfied? Did you expect – or rather hoped for – class A sports reporting? You were right in doing so! As I would never let you down, dear reader, I handed over the task of fulfilling your every reading need to the extremely talented, yet shy and hence anonymous, Fieldbase sports department. Here you go:
As the morning sun began to rise over the Jayapura oval, the opening pair of the Sachin Scorchers strolled to the crease. Local spectators gathered and were not disappointed as the run rate charged forward at a blistering pace. Two overs down, the Scorchers had hit an impressive 36 and the winning feeling had begun to take hold.
Feeling the momentum turning away, the Ravi Rhinos started to find their rhythm and their bowlers began firing down unplayable deliveries with their fielders backing them up with some heroic catches in the deep. Four wickets down, and following a rather controversial decision by Umpire Jones, a well earned tea break of tepid water and freshly cooked spongecake was called. The teams then resumed their positions and in the increasingly arid conditions the innings came to a close with the Scorchers scoring a respectable 91 on a wicket that was fast becoming a bowler’s dream.
The Rhinos then took to the crease and - although hoping to find some early boundaries - had not expected the skilled bowling of medium paced Small Manju who expertly utilised the unique rock formations to produce some unpredictable turns. Following the fall of the openers, however, the middle order soon took control and holes in the previously waterproof defence of the Scorchers were soon being found. 

Small Manju and Pavan getting their game on.
As 13 overs were up, the tantalising conclusion of this multicultural exhibition of sporting excellence was soon upon us. The Rhinos needing only 12 more runs with 2 wickets in hand and a pitch that contained India’s second highest peak. In the end the Rhinos prevailed with a masterclass of cut shots and slogs and we all descended back to Fieldbase, waiting for the inevitable calls from Duncan Fletcher and Andy Flower.

Looks like a winning team. Except it isn't.
That's a winning team.
I still have no idea what that is supposed to mean.


  1. Charlie 2 - Victoria HAPPY BIRTHDAY
    Hi Vicky, have a v.happy birthday with lots of fun. We are thinking of you, and we hope your cards arrived on time. I expect you have acclimatised to the temperature now and are working on your suntan. We have enjoyed reading the blog and seeing the photos.
    Have a lovely day. A big hug from O &Gp
    (message 5)

  2. Message for Harriet Upton

    Hi Harri!

    Thinking of you, looking forward to hearing what tips you can give me on your return! Hope you're having fun. We've had snow and temperatures of under -10 degrees in the daytime, so enjoy your warmer climes lol!

    Louise (Kat's cousin) xx
    Costa Rica 2012


    Dear Max, Grandma here - Happy Birthday for tomorrow! I'm going home to Wales today, so I won't be here on the day. I had a lovely time on your dad's birthday. All my love and see you on your return, Grandma.

  4. daniel leigh .ECHO5 wish i were there!arising at the crack of dawn,trecking long distances and wading thru weeds,mud and rocks were not for me even in my prime.howener it does sound exciting and adventuresome.i am certain that the scenery and sights are quite beautiful(kerala is reputed to be one of the most delightful parts of india).very happy to know that you are enjoying yourself.all the best. papa

  5. For Becky Massey Tango 5
    Hi Becky,
    Just been reading a blog about what tango 6 have been up to and guessing your experiences are pretty similar - it looks amazing and incredibly full on. Wow - yesterday Imo said that she had better start saving, we all so want to do it.
    Ben played Aussie Rules against Oxford Uni last weekend and granny and grandpa went to watch but it was pouring with rain and a complete mudbath and they couldn't make head nor tails of it and were still laughing about it 2 days later. However Birmingham uni won and Ben got the hardhat prize for the nuttiest tackle which I am not sure that I wanted to know about! Imo has just got back from a netball tournament, and as my taxi driver is in India I had to go out and get her, and James is hard at work - he has a Physics ISA at 8.15 tomorrow morning so you can imagine what the pressure will be to get out of the house on time. Dad still in training for his 100 miles bike race and beginning to get boring about eating healthily and not drinking!
    Huge love darling,
    Mum xxxxxx


    Hi Max - its your birthday so we are having porridge and thinking of you - cakes will be cooked when you return. Looking forward to seeing photos of your adventure and I'm pretty certain today will be as sun soaked as the previous ones. We are getting up as you are half way through the day - you always did like being ahead of us - so here's to you on a special day and lots of love, mum x

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    I just send you a messgae but forgott to write down your full name. Hope it will reach you!


  8. Hello Natalia (C1), Sian and Nanny blogging! Thrilled to know you can now manage snake bites and build loos.....you can come and help me on my building projects in future!! Nanny says lovely to see you looking happy. Lots of love Sian and Nanny xx

  9. Mad Orange Auntie Katie24 February 2012 at 02:55

    Maxie Babes Dampier Tango 5
    Happy Birthday Blondie Brian Blessed!
    Mad Orange Aunt here - hoping you haven't come across too many creepy crawlies...or (for their sakes) that they haven't come across you! Jolly Birthday Felicitations & hig bugs x x x

  10. Dan Wiseman (ECHO 3)

    Hope you are ok and enjoying yourself out there?
    Wont be long until your little niece is here :) lol she will be here within the next couple of weeks!

    Hope your having an amazing time and making the most of it! :)

    Love you,
    Chez xxxx

  11. Barney - Tango 6,
    Oh you lucky people - what a brilliant time you're having - I'm loving the pictures.
    I do hope the jumbos are obliging tomorrow and you have a memorable day - I know the elephants won't forget. Good luck with the second half of your big walk.
    Lots and lots of love, Mum xx

  12. Katherine - Tango 6

    Farewell Mogali, bonjour Armani!

    Love you to bits xxxxx