Welcome to the official blog for Raleigh India 12I | July - August 2012

Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Sunday 26 February 2012

Join the SitRep

Keeping up with our venturers and Project Managers is not always easy, with us being here at Fieldbase and them being “out there”. However, we are trying our best to stay in touch via:
  • The Loop is THE official tour of the Raleigh project sites. The logs team and some of the Field Base team drive the Bravos (cars) on a loop round to each of the accessible project sites (during this expedition it’s Charlie 1, Charlie 2, and Echo 4) once per phase. They deliver kit, supplies, site visitors, YOUR messages from the blog, and of course the all-important post! 
  • Ad-hoc visits are made whenever special assistance is required. Picking up site visitors (like the Photographer) or delivering urgent vaccines are some of the examples. 
  • SitReps or Situation Reports are special messages sent from the project sites back to Fieldbase every evening. It follows a certain format and includes all sort of handy information like where they are, what they have been up to, what they need (which is mainly football and rugby results), and what they’re planning to do next. The short version of a SitRep is a Comms Check and is conducted every morning.
I will be on the loop this week to get some insider information from Charlie 1, Charlie 2, and Echo 4 and to hand out your messages. To keep you entertained in the meantime, I deciphered the many different handwritings in our SitRep-book to give you a short overview of what our Alpha-groups have been up to in their first project week.
  • Charlie 1: Our friends in Gandenahalli laid foundations and completed the walls of four different project sites. They also attended the Maha Shivratri celebrations in the local village on 20 February. Charlie one even rose to local newspaper fame by having an article about them published in Vijaya Karnataka.

Yellow box: “Raleigh India provides opportunities for volunteers interested in learning our culture and tradition. This group of young people from Raleigh India helps our communities to build Eco-Sanitation facilities, which helps fertilise crops by utilising human wastage. These volunteers do not come to India solely for travel and entertainment; their work is very much appreciated.” (Translation by Theja)
  • Charlie 2: The other Charlies have already finished digging two toilet cesspits. They used their spare time to dress up the dining and meeting area, apparently with a very cushty result.
  • Echo 3: Communication with this group is not always easy, as network reception in their area is rather tricky. However, I think they just don’t want to leave their on-beach sunrise/sunset lounge (built on day one, they know how to prioritise!) or move away from watching adorable baby turtles hatch every night.
  • Echo 4: Completed two cowshed foundations and 1 and1/2 biogas holes. After drinking fresh cow milk and one or two venturers falling into cow dung, they consider themselves experts in the cattle-métier.
  • Tango 5: After walking through vast tea plantations and Cardamom fields, they surely deserved their day off. But no rest day for the wicked: Tango 5 decided to switch to another gear and went rafting instead. That’s the spirit!
  • Tango 6: As you may have already read in venturer Katherine’s guest blog, the group climbed an “incredibly high mountain”, walked through a cloud, completed their survival day with honours, went rafting and received a surprise visit by Sam, Reggie, and Big Manju.


  1. Dear Will (Charlie 1)

    Sounds likes like you are hard at work digging foundations and building walls. Sure you are enjoying the experience of living in a totally different environment and forming new friendships. The Maha Shivratri celebrations sound interesting. All well here. Baba has just done the narnia play at St Mary's for three nights. Think he enjoyed it - he was brilliant. The make-up played havoc on his spots though!!! Granny and Grandpa are coming on Wednesday (29th) they are in London on Thursday at the RAC club to celebrate St David's Day. Josh well Josh is Josh - all good - he has given up biting his nails for lent! Not sure how long that will last. Hope you stay well and enjoy. We all love you and miss you but know you are on a trip of a lifetime.. Love you. Mummy

  2. Message for Jules Cornelissen, Charlie 2.

    Hoi Jules, je bent nu twee weken in India en we hopen dat je een beetje geaclimatiseerd bent.
    We hebben gelezen dat je kippen hebt moeten slachten voor je diner, stoer hoor! We hebben je gespot op de foto samen met de andere Charlie 2 venturers. Bij ons zit de carnavalsweek erop, vive heeft goed haar best gedaan, vrijdag, zaterdag, zondag, maandag weggeweest. ze is alvast aan het oefenen voor als ze zestien is.
    Wij zijn een paar dagen naar Amsterdam geweest, was ook erg leuk. We wensen je heel veel succes met je verdere bouwperikelen en we zien je wel weer een keer verschijnen op de blog. Dikke kussen en knuffels van ons.

  3. To Marjolein Bender Charly 1:

    Haai Pepi, hoe gaat het met je? Wat is die blog toch geweldig, want zo houden we voor ons gevoel echt contact met jullie! Wat een gave berichten krijgen we te lezen. Zelfs jullie artikel in de plaatselijke krant is ingekopieerd. Jullie zijn goed bezig geweest, zeg. Hier alles oké. Het is nu krokusvakantie, dus iedereen aan het skiën. Dat is wel even iets anders, hè, haha. Veel succes nog verder en heeeeeeeeel veel knuffels van ons:) Doei, tot de volgende x

  4. Echo 4 - James!!
    Glad to hear you are putting your skills to good use! I have written you a letter and shall post it tomorrow - Monday 27th - so we will see how long it takes to get to you! Hope you are still smiling! Love you! xxxx

  5. Hi Katherine (Tango 6), Antonia here, just wanted to let you know that I got into FHS and Queens (as well as St Marg and probably the Mount). I can also be on the waiting list for Channing and SHHS but I would rather go to FHS. We have seen the photos of you and hope you are having a great time. Lots of love and hope to see you soon. xxxxxxxxx

  6. Martha Clarke CHARLIE 2
    Hello martha....I cannot believe you have been away for over 2 weeks already! I hope you are getting used to all that building work cos Roy needs a labourer, maybe you can mix concrete for him when you get back!!
    All same as usual here. It is so wonderful to see the blog...really the highlight of my week! love you emencely hugely...big fat hug, mumxxx


    Tomoooose, its your AMAZING sister, just thought i would write you a small message since it feels like i haven't spoken to you in years! These 5 months are going far too slow for my liking so please hurry up and stop building toilets and come home. Just had a bit of a stressful sunday trying to figure out Jersey dates with dad and all that, i also put in a good word for the Edinburgh fringe, would be so great to go again! Over here is pretty dull, especially school so i'm afraid i don't have any exhilaratingly exciting news, however i heard Will broke up with Steph last week which was quite sad but hey ho-plenty more fish in the sea! I'm doing my AS mocks next week which i am s***ing bricks about, i'm SO nervous. Also had parents meeting last week which wasn't so bad, luckily Dad didn't make any more awkward comments to Mr Rowley so that was always a plus however having said that there were some awful parent-teacher confrontations, especially with Mr Abagail! Iv seen a couple of photos of you in the indian village, looks awesome, hope your enjoying your curried eggs too! I did the dance show last night which went very well, me and freya did 'HO'S AND DISCO'S' one last time and extra well on your behalf. Also, i did lots of filming of Emma Campions and Katrina's dances to show you on your return so i can prove my point about how amazing at dancing she is...although she did look incredible so you will probably shoot yourself when you see it but hey you'll live. I think its safe to say that me and freya are so close to overtaking your stage you were at in LOST, we're at the episode before charlie dies and i cant wait to see her reaction, i think she's going to kill me since iv been denying he dies for so long to attempt to throw her a tad off course....! The discs are kept pristine don't fear, you wont have to go through each disc and hunt for scratches since there are none! Also, whilst you've been gone i've adopted all of your little habits, its really quite strange, i keep singing loads of songs to freya and watching her squirm as she's like 'where is that from, come on just tell me!' etc, my favourite is the one from Willy Wonka 'in a woooorld of your imagination' - she still hasn't figured it out yet its priceless. Anyway, i feel like iv been blabbering on for ages now about the most pointless things so i'm going to stop now, but ill write you another one soon or let you know how my results are and stuff. I hope you read this soon and i reeeeeally really miss you so talk to me whenever you can, i hope your having the BEST time.
    Lottie x

  8. Eko 3. Hi Natalie glad to hear you have the sun terrace up and running! Hope Olive and her mates have arrived, and the path going well. Wore your frock and pink shoes out to lunch yesterday. Bridging tonight, and playing with Liz Sheehan on Thursday so will catch up with the chat! All the postcards have arrived and much appreciated, one corner of ours was well munched and only took a month. Buster smiling. Fab sunset over Old Milverton. Mums x x x

  9. Jonny C Tango 5

    hope your Tango is going well. You'll be on Strictly Come Dancing when you get home with all that practice. Is rafting a new dance?

    Hope you are having good time. It is sounding fun and fairly full on. Lots of chillaxing over here- wish you could join us!

    Chessie has written her biography about you so your name is in print; fame at last.

    Tuesdays aren't the same without you and Thursday singing lesson is definitely not so good since you've been gone:(

    We enjoy hearing all the news - keep it coming.

    PS when you finally get to hit the internet you'll be tied up for ages reading all the skype messages.

    love all of us.

  10. For Shaquille- Tango 5
    Hola bebe!
    Hope everything is going well, I miss you SOOOOO much. I got back from New York yesterday, break is over :( You look so cute in the few pictures I've seen of you, keep up the good energy! I love you. MWUAH.


  11. Heya Matt Ush. (Tango 5 I believe..)
    I hope that the expedition is going well.. if I haven't totally screwed up understanding the blogs and maps etc then you went rafting? Fit.
    Was back in D-shire this weekend to catch up with Daddy G for his Birthday and saw your parents; t'was excellent. They look extremely well and we're crossing all fingers that the snow in Austria lasts for their holiday :)
    Ed and I are starting the house viewings tomorrow which only means one thing: a shelter for Tramlines(and all other local festivities this summer) for thee, me, he and whoever else we pick up en route :-D
    Going to see Ben Howard on Tuesday and obviously v v v v v excited... is it too early to propose?
    Thinking about you lots and litch cannot wait for you to get back here and spend at least 24 hours telling me evvvvverrrrryyyyytttthiiiiiing.
    Take care of yourself my friend.
    Peace xx

  12. For Dom Echo 4
    Hi Dom, just to tell you that Liverpool won the Carling Cup today on penalties! It was tense but we did it! I am sending snail mail tomorrow with a blow by blow account.
    Hope you're not falling into too much cow dung. The biogas project sounds really valuable and we can't wait to hear more about it.
    Everything else here is fine. Joe wants to know whether you want to go to a music festival at teh end of June in Belgium. I said you probably would.
    Speak soon I hope, missing you loads. Mum and Dad.

  13. Laura Tango 5
    Hi Laura
    Great to see the photo with the rest of your group. Sound as though you're having a great time - hope you enjoyed the rafting after your trekking. We really enjoyed our skiing holiday snow conditions were great. Feels as though spring is just around the corner as the weather is milder. Looking forward to finding out what you've been doing via the blog
    lots of love Mum Dad and Fraser xxx

  14. Dan Leigh Echo 4
    Hi Dan, having read the latest blog, we hope you're not one of the smelly unfortunates who fell in the cow dung!? Katie (& Adele) will be proud of you 'rolling in the ....'). After seeing Judi Dench in 'Best Exotic Marigold Hotel'film, Dad & I can't wait until our Golden years to experience the wonders of India, not sure it's quite the India you're experiencing. Judi Dench didn't have to kill her own chickens. Looking forward to reading more updates. Hope you are well & happy. Lots of love Mum xxx

  15. To Aashna Charlie 1

    Hey, you are a celebrity :) get a copy of the local paper for me to show off :)
    I miss talking to you. We have never gone so long without talking and I really really miss you. Hope you are enjoying every minute of your trip. It looks like very hard work. Have you developed major muscles yet?

    Take lots of pictures. Call as soon as you can. Lots of hugs and kisses my precious!
    Love, Mom and Dad

  16. for Dan Leigh - Echo 4
    Hi Dan
    Hope the project is going well and you are coping with whatever the cattle are producing. The football was not good this weekend and I think I'd rather have been digging biogas holes (if i knew what that meant!). We're all missing you.Even the dog pines for you although she's easily distracted by food.
    keep happy and well
    lots and lots of love
    Dad xxxxx

  17. Dan Leigh Echo 4
    Hi Dan, hope all is well in India. While you have been having a great time digging poo holes, i am in mourning for the death of the playstation. It died of a broken heart since it had not seen you for so long and when it heard you were not planning on taking it to university, it couldn't face living anymore. I hear you have not got the turtle watching job. That doesn't matter because nothing beats shoveling faeces! I am planning to be a huge Middle Earth nerd and i have started reading the Silmarillion. Hope the rest of your trip is enjoyable.
    from the brother who you have left behind,

  18. Victoria - Charlie 2
    Hello! Really looking forward to getting an up date on how things are going. It's strange not hearing from you & its only been just over 2 weeks!
    I called in to see Mary yesterday. She has 4 sessions to go starting Wednesday. She looked very well and is going to see the Hockney exhibition in a few weeks. She sends you her love. Lucy has had a phone call from Jack who is really enjoying himself. Hopefully I'll see her on Tuesday so I'll send you another update.
    I cycled 20 miles this morning - a new personal best. I've also got the SPDs so expect to fall off again quite soon....!
    All my love,
    Mum xxxx:;
    PS I sent you a couple of things in the post on Friday 24th Feb. Hope they reach you soon! xxxxx

  19. Mike and Anne Robinson27 February 2012 at 15:53

    To Amanda Robinson
    Tango 6
    Great to see the pics on the blog and one on Facebook from Bob. Hope the henna lasts! Rafting looked a bit perilous - any snakes in the water? Dad has finally seen The Bat after 7 years so thats a great relief! All well here. Rosie off to Cardiff on Saturday ( 2nd) and moving out of flat on Thursday. What are you up to now I wonder, now that the mountain has been climbed? Hope we get a chance to catch up on 5th March. All dearest love, Mum and Dad

  20. Laura - (Tango 5)

    Hey Mac...!
    Hope you're well. Have been reading the blog - looks like you're having an amazing time. Looks like its everything you were hoping for.
    (I'm still not sure how this blog works but I guess I'll just write and see what happens eh?)
    We saw that you chopped your hair off!! So short but think it looks very nice, but I guess it will have grown back by the time I next see you!
    All is well in Notts... lots of deadlines and not enough time but hey ho, I'm counting the days until graduation! Sarah quit her job in the nursing home because of the problems but I'm sure she'll tell you all about that soon. She's got a new job now anyway for the RSPCA (selling door to door) bless her..
    My parents came up to visit this weekend and had an amazing time - ate out at TGI Fridays and rolled home haha. We'll have to go out for dinner when you get back, I'm sure you'll be craving some good food!
    Ahhh AND gave up chocolate for lent again - so hard!!
    Other news - Helen had a fabulous time in Colombia. Anna is now a beautiful brunette... same old with izzy, lots of rugby - lots of bruises, Hanley has been delivering babies aaaand thats pretty much all the news. We lost varsity ice hockey (7-5) which was annoying, but our cheerleaders were on top form... and the chanting at Trent was a good giggle as ever!
    Can't really think of any other news but I'll definitely keep you posted... Missing you loads but as they say - absence makes the heart grow fonder!! So there will be major cuddles when you get back.
    Hope you've found me my elephant - if not, then keep looking haha!! Might need a bigger bag though.....
    With lots and lots of love (and a big squish)
    Harriet xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. To Natalie - Echo 3

    Sounds like you're having an amazing time..I'm most jealous. Wedding plans are coming along although thinking about changing your dress... you wouldn’t mind wearing a floor length vivid pink dress with puff sleeves (circa 1980s) would you? Didn’t think so. So how are the turtles? Looking forward to hearing all about it.

    Love Liz x

  22. NATALIA AND TOM (CHARLIE 2) As no news has come out of ALpha 5 in Costa Rica, I only know they were deployed to lay a pipe at 3000 metres up on the Barva Volcano and I therefore have no real idea what Sam is up to, I though I would write to you both instead. It would appear you had a bit of spare time having dug your two toilet cesspits and spent the rest of the time decorating. Lucky you. I am sure you are having the most wonderful time. These months will never be forgotten - the best and the worst!!! You two and AMelia and Sam will have to swop adventures. Good luck, keep digging and most importantly keep smiling. Lots of love the Horbyes

  23. Oliver Forster-Constance Charlie 127 February 2012 at 21:53

    Hi Ollie Just seen your picture in the local newspaper on the blog - fame at last! Looks like you have got into the bricklaying well, I'm sure dad will have some jobs for you when you get back home!! We are all fine here,although at this precise moment it is pouring hard and Holly and Henry are desperate to go for a walk. Emily came back on friday, she has a big essay to write so she is busy reading and scribbling away. James's night went very well the other week, he made a considerable amount of money which Mike suggested he bank most of to try and keep him from spending it all!!I saw some pictures and they were queueing to get in so that was great.
    Liverpool just scraped through on penalties in the Carling Cup (Gerrard missed!) and Shrewsbury are playing tonight so will keep you posted.. Do hope you are keeping fit and healthy, you look as though you are from the photos. So great to read the blogs, thoroughly enjoy them. Take care much love Mum xx

  24. Dear Laura Tango 5,

    Absolutely loving the blog, it provides me with a nice a little break from work! Sounds like you're having a fab time, the rafting bit sounds great! Nothing much going on here, just working away. Looking forward to going home for easter on the 16th March, will miss not having you around then. Keep safe and enjoy it!!!!

    Lots of love,

    Florrie xoxo

  25. Tim and Victoria at Cuxham28 February 2012 at 00:46

    Natalia (C1)
    Hi there. Greetings from all of us here in the cold drizzle. Good to see you have been in the Indian newspapers already (and for the right reasons...). All fine here; mama has had bad flu but seems a bit better now; I went with mark w to twickenham on saturday and saw wales narrowly beat england...time to remember you are 1/4 welsh. Ben is good but is moaning about having to work too hard (enjoy your academic free days or should I say months and months!!). W is now good at "sit, down, stay, leave" and not bad at "come"...provided there arent any cows or other dogs to distract her (nothing new there then). Hope this gets to you before the central team visit your latrine building site. Love Pa and Ma xx

  26. FOR TOM MITCHELL Charlie 2
    Hi sweeti ! I do hope that you are ok and still keen on the curry. So weird not to hear from you for so long! Life good here, JoJo sober, finally, and sends you love. Dad giving speech to 200 at the House of Commons, Lottie, I think has sent you message, her Dance Show was fab. Mocks any minute. Will coming home on Thursday for a couple of nights - to talk to Dad about intern-ships and collect ski gear. I've found a fantastic deal in Grenada, West Indies, for Christmas hols ... diving etc. wrecks. Grandma about to come over for a month ... Michael Cole is chatting up Gillian! (oh dear!). Bugsy and Tilly still with us. Golly, this message sounds mad! Hope you've been able to play some music? PLEASE try and be sure that when you get to field base that you can send a message home ... just a crumb?! So cross that your phone doesn't work. WE MISS YOU, all a bit dull at home without you I have to say! The 8th approaches ... ! No news from Exeter. With love from the technologically challenged x
    PS Friend of mine from Penang days when I was young is an actress called Jenny Seagrove, she's at the Playhouse in a Noel Coward play in the summer, she's also producing now and a bit of a big wig. I've bought tickets and we'll see her. Useful contact.PPS Obsessed with The Killing !

  27. Eline de Vries ECHO3
    Hallo Lien
    Nog vergeten je te vertellen: er ligt weer een lekkere grote chocoladereep van opa en oma voor je klaar. Verheug je er maar op!!
    De lente lijkt te zijn begonnen. Het is veel warmer(ong 10 gr) en het is veel langer licht.
    Is het bij jullie vroeg donker?


  28. Marjolein - Charlie 1

    Hi lieve Marini!!
    Hoe gaat het bij jou?
    Jullie stonden in de krant, hoe vet is dat?!
    Leuk dat er zo vaak iets op de blog gezet wordt en super om te zien dat het bouwen zo goed gaat!
    In Nederland alles goed en gelukkig weer iets minder koud.
    We hebben in Utrecht ondertussen een nieuwe huisgenoot gevonden, want Hannah (op zolder) gaat 1 april verhuizen. En verder ben ik hard aan het studeren. ;)
    Heel veel succes met bouwen en een hele dikke knuffel voor jou!!
    Love you, xxx Dorini

  29. Ursula; tango 6

    I just wrote you a msg which I have no idea whether it posted because my computer did something really wierd. This now means I am in abit of a conundrum because I don't know whether to continue with my story, or whether to start again. My story wasn't that interesting anyway to be honest, and its only purpose was to illustrate how much better and more exciting your life is than mine at the moment. So I'll just leave it at that. I shall check once these have been published what the situation is.
    In the meantime I am mortified that these posts will make it seem like I am as bad at computers as G & G (and Mum).
    lots of love xxxxxxxxxx

  30. Message for Matt Usherwood (Tango 5)

    Hiiii Matt,
    I hope you enjoyed rafting, v much looking forward to seeing photos! How is the trek, have you been taking lots of pictures still? I miss you loads, obviously for purely selfish reasons I can't wait for you to come home! Mum and Dad are off skiing next week with Colin and Eileen. Anyways back to the news I came on here to write, I saw my surgeon today and have to go in for more surgery on Monday 5th March. Joy! Nothing to worry about just similar to last time to loosen off the internal stitches. You'll come home to a skeletal sister... Good opportunity to attempt some overhangs in the peaks ehhh?!
    Doug and Nala send their love,

    Lots of love Clare xxxxx

  31. Abigail (echo 4)
    Well everyone is keen to hear from you. Both gran and grandad ask each day. Grandad is in a panic you know what he is like send him a postcard or letter put his mind at rest. Nathan played football last night for a team of his old teachers. Got your student number don't worry will book your accommation on Thursday can't do it before. It seems really funny not hearing your voice for so long. We do miss you the house feels empty. Let me know if you want more money on your phone Take care carry on enjoying Love Mum

  32. Wolde, Chyna, Mandisa & Shaquille (Raleigh Bermuda)

    Hey Guys,

    I see that your doing well and accomplishing so much out there in India! Hope your enjoying yourselves! Its almost been a month see you guys soon!

  33. Hi Patrick (Echo 3)

    A shame that you are out of the loop as it were. Still I expect you are having a great time with the turtles. We had a good weekend in Edinburgh with Peter, Will and Charlie. Murrayfield was good although the result was disappointing (no surprise there then). Scotland played well but lost 17-23. They scored two tries which was exciting particularly as the first was just in front of where we were sitting. Rory Lamont broke his leg.
    Very spring like here today. A positively balmy 17 degrees - but will it last?

    Lots of love
    Mum x

    Mum xx

  34. To Jonny Tango 6

    Hi Jonny
    You must be well on your way to completing the trek now and I hope your boots kept your feet blister free !? I have written a couple of letters to you that are coming by snail mail so hopefully they will arrive safely and be at base camp awaiting your return. F, J & S will be leaving soon - let me know if there is anything that you would like F to bring ? Miss you ! Love Mumxx

  35. Frances Anderson - Echo 3


    I am so happy to hear that you are with the turtles, at the same time very jealous at the sound of this on-beach sunrise/sunset lounge! ill just imagine it as i sit in the cave! Sounds like you are having such an incredible time, the idea of you listening to indian techno music makes me laugh so so much, i would literally have been in my element as you know.... om shanti om. I have just had my final interview for St Martins so now we will just wait and see but i wish i was in India having these experiences. Not sure i would have handled the halal chicken cooking demo or the vertical hills very well though.......bet those tevas are coming in handy!

    Missing you an insane amount and think about you all the time.

    So much love,
    Hoglet #2

    hope this isnt read aloud because otherwise ill sound like an idiot.

  36. To Joost van Berckel - Tango 5

    Joooosti! hoe is het daar allemaal? je hebt al meer dan 70 mijl gelopen, wow! ziet er wel super vet uit! ben benieuwd wanneer we je weer in real life spreken, en ook of dit bericht ooit bij jou komt haha. Hoe is je groep? op de foto ziet het er lachen uit in ieder geval. Heb je de goeie gear bij je? Wat zijn jullie allemaal aan het doen?
    Hier alles priem, we zijn net met zn allen een lang weekend naar pieter in schotland geweest. We gingen met de pond naar Gordonstoun, daarna nog naar lochness en edinburgh. Wel vet! maar jij zal het ook nog wel een keertje zien! Verder ga ik volgende week op wintersport.
    Nou josti, dit was kleine update vanuit hier, heel veel plezier daar, zal ook wel zwaar zijn af en toe?
    Ben jaloers op je! supervet! hopelijk tot snel op skype of mail of anders maar via deze berichten.
    Dikke kus je zusie justine

  37. Voor Roosmarijn Groen,echo 4

    Hallo Roosje
    Geen idee wat je allemaal aan het doen bent met het biogasproject,maar is zeker heel interessant.
    Ik hoop zo dat je een geweldige tijd hebt,we missen je wel ,hoor.
    Ben net met papa een lang weekend naar Schier geweest.Is een erg mooi eiland.Met veel strand,vogels en fietspaden.We hadden lekker weer en ook weer helemaal uitgerust.
    Ik heb je ingeschreven voor rijles.Net als Dot bij Flier.
    Aardige mensen en je kon precies nog voor de verkorte opleiding gaan.
    Dot heet op Paul gepast het weekend.Was geloof ik ook wel gezellig.Hij mist je erg,vindt het enig kind zijn maar niets.
    Nou meisje,ik stuur je snel weer een mailtje.Als ik het goed heb zit je nu nog 1 week bij dit project.
    veel liefs ook van papa en paultje
    xxxx mama

  38. Hi Ursula - Tango6

    Dad here. I had a really interesting conversation with both Uncle Anthony and Mary about the part of India you are in. One of Anthony's authors for whom he was the literary agent is someone called R K Narayan who lived in Mysore and wrote fiction which was based around his experiences in Mysore. You should probably get a copy of one of his books and read it (if you have the time). Anthony said he was one of his favourite authors.

    Mary went to India about 6 or 7 years ago just to take a long break away - and she stayed in Mysore. She started in the GREEN hotel, which is apparantly an amazing place, and then got really friendly with the nuns at a local convent in Mysore. She has some lovely stories about how she was looked after in a very simple way. She may blog about it herself if she manages to get onto it (although Mary said that she has never blogged before).

    I am sure India is a fascinating place. The combination of the colours and the aromas must be a lovely mixture that brings out emotions very different to life in the UK.

    Mum originally thought she may be getting out of hospital today (Wednesday 29 Feb), but she is now not so sure. There was a blood test taken yesterday that the doctors wanted to consider more closely before taking a decision about what she does next. I will find out later on today what is going on - so will keep you informed. We received both your emails and I have sent the newsy one on to Granny and Grandpa and H and W. Mum was delighted with it and so loves hearing about your experiences. By the way, she was determined to be the first blogger!

    I will check all your mail to look out for the cc bill. To date nothing from Edinburgh Uni. Will give it all another week before I confirm your place at Newcastle for Geography and your hall of residence.

    Looking forward to the skype experience - text me also with the details because mum occasionally has her phone off.

    Love and kisses


  39. Abigail (Echo 4)
    Tried booking your accommation it says new students have to wait till April to book. I will try ringing to find out what is going on. Dad is sending you a letter so be warned. Ramesy is sleeping on your bed. Asked nathan if he had anything to say I got the normal grunt Been shopping bought Nathan a Yorkie Bar Nathan being Nathan just didn't get the joke. Well I will have to go Take care, miss you love Mum XX and a kiss from ramesy and nobby X X

  40. Dominic Fairlie1 March 2012 at 03:33

    Ursula - Tango 6

    Just to let you know mum is back at home now. No doubt she will catch up with you herself over the next few days.

    Hope the trek is going well.

    Love Dadxx

  41. TOM MITCHELL Charlie 2
    Fantastic to get your message from Saltanbattery! Sounds as if you were well in need of a day off! Glad, however, that all's well and that you seem to be enjoying Raleigh. Thank goodness you like curry is all I can say! Tasha Robson is thinking of joining Raleigh India in the summer, if you get a chance to Facebook again, you could encourage her. Went to Childish Things in Oxford last night with Lottie/Ellie/Dad/Schichts etc. It was the best one ever, very funny, Michael McIntyre was completely brilliant, we all had tears streaming down our faces. We had brilliant seats - as usual ! I'll book for next year and maybe you can come! Of course I shall phone exam results thru to Raleigh on the 8th !! Dont you come back to base on the 4th/5th? I wonder if there is any chance of your calling/skyping etc then! Why is your mobile not working? I think my skype is the same as my email, isn't it. IE lauramitchell33@btinternet.com I shall ask Dad this eve and make sure that my laptop's Skype is on.
    Will is coming home for a couple of nights today, it will be very good to see him. Truth is, he's just collecting his ski stuff.
    Hope you are getting these messages. Anything you want me to post?
    Lots of love from us all, M x

  42. Katherine. Tango 6
    Hi darling
    So sorry to hear about your bag....still less to carry I guess!
    Was great to read your blog and to see you in the raft....brought back memories of you in the canoe in SA......hope there weren't any fish!!
    Off to Cardiff to see Wills this week end,Dad should be home on Saturday which will be good as its been peculiarly quiet!
    Keep having fun,it looks great
    Mum xx

  43. Ursula - Tango 6

    THIS LOOKS AMAZING. Ah you are so lucky! Make the most of it! I am pretty much reading this everyday to try and keep updated (it is so nice to see how you are getting on and is also a great distraction from everything else, haha). I think Mum is enjoying being able to creep on her favorite second daughter as well as I can see by the odd comment! Life in Americaaa is good and just getting ready to go to a French lecture now.. YAY. (what good did all those years of french ever do?!). Anyway, I love you lots and will post soon and will keep checking on you :)

    Miss you Fairlie

    Joanna xxxx

  44. Venetia Charlie 1
    Hi from all The Grants. - We have enjoyed reading about your adventures. Rosanna doing PE AS case study on XC at Hartpury - so thinking about all her Tet friends. Wilton did Tri a fortnight ago and came second to SW Wilts.(!) The girls all had the usual shock and pain of swimming and running without training. - remember?? Sun shining here. Bobby going well: Rosanna getting into dressage - very surprising I know!!. Ferrari and Will in training for Melton Race on 11 March. It has been postponed twice due to frosted ground. Wiliam been dieting and has lost nearly 2 stone since Novemebr!!He says this is the last time he will try to win The Melton but non of us are sure we believe him.
    Lots going on at home. I am very envious whenI read of all your adventures; enjoy and savour every minute. Green with envy. Sue xx

  45. Shaq - Tango 5
    Hi Sweets,
    Looks like Tango 5 suits you to a T - non-stop adventure with fellow venturers! I'm glad you're doing things you love in such a diverse country far from the 21 mile rock we call home.

    I miss you lots – house is too quiet and miraculously stays clean 24/7!!!! but I’m glad you’re experiencing new things. I'm living vicariously through you doing things and going places I'll only dream of, and I’m having almost as much fun as you are just reading about it. I bet your whole body and all your senses are getting a fantastic workout.

    How's the food? Anything you like or love? I can’t imagine what you’d find to snack on other than “Chai anyone!”

    I pray you never tire of soaking up the plethora of sights and sounds by day and by night and that you all will continue to be safe and healthy by God’s grace.
    Looking forward to reading the next blog and perhaps a picture of you.

    God bless, love you, Mom

  46. Ollie Forster-Constance-Charlie 15 March 2012 at 01:34

    Ollie-Charlie 1,

    Hey OJ!

    I am sooo jealous! The photos look amazing! Hope you are having a great time. Enjoying the food? ;) Can't wait to hear all of your stories/adventures!!! Miss you!!

    Contact me when you can!!

    Lots of love

    Emily Rose.xxx

  47. Andrea Constable5 March 2012 at 02:04

    Hi Dan, Echo 3

    Love the pictures Dan, looks like you are having a fantastic time, you look really well.We have been following your journey everyday, what a wonderful place!
    Dad is missing you like mad but is so very proud of you... keep up the good work Dan..love you lots..

    Andrea, Dad and Maizy xxx

  48. nick.matthews@wessexgrain.co.uk21 March 2012 at 19:26

    To Venetia Matthews (Tango 5)

    Trek looks amazing but exhausting I am sure, but sure you will remember it for the resest of your life! The scenery looks stunning hope you can enjoy it without feeling too shattered. Can see the need for a comfy bed, your bedroom is nearly ready for decorating so give it a couple more weeks! Lots of love Dad