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Sunday 2 December 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow - Goodbye to ‘Movember’

As November has moved into December, it’s time to bring down the curtain – and in most cases the razor - on Expedition 12J’s Movember moustacherie.

A big ‘thank you’ goes to our benefactors who helped us to raise USD 500 in support of men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

We’ll post the final pictures of the guys’ efforts on our Movember website as and when we receive them. Meanwhile here are the sproutings of the Fieldbase team – me, Simon and David.

The Good, the Bad and The Ugly (not necessarily in that order, although I’m sure the first one’s correct!):

Me (Graham)

More news from the teams in due course …


  1. To Pauline Hannema, Tango 6
    Lieve Pau, nog steeds geen nieuws van jouw trek op de site. Ben zo benieuwd!! Gisteravond zijn pap, Sierk en ik uit eten geweest voor pap's verjaardag en daarna naar de nieuwe James Bondfilm. Erg leuk!!
    Sierk begint deze week met zijn maatschappelijke stage bij les Petits, dat heeft hij zelf geregeld. Hij heeft er wel zin in.
    Dag lieverd, dikke zoen, mam

  2. Lindy & Chris Richardson3 December 2012 at 03:49

    To Graham 12J & Dave 12J
    cc: Anna Richardson 12J
    Congratulations to the Good (of course that would be correct!), the Bad & the Ugly and all the rest of the Mo Bros for your participation in Movember. It is such an important cause.
    A couple of very good-looking mo's there . . .
    Kind regards,
    Lindy & Chris Richardson