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Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Monday 10 December 2012

Expedition 12J Draws To A Close With The Golden Mess Tin Awards

Today (Monday) - the last day of Expedition 12J before the Venturers depart - culminated in a slap-up dinner for all, followed by presentation of the end-of-expedition Golden Mess Tin Awards. This highly prestigious event was held in the glittering splendour of the Fieldbase dining hall.

Nominations had been submitted and voted on by the PMs yesterday evening.

The nominations and winners of the four major awards were:

Hardest Worker

Nominations: Jenny K, Kavya, Raja, Rory
Winner:         KAVYA

Kavya - A paragon of hard work and cheerfulness

Biggest Journey of Personal Development

Nominations: Crystal, Fabian, Joris, Sam
Winner:         CRYSTAL

Crystal rising to the challenge - Performing well as day leader

Best Male

Nominations: Ali, Dan, Raja, Stalin
Winner:         RAJA

Raja - A popular all-rounder

Best Female

Nominations: Alice, Amber-Elisa, Frederique, Jocelyn
Winner:         ALICE

Alice - A caring, considerate high performer

Hearty congratulations and commiserations to all concerned!

Even if you don’t see the name of your loved one or friend here, you can rest assured that they too performed very well and you can be proud of them.

By way of a final few words, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog over the past three months as much as I’ve enjoyed writing and editing it. I’d like to express my thanks to all the Venturers and PMs who’ve contributed.

And thanks very much to you, dear friends and relatives, for the comments you’ve posted. I know how much the Venturers and PMs have looked forward to, and enjoyed, reading your comments and words of encouragement.

So, other than brief travel updates over the next few days, to quote the words of not Shakespeare nor Winston Churchill, but Bugs Bunny:

That’s all, folks!

Best wishes for the festive season and 2013.

Graham Wilson

Expedition 12J Communications Officer


  1. Jenny Simpson's Mum, Linda10 December 2012 at 23:58

    Hello Graham, Communications Officer, Expedications 12J.
    Thank you and the whole team for all your blogs and photographs. I have really enjoyed the past 3 months seeing all these young people who have given up their time for those who are not so fortunate as all of us. I have really missed my daughter, Jenny Simpson, Echo 3, and can't wait to see her again but I know she has really enjoyed her time in India and her memories will last for the rest of her life. Thank you all again and best wishes for 2013.

  2. Graham Wilson 12J
    cc: Anna Richardson 12J
    Dear Graham,
    Many, many thanks for the wonderful blogs which you have written for us on an almost daily basis. They have given us as parents, a constant update on the welfare of our adventurous children and provided a fantastic oversight of the work that has been done on all the projects, as well as a fabulous view of and some insight into a very small part of that amazing country, India.

    We have really appreciated your entertaining missives.

    A very Happy Christmas to you as you return home and I hope the FREEZING COLD in the UK is not too much of a shock for you!

    All the best to you,
    Kind regards,
    Lindy Richardson

  3. Dave - Photographer Extraordinaire! 12J
    cc: Anna Richardson 12J
    Dear Dave,
    Thank you so much for all the fantastic photos you have taken during the 3 months of the 12J Expedition.

    Some of the wonderful views from the mountains, across the vast tea plantations, of the village life, the happy children and the chaotic scenes of Indian 'traffic' have been a real 'eye-opener' into the country of India.

    And of course, the photos that we all love to see of our all important children and their activities, have been a real bonus.

    So many thanks once again, a very Happy Christmas to you and our very best wishes as you travel home,
    Kind regards,
    Lindy Richardson

  4. Team 12J

    Thank you all for your hard work and wonderful updates. It has been a real comfort to read about and see pictures of Seth's adventure.


  5. Alice 12j

    Many congratutioms for your mess time award. Your home town of Bury St Edmunds, salutes you! Great picture of you in the river.


  6. To Graham and the whole team 12J

    Dear Graham and the whole team,

    Even in the Netherlands ;-) we've enjoyed your updates so much. Your way of writing and your sense of humour, we love it! I know that Frederique had a great time. She is impressed by the way you all organised these months, she learned a lot and had a wonderful time. Thanks for all the hard work, the updates, the pictures and your care for all the Ventures! Raleigh India will be a great memory!
    A very happy Christmas to you all and a safe journey home!
    Warm regards,
    Erik, Simone and Floris de Laat

  7. George 12J

    Many thanks Graham and David for your blog and photos - we shall miss them - it has become a bit of a daily routine to check up what's happening. Glad to see my son is still in one piece even if he does look like the wild man of Borneo!


  8. Raleigh India 12J Team
    cc Kanahaya Alam

    Dear 12J Team,

    Congratulations for wrapping up the 12J expedition without any major issues..! This is one of the examples of how international communities, especially the youth, contribute to sustainable development through a first hand experience with local NGOs, communities and international organisation like Raleigh International.

    It's been a great 10 weeks monolog interaction but relieving, knowing that our daughter, Kana, is in the right company and having one of greatest experience in life. Thank you for keeping the information flow timely.

    I myself, involved as one of the venturers in the Operation Raleigh 10F in Manusela National Park back in 1987 for 3 months: assisted the researchers and rebuilt the only school of the enclave community in Manusela, Seram Island, Maluku, Indonesia. That was a remarkable experience and turning point in my life. Until now, after 25 years, the formers venturers and staffs have developed strong friendships, extended to the second generation (our children are also get along with very well). It's the solidarity, the positive team spirit and the goal to achieve something collectively that make the Raleigh Expedition becomes a lifetime experience.

    I believe the communities really appreciate your simple but essential contributions. As they say: water is life, sanitation is dignity... :-)

    Hope you all have a safe travel home and enjoy your reunion with families and your love ones.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...!

    Best regards from a frosty England,
    Yuyun and Andrew

  9. What can I say but echo all of the above. Visiting India was one of Jocelyn's has lifetime ambitions an thanks to you one of the first she was able to fulfill. She has had a fabulous time and overcome a number of personal challenges. Thank you for helping her.
    The blog, both words and pictures have been brilliant, because they helped us to monitor the venturers progress and reassured us of their well being.
    I trust you will have a well deserved rest over the festive period - until the next group arrives!
    Merry Christmas from all of the Dunne's

  10. To: Simon - Country Program Mgr - 12J
    cc: Anna Richardson 12J
    Dear Simon,
    Well behind the 'out there' front men, like Graham & Dave, we know that there has been amazing organisation of both the VM's, the PM's and of course, all the Venturers during this entire 12J Raleigh Expedition.

    So congratulations Simon, on a job well done. The fact that everyone has seemingly fulfilled their roles in looking after the Venturers especially, while they have been out working and trekking, without incident is obviously a credit to your excellent care and organisational ability.

    Thank you for looking after everyone and ensuring that they all come away with such rewarding, memorable experiences, the likes of which some may never have again.

    Happy Christmas and best wishes for the next expedition??!
    Kind regards,
    Lindy Richardson

  11. Raligh tango 5 india expidition my daughter crystal looks and sounds so amazen I'm so proud my daughter who is only 17 (tango5) has grown so much thank you raligh international I have my daughtetr back biggr and better than ever be4 xx crystals mum

  12. Hii graham,
    A message from the youngest venturer: i've really enjoyed being on raleigh, thank you for everything! Maybe we'll see each other again in 20 years! Thanks.
    Gr joris from holland