Welcome to the official blog for Raleigh India 12I | July - August 2012

Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Thursday 27 September 2012

PM Phase 1 Project Allocations are Announced

After a fun 2012 Olympics quiz hosted by George yesterday evening, Simon suddenly announced that nail biting could cease, as he was ready to announce the allocation of PMs to projects for Phase 1 of the expedition.

These are:

Charlie 1 – Jenny, Hannah and George

Echo 3 – Sarah and Emma

Tango 5 – Harry, Lou and Jess

Tango 6 – Alex, Laura and Blair


  1. To Anna R - 12J
    Hi there Anna, great pics of your trek/camping, meeting up with the locals. I like your shorts - a little Mysore purchase?? I notice that you were obviously in a supervisory role while Dave was 'very ill' on the ground!!
    Wow, there sure are some amazing projects that the PM's will be on - should be interesting for you when you go on the loop bus, especially to Tango 5 & 6!!
    We're off to PB tonight (Thurs), back on Tues and thinking of snakes, Dad said to tell you that a guy from Newcastle was bitten by a deadly taipan, the variety that comes from Central Australia, so the police think that someone was keeping it as a pet!! Remember that guy who had all the snakes in his garage next door? Might be him!! Glad to see Vanessa was up and about early with her blog. Good luck with the logs! Love, Mum & Dad/Lindy & Chris R.
    PS Thanks again to Dave & Graham

  2. Jess 12J
    Hi Jess!! Thank you for your email, so cool to hear that you are having fun and the projects that you will be doing sound cool, you look tres excited in the team picture!
    The CASEVAC sounds tough, I don't think I would know what to do!!
    Not much happening here..Andy didn't get his job! And I did a day's supply work at a school in Morden - the kids were almost ferral! Not going back there!
    In more important GBBO news, Sarah-Jane and Ryan went out, not much of a surprise they completely messed up most of their bakes....Next week they are making gingerbread houses!! OMG can't wait, they looked soooo good!
    Can't wait for a Jess postcard, I will write on the blog if it's quicker than sending a postcard but don't suspect they will put many of my posts up as they are long and boring (sorry blog peeps!)
    Hope all the equipment is holding up OK, let me know if you want anything sending before you trek
    Lucy xxxx

  3. To Emma 12J
    Lovely to see pics of all of you enjoying yourselves!
    Hope you're happy with your Bio-Gas project and that you enjoy working with Sarah.
    Lots of love Dad & Dawn xxx

  4. To Alex - 12J

    Looks like you'll get to bring us back an elephant then! Make it a small one so you can bring it as hand baggage.

    I'm still trying to find out if I can export Yorkshire Teabags to India.

    Enjoy yourself!


  5. To Emma 12J
    Grandma is here for tea today. She sends her love and hopes that you enjoy your project. Please can we have some sun as all we get is rain!
    Love Dad, Dawn & Grandma xxx

  6. Laura Davies PM Tango 6, EX12J

    Hi Laura,

    Hope the recce for your trek is going well! Looking at the poster and it seems incredible- trekking up 2000m peaks, elephant watch, rafting and survival challenge; hopefully all that training on the Camino will pay off : )

    Can't believe it has already been a week since you flew out!! It is great to follow the blog and see how you are getting as is the closest I can get to being there with you : ( Miss you so much; have already put your first resupply in the post so hopefully it will arrive in time to help you recover from trek before phase 2.



  7. Laura Davies PM Tango 6 EX12J
    Seen your trek-looks so hard but really exciting-much better than sitting in a classroom with 30+ little ones with the heating on full! Alice in Malawi and about to start her internship (collecting data on dry river basins etc)but she has nice comfortable bed to come back to! Have sent snail mail to you with details of new property bought last Thursday and at moment envy you lots!! Seeing Rich soon I hope. Love Mumxx
    Patricia Wanless

  8. Hannah Wilson, PM Carlie 1, 12J

    Hey Hannah!

    "Eco-Sanitation" sounds just up your street! Have loved reading the blogs this morning and bet you can't wait to get started. No gossip that I can update you on (without making everyone who reads this fall about laughing at the tragic-ness of it all!). Hope you're having a fabby time and that you are still free from nasty little stomach creatures... Will say hello again soon. Lydia xx

  9. Seth and all 12J - whatever is happening there I am sure it is more exciting than what is happening at home. Miss you all the time but feel so confident in your ability and strength, make sure you enjoy it and remember we love you loads. Think you could be washing pots at Weatherspoons! Love you my son x

  10. Hi Sethie,, told your dad to leave you alone but he can't. Hope you are having a great time.
    Lovely weather in Rome and we are enjoying the peace.
    Lots of love. Heidi