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Wednesday 18 July 2012

...In which the VMs arrive at last

They are here at last! It has been a weekend of staggered arrival times for our volunteer managers (VMs): some were already in India; some were flying from the UK on the recommended flight; others (namely Steve) found their flight overbooked on arrival at the airport and got an upgrade to business class, the lucky cove! But, whatever their previous roads, they have all made it here safely, if a little jet lagged. Multiple arrival times simply meant more chances for the rest of us, who were already here, to jump around madly in wild welcome of the newcomers. No issues there, then

Many meetings

Off to the VM dorms to dump heavy luggage

Hugs, tea and catch ups were naturally out in force, as this was our first time together since the development weekend in May and there was a considerable amount of news to be caught up on. For example, one of our PMs, Alice, had already been working for an NGO this summer; Dan had been trotting around India for the past few weeks; and Jakhya had just come from finishing her role at Raleigh’s head office in London, to name but a few of our team’s enviable recent histories. While our happy camaraderie will certainly continue, our room for relaxed reminiscence will not. We’re straight into a fortnight of intense training, designed to finish the moulding process begun many months ago at our selection weekend. Expect camping, rescue drills and all manner of hard and soft skills training as we ready ourselves for the arrival of the venturers themselves...
The VMs and permanent staff:
Back row (l to r): Katherine, Steve, Lisa, Alice.
Middle row (l to r): Dan, Johanna, Laura, Lizzie,
Mark (Country Director), Simon (Country Programme Manager).
Front row: Mitch (left), Jakhya (right).

Next time on the Raleigh India 12I Blog: The tough training begins!


  1. Steve - so pleased to see you have made it out to India.Hope you have an amazing time Tracey and I had fun last weekend doing an outdoor first aid course in Derbyshire.
    Both of us learning Spanish ready for our trip to Costa Rica in September
    Best wishes
    Pauline ( Xray selection weekend)

  2. hurray! my big bro Dan has made it! with what looks like a bag the size of a small car!looking forward to hearing about the training. I think I can see his beer belly getting smaller already....

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  4. Hi to Jakhya from everyone at head office. We hope you're having a great time and enjoy as many minutes as possible! Wish we were there too! x

  5. Hi Johanna. Glad to see you in the photo!.Sorry to hear about ants and winged insects in the dunny! Brings back memories of safaris particularly in Madagascar.Eliz&Brianxx

  6. Jakhya. You got there safely! Woo hoo!! Being bumped of your original flight and waiting around for the next flight must have been nuisance. But being upgraded to business class must have been an overwhelming compensation. Hope you enjoyed it, as now you have weeks of many discomforts. Have fun!
    Lots of love from, Rahman&Zamans XxX