Welcome to the official blog for Raleigh India 12I | July - August 2012

Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Saturday 28 July 2012

...In which everyone arrives

They’re finally here! After three weeks of us waiting, ten hours of them flying and an eye opening four hour bus journey from Bangalore Airport, our thirty one venturers have at last arrived at Field Base. Here, they join our contingent of host country venturers for four and a half days of induction training so that they’re ready to head off onto the projects next Thursday. There were smiles and hugs all round as they disembarked to get a first look at their home for the next few days and, behind bleary eyes, a sense of excitement about the coming five weeks was clearly evident.

Being picked up from the airport

The build up before the epic bus ride

If you’d like to leave your loved one or friend a message on the blog, simply type it in the box below and press “Publish”; then I’ll print it off for you and give it to them within hours. It’s a good idea to do this since it helps to demonstrate to our venturers what the blog can do and encourages them to write messages in return which I can then put up for you to see, so post post away.

All aboard! (They were asleep two seconds later)
Our fabulous HCVs - they are also dance geniuses.

Right, well the administrative leviathan has stirred here at Field Base so I’m off to help out with all the form filling. The sooner it’s done, the sooner our venturers can rest after what has admittedly been a rather long day. More photos soon!


  1. To Lars Mejnertsen

    Glad to see you arrived safely if a little weary! Which project will you be on? Foxtrot 1, foxtrot 2 foxtrot 3.... it wasn't clear from the email

  2. Dag lieve Emma, wat een leuke groep lijkt me. Ik zie je op de foto lachen, heerlijk. Geniet schat, hou van jou en hoop dat je ontzettend gaat genieten. xxxx mama

  3. Hi Pat. Pleased to see you made the opening photos. And with a huge smile - none the worse for 10 hours on the plane then! Keep us posted. Dad

  4. Caterina Boulter28 July 2012 at 20:59

    To Nicola Boulter
    Hi Nico-chan, it is so nice to see your face on the arrival photo! You must be tired from the long trip but also very excited that your are finally there. Please have a super time and enjoy every minute of the experience!! Lots of love , Mummy, Rex ,Taiki and Yuu(UK team)

  5. To Sophie Eaton:

    Hi Sophs. Glad to see from the blog photos that you made it to India in one piece. Bet you were glad to get a good nights sleep eventually! Will and I went down to watch the olympic mens cycling road race today which flashed by in five seconds. Daddy and Mabel went for a walk and bumped into Ronnie Woods - hes one of the Rolling stones. How cool is that! Hope you're settling in and having a good time! Lots of love, Mummy, Daddy and Will x

  6. Helena,
    So exciting that you've arrived and we love seeing some pics. Hope you're having fun settling in and longing to hear about the project you'll be on and where you'll be working soon. Sunny here in Yorks, Grandfather and Kate came for lunch and walk. Got a text from Rose saying the Olympic Opening Ceremony was incredible. xxx The Sadcly's xxxxx

  7. For Nicky Boulter....great to see your smiling face on the bus....hope you manage to get some good rest and it's not too humid there....and the sleeping bag is not too hot ! Have fun and drink lots...(of water!)..lots of love/dad

  8. To Elizabeth Graham.
    Hi Beth, We are glad you arrived OK and we have seen you in the photo from the bus.
    Enjoy India, the people, land and all the country can offer. We look forward to reading your stories on this blog and hearing them first hand on your return.
    We all love you very much.
    Mum, Dad, James and Zac

  9. To Patrick Scott;

    I've seen you in a photo already! :D I hope the start is going really well, I'm missing you like crazy already. :P I love you (:

    Nedd, <3

  10. Jackie & Nigel29 July 2012 at 02:37

    To Tiffany Freedman
    Great to see you in a couple of photos safely there!
    Missing you already
    Look forward to reading the next blog post and more photos
    Love and kisses Mum and Dad xxx

    P.S ot ood appen if the ardener ame? and e oodnt eave??

  11. Hi Camilla, hope the flight was OK and that you have managed to catch up on some sleep! Seen any Slow Lorris' yet?
    Dad, Mum & Sas xxx

  12. morning Anna (linighan) fantastic to see you in photo it looks like you and your luggage made it in one piece. So happy for you and new friends

  13. To daisy Simpson, from Alex kennerley

    Great to see some photos already, I want to see you in more! Work that camera! Hope its already everything and more than you expected. You are being sorely missed even after 2 days! I love you xxx

    Ps lovely to recieve your texts, I am replying but they can't be getting through to you :(

  14. This is for Maddy Aulakh Raleigh India not sure which project though

    Hi Maddy, it was lovely to get your text and know we can get in touch. I am looking forward to seeing you on the blog and finding out what you are doing! Dad is in the study again I cannot get him out, hopefully he will be finished this weekend! Yesterday I watched the olympics ....poor cyclists had a bad day, it was so dissappointing so I am not watching today, I should really do the garden but instead I'm off to do the fairfield horseshoe, much more fun.... Message us when you can and enjoy the whole thing . Love and miss you already Mum and Dad xxxx

  15. Alex Westgarth29 July 2012 at 15:25

    To Nasim Nejabat:

    Hey azizam, hope everything is ok and your journey was good! Everything back here is normal. I'm recording the Olympics for you :) Can't wait for you to get back but in the meantime, enjoy yourself :D miss you lots!

    Dooset daram.

    P.S. if they feed you fish, just eat it!

  16. Desmond Mallon29 July 2012 at 15:42

    Hi Miriam, glad you've arrived safely. Good to see you in the pics. Hope it's all going well & look forward to seeing lots more. Hope your Sunday lunch is as good as Viscount's!!! Love Dad x & Donna x

  17. Hello to Daniel Cheong my big brother.

    I am missing you. Have you helped anyone yet? What did you do? I have seen you in some photographs.

    Lucy xxxxxxxx and a hug too

  18. To Anna Linighan,
    Just wanted to say thanks for mah birthday card and presents (your joke inside the card had me in hysterics, for reals). Unfortunately, my mum picked up the card when it came through the door and figured out what was inside, which was awkward and lol. Plus the love letter was magnificent ;) Also, don't forget to find Arthur for me! Luckily I came across this nifty blog on ma timeline (I say nifty now, how cool is that?), so I can send you this message lol. I guess I'll speak to you when you get back from your adventure, and I hope you have a good time! :) P.S. 'Lonso rang me and said he misses you, and that pooping in your vegetable bed isn't the same without you there to shout at him.
    Love from your uber-posh farmboy, Batman.

  19. For Fred Price,

    Hey Fred, you are in such a beautiful part of India, get to know it and enjoy it. Let me know the kinds of things you can see, the food you eat etc. You can guess how much I wish I was there too.
    Lots of love, Aly xxx

  20. Kirsten Mejnertsen29 July 2012 at 22:26

    To Lars Mejnertsen:

    Good to hear you arrived in India ok! Have a great time!! Missing you loads here!

  21. Grace Callanan30 July 2012 at 00:15

    Hi Myr,
    great to see you have arrived, we love you lots and miss you but delighted to see you in a picture already... cameron so excited to see where you will be living at base camp and that there are no Sher Kane's or Kaa's in the area. Good Luck we are all so proud of you.
    Mum XX

  22. to Ella Preece, 121 five week expedition

    Hi ella, ( and new friends)
    glad to see your all the safely, hope your all settling in well.
    cant wait to see what you've been up to on the blog! Nothing new here except i'm James and Joes third will on there Friday night dates with mum and dad lol,
    enjoy your trek tomorrow :)
    Missing you lots already!
    love from your tom xxx

  23. to Ella Preece, 121 five week expedition

    Hi ella, ( and new friends)
    glad to see your all the safely, hope your all settling in well.
    cant wait to see what you've been up to on the blog! Nothing new here except i'm James and Joes third will on there Friday night dates with mum and dad lol,
    enjoy your trek tomorrow :)
    Missing you lots already!
    love from your tom xxx

  24. Fiona Gill aka Daisys Mum30 July 2012 at 01:45

    To Daisy Simpson, India 12I July - August 2012
    Great to hear you arrived safely, we are all proud of you and it is great to see the photos.
    Rosie had her friend Olivia to sleep over last night and we went to Docker Park Farm today - could not get Mick off the tractor ride!
    Bert and Emily say hello - Emily has said that it is strange you not being around so I guess that is her way of saying she is missing you.
    Nanny Ruth got tearful on the phone about you being so far away from home but like us all knows that it is a brilliant experience for you.
    Back in work tomorrow - builders to organise and site supervisor to sort out.
    We all love you loads and look forward to the next set of photos, Thinking of you - in our hearts and minds
    Lots of Love, Hugs and Kisses Mum, Mick, Emily, Rosie, Abi and last but not least brother Bert XXXXXXXXXXXXX
    PS Get me my first blog in my entire life at age 47 Yay!!

  25. Hi Lauren, how are you? Glad you got there ok and hope all's going well. Looking forward to hearing all about it.
    Love Mum and Dad x x

  26. To Lauren Eugene Board,
    I hope you haven't had to read my "little" note to you in your book yet. Tbh if you have i think i would've heard something as it's cringe'inell and more than slightly embarrassing haha.
    Hope you're having a wicked time and enjoying it :) and that i've spelt your middle name correctly :P Don't forget my face!
    I love and miss you x (Oh it's me your amazing and wonderful boyfriend)

  27. To Camilla,
    Hi Dot, great to get a reply to our blog, sounds like you are being kept busy, yoga sounds good - you can teach me when you get home.
    Sas went to see Magic Mike last night with India and has spent the rest of the time watching the Olympics, we thought we could set a beach volleyball court up at the beach.
    Let us know what group you will be in when you find out, we are all very eager for any news here.
    Missing you lots Mum,Dad ad Sas xxx

  28. To Patrick Scott

    Hi Pat, just a quick message to let you know that SFE is all sorted. All set for Reading! Have a fantastic time. Ill let you know as soon as there's further news from home. Dad

  29. To Francesca Barron

    Hiya Fran

    Hope you're well and safe!!!??? unfortunately Mum has not received any email of you're arrival in Bangalore at all and so we hope your good. All the chickens cats and the dog are missing you along with Mum, Louis and I.
    Not much has happened, Mum is off to Singapore today and so i am in-charge of the house.

    Anyways Fran, I hope you have a fantastic time!... I've been looking at the blogs of what you're going to be up to and it looks v. interesting.

    Could you get the Raleigh guys to send an email to mums account confirming you're arrival?

    Lots of Love

    Ben, Louis and Mum


  30. To Fran Barron
    Hi darling, how are you doing? How was the flight out? Longing to hear all your exciting news and all the details. Are you in the middle of nowhere? What have you seen so far. Hope you are feeling good. will send another message soon. Packing for singapore at the moment. Feeling rather guilty as I will be doing alot of lounging around! Thinking of you and sending all my love biggest kiss Madre

  31. The 'homefront' Denmark30 July 2012 at 19:02

    To Lars Mejnertsen,

    Hi Lars, we hope you've managed to catch up on your sleep at last. The weather here is changeable to say the least..... One minute fantastic sunshine and swimming in the sea, the next it's pouring down and freezing cold. So your not missing anything on that score!
    Looking forward to hearing about and seeing some of your exploits on this blog. Take care! Have fun!
    Love from Mum, Dad and Theis

  32. To Beth Graham
    Glad you had a safe journey and we are all looking forward to reading about your adventure here!
    Kath, John, Stephen and Bertie xx

  33. To Jakhya in Foxtrot One. Beware. Here come the venturers!! Aah! Best wishes from, Rahman&Zamans XxX

  34. To David Wyatt,

    Had to do my first shadow shift on reception with Ray... And now redo my NPLQ with Pat... Savage times. Dad is laughing about sending you a Sherlock Holmes quote "Don't be a ... Watson" (What a fool). Hope you are enjoying yourself and getting a good tan. Everyone sends their love

    Love Sim and de orfaans x X o O O o X

  35. Sophie Eaton

    Hi Soph,
    Glad you got to india ok. I wasnthinking of you as i was tucked in my tent. I had a great time at the festival! Very strange not having youbat home but im sure you are having the most fantastic time. Im very jealous!!! Are you going on a treck before your project? Let us know what project you are on. Everyone back at home now and mabel relieved to have some green grassnto wee on ha ha.
    Miss you lots, lots of love
    Phoebs xxxxxx

  36. Hi Wes,
    Lovely to hear that you landed safely into India without any troubles! Hope you are already enjoy the whole experience immensely, we are certainly all missing you from here.
    Hope you aren’t going too wild in the jungle just yet, but its likely the heat may have tamed you..
    Nothing much to report from our end, the house is a little quieter to say the least, cannot wait to hear about your many upcoming adventures. And another little reminder to keep taking pictures (we expect an album full).
    In the meantime keep drinking..
    Lots of love
    Beth, Sam, Mum and Nick

  37. To Amy Kerr,
    Hope your okay and having an amazing time! We are all missing you like mad! Penny sends a BIG kiss to you because she's missing you like mad too! Can't wait to hear all about it! Miss and love you loads,
    Mum, Annabel and Charlotte
    (oh and the zoo) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  38. To Lauren Board,
    Hope you are having fun, I know you have landed safely, but I hope you are enjoying the experience so far!
    You are being missed in Nantwich!
    Keep having fun and Hurry back!
    Emily Palmer x

  39. To Sophie Eaton
    Hi, Sophs. I'm guessing you must be having a great, action-packed time since we haven't heard from you! Will's birthday tomorrow so Phoebe baking a carrot cake and me rushing off to do some usual last minute birthday shopping. The olympics is on 24hrs a day it seems and GB won a bronze medal in the men's gymnastics yesterday. The Chinese and Americans already have about 25 medals and we Brits have 3! Love you and miss you. M, P and W xx

  40. Alex Westgarth31 July 2012 at 17:31

    To Nasim Nejabat:

    Hey azizam,
    Hope you're having a great time! Everybody is missing you like mad, especially me! My mam says she's going to be making mince and dumplings soon and asked if you want to change your mind and come back? Haha ;)

    Anyway, miss you lots and can't wait to see you!

    Dooset daram

    P.S. you never told me the details for when you get back. Im assuming it will be in your emails so I'll just look there :D

  41. Elizabeth bichard lizzie
    Hi Lizzie sorry to hear you have been poorly we hope you feel better very soon. We all send our love and will await your news to see when you are better.
    We are all thinking of you.
    love mum and dad ed and chloe x x x x x

  42. sharon saltigerald
    to tj spence
    hi tj this is such a surprise i didnt know we would get any contact with you and ive even seen a picture of you on here. dont worry if you cant reply, keep busy and good luck with everything. im still in uk going back any day. lynne is missing you but i think shes on the next book!!! love you billions from mumxxxx

  43. Deepti Chaudhari
    seen your picture in every one arrives with Hcv. it very nice.

  44. TO Katherine Lees
    Lovely to hear your voice this afternoon good luck working out in field i know you will make a differance a real challenge and thats what its all about helping others.
    Saw your picture with the snake on facebook!
    olympics going well two gold medals today, dad's busy at the olympic park each day hope to go down with Jon next week
    Keep smiling
    Love Mum and a smile from Max

  45. Louise, Ella Preeces mum
    Hey Bella, come home i miss your sneezing and grumpy morning face. Bet youre driving everyone mad.You should be enroute to village by now so take care and enjoy every minute. Never forget xxxxxx

  46. To
    Deepti chaudhari TEAM THREE cheer up good assignment. DO good job. how far from moysore. enjoy work BEST OF LUCK

  47. To Elizabeth Graham
    Hope your training is going well and you are feeling good. Good luck on your adventure - look forward to reading about it.
    Love Auntie Ann

  48. To Amy Kerr
    Hello love, we hope all is going well. We all send our love and are wishing you the very best. Hoping your first trip has gone well and looking forward
    to hearing all about it. Much love mum xxxx