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Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Friday 2 December 2011

Tango 6 Trekkers

Guest blogger Andy Damant here! I’m just back from a weeks trekking with the ever so lucky to have me Tango 6, here’s a run down of what we got up to:

Day one
We left field base at 06.00 for the two-day journey south into Kerala. Of course, we made regular chai, cake and ice cream stops and spent the night in Munnar to break the journey up.

Day two
Day two meant more travel by bus to reach the Silent Valley base camp aka the start of the Misapulimala Trek. 

The moment we stepped off the bus the rain began! Spirits remained high though and we completed the 4km walk to camp in just over an hour. With darkness fast approaching we set about erecting tents as the guides made a huge fire for us to huddle round and dry off. Unfortunately, during the night one of the ladies tents gave up against the wind and rain and was swiftly abandoned for hard cover!

Day three
The day started as the last had ended, heavy rain and even stronger winds! We set off at 05.30 to conquer Misapulimala herself; in English this translates to Tiger Moustache Mountain due to the shape of the ridgeline.

At 2638 meters high (8654ft), Misapulimala is southern India’s second highest peak, the scenery is staggering. As we descended, we passed through the worlds highest organic tea plantations and of course, we stopped for chai! We were so cold we ordered 36 cups between the 12 of us!

Day four
The group learnt to fend for themselves on what turned out to be a brilliant survival day. They learnt how to get drinking water from their own urine and how to make cold water from a water bottle and a sock for use in hot climates. Then with Suthakar on cooking duty the group ate like kings and queens, the menu was veg and chicken curry topped off with a sponge cake, yum yum.

Day five 
The first dry day and a very welcome blue sky as we headed down to the lake for a spot of rafting. The rafts took about 2 hours to put together and thankfully kept us afloat! Once on the far side we cut the rafts apart and trekked on to our lakeside campsite, talk about room with a view.

Day six
Another great day trekking through cardamom, tea and coffee plantations with some stunning views of Shantanpara.

Day seven
Sadly I had to say goodbye to Tango 6 and head back to field base to take care of logistics. The group were excitedly preparing for another long climb, safe in the knowledge that day 8 was a scheduled rest day! 

That’s all from me, I really enjoyed my time with Tango 6... Stay tuned for more updates from the other groups.



  1. Daniel Rose
    tango 5

    Really glad i got to talk to you today, was good to feel you for a bit even though it was just facebook.Ill be there to see you at your house the day you arrive, promise. Enjoy your last days there, i can imagine its going to be hard to leave and say goodbye to everyone there, all your friends youve made, back to 'everything else'. I love you and take care xxx

  2. Hi Kate (Tango 6) Brilliant views,what a beautiful country. Will have to get a extra stock of chai for when you are back. Love you XXXXX

  3. Quirine Potter van Loon3 December 2011 at 04:14

    For Albertine Potter van Loon, tango 6! Hoi lieverd, wat een fantastische beelden, het moet wel heel erg mooi zijn! Ben natuurlijk erg benieuwd naar de lessen over waterzuivering. Wat leuk dat je koffie en thee plantages hebt gezien. Als ik het goed lees en zie hebben jullie we erg veel regen, ik duim voor nog een paar droge dagen. Je krijgt veel groeten van Kurt, hij vertrekt morgen naar de VS. Opa john vraagt regelmatig waar je nu bent en wanneer je weer thuiskomt. Eric komt zondag: Sinterklaas! Dat betekent dus dichten in een combinatie van talen. Pappa druk aan het werk en nog altijd geen sneeuw in Zwitserland. Ik geef deze weken veel lessen.

  4. To Julie scheer
    Lieve Naan,
    Het is gezellig Sinterklaas weekend. Flo is vrijdag al gezellig gekomen, het wachten is op Rutje. Heb alle cadeautjes in huis en ga me nu buigen op de gedichten. Het is absoluut shit weer hier, regen en harde wind. Pap is lkkr met Lup uit en ik lig nog in bed met een kopje thee en de i-pad, heerlijk. Nog maar twee weken en dan kom je weer thuis, verheug me er heel erg op, zeker dat we ook gelijk gaan skieen, dan hebben we jou lekker voor ons zelf!!! succes met je biogas klus. Veel liefs en dikke kus, mam x

  5. Kate looking at the photos of your trek,I admire all of you,the scenery looks wonderful,and drinking your own urine,now that is something I want to hear about.Yuk.
    Love from Granddad Holmes

  6. Sounds awesome, what an adventure, you're all having an amazing time, amist the elements. We are all wondering whats next? We love creating memories Rose and Kevin D (UK)

  7. Hi Kate (Tango 6) just off to the stables gallery to make snowmen!!!!. So looking forward to seeing you soon. I feel it will be so hard for you to leave such an amazing place and everyone you have got to know. What wonderful thoughts you will have and of course the wish to see more.
    Miss you so much xxx

  8. Hello Jennifer Tango 6, I got your letter. It was great reading all about what you have done. Sad to hear about illness, really hope you were looked after and able to rest as you know health is everything. It looks very rainy there at the moment you are working so so hard physically with all the trekking you must be so strong physically and mentally I feel full of admiration for all of you. It is certainly something you will remember forever. Christmas soon. Loads of love from Mummy Codd, Sarah, Grandma, Andrew and Wendy.

  9. Hallo Lukas, Tango 6
    Wir haben eure Bilder gesehen, euch scheint es ja richtig gut zu gehen. Ihr macht einen tollen Trek. Uns gehts hier allen gut. Heute am Sonntag regnet es leider, ähnlich wie bei euch. Am Freitag waren wir auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt in Königstein, das war wie immer ganz schön. Das neue Mtz hat nun auch geöffnet und Papa ist ganz begeistert, dass es nun dort auch ' best Wurscht in town ' gibt. Da braucht ihr dann auch nicht mehr so weit fahren. Das Gänseessen war auch gestern ganz lustig und es ging bis 2.30 nachts. Ansonsten hoffen wir hier weiterhin auf Schnee. Wir freuen uns schon auf dich, bleib schön gesund und hab jede Menge Spaß . Viele liebe Grüße von Philipp und Papa und wie immer von mir ein ganz dicker Kuss und Pass schön auf dich auf.

  10. Dan, Valerie, Gemma and Shafeeque (Charlie 1)

    Hey guys!
    Hope your having a brilliant time in charlie 1. It's freezing back here your not missing out on much. I am suffering from post-raleigh blues now. Missing you all lots, can't wait to hear what you have been up to on your last phase.
    Happy Birthday Gemma, Hope you had a lovely day!!

    Love you all loads
    Zoe xxx

  11. for Lavinia: lieve Vienepop, het ziet er geweldig uit! geen idee of jij water uit je eigen weewish gemaakt hebt maar wel een ideetje voor de kookles. Errug benieuwd naar het recept. Morgen Sinterklaas, jammer dat je er niet bent, het spel ligt klaar en al het snoep ook. Heb je je pakket gekregen??
    Deze week stuur ik separaat een mail, dag popje, xx je mam

  12. Alex, Ali and Julie (echo 3)

    Hope your having an amazing time in echo 3, I am sure it seems very relaxing by the reservoir after trek. Your not missing out on much back here, the weather is horrible. I managed to get the kutty (don'think I spelt that right) home although I was panicking when we were going through security. I know your going to find that hard to believe as I wasn't in control.
    I am suffering from post-raleigh blues now. Missing you all lots. Can't wait to hear what you have been up to on your final phase.
    Love you all loads
    Zoe xx

  13. Claire and Anna (Echo 4)

    Hope your having a brilliant time in echo 4 and have seen lots of turtles! It's really cold and wintery here, your not missing out on much.
    I am missing you both lots, I am suffering from post-raleigh blues now. Hope your still in one piece Anna and your hip is getting better.
    Can't wait to hear all about your final phase.
    Love you loads
    Zoe xx

  14. Lizzie, Tita and Shruti (Tango 5)

    Hope your having an amazing time on trek. I know I loved it! I am sure you have seen lots of wildlife, hope you have seen elephants.
    Your not missing out on much back here, it is really wintery.
    I am missing you all lots, can't wait to hear about your final phase.
    Love you loads
    Zoe xx

  15. Stewart and Sterre (tango 6)

    Hope your having a brilliant time on trek, I am sure you are. It's really cold and wintery here now. I am missing everybody lots. Can't wait to hear all about your final phase.
    Love you lots
    Zoe xx

  16. Gemma bennett Charlie 1
    Hi Gem
    Thanks for ringing on your birthday it was so good to talk to you after all this time. you sounded great and as if you are having an ace time out there.We went out to manchester for the day on your birthday and had a meal to celebrate so we were thinking of you. Looking forward to to arriving home I bet that you are going to have so much to tell us. the stories will be excellent and the photo's should be pretty good too.

    Love you lots

    Mum and Dad

  17. For Lucy C. Tango 6--Hey Lucy! It's amazing to hear all that you are doing on your trek--I am sure it's hard work but that you are enjoying it too. Stuart and I are planning a Christmas party for the family--it will be on the 18th of Dec after you return and when Lizzy is here from California. I sent you an evite, but I am sure you won't see it until you get back. Also, Dad says that you were placed in Howe Hall at Dal--I think this is what you wanted right? That's great news! Can't wait to hear more from you. Lots of love, Mary

  18. Hi Kate, just got your email. So glad you got one of my letters. Just so excited about seeing you soon. Love you xxx

  19. To Sterre at Tango 6

    He daar oude luizenbol! Wat is het lang geleden dat jij hoofdluis had. Gewoon even alles in de diepvries leggen haha. Hier is het nat en winderig, eigenlijk net zo'n typhoon als jullie hadden, maar dan zonder bergen. Sinterklaas is weer vertrokken en heel Nederland wordt weer volgezet met kerstbomen en engelen. Ik hoop dat als jullie weer terug komen er niet zo veel sneeuw en ijs ligt als vorig jaar. Veel sterkte met de laatste dagen op je trek en neem nog een glaasje (plas). xxx mam

  20. Tango 5, Lavinia de HM. Hadifien! Dat bloggen blijkt voor mij toch een lastige bezigheid te zijn,maar ik hoop dat je dit leest. Als de foto's een waarheidgetrouw beeld geven heb het enorm naar je zin en hebben de localo's er ook wat aan. Komt altijd van pas als je specie kunt mengen! We verheugen ons erg op de grote terugkeer volgende week.Zullen we dan ergens eten? Liefs,Pappie

  21. Robyn Echo3

    Hi My Darling Robyn
    We are all so excited about you coming home. Can't believe the 10 weeks have gone by. Really looing forward to hearing all your news. It will seem strange sleeping in a proper bed after sleeping bags and camping? You look really well in the photographs. See you next week!!!!
    Lots and lots of love Grandma and Bobxxxx

  22. Lucy Coleman,
    We can't wait to see you home for Christmas. We're very proud of you. Everyone is getting ready for the holidays -- buying presents, making plans, etc. Granbet moves into her new house in Rosedale on Monday, December 12th. Lot's of excitement going on. Sara Katherine is spending this weekend in New York with Alexa Adams and her friends. Love you soooo much, Daddy

  23. For Lukas Klautke:

    Lieber Lukas, vielen Dank für Deine Karte. Wir haben uns sehr gefreut. Dein Trek scheint spannend zu sein. Ihr habt auch Gamaschen getragen. Gab es etwa Schlangen? Ich bin schon jetzt auf Deine Berichte gespannt. Ansonsten läuft es hier ganz gut.

    Viele liebe Grüße

    Bernd, Heidrun und Laura

  24. Hi Kate (Tango 6)
    I don't seem to have as much luck as your mum in getting my messages to you posted, but I'm trusting they do get through to you.
    It's Monday morning (12th) and I'll be picking you up from Manchester airport this Thursday. I can't believe how quickly the time has gone. I'll bet it's gone quicker for you.The weather has gone pretty cold now so brace yourself.
    I've made up a nice warm bed ready for you but I'm travelling from work (Grimsby) on Thursday to collect you so the house will be cold when we get home and I'll have no food ready so it'll be a chippy tea.
    Can't wait to see you and hear all your yarns. Enjoy your last week.

    Love you lots. Dad xxx.

  25. To Loosey Goosey Coleman
    So glad to hear you're having fun! Miss you so much, can't wait to see you in a couple days. Gret and I say do werk. :)
    Love oo,
    Curl Balshaw