Welcome to the official blog for Raleigh India 12I | July - August 2012

Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Monday 5 December 2011

Out of Field Base and into The Loop

Hannah FB medic here.

I had the good luck to join Helen on the last loop of 11J visiting Tango 5, Echo 3 and Charlie 1.

Helen in Top Gun attire working hard in the office before heading out on loop

Please find below, in true Raleigh review style, the highs (and very few lows) we experienced on the way....

Tango 5

  • Johnny and Lavinia singing Roberta Flack's "Killing Me Softly" - amused by hearing that Johnny strums team sing-a-longs along whilst trekking
  • Charlie's chuffed-ness after her request for binoculars to spot the wildlife from FB was fulfilled

  • Lavinia's camp cooking - of course it wouldn't have been half as good without Jake's chopping and Steph's stirring! 
  • Ambience generated by team spirit - made me feel fuzzy inside.
  • Sinterklaas parcel from Esmee's mum including a packet of pepernoten for all trekkers and loop members - thank you!  Confused?  See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinterklaas
  • Another parcel - this time for Lavinia from home with birthday goodies
  • Pamper evening for loop members including beautiful henna hand-painting.

Esmee showing the loop how to draw beautiful henna designs


  • Leaving Tango 5 - I miss trekking with Muddy Boots!
Tango 5, Helen, Hannah and the guitar!

Echo 3


  • Awesome campsite!  Two-tiered amphitheatre built from bamboo around the campfire.  Brilliant.

  • Blind Date hosted by Robyn and Victor with the loop members doing the choosing from 3 screened-off venturers - answers a little too risque for the blog but suffice to say the first dates went well.  
  • Food - sweet and sour one evening, followed by banoffee pie with dessicated coconut.  Next evening treated to egg noodles with a delicious satay sauce.  Innovative use of Raleigh food!
  • Music - 80s cheese and Mumford and Sons 
  • Escaping without head lice
  • Again great team atmosphere in a homely environment
  • The Safety game - yuk - Andy has a lot to answer for!
  • The long drop - yuk yuk.
Charlie 1

  • Tangible hard graft had been done by the team in the first half of the phase with all 10 toilets nearing completion - good work guys!

  • Shafi's chicken curry, fish fry and parothas - outstanding.  The hours he spent in the kitchen were much appreciated.

  • Playing "In The Box" and the team putting up with my being a stickler for the rules
  • Wandering through Maligali and soaking up village life - seeing the process at the dairy whereby locals brought along their pails of milk, it would be assessed and weighed, a receipt for volume given and decanted into churns to be taken to town for sale

  • The team having an arts and crafts session with the local kids during which they made an advent calendar


  • Charlie 1 being the end of the loop and heading back to Fieldbase for the end of expedition!!
Hannah, Fieldbase Medic

Here are some of the messages we picked up from some of the venturers on the loop. Apologies if the Dutch is wrong, I tried my best to type it up. Helen 

Blog Message from Elizabeth Gattrell – Tango 5

Dear the Gattrells!
Hi Everyone! Sorry I haven’t been in touch much.  I am trekking in the jungle, it is really hard and I still can’t believe I am doing it. You would be shocked at the things I am doing and my manly attire.  Can’t wait to come home for xmas and see you all, especially your outstanding progress mum, am really proud of you and thankful to all the family for taking care of you so well.  I miss you all dearly.  Met some wonderful people here, we all help each other through the hard times but sometimes you just want your family.  Know what I mean!  Anyway off to do some raft building and then onto the lake with the help of the FIT Indian guide lad!
Love and miss your kangaroo mum, all my love always, in all ways,
Lizzie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Just wanted to say how happy I am to hear you are doing so well.  I really can’t wait to see all of your progress in action and to finally see you settled at home.  I am missing you so much here but will have lots of funny stories for you to make even funnier.  Have sent another letter home but I may get there before it.  So just to tell you I’m fine and that I love you! Your braveness is living on in me throughout this, anyway i’ll be seeing you very soon, Lots of love
Jungle Lizzie xxxxx

Blog message from Emma Christopher, Tango 5

Hi Mum, Dad and Freddie,
Thank you for your blog message, it’s so good to hear from you and it was delivered to us on a day when I really needed a pick me up!  I’m glad to hear everyone is well at home.  I’m missing you all so much but not feeling homesick as there is so much going on here.  It’s not long until I come home so I ‘m going to enjoy every day I have left.  We are well into our trek now... it’s killing me! No , really! It’s such a physical challenge but the mental challenge is even harder.  I have never felt so gross in my life, I stink!  But so does everyone else so all is good!  I cannot wait to see you all soon, lots of love Emma xxxxx

Blog message from Esmee, Tango 5

Ome Ab & Tante Nel,
Lieve ome Ab en tante Nel, Huub & Meckel,
De loop bracht vandaag onze post en bericht jes en daar zat een kaartje wan jullie by!Heel erg lenk bin wat van jullie te horen en bedankt voor het kaartje.  Hier jchat alles prima, neg 7 weken en dan ben in alweer Heins :) Dikke kus Esmee

Lieve pam,
Ik heb miet veel tjd wu.  Maar heel erg bedankt voor je lenke terberichtje Tim een vriendin, dat was een verrassing! Haha! Wel heel erg lenk. Graetje dan de fam en een dikke kus, Esmee

Lieve mama, papa & Lieke,
De pepernoten en het godicht zyn aangekomln heer! De gruep heeft ervar genoven. Ih wilde je een rief sturen maar die ben ik vergeten. Das die krijj je Vals in terzeg ben. Ook die van lieke is kwijt. Is die oor papa al gearriveerd? Ik sturr welee brief voor de meiden via jullie. Er zitten foto’s bij, dus dan kumnen jullie die bekjken! Ook een klein cadeanje voor fiek zik erbij.  Alles eped hier. Na 2 dagen rash, want Stef kar niet verder en heeft even tydnodig I om bj te komen. Hert is eigenligh neit nwaar, meevalle dus, haha!  Otja, kurinen jullie pepernoten mix bewaren, biodat ik die kan bakken als ik terug komi? Hopeligh gaat daar ook alles good , maar daar twigfel ik eigenlijk wief aan!  Heel veel liefts en kassen! Esmee

Lieve Elien & Nienke, & nateuertjk de andere meiden,
Jullie kaartjes vyn helaas (neg) niet aangekoman (voor eline en Nienke) Ik ben nu 7 dagen op trek en het is echt heel erg leik. Ooh een dag gefitsk.  Bergopwaards en dan racen naar beneden. Beetje eng wel, haha! Over 2 weekjes al weer henis, kan niet wachten on jullie allemaal weer te zien. Eline, is net gelukt met kaartje voor rauw & lauw? :)
Ik heb jeen tyd meer schatten! Dikke kus Es.
Ps eln nieuwe brief & foto’s is onderweg.

Blog message from Robyn Brooks, Echo 3

To Mum and Pops,
Hiya! Was so nice to get blog messages off you all last night, really good to know that you are all okay!  Miss you both millions! Was thinking the other day about how nice it will be to come out of the Airport and see you all, I cannot wait!  Hope your arranging my homecoming party;)  Although, when you pick me up, no matter how far or close it is, we are stopping at McDonalds!  Honestly cannot wait to see you, have so much to tell you all! Tell fat head I got his blog message, it’s taken him this long to write that one sentence!  Some things never change, HaHa!  Send Grandma and Bob my love, tell them I got the millions of messages and letters and I cannot wait to see them! Give Lucas and Lilah a HUGE kiss from me and I will see you all in 14 days! GET EXCITED! Love you all so much Bobbin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Blog messages from Lucy Shipp, Echo 3

To Mum,
Hello! Sad not to hear from you on the blog, but thank you for the mini birthday parcel.  Am being very restrained and saving the post until tomorrow – it’s quite hard, they are snuggled away under my pillow!  Having a lovely time by the reservoir; lots of swimming, a little yoga and massive amounts of digging.  It’s nice to have a bit of personal space after the school in Malligalli.  Our camp is really incredible – we even have a swing.  Hope things are going will at home, not long now until I’m back – we already have Christmas decorations in the camp! Miss you lots, Lucy xxx

To Ekta,
I was so happy and surprised to see that little envelope from you! I’m being really disciplined and not opening anything until my birthday tomorrow – I’m so excited to read what you’ve been up to! I’m also hoping that tomorrow might be my first hot and sunny birthday – wahoo.  Went swimming in the lake today and bobbled like a mushroom should.  Miss your face xxx

To Alice,
So excited for your new dance moves, I’ve been inventing some too. Loved hearing from you, missing your killer sneezes and happiness lots, but London not so much.  Really happy to be here. Looking forward to seeing you in the soon-ish New Year. Love xx

To Sarah,
Ahh! 2 parcels from you at last changeover – so good.  We have pimped our camp and decced it for Christmas, with a lot of help from the advent calender.  Fantastic.  So much to tell, cannot wait to get back and plan some more adventures.  Hope home is not as frustrating as it sounds, I’m sure you are remembering to have lots of fun too – look forward to hearing all about it lovely. Love xxx

For Julie Scheer’s Fam. Echo 3

Allerliefsle Fam,
Wat heerlyk jullie berichten en qedichten (mam) le ontuangen. Ons kamp hier is AMAZING! We hebben onze eigen chillroom gemazkt: I banken haha, so fyn.  Ons bad her is in enorm lake, wat helaz ook ‘t bad is van de koeien, re wordt hier letterlyk nooit schoco.  India is noq steeds waanzinnig, masr allos is zil redelys nokmaal wen it worden: koeien ipu auto ‘s Ryst, Smbar and porridge, Regenbuien die rivieren veroorzaken en de zon die meet zoeken, ‘t slepen in een hangmat onder in klamb de, engels and NI door elkaar (praat Englesin min slaap) muziek zu/7. Pieverds meet it kori howden, mzzr mail julie zondag.
Dikke x u jullie nzzns wit India.


  1. A message for Charlotte Ali, tango 5. Hi sis just to let you know that I have received my letter from you thanks,it was lovely to hear from you. The kids are still waiting for their letter but I am sure they will come in the post soon.I am loving the home made glasse! lol. It all looks so christmasy now with the tree and lights up. not long now until you come home, I cant wait to see you! any way sis love you and see you real soon. Love from Leanne, Cris, Ryan, Kiaran and Casey. xxxx

  2. Esme (tango 5)

    Hi Esme, really sorry just realised I have missed your name off the tango 5 group message I sent. I couldn't see what group you were in on the blog, it must just be me being dosey. Anyway hope you having a brilliant time on trek, I am sure you are! Missing you all lots, can't wait to hear what you have been up to on your final phase. Sorry again.
    Love you lots
    Zoe xx

  3. to Lavinia:wat is dat leuk!! lieverd, de foto's en de verhalen. Net de Sint gevierd, allemaal op je gedronken en natuurlijk op volgende week, blij dat je eindelijk je verjaarspakje hebt gekregen. Genoten zeker?? de verhalen zijn ook mooi pop. zoen mam

  4. F.A.O. Jon Hurrell:-Echo 4 - Velas.

    Hi Jon,
    We assume they must be making a visit to your group soon & bringing messages out to you, so just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you & looking forward to hearing the latest news from Velas. Not long now 'till the trip finishes & you will be returning home. BUT have you managed to collect some Turtle eggs to place in the new hatchery ?
    All is well in Gorran Haven, no news to tell you. It has just started to get a little bit colder, so you may notice the difference on your return !! Robert called in today briefly & sends his love & from Beth also. We are all looking forward to your return & getting together over christmas. Best wishes to you & all the group. Safe return for you all. Take care & see you soon.
    Lots of Love, Mum & Dad. XXxx
    P.S. Hope you are involved in the "Entertainment" performances. Look forward to seeing the photos etc.

  5. To Julie Scheer:
    Hi Naan,
    Heb net foto's gezien van jullie campsite, ziet er gaaf uit met al die mooie banken en tribunes. Prachtig uitzicht op het meer. Kunnen jullie daar ook in zwemmen/badderen? Wij hebben het weekend heel gezellig Sinterklaas gevierd met Rut, Flo, Ies en Ap. Dit weekend komt iedereen weer thuis. Rutje heeft AK vergadering bij Moos die inmiddels weer thuis is en Flo heeft 21 diner en gaat daarna met Vief naar Londen voor Viefs verjaardag. Wij krijgen Philippe en Helen het weekend gezellig. Verder is het hier een puinhoop want de schilders zijn bezig de boven verdieping een beetje op te knappen en de keuken. Dus je begrijpt het huis geheel ontwricht maar het wordt wel cool allemaal. Nog maar twee weken en dan kom je thuis, verheug me er heeeeeel erg op lieve schat! Lekker bijkletsen in Zermatt?????
    Dikke kus Mam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Gemma Bennett - Charlie 1

    Hey hun, Cant believe you will be back in just over a week. How fast has the time gone!! Was nice to finally see a picture of you doing some work. HAHAHA. Dougie won im a celeb. YAY!!! It was between him and mark. Final of Xfactor this weekend, I want Marcus to win. Not much else going on. David in Birmingham for three days on a management course. Will let you no if he passes or not. Love ya Lisa.

  7. For Lucy Shipp. So sorry that I missed putting up a Blog in time for your birthday, tho' I blogged the other day...:(. I'm really pleased that your little parcel arrived safely, and in time for your birthday! I hope it was the sunniest birthday day for you. Emily and I put up the real Christmas Tree on Saturday (this is a FIRST EVER for me)and other decorations so we can concentrate on giving you a super welcome home. Where's the time gone?? The pics of your camp look great; and you look very laid back too. I can see that itchy feet will start very soon on your return to blighty. All well here with super news for E who's landed a great new JOB! I'm letting myself count the days now until we meet you at the airport. Happy, joyous remaining days in India. All my love, Mum (and nibbles from Roo) xxx

  8. Helen must be really good at what she does. She can even do it with her eyes shut.

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  10. To: Julie, Echo 3

    Lieverd! Hoe is het met je? Ik dacht ik stuur je maar weer even een bercihtje! Hoe is het daar? De foto's zijn echt heel vet, volgens mij ben je met hele leuke mensen! Ik mis je wel! Hier is het niet zo bijzonder, heel koud en het waait echt keihard! Bijna weer se week, helemaal spannend! Je ebnt bijna weer thuis en dan zie ik je weer! Tuurlijk ook met je verjaardag enzo! Geniet nog maar daar en kan niet wcahten tot je terug bent!
    Heel veel liefs en ook van mijn mama en we missen je!
    x x x x x x

  11. Alex Rolfe echo 3
    Hey Alex
    I got your email and your message from your mum. I love you to glad to hear all ok and I hope you enjoy your last week at Raleigh can't wait to speak to you. Was thinking about when you said you have a list of things for me to bring out it's a good job I'm coming lol your such a nightmare :)
    Have a great last week
    Miss and love you loads
    Ellis xxxxxxxxx

  12. For Veerle Engel, Charlie !

    Dag schat!! Het is nu heel lang geleden dat we elkaar gesproken hebben. Ga je erg missen! Gelukkig zie ik je op een foto op de blog en lees ik hoe het jullie daar vergaat. Zaterdag Sint gevierd waarbij we jou natuurlijk enorm misten met je geweldige gedichten en grappen altijd. En dus was jij onze etalagepop-gast dit jaar met een lange blonde pruik op en een jurk aan! Heb je mijn sint pakjes gekregen (2)? Wij gaan hier alweer richting Kerst en dus boom binnenkort en plannen voor Kerstdiner met de familie en de gang naar Schier waar we ons allemaal erg verheugen en jou nog meer gaan missen... Verheug me erg je te spreken binnenkort en te horen hoe je je voelt en wat je plannen zijn! Enorme kus en omhelzing, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmama

  13. to Lavinia, nou nog maar een commentje want ik zie dat deze eindelijk op de blog zit - nu met Wims in NY, kerst, picasso, uitverkoop en blits. hier en daar wat voor onder de boom gevonden. t is niet te geloven: nog een week en dan ben je alweer thuis, heerlijk hoor. We verheugen ons allemaal erg. en jij pop? nog een week genieten? heb je geraft? Stuur je nog wat? zoen je mam

  14. To Alex (Echo 3),

    Looks like lots of fun. Couldn't help noticing the lake behind your camp. Is wakeboarding allowed?

    Watched Piranha last night - better even than Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus....it was set in a lake just like that one!

    Man City and Man Utd both crash out of CL at the Group stage.

    Your mum and I are off to Belfast today. We've had some bad storms and high winds in the north so it should be a fun flight.

    Have a great weekend.


  15. Helenor and Dave Rose11 December 2011 at 04:55

    To Dan Rose Charlie 1
    We are getting so excited that you will be home on Thursday - at last.
    I have just bought you some luxurious suds so that you can have that much longed for leisurely soak as soon as you get back.

    We are putting the Christmas Deccies and Tree up tomorrow (Sunday). All new stuff to fit in with the new decor! We have been suffering colds and coughs this last week - even little William - but we are all on the mend now.

    Hope you enjoyed your last week on project and that you have a great last couple of days with the amazing Raleigh guys.

    Sean and I have been in touch - he's such a nice guy and he's really looking forward to seeing you when you get back. I will give you all the latest news when we hopefully speak on Monday. Lots of Love Mum xxxx

  16. Monique de Beaufort11 December 2011 at 22:56

    Voor Juul Scheer......

    Ha juul,

    Dat ik nog steeds niet snap hoe het systeem werkt....heb het idee dat ik de berichten steeds op de ver4keerde plek achterlaat. Nu ontwaar ik je wel op de foto's....wel met drie leesbrillen over elkaar...om je te zien. De dagen dat je weer thuis komt worden afgeteld. Wat gezellig! gek idee dat je over een week alweer afscheid neemt vn je groep en dan nog een week cillen en dan....de kou in.
    En weer heerlijke vooruitzichten in de sneeuw (als die valt) en je verjaardag,

    Voor nu een dikke kus Monica

  17. For Meg in Echo 3,
    Guess you will be on your way back to base camp by now. It looked like a brilliant camp site. Thanks for your super letter and message. Just waiting now to welcome you home and hear all about it, as are the rest of family and friends. Enjoy the rest of the warm weather and your time with 11J- love you loads. Well done to everyone,
    Mum & Dad xxxxxxxx

  18. For Valerie van Walt Meijer.

    Lieve Valerie, ik heb je een hele lange mail gestuurd ik hoop dat je die hebt ontvangen en gelezen. Ik weet niet of dit de juiste plek is om een berichtje achter te laten maarja..
    Ik ga over 3 nachtjes alweer naar huis, heel veel zin in! Echt jammer dat je niet thuis bent dan:(
    Talk to you soon! XxX Ik mis je Liefs Nikki