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Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Monday 28 November 2011

New Arrival and Return to Little Doctors

Yesterday Fieldbase welcomed Carolyn, Raleigh Head Office Operations Manager, who has come to take the reins from Mark until the end of the expedition.  Mark will be heading back to the UK in 2 days' time for a Country Director pow-wow.  But not before he turns 40 tomorrow - woop woop!

Today Carolyn and I headed to the local school to educate the Little Doctors about eye and ear care.  We started off with an anatomy review - their knowledge was impressive!

It was nice to be able to give them some practical fun with the use of an otoscope and ophthalmascope so that they could peer into the ears and eyes.  The teachers were just as interested to see what the ear drum and retina look like in real life!

I will return next week as they've asked for some teaching on hair and skin care, and the treatment of  some common ailments.  It's a great programme to be involved with.

On Wednesday Helen and I will be heading out on the loop to visit Charlie 1, Echo 3 and Tango 5. So if you have any blog messages for these projects please post them as soon as possible (before Wednesday) and we will take them out to the projects - they are much appreciated!

Hannah, Fieldbase Medic


  1. To Robyn Brooks Echo 3.Hi Bobs.....not long to go now until you are home chick.....woop woop!!!Cannot wait to see you,we have all missed you so so much and cannot wait to hear your stories with all gory details please,the unedited version,you know we are un-shock able. Haven't sent you anymore post as it will arrive when you are back in the UK I expect,but don't worry we keep checking up on you and we will post a few more blogs. Anyway we love you muchly and cant wait to see you......love always Mum and Pops xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. To Robyn Brooks in Echo 3.
    Hi, its your brother, your back soon:(:P see you soon, enough said, byexxxxxxx

  3. Hello Meg in Echo 3,
    It was wonderful to see your happy face so you were obviously pleased with your third phase assignment. We don't mind saying now that we have missed you terribly but are so proud of you, as is everyone who knows you. Really looking forward now to you coming home, but we wonder for how long?? Don’t know whether I said, but Wendy & Steve are coming again for Christmas – we won’t be having Curry this year! Latest updates - Steve’s son Jon, has also got a recording contract, there is a fantastic track on line under ‘Lilygreen & Maguire’ ( Jon is touring with Ollie Murs of X Factor next year apparently); Carey is trialling a new job teaching choirs; Anita Dobson left strictly this week. Pam and Geoff , Jane & Robin are following the blogs closely and Helen M. stopped me for info this morning (also Richard the shop asking). Dad says, Planning ahead –had John put winter tyres on Aggie. Hope you are getting in some good swims to cool off after the hard work. Hoping your letter arrives before you do ??!!?? Loads of love, mum & dad xxxx & co.

  4. To Dan Rose, Charlie 1

    Hi Dan How's the eco sanitation project going? Hope the experience equals the great time you had in Gandathur.

    We've got some exciting news! Dad's got a brand new job. Life in the old dog yet eh! He's only had to make one job application in the last 30+ years and after only one application and interview he got the job. It's with an Energy Saving Solutions Charity. It's based in London but hopefully he will still be working mainly from home cos I would really miss having him around. The jobs great 'cos he is totally into all that kind of thing.

    We had a lovely dinner with Colin and Kim and all the LB crew yesterday (Sunday). They were asking after you and your adventures. They send their love. Kim has tried many times to leave a blog but the system has beaten her. Aunty Joan and Bert also visited us last week and are following your news - both send their love. As do Jackie and co (J has just learnt how to email - so has no chance with the blog).

    Liz is back at work now and I've been looking after your totally awesome nephew. He is gorgeous and being a typical Rose he doesn't stop making a noise or "talking". An ace communicator.

    Carry on enjoying every moment. So proud of you and all the hard work you are doing for others. Loads of Love Mum and Dad xx

  5. For Maya Obstfeld in Echo 4: Hi Maya - we missed you on Thanksgiving, but everyone thought your turtle project sounds important and lots of fun. We've given lots of thought to your last e-mail,but our feelings have not changed much. We'll send you a lengthy e-mail this week. Hopefully, you'll be able to see it soon. Can't wait to hear everything about your work. Love, Dad & Mom

  6. Claire, Jack, Keely, Linda and Gordon29 November 2011 at 11:51

    Gemma Bennett - Charlie 1

    Happy 18th Birthday to Gemma, enjoy your day.
    Lots of Love from Essex
    Claire, Jack, Keely, Linda & Gordon

  7. Claire van Doeveren Echo 3
    Ha lieverd, wat zie je er stralend uit op de foto's! Zijn zo blij iedere keer als we je weer zien!! Zo te zien heb je het er goed naar je zin en hebben jullie een goede spirit! Hier alles goed. Papa is naar Quito (Ecuador) voor 1 week. Jasmijn komt na 8 weken a.s. weekend thuis...en Niki komt tussendoor gezellig thuis! We verheugen ons erop je weer te zien. Kerst vieren we met z'n allen, maar geniet jij nog maar volop daar van alle uitdagingen......we love you, liefs van ons allemaal

  8. Gemma Charlie 1

    Hiya Gem hope your still loving it over there annd having a great time.
    Not to long till you come back now, no more peace and quiet for me lol.
    will say it now so hopefully you get it in time:
    Happy 18th birthday hope you have a great day, will have to take you to the pub for a drink when you get back xx

    Love Dave :)

  9. Hello Shruthi how are you? this is super siva from Tamil Nadu, the day before yesterday i am attend the selection weekend to the next expedition in our field base, and do the trek training also, that time i am the project manager. I am very happy to come again raleigh, but only one thing is missing i dont see you, my friend, i miss you, your expedition photos is very nice. with love, super siva.

  10. Hai Shruthi,
    If you finish this expedition please come and visit my city, and see the temple also, if you come to the change over in fieldbase please call me take care, best of luck.
    super siva.

  11. To Lizzie Haywood (Charlie 1)

    Hey Beef!! Thank you SO much for my birthday treasure!!!!! I love it, Amazing. I wore my nursey watch today :) The bag has already had 2 outings also :) I also loved my malky 2 card! genius!

    Had the best birthday I have ever had, just a shame you weren't here to come and play too. Went to the pub with peaches and tip-x then out for dinner to that thai place that we got that tapas from. It was delish. We all went out for cocktails last friday to celebrate both mine and chloes birthdays, your mum messaged megan and invited us round for a drink or two to the bar if we wanted so we invited them to 7fish for a drink, they bought me a card and stuck some money in it for a drink! how nice is that!!

    Had a week off work and it was HARD going back yesterday however... Still no tears! so... winning!!!!

    Peaches and I sent you a little something but I am not sure if you will recieve it in time. fingers crossed though innit!

    I hope you are having an amazing time, we all miss you muchly! CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE YOU HOME!!!


    Love Beery.

  12. For Will Fenning (Charlie 1)

    Hi Will, hope all is well in Malligalli - do send a note back via the Loop if you can.We received your letter on Saturday - it was brilliant to hear all your news and I copied it for M and Grandpa too. A great letter and you made it all seem really tangible for us. I wrote to you yesterday but you may only get it as you leave! We are assuming you are back on 23 Dec as discussed? Please confirm and we shall cancel the 15 Dec flight. All well here - just off to collect Theo from Lego occupation then Judo. King's carol service is a week tomorrow and then Rosie is home! Haven't started Christmas shopping yet. The Volvo has died so I have been driving the Fiat - the dogs are getting used to the boot!Molly has been invited to meet her siblings in the park on her birthday - sounds like chaos if she is anything to go by!Hope you really enjoy the final weeks, I think that project sounds so worthwhile. So looking forward to hearing all your news and experiences (and tasting some Indian recipes!), Much love darling, M and D xx

  13. Willem van walt meijer30 November 2011 at 03:30

    Valerie van walt Meijer Charlie 1
    Lieve val hoe gaat het met de bouw (kunde) van de wc.'s leuk hè om echt iets te bouwen. Ik ga morgen naar barca eens kijken of de Sint daar is want thuis komt hij dit jaar niet. Mamma komt vrijdag ook gaan we samen Sinterklaas in Spanje vieren.Mis je en verheug me er erg op om je snel te zien en hoop dat je een gezellig bouwteam hebt.
    Liefs pappa

  14. To Julie Scheer
    Buiten is het koud en guur
    Maar Sint blijft nog even wakker op dit late uur
    Er gaat een gerucht over het vertrek van de loop
    En dan moet er een gedichtje mee voor Sint z'n floep
    Terwijl jij in India loopt te zweten
    Zitten wij onder een dekentje pepernoten te eten
    Sint zal je missen op zijn verjaardagsfeest
    Maar weet dat jij bent lief geweest
    je zet je in voor het goede doel
    En dat geeft Sint een trots gevoel
    maar volgend jaar student of niet
    Kom jij weer hier met zwarte Piet
    Want Sinten zonder Sjaan
    daar is echt geen bal meer aan
    Sint hoopt dat jij met landgenoten
    Die Engelse vertelt over de pepernoten
    En de over flauw rijmelaarij
    En alles wat hoort daarbij.
    Nou mijn allerliefste kind
    10000 kussen van de oude Sint

  15. Phil and Lynn Christopher30 November 2011 at 04:13

    For Emma Christopher Tango 5

    Hi Emma

    Hope all is going well for you on the trek. We are all fine and thinking of you.

    Lots of Love
    Mum and Dad

  16. To Dan Rose Charlie 1

    Hi Dan
    I know I have blogged already but I am just relaxing after a hard working day today and I have been thinking about how much I miss you. It feels soooo long now since we saw you and had one of your great big hugs. I hope you are sharing your hugs with all those that need one out there. Although maybe you shouldn't squeeze too tight with your extra toned biceps!! Can't wait to hear how this phase has gone. Hope it doesn't fly past too quickly. Enjoy. Love Mum xxxxx

  17. Hallo Lukas , Tango 6,
    Jetzt hast du deine Wanderung gestartet und wirst nicht mehr viel Zeit bekommen, die Kommentare zu lesen. Ich schreib dir dann demnächst lieber auf deine Email Adresse. gestern waren wir im Konzert, bei der Night of the Proms in Frankfurt, war Super. danach waren wir noch kurz bei Astrid, die hatte gestern Geburtstag und hatte uns eingeladen. im Geschaeft ist richtig viel zu tun, Felicitas ist eigentlich jeden Tag da, weil das alleine nicht zu schaffen ist. gestern war auch Ilona da, sie hat mir erzaehlt, dass Heinz deine Karte bekommen hat. Hier ist es heute morgen schon wieder so neblig, das man keine 50m weit sehen kann. grauslig. Am Wochenende haben wir ins tradionelles Gaenseessen. Wird bestimmt auch ganz nett. Rosés und Unterharnscheidt s sind gerade Skilaufen, aber es gibt nur eine Kunstschneepiste und rechts und links davon ist es grün . Am Wochenende ist hier wieder Weihnachtsmarkt in Königstein, mal schauen ob ich hingehen kann, ich muss ja ein wenig vorbereiten für Samstag Abend. Philipp geht es auch so weit ganz gut. Er hat nun Informatik und Informationssirtschaft , das macht ihm richtig Spass und er hat auch schon sehr gute Vornoten geschrieben. Von Oma hab ich jetzt schon länger nichts mehr gehört, aber ich hab auch keine Zeit, sie anzurufen, da ich oft bis 8 oder 9 im Geschäft bin. Wir hoffen, dir geht es weiterhin so gut wie bisher und wünschen dir noch eine ganz tolle und spannende Zeit. alles Liebe von Papa, Philipp und mir und wie immer Eingang dicker Kuss von Mama, bleib schön gesund!!

  18. For Meg in Echo 3
    Hiya Meg hope you are enjoying yourself. I will be honest with you, I'm not missing you yet, so maybe you should stay out there a bit longer...Unless there are any lovely good looking men out there! By the way are there any? no, seriously are there?????
    Very proud of you for what your doing making a huge differance to other peoples lives. Mam + Dad send their love and Jonathan. FYI - check your trousers are pulled up because the one photo you had a builders bum like our Dad.... And now the whole world has found out and their looking haha.
    Take Care, Love you loads Carey xxx

  19. Ay Albertinita! (Tango 6)

    Vaya un paseo que te estás dando por las montañas en India. Parece que hay vistas bonitas pero también bastante lluvia. ¿Hacía frio? Me parece bien difícil mantener las cosas secas, si uno tiene que montar o desmontar un campamento en la lluvia. Con todos mis años casi nunca he hecho eso. ¡Estoy seguro que luego disfrutarás de casa, cuando vuelvas, y te estamos echando de menos! ¡Cuidate bién!



  20. For Alex in Echo 3
    Mumford and Sons - Alex that must be you!!!
    We had a fabulous first Emily Ash Trust Winter Wonderland yesterday. About 170 people altogether with coaches from the Royal Marsden bringing lots of excited young children. Nicky did gingerbread decorating and James did took loads of photos to add to our website!! Dad had to stay home as he has a stinker of a cold and could not be in contact with the children!!! Ed stayed home as he had heaps of homework!! We missed you, you must come and play next year!!!!!
    Love you lots,
    Mum xxx