Welcome to the official blog for Raleigh India 12I | July - August 2012

Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Wednesday 23 November 2011

Final phase!

They’re back, they’re brown and boy are they excited! Two phases done and one to go...it’s exciting times at Raleigh India Fieldbase that’s for sure!

Echo 3 was first off the bus, followed closely by Charlie 1. Tango 5 was next, with Charlie 2 hot on their tail. Echo 4 had the furthest to come so arrived (looking rather tired) just in time for supper.
Like the last change-over, everyone was straight into cleaning their kit and sorting everything out, before jumping on the bus and enjoying some down-time in Mysore for the afternoon. They all got back late afternoon and settled down for an evening of skits, loop competition winners and the world premier of the 11J Raleigh music video.
 Welcome home!
This change over, I was one of the judges for the skits and I have to say they brought tears to my eyes, they were absolutely hilarious and everyone had put so much effort into them. Tango 5 decided to include a few videos in their skit in an “I’m a celebrity get me out of trek” style. Sleeping bag leech attacks, Claire and Ali’s mud fight and some excellent dance moves set a pretty high standard for the rest of the groups. Echo 4 followed with some very creative turtle outfits and a medley of songs describing their time in Velas. Echo 3 also put their time on project to song, while Charlie 2 and showed us how to chat up girls ‘Indian style.’ It was a tough call, but the winners were Charlie 1, who put together a massive mega-mix and told us all about Mallagalli through a mixture of rap and song.
After the skits, Echo 3 was crowned the winner of the loop – with their fantastic hospitality and delicious cooking winning it for them. Next it was time for the music video! Armed with popcorn, our beautiful Fieldbase usherettes, made sure everyone was comfortable before, Hannah, pressed play. Laughter filled Fieldbase as everyone saw themselves releasing their inner pop star to ‘When the going gets tough.’
Charlie 1 with their winning skit

The next day the graduates had the chance to shine as they took the reins and took over Fieldbase to put on ‘Grad Day.’ It was a relaxing start to the day, with Jenni leading a yoga session after breakfast. The grads (with a bit of help from Fieldbase) had arranged two beauty therapists to come in for the day. They set up their pampering rooms on the roof and everyone queued up for a massage, pedicure, manicure, head massage or facial. The boys weren’t left out and the barber from Jaypura came down to give them a shave, hair cut or head massage.

Elsewhere in Fieldbase, the school had been set up as a chill out room for everyone to relax, catch up and listen to music. The caterers also came in to give everyone a lesson in making parotta (Indian bread) and a delicious vegetable curry for lunch. After lunch, there were some more beauty treatments and chilling out continued, before we had an epic BBQ, with chicken, lamb, lots of yummy salads and pretty much anything else you could think of. Everyone helped out with the salads and Andy and Ali did a fantastic job of manning the BBQ. And of course, you couldn’t have a BBQ with pudding, so after the boys had done, the girls took over and filled the BBQ with nutella filled bananas – the perfect end to a yummy meal!
Starting the day with yoga
Preparing a salad for the BBQ
Tucking in to a delicious BBQ

With full tummies and contented smiles, everyone settled down in the chill out room to watch their film of choice, Superbad, before heading to bed to have a good nights sleep after a lovely, chilled out day.
 Chilling out
Movie night!

The next day everyone finally found out where they were going for their third and final phase. So...For the last time, here are the phase three allocations.

Charlie 1 – Malligalli, community  
Kath, Rachel and special guest PM Lee
Gemma, Veerle, Valerie, Will, Victoria, Dan, Shafeeque and Hannah
Echo 3 – Gandathur, environmental
Anthony and Ali
Alex, Lucy S, Robyn, Megan, Victor, Claire and Julie
Echo 4 – Velas, environmental  
Maggie, Jon and Claire
Anna, Aaron, Matt, Anne, Lisa, Maya and Harriet
Tango 5 – Demon Mountain Trek  
Charlie and Johnny
Emma, Steph, Esmee, Jake, Lizzie G, Jamie, Lavina, Leticia and Shruti
Tango 6 – Misspulimala Trek
Ed, Sian – joined by Andy for the first few days
Lucy C, Lukas, Jenni, Kate, Lizzie H, Sterre, Albertine, Stewart and Suthakar

And our Fieldbase medic for phase three is Hannah

After finding out their allocations it was all hands to the decks as, for the last time, bags were packed, kits were checked and the busses were filled with everything they would need to make their last phase the best phase ever!

It’s my last day in Fieldbase today as, unfortunately, I have to head back to the UK early. So, it’s goodbye from me, it’s been lovely writing the blog and keeping you all updated with what everyone’s been up to. But don’t worry, my lovely fellow Fieldbasers will be looking after the blog and letting you know all the gossip from 11J! 


  1. Gemma Bennett - Charlie 1

    OMG Gem you look great, We have all been checking the blog a million times a day waiting for news that you are all back and what you are doing next. Went to see the new twilight film on friday. It is AMAZING, we are going to go and see it when you get back. I told you in an earlier blog that everyone had been ill apart from mum, well mum caught the bug and has even had time off work coz she was so ill. SOOOOOOO Glad to recieve your letter at the weekend. I've finally cleared my stuff from your side of the room. Yayyy only taken me 7 weeks. LOL. Hope you enjoyed your trek. enjoy your next and final phase, Cant wait to see you when your back. Everyone still asking after you and checking the blog. Missing you. Love Lisa.XxXxXxXxXx

  2. Hi Kate (now Tango 6) Gosh you look so good, happy and brown. Great to see your face. Funny how much I miss it x
    Looking forward to reading what you will be doing next. Love you tonnes and tonnes from Mum xxx

  3. For Zoe Coles, Tango 5

    Hi Zoe, Don't know whether we're too late with this, as you are due home tomorrow. It's been a long fortnight waiting for news of you so we are delighted to see your smiley face now you're back at Fieldbase. It all sounds amazing and you all seem to have been having a wonderful time together. We can't wait to hear all about it and for you to cook us some delicious curries! Bet you enjoyed the Nutella filled bananas!! Ha Ha. Your Mum and Dad have been counting the hours to your return (as have we). Not long now! All our love, your very proud Nanna & Taid xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Helenor and David23 November 2011 at 16:52

    To Dan Rose

    Hi Dan

    Your letters have at last arrived today (23rd Nov). What you have written is so inspiring and full of such positivity and great ambition for the future. It was wonderful to read about and hear about in our telecon. And now you've had this great experience, I am sure that the Raleigh magic will be with you and help you for the rest of your life:) Love Mum and Dad xx

  5. For Jenni now in Tango 6. Wonderful photos of you. I see you are off on your final phase. Enjoy every moment - you do look well and look so happy. Take care. Sarah and I send loads of love. Mummy Codd xxx

  6. To Lucy Shipp in Echo 3
    Loved loved loved reading your message on the blog update from second phase. Can't believe you are in echo already?! Well that has gone crazy fast. You are looking absolutely beautiful, very happy and healthy with excellent hair. I'm waiting for raleigh gossip please. Also why can I see mobile phones at fieldbase?! I hope you get all my letters, it being India I guess you'll only get one. Ah its nearly your birthday! Amazing! Hope you'll be celebrating in true raleigh stylee. Lots of love from autumnal England, Sarah x

  7. Annelies Berrevoets24 November 2011 at 02:28

    Hai Juul,

    Al weer de laatste fase, wat gaat dat allemaal snel joh!!Leuk om alle foto's te zien, kan het soms niet helemaal goed zien maar ik zal mijn extra brilletje opzetten.Ik zie een onwijs gezellige chilfoto.
    Wij hebben hier lootje voor Sinterklaas getrokken, gatver 1e keer zonder jou bleeeeeeeee.Ap heeft haar lootje al weer verklapt hahah elk jaar weer hetzelfde. Vorige week is Lup hier gezellig geweest en we hebben een mooie wandeling over het strand gemaakt. Hij mist jou ook heel erg. En van de week ga ik samen met Wil een dagje naar Den Bosch.
    Lieve schat, geniet en een dikke kus van ies

  8. Hi Meg Echo 3
    Hello Meg how are you writing from your mums, come down for a flying visit, having a nice glass of wine at the mo. Francine and Sam are fine.Ps your dad says you owe 3 months rent (only joking)Sams band has got a record deal, they will be famous one day!! They also have a european tour coming up in Jan. Go on the cruise on 11th Dec, so will be out of country when you get home, so I hope you have a good trip back and have made lots of new friends. Speak to you over Christmas.
    Lots of Love Aunty Denise xx

  9. To Lucy Shipp India Alpha 4

    Glad to see you looking well on Raleigh India.
    Got picf you on right side of yoga. Keep brathing deeply... also just got your October card.Thank you Here in 24th November, Doha is recovering from some rain.There ae no road drains between Home and Site, so car is going khaki as it splashes thru the mud. I started physio this week and am grateful for having my arm back.It would be lovely if you could drop by on your way back to UK.Ah well! Miss you and expect you'll carry on having great time till the last Indian sunset. Love and supporting thoughts.Pa xxx

  10. To Tita, Lizzy, Esmee Augustijn, Lavinia de Hazet Muller : Tango 5. Babies!!!!! I'm already in an internet cafe, first day hihi. Hope you'll have a great time together, don't forget me. Get healthy, get skinny hahaha. Love you and see you in 17 days!!!!!! xxx ster

  11. Petra van walt meijer24 November 2011 at 20:05

    To Valerie van walt Meijer (Charlie 1)
    Wat weer een leuk verslag en foto.'s die laten zien dat jullie het gezelig hebben. Je ziet er goed uit met een kleurtje zelfs. Ik ben blij dat je de trektocht zo leuk hebt gevonden en hoop dat dit bouwproject ook goed zal gaan. Heerlijk om je stem ook weer even te horen . Het is. Nog maar 3 weken en dan zien we je weer verheug me erop. Geniet nu maar met je nieuwe vrienden(innen) en bouw ze. Take care en ly mamma

  12. gemma bennett Charlie 1

    Hi gem
    you look really good and look as if you are really enjoying the whole expedition. only this last Phase to go then its time to come home to the cold weather. we are all really looking forward to seeing you and hearing all the stories and seeing all the piccys. will put another blog on nearer your 18th birthday (2ND OF DECEMBER)have fun and soak up the memories.
    Lots of love
    Mum & Dad & sam

    Heel veel plezier vandaag, ik hoop dat je een TOP verjaardag hebt en dat je een lekkere taart kan bakken met de Raleigh rations!! Love you! Steef uit Borneo

  14. To Kate (Tango 6)

    Thinking of you everyday xxxxx

  15. Hallo Lukas ,Now Tango 6
    Schön dich gut behalten wieder in der Base zu sehen. Wir freuen uns hier schon alle auf den 22. Dezember. Heute ist die dritte Karte gekommen, deine Karte 4. Morgen Abend am 26. 11. Sind wir bei Eckarts zum dokospielen. Vielleicht ist Tristan auch da. Im Geschäft ist viel zu tun, schade dass wir nicht länger telefonieren konnten. Am 17. Dezember fährt Papa zu Philipp nach München zur Weihnachtskneipe. Vielleicht muss er vor Weihnachten auch noch mal nach China.Hier ist ansonsten alles gut, Wetter ist zwar trocken aber viel Nebel und Schnee gibt's auch noch keinen. Nächstes Wochendende haben wir hier unser Gänseessen, du kannst dir ja auch schon mal überlegen, was Du gern hättest, damit ich ein. Küsschen vorbereiten kann. Ist immer etwas schwierig spontan, da ich im Moment fast immer durcharbeite und nur abends noch etwas zeit habe. So. Nun hab einen schönen Trip da hast du dich ja am meisten drauf gefreut und bleib schön gesund. Viele liebe Grüße von allen und wie immer ein ganz dicke Kuss von Mama

  16. Lisa Marshall echo 4

    Hi lisa i got my letter and it was really nice to hear from you.Im glad you sound like you are okay, but dont worry because you will be back so soon to listen to everyone bicker and me going on about life hahaha!! I got my first marked assignmemt back but only got a merit so a bit disappointed about it! I went out for my bday,it was rubbish as per so thats me now im never going out again haha! Cant wait for you to get back lisa,c u soon.xxx

  17. Robyn Echo3
    Hi Robyn.
    Thanks for your card, hope you got ours and the letters. Back homem now, telling everyone what an amaziing country India is. Will be interested to read about your next phase. You looked like you were having a great time on your return to fielbase, even managed some beauty treatments!!!Was that you doing the yoga? We are very proud of you and so looking froward to you coming home so we can hear all about it. Love you loads grandma and Bobxxxxxx

  18. Hi Alex (echo 3)
    I cannot believe that you are in your final stage with Rayleigh. I've been busy getting organised for Christmas. We have rob's laptop ready for you and Ollie to have a place at the Christmas table!! We are having a murder dinner for 16 on New Years Eve!! Do you remember our family one a couple of years ago when we did the talent show!!!! I won't say too much in the email but I believe you were the lifeguard!!! Toodle pip for now, but I will be back for more general chit chat. Love to you mum xx

  19. To Julie Scheer:
    Hi lieve Naans, Leuk om je op de foto's te zien. Grappig dat jij net op de chill en bbq foto's staat. Sounds & Looks very much like you!!! Was zooooo gezellig om weer even je stem te horen en alle gezellige verhalen. Wij hebben net een groot Thanksgiving diner hier thuis gehad en maken ons nu op voor de Sint!! Misschien doet hij nog wel een blogje in je schoen! Liefs en heel veel dikke kussen van Mam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. To Lizzy Haywood,
    I am appalled that they dont know the words already - you are clearly needed out there and doing a great job! Good luck for your final phase - and well done on winning the skit competition - proud! See you soon, we missed you greatly last night at Alex/Chloe's birthday drinks. Looking forward to festive fun! Megan x

  21. Anna Roberts

    Hi There sweety pie,
    How you doing? hope your leg is back up and running well walking quickly at least!
    Just thought I'd give you some good news on the home front- I have a job that's right I wont be bugging you all day any more!
    Don't start till after xmas but it's still cool.
    Going to drag you out when you get home for a drink or 10.

    Hope everything goes good this time round and remember don't get on any rafts!!!!!
    Love you sweety

  22. Alex and Judith Davidson27 November 2011 at 21:15

    Thanks very much to The Blog Writer. We have enjoyed keeping up with all that has been happening with 11J. Best wishes

  23. To Gemma Bennett
    Happy birthday for the 2nd December from all of us in Aylesbury. Hope you have a great day.
    Dave, Ina, Amelia and Felicity

  24. To Albertine Potter van Loon, Tango 6

    'Allo'Allo Moppie.
    Wij krijgen sterk de indruk dat de 'vakantie" een groot succes is en dat je het erg naar je zin moet hebben.
    Nog minder dan een maand te gaan en lekker thuis voor de kerst, dat moet een fijn gevoel geven.
    Hou je nog ff taai, geniet met volle teugen, we leven met je mee.
    Heel veel liefs vanuit het paradijs,
    Je ex, Ineke, Tizzum, Ginger, Benji en Patine

  25. for anna roberts ...

  26. A message for Charlotte Ali, tango 5. Hi there sis your looking really well from the blog and I can see that your on the final phase now the dreaded trek!!! anyway I hope the trek is not to painfull for you. It wont be long now until your home ready for christmas, time is going so quick. Everyone back home is well, kids are getting really wxcited now for christmas. Any way sis I am looking forward to seeing you and having a good catch up over a cuppa, where you can share all your stories. love for now, take care love from Leanne, Cris, Ryan, Kiaran and casey. xxxxxxx

  27. Echo 4- Matt Bell

    hello matt; mum and katie here, were really sorry to hear about Baker, presuming you've heard what happened from the office by now. Everyones really shocked and devastated by the news. Anthony called to let us know and he emailed the raliegh office to let you know. All of your mates have given the family lots of support and its clear he was big guy with a big heart who'll be missed. When we've heard more on the dates for the funeral we'll try to go on your behalf. So sorry you cant make it.

    Also, mum said have you decided about when your coming back because the longer you leave it the more expensive its going to be; more than happy for you to stay on, but dont want you to have to spend too much.

    miss you lotss, enjoy the rest of your trip, looking forward to seeing you and giving you a big huggg!

    love you lots xoxox

  28. The lack of rain there is starting to show, the pics of Fieldbase with the scorched grass looks like a dustbowl! Tim x

  29. Echo 3 - Meg Hounsome
    You look like you are have a good time. Looking forward to seeing you again.
    Wendy & Steve

  30. Gemma Bennett Charlie 1
    Firstly congratulations on passing your driving test first time around. Well done.
    Secondly Happy 18th birthday for 2nd December. I should be at an all nighter in London on your birthday so I will take the liberty of celebrating on your behalf.

    You should be really really proud of youself and what you've achieved. I hope you're having an amazing time.

    Take care of yourself and safe travels

    well done

    Dan Treece

  31. Emma, Mark & Chloe29 November 2011 at 03:55

    To Gemma Bennett - Charlie 1

    Hi Gem Looks like your having a great time, can't wait to hear all about it. Happy 18th Birthday for the 2nd December, can't believe little Gemma is 18, I can still remember you as a little girl.
    Chloe is walking properly now, she cant wait to chase you round.
    Hope you have a lovely birthday Gem & we'll see you when you get back.

    Lots of love

    Em, Mark & Chloe xxx

  32. Hee lieve Esmee,

    Hoe gaat het met je? Erg leuk om je toch ook op wat foto's te zien staan! Ik heb afgelopen zaterdag je moeder gesproken op het feest van Ford wat 125 jaar in beweging is. Ze vertelde allemaal leuke dingen over je, en ook al over je nieuw idee om in januari al weer te vertrekken haha! Ik vond het leuk om te horen dat je het naar je zin hebt en ik denk ook dat die eigenwijsheid toch echt een Augustijn trekje is haha! Hier in Nederland gaat het allemaal goed, ik heb vanaf 5 dec tentamen week en dan moet ik in 7 dagen even 13 tentamens er door heen knallen dus ik ben deze week hard aan het leren. Maar als die tentamen week erop zit heb ik lekker 3 weken lang vakantie en tegen die tijd ben jij ook al weer thuis. Tim heeft ook sinds kort een vriendin en rara hoe heet ze.. Esmee!! Haha. Ik ben heel blij om je straks met kerstmis weer te zien en al je avonturen aan te horen. Jij begint nu aan je laatste 2 weken alweer dus ik wens je nog heeeel veel plezier en succes toe en dan zien wij jou met Kerstmis, Heeel veel liefs van Pam, en natuurlijk ook van Edwin, Henriëtte, Tim en Patrick!

  33. To Gemma Bennett
    Happy Birthday for the 2nd. Hope your having a wonderful time.
    Everyone at college says hi.

  34. lizzie haywood Tango 6
    hope you enjoy the trek and survive it. We are all looking forward to 15th dec when you will be home. Enjoyed night out with everyone on Alex and Chloe birthday drinks. i am going to o2 today to se Rhianna should be good. PLEASE let us know your home flight details as we dont have them. looking forward to seeing you on 15th LOTS OF LOVE Mum and Dad x

  35. Anna Roberts (Echo 4)
    Hi Anna, Hope you're having an absolutely wonderful time looking after the turtles. Sleeping in a hammock on a beach must be your most amazing experience ever. It sounds like paradise, so make sure we have plenty of pictures for us to look at. Everyone here sends their love, in cluding 'Big Anna' who we visited while we were in Darlington. Stll not sold her house(which is stunning) but is considering packing up her good job and working in Cambodia with some friends! Problem is she seems a bit nervous about making the decision to just 'pack-up' and go....I told her if you had that oppurtunity you'd be off like a shot! Enjoy the rest of your project. Love you loads, Mum & Dad xxxxxxxxxx

  36. Stewart Pearce - Tango 6
    Hello my dear I hope you are well, I cannot believe you are going on a trek for your final phase!! I remember you wouldn't walk to spoons' from my house!!! I am a bit sad thinking about Xmas without you and we won't be doing all of our shopping together on Xmas eve!! I miss you very much it really is not the same without you here, I still expect you to be singing the breakfast song at me from the spare room! Me and Greg still sing it wen we think of you! Jubber Jubber!! I cannot wait until your back I will make you the biggest fry up breakfast you have ever seen!! I miss you lots and think about you every day!! Love you pear tree Vicki xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  37. Anna Roberts (Echo 4)
    Hi Anna, Hope your weather is better than here in the UK. We had quite a bit of frost last night. At this rate we'll have to bring your snowboarding suit when we collect you from Heathrow! Band has got lots of gigs running up to Xmas starting tomorrow playing outside M&S. Looking forward to hearing all about the Turtle Project, its the kind of thing you see on TV nature programs, you're very lucky to experience it in real life. Before you start thinging about it....no,you cant have a baby turtle living in your bath. Everybody keeps asking how you are getting on.
    Love Dad xxxx

  38. lizzie tango 5

    Heyy girl, i hope the treck isn't too hard for you as i know you wanted to do the other one, itll be so worth it when its all over, its so surreal thinking you's are all still there, everybody looks soooo tanned on the pictures. and ive noticed on one picture your using my water bottle that i left ahaha ! at least its getting put to good use. I hope your okay out there sterre told me about the D&V on your last project :P stay safe and ill speak to you when you get back, hope to hear from you soon, and im wandering if the birthday card from dan has arrived yet at fieldbase if you could ask? :)
    take careee and watch out for the leeches , love you lotssss roz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  39. sterre tango 6
    heyyyyy hope your treck goes okay, i saw that you didnt win the skit last time round ?! whats goinggggg onnnnn ? haha, stay safe out there and let me know how it went when you get on the internettttt :) p.s hope you dont get leeched too many timessss !
    love youuu and miss youuu
    roz xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  40. esmee tango 5
    heyyyyy hope your doing okay out there !!
    you all look very tanneddd, keep going its nearly over and you will be going to goa soon im very jelous!!
    stay safeeeee
    love you and miss youuu
    roz xxxxxxxxxx

  41. tita tango 5
    HEYYYYYYY, am "just chillin" in the UK, its sooo cold here ! hope your doing okay on the trek, i was confused when i saw that you and hannah are not in the same group ?! waaaaa? have an amazing time because its nearly overrr !!!
    stay safe !! love you and miss youuuu
    roz xxxxxxxxxxx

  42. shruti tango 5
    Hiii shruti hope you are doing okay !
    hope your enjoying the treck with lizzie !! look after her for meee :) have an amazing last few weeks :D
    roz xxxxxxxxxxx

  43. alex echo 3
    aaaaaa i see you are doing the digging again, but thats not a problem for you cos not gunna lie but you love it !!! if it gets hard remember to shout german phrases whilst hitting the mud as that always worked !!! hope you have an amazing last few weeks :D
    love youuu and miss youuu
    roz xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  44. stu tango 6
    heyyyy stuuu !! hope you have an amazing trek and last few weeks, bet your excited to start your travelling, get in touch when you can and take careee out there :)
    lots of love
    rozzzz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  45. To Maya Obstfeld in Echo 4 :
    Hi dear daughter -- it's truly feeling like forever since we've seen you -- especially since it seems that you've managed to keep yourself away from the photographer in the last few posts. I don't have a good image of what things are like in your current phase, but I'm imagining it as quite beautiful. At home, we are busy, busy as usual, tons of work, sigh. We took Haley to the Greenwich beach this weekend and let her run free on the sand. She was a mess, but a happy one. We went to Cormandel's for dinner and now I'm noticing where all the different dishes hail from -- I spy Tamil Nadu and get so excited. Although, you aren't actually in that area now, are you? Still warmish here -- still wearing sweat shirts and fall jackets, but winter will show up soon. O.K. --off to work. I love you and hope to see a photo with you in it soon! xxxxx mom