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Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Sunday 26 October 2008

Dynamic and Determined Alpha 3

With heavy packs and high spirits Alpha 3 began their trek at Top Station at 6279 ft and have been walking between 7 and 19km per day. The group have been climbing misty mountain slopes covered with tea plantations in warm humid and wet conditions.On the brighter dryer days Alpha 3 have been rewarded with amazing views as they walk through small villages and past roadside temples.

Alpha three have bonded so well they now call
themselves a family. They all sing along together and have a good laugh to help motivate each other through the tougher times of the trek and reportedly "I Will Survive" has become a favourite!

The group have had visitors from Field Base come out on a loop and after hellos and big hugs they enjoyed a rest day. The Loop Team brought a mini shop where the group could treat themselves to some fizzy drinks and chocolate, which was very well deserved!

On their rest day they group got to sleep in until 9:00 which was a right treat as their normal wake up is 4:30! This was a day when the group sat together and chatted, washed some clothes and wrote letters home.

In their own words Alpha Three are "all dirty, sweaty and smelly.
In pain, sore and blistered. But all doing well."

The group have enjoyed cooking over open fires and trangias and following a shopping trip they acquired a live chicken which was prepared by the iron stomached Richie! A big chicken stew was created and the group were delighted to have meat back in their diet!

The group ventured through leech infested areas and they would like to thank Project Manager Zoe and team member Karl for taking a leeching for the team!


  1. Hiyerr dickie, sounds like ya havin fun out ther :) it ses u prepared a chicken, u best not ov killed it tut tut not nice,, Lacey sed u best b wearin ya jesus sandals. Missin ya loadsa babe cant wait 2 see ya xxxxxxx Jemz

  2. Hi Rob
    Need you back here to change my clocks.
    good to see you doing ok
    Love Mum
    PS I guess by the time you are back home in the UK they will be right again!

  3. Hello my gorgeous lady Jayshree!! Was so excited reading the blog & lookin at the pics...bet you're having such an amazing time! I miss you more & more each day lady! Keep havin crazy dreams bout you too! haha. Keep thinking ohh ill call jaysh...nopeee! Got all my halloween costume together, will take loads of pics for u to see! Love you soooooo much, wish i could give ya a big squeeeeeze!

    Keep on having a brilliant time missus! Cant wait to have you back! :o) Love you! Jenna penna ;o) x x x

  4. Ha lieve guus-willem,
    wat fijn om je op een paar foto's te zien. zo te zien, een prachtige reis, lekker vies? ik probeer steeds een brief te schrijven, maar het lukt door de drukte van het opruimen bij de P-land en naar Arnhem niet helemaal. vandaag gaat die de bus in, hoop dat je hem krijgt als je terug komt van deze geweldige tocht. Ik kijk geregeld op deze site om een glimp van je te zien!!! Hier gaat het goed, wel wat saai zonder jou natuurlijk. daardoor ook wat geregelder leven!!! Lieve Gee, nog heel veel goede weken en contact via brieven en deze krabbels. Liefs van ons allemaal, kus, mamma

  5. Ha Guus!!!!
    Wat zal je trekking mooi zijn!! 't Is best zwaar, hè, maar gelukkig is er heel veel moois te zien!! Heb je al grote bloedvlekken van de leeches? Die kunnen groot zijn, hè! Ik ben heel erg benieuwd naar de dingen die je beleeft!! Slapen jullie in hangmatten? Geniet ervan daar in de ongerepte natuur te slapen en je te wassen in ijskoud stromend water en watervallen!!
    Heel veel liefs!!

  6. mum and dad meehan28 October 2008 at 20:29

    cara just a quick note we all ok here and its snowing! take care and enjoy yourself in the SUN! love from us all x

  7. Guus-Willem,
    Lees alle mooie verhalen. Volg het met veel belangstelling. Annalia zou zo weer terug willen. Geniet ervan!

  8. hee lieve GW
    hoe gaat het?
    is het leuk? was de trekking mooi?
    wat heb je mooie schoenen op die foto!

    veel liefs
    xxx Elsemieke!

  9. Lieve Guus-Willem,

    Je zult alle berichten die wij gedurende een paar dagen schrijven allemaal tegelijk lezen, dus lijkt alles hier zo'n beetje het zelfde te zijn. ga morgen (donderdag) weer naar arnhem en dan naar de P-land, kom zaterdagavond weer terug. krabbel dan weer hier iets op. ben benieuwd of jij nog tijd hebt te schrijven. heb je wel veel foto's gemaakt? doen hè!!!
    veel muggen gezien, of ander ongedierte? nog een hele goede, machtige tijd !!! kus mamma/pappa

  10. Hoi Arend,

    Vandaag hebben we je brief van 22 oktober ontvangen. Heel fijn om iets van je te horen in zo'n mooie, lange en goed geschreven brief! We zijn er erg blij mee. Ik volg de weblog dagelijks. Jammer dat we je geen boterhammen met kaas mogen opsturen. We missen je. Trouwens, heb jij nog de brief van Remmert ontvangen die hij vanuit Londen naar je heeft gestuurd?

    Veel liefs, Ton

  11. Hi Jays Hope your doing well.
    Weve seen Jena message to you.
    Hope you enjoyed Diwali in India I bet its much better there we've seen your pictures on the raleigh site.
    Everyone in Leeds is fine.
    Nilam flies off to Barcelona today until Monday I got some time off from work.
    Dad did try a message earlier but I dont think it worked so I hope you get this message. We got your letter.

    Well take care & let us know how you get on
    Love Dipika x

  12. Hi Joanna

    Have been checking regularly what you and C are up too. Hope you survived the treck. Looking forward to hear about it. Maybe you can email or phone when back at base camp.
    Have fun on the next phase.
    Take care. Lots of love

  13. Hi Richard this is my second attempt! Cant believe you 'prepared' that chicken, nothing you wont do for food is there ! ha ha. Andrew is so jealous ! Well done son take care love mum & mark x

  14. Hi Jayshree

    Mum and dad say Happy Diwali & a prosperous new year they miss you. I am glad my letter got posted to you I did it on Thursday nite. I am writing this on behave off mum & dad Ive just shown mum the photos and the tree plantation is looks really nice out there I should be there too as I did eco tourism at Leeds Met. Your so lucky to get to see it all:-)
    There just watchig something Indian now I hope you get used to all the puris. It halloween today waiting for all the kids to knock on the door
    Well speak to you later lol xx

  15. Hi Richard
    Seen your pics you look fabulous !
    Glad your enjoying yourself
    Lots of Love Nana Marge & Grandad Ernie xx

  16. Hey jojo,
    Hope your having an awesome time out there. Been looking at the blog and pics, sounds like your always on the go. Hope their feeding you enough and your coping wiht eating the same stuff all the time. Nothing new to report here. Take care, Soph x x

  17. lieve guus-willem,
    ik ben weer terug uit de P-land. Ga dat iedere week doen.
    kijk weer op de site, maar je bent nog steeds in den india-lande.
    heb je al e.e.a. opgeschreven?
    wat zul je veel gezien hebben. hier zijn alle bladeren al bijna van de bomen. is er daar ook regenseizoen?
    verheug me op enig levensteken van je. kus, mamma

  18. Hi Jays
    We cant see any letters from you on this blog (Dad is also asking) & we want to see more pictures of you & your group so please let Raliegh know.
    No kiddies came this year for trick or treat so more chocolate peanuts for me ill save u some too. I think mum was dissapointed that they did not come! We had everyone around for Diwali here. I see by the site you had a good time celebrating Diwali in India have u seen any elephants yet? Its Sunday afternoon & raining here in Leeds. It will be bonfire here soon. Oh Jyoti is moving again still Notts. Mum's at work will be finishing soon.
    Well what else hmm cant think well Ill go for now.
    Take care.
    Dipika xx