Welcome to the official blog for Raleigh India 12I | July - August 2012

Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Tuesday 24 January 2012

Please allow us to introduce ourselves...

Namaskaara to our blog about Raleigh India 12 C expedition! For the next three exciting months this page will serve as your one stop shop for all the news and updates from our project sites, treks and from fieldbase. We hope that our little stories, pictures and videos will give you a better impression on what life on expedition - and life in India - is like.

As you may know, though: communication is a not a one way street, so we are hoping for your very active participation! Don’t be shy to forward any comments or questions you may have to us.

The blog is also a tool to keep in touch with your beloved ones while they are being “out there” in rural communities, natural reserves and on trek and, thus, cut off from the amenities of modern communication. Here is how it works:
  • Any comments posted by family and friends will be printed out and taken to the respective volunteers on the project sites. Please make sure you indicate name of volunteer and name of project in your correspondence.
  • We will also put messages from the volunteers to their family and friends on the blog.
  • This said, we kindly ask you to keep in mind that this is a public blog. More personal messages can be posted via letter or email, which we will deliver personally.

Any questions? Let me know! My name is Christiane Schwausch and I will be writing and managing this blog. I am not an English native speaker so please bear with me :o)

We are looking forward to a lively exchange of lovely messages!


  1. Hey Christine
    love the new blog - looking forward to seeing you all out there v soon!
    x amanda

  2. Hi Jenna,

    Take it you arrived in one piece. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Weather has turned very cold over here... expecting sth like minus 16 on Thursday in the Pyrenees so don't think we'll be going skiing next WE, rather too cold for us ! Went skiing this WE. Have never seen so much fresh powdery snow. It was such a pleasure to fall in it, ha ha !

    Off to fetch our new pup on Sat; a golden retriever. Will try not to pick one quite as wild as your mum’s dog...

    Expect you are enjoying discovering India and all its magic. Can’t wait to see some of your pics.
    Been to quite a few countries in Europe and Africa but have never been to India. Might be an idea for you to start your own blog, a bit like a diary so that we can visit India with you... but expect you are very busy already... well, if u get a chance ...

    Take real good care XxX

    Annick & Phil and Sophie

  3. Abz Smith
    Well you got there! Everyones eating humble pie. We all hope you have the time of your life. We are missing you and cant wait to hear from you.
    Love from the gang in Ossy

  4. Katherine!
    i have obviously, been stalking you and looks like you're guna have an amaaazing 4 months!! also, seems like our d of e skills are coming in handy, who would have thought.. just make sure you dont fall into a neck high river/ find any slugs on your boots or anything :P
    lots and lots and lotsss of love, miss you enourmously and be safe!! stells :) (beer bottle) x x x