Welcome to the official blog for Raleigh India 12I | July - August 2012

Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Sunday 25 September 2011

Our Project Managers have arrived!

The Project Managers (PMs) have arrived and Fieldbase has suddenly doubled in size. The beds are filling up, shower queues are forming and it’s ‘elbows in’ at the dinner table!

So...introducing the PMs!
Spot the difference! Andy, Hannah, Anthony, Helen, Kath, Jon, Sarah, Sian, Clare, Charlie, Lou, Hannah, Rachel, Jonny, Maggie, Adam, Ed, Tim and Sally.

Hannah, Anthony and I successfully picked up the PMs from Bangalore airport at 4.30am this morning and we got everyone on a bus headed for Fieldbase. After the obligatory chai and breakfast stop for dosa, a rice pancake filled with curried potato, we arrived at Fieldbase to be greeted by a traditional welcoming ceremony from Deepack and Mangalore.

A well deserved breakfast

 A traditional welcome with Jasmine flower garlands

Next stop was up to the roof for a welcome from country director Mark, followed by a quick overview of the day by Helen and of course some Raleigh name games!

After we had all formally introduced ourselves through the medium of animals, adjectives and a little dance (boy have we got a treat in store for our venturers!) it was time for lunch and our PMs to have their first taste of the delicious Indian food that we’ve been enjoying over the past week.

They were then given a tour of Fieldbase and a chance to get their heads around their new home. After an afternoon of admin and an introduction to their roles, they were treated to yet another yummy selection of curries and finally allowed to go to bed for a good sleep in preparation for the busy week ahead.

Tomorrow marks the start of an intensive two weeks of training to make sure we’re 100% prepared for when the venturers arrive. We’ll be learning how to fend for ourselves on project sites, going on a trek and all the PMs will find out where their projects will be. They’ll also be getting the chance to go and visit their project sites for a recce and meet the project partners. In between joining in on the training I’ll be updating the blog with what everyone’s been up to and most importantly what projects they’ll all be going on so watch this space!

In other news, it would seem that while Hannah and I were away picking up the rest of the team one of the Fieldbase cats decided to have kittens in our tent! Luckily Lou and Sally were on hand to rescue them and play mum so we’re slowly adding to our Fieldbase pet collection – next stop a cow and maybe a friend for Julia!  


  1. Hi this is a message for Charlotte Ali, aww lovely to see you settling into the fieldbase and enjoying a well deserved curry,lovely pics, keep them coming, ps casey said she didnt say good bye on saturday as she was shy! lol any way take care for now speak soon. xxxxxx

  2. Judith and Alex Davidson26 September 2011 at 01:57

    FAO: Clare Davidson. Glad to see that you have arrived and we must say you look well. Excellent communication from the 'Blog keeper'. Love Mum & Dad xx

  3. Elaine and Glyn Jones26 September 2011 at 12:17

    FAO: Sian. Good to see you there. Hope you enjoy the training and we will keep up with things via the blog. Love from all at Greenway. xx

  4. Nice to see your mug in there Jon, though they have spelt your name as "John".

    Have a great time.

    Aaron :-)

  5. Hi a message for Charlotte Ali, glad to see you have arrived safe and well.I showed the boys the pics of you enjoying you first morning at fieldbase.Look forward to seeing lots more pics :) lots of love jenny and the boys xxxxx

  6. Hi Lee glad you are finaly there, hope all is okay enjoy yourself try and get a tan !!!Denise said they might still see you out there in dec,we will keep a look out for you on the next blogslove you mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx