Welcome to the official blog for Raleigh India 12I | July - August 2012

Welcome to the Official Blog for Raleigh India 12J September - December 2012.

Monday 14 February 2011

When the going gets tough, the tough get trekking

Happy Valentine's day to all you blog readers, we've been sending out big love to all the teams from field base this morning and also passing on all your messages of loveliness. We've heard back about weddings in Charlie 1 and a special Valentines dinner taking place in Charlie 2 so we'll update you more on that when we have it.

But now, drum roll please... here's the long awaited update on Tango 5 from our very own Kathryn who's now back, washed and trying to edit the six hundred and something photos she took of the group...

If tea is the new coffee then Tango 5 are the new ‘it’ crowd. It’s hard to say exactly how many hundreds of thousands of acres Kerala’s tea plantations sprawl but we do know this much: India is the world’s largest tea-drinking nation, is one of the largest producers of tea in the world and the state of Kerala is home to the world’s highest organic tea plantation! 

In the first week alone Tango 5 embarked on a journey through some of the lushest tealeaf this side of an afternoon at The Ritz. They covered over 50km by way of hiking boots, rucksacks, water bladders and a few token walking poles; not to mention three handmade rafts made from bamboo, car inner-tubes and coconut rope. And if this isn’t enough to turn you into a trekking junkie, day two saw them conquer the second-highest peak in southern India, Meesapulimala - over 2600 meters - which is pretty much twice the height of Ben Nevis in the UK. 

Day 1

Day 1 dinner.
L-R - Hugh, Ros (PM), Alice, Richard, Ellie, Sophie, Gen, Georgi, Emily, Paz, James, Laura.

Naomi carrying off the pack-horse look pretty well.

Day 2 - taking a well deserved break at the top of the second highest peak in Southern India - Meesapulimala
L-R - Martyn, Ellie and Guy.

Day 2 - walking back down from the peak.

Day 3 was all about survival with a bare patch of land, albeit with views to die for, bamboo poles, woven coconut fronds and a few essential tools provided for good measure. The venturers and project managers didn’t hold back in putting their muscles of initiative to use as they constructed a sleeping shelter, cooked on the camp fire a chicken and vegetarian curry fit for a king and built a long-drop loo with-a-view.
Day 3
Pandy and Gen starting to build the shelter.

Richard and Sophie make a start on lunch.

The shelter coming along nicely 

Hugh serves up lunch of fresh vegetable soup which was amazing!

James, Martyn and Emily get started on the loo with view.

The survival camp on the side of a mountain. A bare patch of rock with a view to die for...

Ros and Sophie making chapati for breakfast at 4am.

Morning exercises before trek courtesy of Richard.

Day 4 and 5 was an epic 48 hours to say the least. Inclusive of raft-building, a rare downfall of ‘dry season’ rain, which didn't help anyone’s clothes washing and drying efforts, an early morning 2km rafting trip (how does a 3:45am wake-up sound?) and a 17km trek through some of the most stunning tea and cardamom plantations in the Western Ghats.

Bath time trek style.
L-R - Alice, Naomi, Guy, Laura and James.

One of the three completed rafts and the waterproofs are out!

Gen and Ros working on the raft in the rain.
Part of the 17km trek through the stunning tea plantations.


Richard, Ros and Martyn in a cardamom plantation.

Taking a break in the cardamom plantation.

Homeward bound to that night's camp.

 After such a challenging couple of days, Tango 5 relished in their rest day but of course there is no real rest for the wicked.  The group got underway filming for the expedition music video, creating designs for the expedition t-shirt, playing some energizer games and finally got to dry out their very damp and somewhat smelly clothes.

Sophie and Richard cleaning up after breakfast.

Finally time for some games.

On day 7 at the crack of dawn they did rise, and embraced another moderate trek passing chai (tea) stalls, another two steep and lofty peaks carpeted with lemon grass, elephant grass and even elephant poo, but alas, no sign of the gentle grey giants themselves. As the clock was nearing 3pm and Tango’s own ‘it’ crowd arrived into camp at Chaturangappara, low and behold…a snake was basking in the winter sun amongst the cardamom. Did we mention that winter in this part of the world climbs to 30 odd degrees Celsius?

We're not lost, honest...

The view from the chai stall.

Obstacles aplenty as Andy emerges from under a tree.

Another day, another peak.

On the Western Ghats looking out over Tamil Nadu with Kerala behind us.

Tick check time with Laura and Richard. All clear apparently.

On that note I shall leave you with this motto: It’s not the destination but the journey! This is Kathryn, official Tango 5 reporter and paparazzi signing off…

Thank you Kathryn and so nice to have you home! 

And here's the messages they sent for you guys back home...

From Andy Jehring
To – Mum, Dad and Willy
Thank you very much for the messages, they help a lot out here! Also, happy 21st to Will! There’s a rumour of a chill, out here that sends you into a cardiac arrest so I think your birthday present is sorted. I hope all is well at home, even if you don’t have 30degree heat surrounded by beautiful mountains and awesome wildlife... Trevor and the judge arrived today, so many thanks as it’s much appreciated. I haven’t been able to get a phone out here and so this is the only real way to communicate with people so if Will could pop Serena, Tim and Ryan a link to the blog via a Facebook message that would be great as I haven’t had contact with them since leaving and with 8 weeks to go it’s a daunting prospect. Anyway I need to wash and photograph the new group mascot, Trevor!
Much love

From – Georgi Tandy
Hi Mum, Dad and James
Hope you’re all ok. Thanks for the last blog dad it was amazing to have some kind of connection to you. I’ve sent you both letters but I don’t know when they’re going to arrive but they’ve been sent! I’m on the trek part in Tango 5. It’s seriously difficult mentally and physically I’m finding it so tough. I’m going to stick it out even though I’m missing home so much. We’ve already climbed the second highest peak in Southern India which is pretty cool and I never realised how many mountains India has! Anyway, I’ll write you all another letter when I get back to field base in two weeks.
Lots of love
Georgi x x x x x

From Georgi Tandy
To – Rupert
Hey Rupert! I just got your letter, it made me smile. Only you would write a drunk letter, I suppose it makes a change from drunken texts. Am eating curry right now by the way
J. Hope you’re to have a good time in Camden by the wya, it is still the best place ever!
Missing you
Georgi x x x

From Ros Crocker
To – all
 Hi all, nearly cracked first of three week trek, it’s been emotional! There’s been pirate rafting race, hiking through breathtaking scenery, lots of tea and cardamom plantations, loading up on chai and as much cake as I can physically fit in my body (no chance of losing weight!). Lots of tears, smiles, games and sweat – I’m dirtier than I’ve ever been in my life but best of all we have a brilliant team. Still a long way to go, two more weeks of hardcore trekking, team building and working on the farmer’s tan. Hope all’s well with everyone back in the big smoke.
Love to all
Ros x x x

From Ros Crocker
To - Mum and Dad
In addition to the above note my lovely sleeping bag liner seems to have gone walkabout. Any chance you could get me another one and post it out here? Let me know if you need anymore details about it.
Love Ros x

From - Martyn Parry
To Mum and Dad, Thanks for the messages, all is well, see you soon. Love Martyn xx (Parry)
From - Martyn Parry

To - Scott
To Scott, Thanks for the message, tell the family I said Hi. See you when I’m back. 

From - Guy Scott
To Mum and Dad, Thank you very much for your messages, they made my day! Just writing to say hi and that I am having an amazing time trekking down in Kerala. The scenery here is beautiful and I’ll give you a call when I’m back at field base in a few weeks.
Lots of love

From - Emily Hodge
To – Lorne and Harriet
I was so happy to get your essay of r a blog message (seeing as Mum and Tim have left me nothing – yes I hope you read this mum). Laughing so much about your working life and can’t wait for the Indian wedding! Hope rock jumping is all going well and you are behaving. Won’t tell you too much about what’s happening here as sure the blog is telling you. Had such highs and serious lows, It’s harder than I ever imagined on trek. Yesterday we woke up at 3:45 and were still walking in the dark last night to get to camp but having a rest day today. Everyone in the group is amazing and feels like we’ve known each other for months not days. Feet are getting nice and blistered but power house is trying to cope. Defo no cows munching clothes haha!
Love you so much
Emily x x x x

From Emily Hodge
To – Mum, Tim and Lou
Hope everything back home is good. Not sure if you’ve been reading the blog but if you have nice to know you have left me a message! Feels like I’ve been away for months and missing you so much. Trekking is so hard but everyone in group is lovely. Feel free to write to me and let me know what’s happening.
I love you all
Emily x x x x

From - Ellie Gale
To – Mum and Tom
Hello! Well here I am on trek in Kerala with the best team in the world Tango 5! We have made camp everyday trekking through the most beautiful, lush scenery and the tea plantations are staggering! Yesterday I led the team on a 2.5 hour raft down the river (and didn’t sink!) and a 17km trek through cardamom plantations and mountain top villages. It was super hard in the humidity but loads of fun!!! We had pirate face paint on which was melted all over our t-shirts when we woke up all sore and stinky. But I’ve made lot of friends and the sun has got it’s hat on! Can’t wait to get back to Mysore so I can call you both and hear all your news. Pink hair?!!!
I love you, I love you, I love you.
Your hot, happy and stinky Ellie x x x x

From Richard Smith
To- Mum
Dear Mum, (Anna Smith)
I’m doing fine a tad run down, as I’m on my 18 day trek. Climbed the second highest mountain in South India. Eating loads of curry and enjoying India – 50 pence for a packet of fags. Can you please pass the blog site on to my friends and in facebook.
Love Richard x

From - Laura Oakley
To Mum, Dad, Paula, rest of family and Callum,
Thank you all for your messages! Trek is really hard and exhausting, but I’m doing fine. If you could see me know you wouldn’t recognise me! India is beautiful and my group is awesome. Missing you all though. Hope someone’s found Gary! And Callum, try and get your home address to me as I only have your French one (which unfortunately I’ve already sent stuff to). With regards to your job I think you’ve made the right choice. No squirrels yet! All my love, Laura xx (Oakley)

From - James Hollins
To-  Suzie (Hollins), Ian, Sarah and Tom,
At this moment in time I am on the adventure phase in Tango 5 trekking in South Kerala, the scenery is amazing, I have taken lots of pictures to show you all when I get back. I saw some monkeys the other day climbing on our bus J. The weather over here is amazing, but very hot and quite humid, but it did rain yesterday. I am having a really good time and liking reading the blog messages that you sent me, so keep them up. I sent you Mum a postcard the other day but I don’t know whether it has arrived yet. Sorry for the minimum communication, but it is so hard to communicate at the moment. I hope everything is going well for you all.
Lots of Love James xxxx

And we've also had some other messages come in from the other groups also...

From Echo 4

From - Lauren Bell
To - Ali Welchman
Happy Vanentine's day and happy birthday for tomorrow. Miss you and thinking of you.
Love Lauren x

From - Dan O'Flynn
To - Mum
To Ma, Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a lovely day! x

From Dan O'Flynn
To - Letts
Dearest Lettuce - Happy Valentines day, miss you lots and thinking of you. Wish you were here. Maoam.
Love Dan x x x

From Echo 3

From - James Bell
To - Rachel and Family
Hi everyone! I'm not sure when I will be able to write to you all next, so thought I would give you an update on what we're up to. Yesterday, half of our group took some time off from digging and took part in the creation of a treasure hunt for the other half of the group (which they'll do on Sunday) and it was very fun and exciting to have some time out of camp! I'm yet to see any elephants but they are near as we have seen lots of tracks. I'm also well and am getting a great tan when working so it's keeping us all going. I' hope you are all well and I've sent a post card to you Rachel so I hope it arrives to you soon. Keep me posted with the happenings from home.
Lots of love
James x x x

From - Ellie Burton
To - Tom Smith
Oh hai! Hope you're ok. Too much to say here so have written you an epic letter. Hopefully it will reach you before I get back to blighty! Just to let you know I'm ok, enjoying incredibly hot weather, work and swimming in the day - campfires and stargazing at night.
Write soon :)

From Ellie Burton
To - Mum
Namaskara! As you've seen I arrived safely here in India (I'll save the tales from my flight for another time!). Have built my own 'basha' bed out of bamboo and tarpaulin which is proving surprisingly sturdy (for something made by me!). Just about getting into the swing of the 6am starts and sweltering heat. Staying in a very remote area next to a huge lake which we all cool down in after digging (haven't bumped into any crocodiles or leeches yet!). No elephant sightings to report (saw some poos though) but have been getting involved with plenty of artistic creations, bumpy bus journeys and infectious head wobbling in the meantime. Went to a magnificent house warming party where food was served n a banana leaf and all us girls got henna tattoo's. Gave English lessons at the local school yesterday which was fun but exhausting! Hope all is well in the Shire?
Thanks for your messages
x x x x

From - Ellie Burton
To - Mai & the crew
Hello fair maiden of the Shire! Wow, yes, I am in India! The insane heat and presence of creepy crawlies act as constant reminders! Haven't done much tent sleeping yet, instead I'm out under the stars in a self made basha (it's like a hammock with bamboo support) and it's actually holding out much better than our ill-fated Wakestock creation! Have made a fair few curried dishes, getting used to chlorinated water and am snacking on a record number of 'Parle-G' biscuits!. Your camera and I have sadly broken up after a turbulent relationship... it just wasn't working! :( Going to look for a new one whilst I'm out here. Anyway write back soon and I'll try keep you updated!
Octydal love x x x

From - Chris McCann
To - Mum and brothers
Hi everyone, how are you? Well I'm good anyway am having a great time, am loving it so that's good. Martin's in college in that tel him to keep up the good work and tell Paul he better be keeping out of trouble in that. Well Mum, am gonny go the noow but if anything changes with anything just let me know and I'll fone ye anyway. Am gonny go the noo. Love use and write back.
Love Chris x x x

From Emily Howell
To studio house & Co

Hi dudes! Finally had a bit more time today to write to you properly – thanks for the message, glad to hear Alex is putting his head torch to good use…head torches and wet wipes are probably the most incredible investment ever made. Been staying by a lake digging elephant trenches for the last week after trek training at the very start. It’s BOILING in the day and freezing at night – 6am is a lie-in for me now and bedtime is 10pm…I have the most disgusting biceps already. I’m going to come back looking seriously manly. Sleeping in a homemade basha which is awesome (google it) and the toilets are how I’d imagine them to be – we dug our own and have toilet paper (yes!) at camp but public toilets involve an enamel hole and a tap. Basically there’s a reason why you’re not supposed to eat with your left hand. Yum?!! Seen an elephant bone, poo and footprints but no actual ones yet; I’ll let you know when I’ve jumped on the back of one – with me riding proudly, head torch on and my mosquito net tied round my head in a bridal fashion. So much more to tell you but don’t know where to start!  Am writing it all down though so you’ll get all the gory details later.  
Love you all! (Except Toby. My brain rots when I think of you). Xxx

From Emily Howell
To mum, dad, Charlie, Stan
Hi all!  Taking this opportunity to write to you once more before the blog book leaves camp and there’s no more communication for a while. Trench digging is going well but it’s very hot and hard work – luckily we have the lake to cool off every day!  We have a very sweet old man who comes from the village every night to watch for elephants in case they trample us but so far he’s just slept on the ground…maybe he can smell them coming? Am really enjoying life in the ‘wild’ yet we've still had chicken and fish for dinner. We’re in quite a remote area but have already done some fantastic things inc. teaching at the local school and being invited to a proper Indian housewarming party so having an amazing time! Anyway, these trenches won’t dig themselves so I’ll leave it there, miss you all, hope it’s not too cold in Winch! (It’s 9am here and boiling). 
P.s. you’ll be interested to know that 6am is now a lie in for me! 

From Charlie 2

From Sunil Mistry 
To Mum and Dad, Lofty Nilz
Hey guys, having a lot of fun out here, making good progress on the toilets and generally enjoying the sun! The children are good fun but think I’m a local! :S Really missing home cooking already but we are working on getting some fish and chicken! Gonna go for a swim now, CYA!

From Nic Richards
To Mum and Dad
Hi guys, having a great time out here, although quite tough at times. The masons we are building toilets with are a good laugh although all we really say to each other is Nero! and Cemento. Thanks for the update, it would be great to receive more football results via the blog, something to look forward to. I’m sending a card but could take a while to come. Good to hear all is well
love Nic x 
P.S Can you include the united scores.

From Lucy Curzon
To Elizabeth Howe and Flora Curzon
I don’t know if you’ve been looking at the blog but I hope so! Just to let you know I received your letters today-thanks SO much!  Such a lovely surprise.  Great to hear your news. It is absolutely incredible here - we even taught a music lesson yesterday which was so fun - we've got a guitar at the mo so lots of singing. The loos are coming on well but it’s pretty hot work! Have been running in the mornings too and the scenery is wonderful. SO much love to all at home, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Emma! 
xx Lucy xx

From Sophie Lether
To Parents/Juliette
Salut tout le monde! Je voujais juste tout die bonjour. Je suis maintenent bien bonze et entrais de lire. A passage to India! Genial! Je vous parlerais une foir rentee a Fieldbase dans genre 10/15 jous pour discenter un peux de ce qui ce passeraisi jes reste en Inde. Auni est que juju peut dire a Butler (mon amiee) Qui l y a un blog Raleigh, comme ca je peux leur die bonjour etc….Curos gros gros bisous, Soso xx P.S Mama, tu peux m’envoyer par poste des tampax, non-compact (pas plastic) couleur orange! Merci! ASAP

From Sophie Lethier 
Hey lovelies, hope juju has shown you the way to this place.  Otherwise this little message will sadly remain unread.   Anyway, would love to hear news and updates from y’all and if you feel like spreading the word that one can contact me in this way it would be fab.  
Love you all, hope all is good.  
PS How is my ucas baby?  I don’t want to know about rejections...  seriously bummout!


  1. To Wieger van Rinkhuyzen, Echo 4

    Lieve Wieger,
    Happy Valentine's Day! We zagen weer geweldige update van een trekking group, kijken steeds uit naar de berichten. Hou je taai! Veel liefs van ons drietjes

  2. James Bell - Echo 3

    Happy Valentines Day James - i was going to ask you whether you could fly home for the day so we can spend it together but i reckon that would have been asking for too much! ha just joking anyway :) i hope you have a fun and rewarding day!

    Can't wait to receive your postcard! Just wondering whether you got my letter yet! Can't wait for your reply either - hint hint!

    I saw Mike Maddison at the union last wednesday and he says hi and hope you're doing well! Also saw James Grosser when i was working on Saturday and he says that he's got you him and Matt tickets to see the Arctic Monkeys on 10th June which im sure you'll love!

    Keep me updated!! lots of love xxxxx

  3. To Laura Oakley:

    Hey, sorry to have not been in touch! I wrote you a letter but can't find it. Will do it again now back in England. Might be back out to France soon, bar offered me work there which would be way better. Pictures look amazing! Hope you're having a wicked time. Aldershot is boring, not even been here less than 24 hours, but off to the rec tomo night to see the Shots! Finally winning matches now we have a new manager! Right, guna go buy some stamps. Miss you, Cal xx

  4. To Sam Ummat, Tango 6

    Happy Valentines day Sam!!! remember to open your card with you! i hope you have a wonderful day :) Thank you so much for the flowers their beautiful!! the lady delievering them came to my actual bedroom door and banged on the door, i was still in bed in my pjamas, haha thought it was the cleaner lol !! 10 days till your done now :D i hope its all still going really well, missing you lots !!! love Joanna xxxxxx

  5. To Florine Boer - Charlie 2

    Heey Floo!
    De installatieweek staat op het punt om te beginnen. Nog even stressen voordat we falen op het podium voor de leden:P
    Hoe is het bij jou? Heb je al veel toiletten afgebouwd?
    Ik zag dat je vanavond een lekker uitgebreid dinertje hebt met je groep. Chill wel, eindelijk geen curry!
    Wij gaan de komende vier dagen maximaal frites eten bij Karin op de kroeg.

    Ik ga nog ff wat klussen voor vanavond!
    Ik denk aan je. Kus Mat

  6. To James Hollins, Tango 5.
    Hi Jimmy! Nice to see you finally! You actually look vaguely tanned at least on your neck and arms in the photo where you're a bit nakey! Shocking I'm surprised that everyone wasn't sick, ho ho.
    It does look pretty amazing views and weather but I can imagine that you're knackered and probably quite smelly (are you getting a chance to moisturise?..you'll be getting wrinkles). Also not too jealous of the tick checks!
    Currently its 7 degrees, and I'm sat by a radiator, so I think that's a fair representation of the Indian weather, ha. Hope you're not too achey from all that trekking, lots more to come yet!
    Send me a postcard when you get chance. And I expect a message just to me as well next time you are able to. Thanks. Lots and lots of love Sarah (and probably demi-god, but he's busy pooning some noobs on wow) xxxx

  7. To Sophie Lethier Charlie 2
    Salut mon amour!
    Quel bonheur de lire tes messages et de suivre ce que tu fais avec ton groupe. Tu as l'air si heureuse sur les photos, cela nous fait un plaisir fou!!!
    Je n'ai pas posté de messages avant car je n'avais pas saisi que vous auriez les messages aussi régulièrement, shame on me, if I had knwon I would have written to you every day!!!
    On a seulement deux réponses pour les Universités pour le moment. Tu es prise à Birmingham et Warwick!!! C'est très très bien!!!
    Bravo my love!!! C'est Maya qui suit tout cela pour toi et qui nous a téléphoné. Elle t'a écrit. Dès que l'on sait pour les autres Uni on poste un mot sur le blog. Ton papa et moi pensons que tu devrais rester en Asie si S and T ne sont pas trop déçues par ton absence, il faut bien leur expliquer ce qui donne envie de continuer ce séjour.
    Tu nous manques beaucoup, on pense à toi tout le temps et on est très heureux d'avoir de tes nouvelles. Ici tout va très très bien. On a vu les profs de Juliette qui sont hypers contents d'elle, elle travaille très très bien. Là elle est en vacances et elle se repose. Elle dort encore donc elle t'écrira plus tard.
    Je bosse bcp sur l'histoire de la famille, c'est de mieux en mieux et Dad est concentré sur des lectures qu'il donne bientôt. PatMan sont en pleine forme, ils vont reporter leur voyage en Egypte à cause des évènements récents là-bas. Les Lutreau vont tous très bien. Les dogs aussi. Bon, je t'écris bientôt. Juste aussi il faut que tu saches que comme c'est un blog tout ce que tu dis peut-être lu par tout le monde. Je t'envoie le paquet de t.... et je dis à tout le monde de t'écrire.
    Je t'aime de tout mon coeur et je te serre dans mes bras. Mam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. To Sophie LETHIER Charlie 2
    Joyeuse St Valentin!!!! Milliars de bisous.
    On t'aime très fort!
    M and D + Juju + Topie and Pirou

  9. To Sophie Lethier Charlie 2
    Merci beaucoup ma chérie pour toutes les bonnes nouvelles que tu nous donnes. Bien sûr, organise tes prochaines semaines commme il te semblera bon. Pense à bien expliquer tes décisions à tes deux vieilles amies, pour ne pas les froisser.
    Nous pensons à toi en permanence. Je t'embrasse de tout mon coeur. Dad

  10. To the person in charge of the blog
    Thank you so so much for all the pictures and comments, it is extremely nice to read you and to look at the many pictures!! Please let us know if it would be easier for you if we were to write in English to our daughter Sophie.
    With best wishes,
    Sophie Lethier's parents

  11. when will we hear about charlie 1

  12. Georgi Tandy (tango 5)
    haha well ok i do not remember writing that drunken letter just to say in my defence....
    and sorry but are defo way better parts of london than camden.
    also jaffa cakes are amazing and hope you have fun with the rest of your trek while i am very lazy and have all of next week off bar monday cos of a field trip so cant go skiing just cos of that =(.anyways happy the 14th then... is wierd being in england on the 14th.
    and miss you too

  13. To Sophie Lethier Charlie 2

    Ma Soso d'amour que j'aime, je trouve ce que tu fais tellement fantastique et je t'envie car ta maman et moi quand nous étions jeunes n'avons pas eu cette chance (ça ne se faisait pas à notre époque)!!! Nous arrivons à Londres vendredi soir et sommes tous très tristes de ne pas te voir mais on reviendra quand tu seras là... Si tu ne restes pas trop longtemps. Ici tout va bien, Margot est en vacances depuis quelques jours donc elle se fait des grasses matinées, Vic est toujours en cours jusqu'à vendredi ainsi que Charles... La nounette va donc vite retourner chez Patou Manou pendant que nous allons faire du shopping à London... Voilà les news, eclate toi bien ma Soso, je t'aime de tout mon coeur et je te serre fort dans mes petits bras. Tu me manques!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marraine Soisic

  14. to sophie lethier charlie 2 :
    We have read your message to Parents. Happy to
    know all is ok for you; Mam said us you have
    already 2 good answers from universities;we are
    happy for you. You seem happy to stay in India
    perhaps 2 weeks more.For us, your trip in Egypt
    is probably impossible and others destinations
    are full up or too expensive.
    Here all is ok; Love xxxxxx PATMAT

  15. Katy Star Stocker Echo 3

    Happy valentine's day

    <3 LOVE YOU <3


  16. hya Sean C,
    how are you going, hope you are having a great time by the look of the photos you are,we keep looking at the blog site to see if it's your group or not.
    lots of love from mum, dad and Colleen :) xx

  17. Sam Ummat tango 6
    It was really great to see what tango 5 another trekkking group have been up to ...I cant wait to see exactly what you have been doing ! Hopefully no update does not mean that you are all lost !!
    Ben ran the Wokingham half yesterday and your record has fallen ! 1 hour and 56 mins in the pouring rain ....he was soaking and very cold as only around 7 C here yesterday . Nevermind he is now on track for London. Hopefully you have enjoyed your adventure , at least you are warm! .... Alice starts her mock AS exams tomorrow...so I will wish her good luck from you in your absence . She has a few exams this week then it is half term .....
    So keep safe , missing you loads
    Mum xxx

  18. To Laura Oakley 11A and Tango 5

    Message from Margaret Cross via Paula......

    "Paula I can't work out how to send Laura a message so next time you send one please give her our very best wishes. What an achievement!! I'm exhaused just reading about it. I would have had a heart attack upon seeing the snake - I couldn't look at any of the views for fear of stepping on a snake - she is one very brave and gutsy young lady!"

  19. To Andrew Jehring Tango 5: Just to let you know that we've been following your progress! It is very difficult to recognise you sometimes! Andy emerging from under a tree sounds like you. The trek pics look amazing especially the camp on the top. There is much envy in the Tatlow household. Steve and Dave are playing table tennis tonight. I have been planning lessons(boring) and Helen is trying to decide on her A levels she has 5 she wants to do and can't drop any as she likes them all. Any advice from a veteran? From the Tatlows xxxx

  20. To Genevieve

    Hello honey. I wonder do these messages get to you? Had a look at the pictures for your treking and looks like there were some amazing views. I can't quite work out what the shelter on top of the mountain was for but looked good. Great to see that the wet weather kit is getting some using ha ha.

    hope your tummy is all fine and dandy now.

    kisses my love

    Dad xxx

  21. To Andrew Richardson Charlie 2

    Hi Andrew hope you've been getting our messages. Saw pic of you in river with football, you look great. Thanks for your blog message and I hope things are getting easier. Expect you'll even forget what home comforts are soon - but they'll be here when you get back! Can't wait to hear all those tales you'll have to tell. People and animals at home all well. Love you lots

  22. Hi Kathryn--Tango 5 at last! What a trip you've all had and what amazing things you have seen.You now deserve to be pampered at a day spa-girls by Brad Pitt and boys by Angelina!! Great pics Kathryn and can't wait to see your full album at Picasa.I bet your calf muscles thought they were trekking up Hunter's Lane again. Lots of love--mum xx

  23. James Hollins (Tango 5)

    Hey James! Just had a look at the latest blog pictures, the scenery looks really amaazing! I am properly jealous. My week has basically being stuck indoors revising from dawn till dusk :( (Me and Georgie have decided that we better get in on the Raleigh action too!!) Hope all is well! Tom & Georgie xxx

  24. Andrew Jehring Tango 5
    Lovely to get a message from you. I love the photos, magnificent scenery.We helped grandpa celebrate his 80th yesterday loads of food, friends and drink-we kept Steven away from the champagne. We made grandpa wear a hat with candles sticking out of the top.
    Dad and I went to see Chess the musical with Cotterills and Spaldings- John C had seen enough by the interval and walked out!!Off to New York on thursday. I will try and get everyone to write to you.Very quiet here without you
    Love Mum and Dad xx

  25. Martyn Parry Tango 5
    Hi Martyn thanks for your message,Mum and I are
    very impressed with Tango 5 exploits the scenery
    looks breathtaking,have you seen much wildlife? I see from one of the photo's you have no problem sleeping,will you back at base camp in time for your birthday on the 4th March? I see the clime we made up Offas Dyke all those years ago has stood you in good stead for all the mountains you been climbing LOL.
    Look After Yourself
    Mum & Dad xx

  26. Message to Samantha Anderson on Charlie 1.

    Bat's a ugly creatures, when you get back I'll tell you all about this one I've been studying that has a really ugly nose and when you listen to its sonar on a machine it sounds like its warbling :D
    Can't wait to see you again Sam, I really miss you. I hope you're having a wonderful time out there exploring life and what-not.
    Nothing much has happened here, I've been clubbing at another place called Planet Angel - they have possibly the most amazing music I've ever heard. I saw D there and that was cool.
    Love you loads, big hugs and kisses and as always: Safe journeys and sweet dreams my dear.

  27. To: Emily [Hodge]
    From: Tim Nicolette and Lydia

    Hi Emily finally found the blog and seen some photos.... looks great
    hope you are having a fantastic time. Everyone at home is missing you especially Lydia cant wait to catch up when you are back. We are away to Eurodisney this weekend.
    Lots of love Tim Nicolette and Lydia xxxxx

  28. Dear Holly,

    Great to get your message and glad to hear that you are having an amazing time. Just been looking at the photo's of one of the trecking groups. You are going to have such a fabulous time when you get to your treking phase and I feel very envious that I can't join you.
    Kate is having a good time in Greece. Been to see the Acropolis, today going to see our old house and then move onto Delphi and Olympia.
    Booked a nice hotel for our stay in London, plus tickets to see Billy Elliot. Think Kate, Eds and I will fly home for a weekend to celebrate Grandma's 80th. No news regarding Parson's or any of the others. Life at home rather strange with just Eds and I. Today we are going shopping to buy Eds some new clothes. Daisy has just wandered into the office, now laid on the floor in the sun coming in through the window. Very cold and windy here, could do with some warmth!

    Much love Hols
    Mum xxx

  29. mum dad tanya shelby15 February 2011 at 21:33

    samantha anderson charlie 1`
    hi hope you are well and not too tired with the early mornings? its done nothing but rain here so send some sunshine, the pictures from the other trecks are really good, the sunsets are amazing, going nan,s at the weekend, we will see how shelby gets on down in norwich. She is barking alot more now :) missing you loads love you lots xxxxxxxx

  30. Dear Naomi,

    Great to see you looking so well and glad to see you using your walking sticks! Sounds and looks like you are having a fab time, very jealous as it's just the usual here. It is really good though to catch up with what you are doing and to see the pics. Missing you lots and I will write a proper letter to you soon. Rachel xxx

  31. Hi Louisa India 11 Echo 3
    Still no letter has arrived from you.. I guess you are very busy. Hope you got ours and Happy Valentine's for yesterday. All I got for valentines was a message from someone on the dating site! Ben gave Iqra from Southall College a rose though they are not going out anymore because her family don't approve. Leila and I finallly went back to the gym on Monday after a couple of weeks off, Ben's face was like thunder when we arrived and found the pool was shut (rust from the slide floating on pool!) but as the library has opened up there he decided to read a book. Sunday eve G and Rob cooked Ben and I a meal when we were talking about you and we all said we were proud of you and we have all been in tears at various times reading the messages on this blog it appears. I thought it was just me! Nan sends her love. Everyone I see is still asking about you. I didn't write you a letter last weekend but I will soon. Hope you are still enjoying it. It looks very worthwhile. We are having a Sri Lanka week at our school with activities relating to Sri Lanka and baking cakes to raise money for Unicef. Ben has been specially asked to altar serve for when the archbishop comes to serve mass at church next Sunday.
    Love Mum xxx

  32. Martyn Parry Tango 5,
    Hi Martyn,
    Chris told me to pass a message to you that the Dock beat Heaygarth 2-1 he also looked at the
    pictures of tango 5 and said tongue in cheek its
    just a holiday LOL,Now for some good news Tranmere 3 Sheff Wed 0,Also Spurs beat Milan 1 nil in Milan,Seen any elephants yet?
    Keep on trekking
    Mum & Dad xx

  33. To Fieke Haak, Charlie 1.
    Ha Fiek, jammer weer geen bericht van Charlie 1, misschien morgen wel. Ben erg benieuwd. Por de anderen vaak op een bericht te sturen, heb je ze allemaal ontvangen?? Mag ik deze blog doorsturen aan de buren en nog wat andere kennissesn? Zie erg uit naat de verhalen. Van hieruit niets nieuws. E heeft griep gehad tijdens haar wsport en W is klaar met de part na vandaag. Pap zit in Parijs en stuurt van daaruit een kaart.Er zijn dit jaar veel Valentijnsberichten hier bezorgd. Lieverd, veel kusjes, als t goed is liggen er twee brieven voor je klaar!! Ik reken op contact rond de 21e (E's verjaardag, ze geeft een feestje). Mis je heel erg!!!!!!!Kussies mam

  34. Sam Ummat tango 6
    Well your adventure continues ...still waiting for some photos. Even Dad is asking where you are on the blogs and when you will be back at basecamp.....a sure sign that he is missing you too!
    Finally today the sun has appeared but still only 5 C . Aresenal play Barcelona tonight , Amit will keep you updated . We are all off to the Carling Cup Final in style !! will tell you all about it later .
    I hope you have received my earlier posts and know about the YES from ST Andrews !!
    Take care Sam love you lots and missing you as always .
    Mum xxxxxxxx

  35. To Richard Smith Tango 5

    It was great to hear from you at last. This trekking business looks like hard work but I bet you are enjoying yourself. I have posted a link to the blogsite on facebook and am putting up some of the photographs. Told Suzi to pass it on to your mates. Will send off a birthday parcel but not sure when you will get it. All the family send their love.
    Love Mum x

  36. Irene & Alex Geels17 February 2011 at 09:02

    Good luck for your next few days Kathryn--keep on keeping on Mum & Dad

  37. Hi there, Guy, loved reading all your blog, sounds like a lot of fun. we are thinking about you masses, all those early mornings must be tough, darling! I cant wait to hear from you when you get back to camp on 21st, you will need a rest. keep scoffing those parle G bikkies and dont eat to many chilis and make sure you have some daffodil water handy like your uncle Charlie!
    love you and miss you tons, Mum and Dad XXXXXXX

  38. To Kate Stacey,
    Where are you in all the photos? Have you gone on a sectret 5-star holiday and told us all you were off to India?

  39. Georgia Zervudachi India Echo 3
    thrilled to watch your blog you look wonderful love granny xxx

  40. HAAAAA FIETJE!! hoe is het met je? Ik mis je ontzettend!! en je ouders zijn hier nu en je vader heeft een hele mooie nieuwe bril! verder is het hier koud en saai. Ik ga morgen op wintersport met Jur mee, en de voetbalplaatjes zijn er weer, dus altijd leuk. je kunt nu je eigen voetbalplaatje maken, en jeroen heeft er uiteraard ook een van zichzelf! verder gebeurt er niet zo heel veel, ik heb je al een paar keer gesmst maar dat ontvang je natuurlijk niet. Ik hoop dat je het heel erg naar je zin hebt en allemaal gave dingen doet. tot heel snel en duizend kusjes en knuffels van ANNELOT!!

  41. To: Alexander Vostanis, India Charlie 3
    Greetings from rainy Athens with Kimon. Yaya and Toula send their love. I will bring them to the internet cafe to have a look at your photos.
    Just missed your call yesterday, but it sounded great!

  42. To Sian Hilton,

    Hey Siany! I hope you're having an amazing time! It looks like you're having sooo much fun! You're definitely not missing anything in England, we even had snow in Leeds today, great! Try not to get too much of a tan :-)
    lots of love,

    Claire xxx

  43. To: Wieger, Echo 4

    Hallo Wieg,
    Uit de diverse berichten maak ik op dat je een machtige tijd hebt. Wat moeten de contacten met de inwoners én met de andere venturers geweldig zijn. Het is fijn alles een beetje te kunnen volgen ook door de foto's. Als je in Mysore bent kun je misschien Skypen en anders moet je maar even bellen.
    Hugs, Pap

  44. To: Emily Hi Emily [Hodge]
    From: Tim Nicolette and Lydia
    Just missed you on Facebook but I did send a message. Glad to hear you are having a fantastic time and are now back safely in base camp for a day..... where are you going next?
    Had a very cold long weekend in Eurodisney Lydia looking forward to going with you. We did all the rides that Lydia was allowed on and she loved it, Mummy not so sure did one scarey ride and said never again "I thought it would be a sweet ride with Nemo" sure wasn't. Lots of love Tim Nicolette Lydia xxxx

  45. Karla Perezyera, Echo 321 February 2011 at 19:53

    Hola mi gorda!!!
    Como estas? acabamos de leer tu mail y estamos felices de "leerte" Te cuento que desde que te fuiste nos hemos metido al blog, en mis horas de dar pecho!, y hemos visto todas tus fotos y lo que has estado haciendo!!! Yo intente hace tiempo postearte un mensaje y como que no funciono, espero que este si jale!!! Por aca todos super bien, tu papi chevere viajando y trabajando, yo cada vez mas acostumbrada totalmente recuperada :) y tu hermanito creciendo y engordando, bello, divertido, ahorita es totalmente diferente a como lo dejaste! te vas a volver loca!!! Supuestamente debo regresar a trabajar hasta el 25 de mzo asi que todavia me queda tiempo para pensar que voy a hacer con mi vida de madre jejeje!!! Me has hecho mucha falta, anoche justo le decia Enrique cuanto extraño pero me llena de energia ver tu sonrisa en las fotos, verte feliz y ahora mas con ese email!!! Bueno espero que este post si funcione!!! :)
    Te amamos muchisimo! muchos besos de papa, kevin, kitzia, jose maría, la abuela (que sieeeempre pregunta por su niña) y mios!!!

  46. Sarah Tango 6

    Hi Sa-rah!!!
    This blog has had me stumped for awhile which is a bit worrying seeing as this is what I do for my job but... whatever lol I have been looking at all the pics and stuff which look great - I'm glad you are having a good time - knew you would and very very jealous! Missing you loads and while I'm glad you are experiencing amazing things I am missing our weekly 'dates' haha anyway now that I know where to post I'll leave you more messages - which reminds me everyone here is hoping you are having a good time and Derek said to "tell the Mackem to enjoy the weather because the weather here is $#£&*" lol Anyway speak soon - Stef xxx

  47. Alice Tango 5 Hello Hello I am hoping this third time lucky !! as my messages don't seem to work.. mmm my computer skills are worse than I thought !! The pictures look great and looks like your having great fun... how was it getting up at 2.30!! I had a bit of a giggle lots of love mum

  48. Ros Charlie 1. Hi sweetheart, great to hear from you. Been missing you so so much. Just got back from community project up in Nicaragua with Chris and Amy. Had a great time with lots of ups and a few downs (I'll fill you in later). It was crazy hot up there and so poor. Really glad I did it though and so happy we managed to get water to more houses than we intially planned for. Feeling really fit now after hacking at earth and rocks for a few weeks, so i'll give you a gun show later! Your trek sounded like a lot of fun, but also hardcore. So glad you got through it in one piece. Next project looks really exciting too. I'm about to head off tomorrow for a 19 day trek finishing on a beach. Can't wait and got a couple of wicked PM's going with me too (Phil and Christine). Love you millions baby. Take care xoxoxoxoxoxoxox Mo

  49. To Lauren Smith
    From Cousin Claire

    Heeeey Lauren!!!
    Looks like you're all having an awesome time!! Keep up the good work. Your dad tells us how much you're absolutely loving the food :-)
    Have lots of fun and keep us up to date once you leave India.

    Keep well,

    lots of love, Claire x x

  50. catherine scott2 April 2011 at 19:55

    To Guy Scott, Charlie 2
    Hi darling Guy, can't tell you how much we are missing you here in Hong Kong. just waved goodbye to Hector, Hamish van G, Will Haynes and Rupert Baynham. they are off on more travels, and all asking after you. been really busy you have no idea!

    Hey guy, its izi speaking. i hope you are having the most amazing time, missing you so much here in hk. hopefully you'll be back in hk before i go off travelling (around the 16th may) but if not i'll be back at the beginning of June so not to worry i'll see you soon. The weather has finally started to get better. was beautiful today and we're going out on the boat tomorrow which is very exiting. anyway, i hope you are having an amazing time and i'll speak to you when your back in england. lots of love and missing you loads xxxxxxxx
    sweetheart, please call me as soon as you can, good luck in your run on 5th, we are right there behind you!! can wait to hear your voice next week. Love you masses, Mum XXXXX